Max Clutching Toy

Max Clutching Toy

Your child will love HABA’s Rattling Max baby rattle. Attach to your stroller or infant car seat to keep your child entertained by grabbing, rattling or pulling at the toy! Durable cord with beech wood beads and discs bend and clack against each other to make a subtle and soothing rattle sound. The ring at the bottom can be used for grabbing or attaching other toys. Made in Germany of maple, beech wood and colored with a non-toxic, water based stain.

Main features

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  • Wrap around a stroller or attach to any fabric by looping through a HABA clip
  • Clutching toy made of beech wood and maple
  • Wood is colored with a water based, non-toxic stain
  • Recommended baby toys for ages 0 – 12 months
  • Baby rattle made in Germany

Verified reviews


Not safe for babies

This should not be marketed as a rattle for babies. We were impressed with the workmanship when we got this toy but as soon as our baby started playing with it–shaking it and whipping it around–we realized how dangerous it is (for her and for anyone nearby). A few thunks on the head and slaps on the hand later, this toy is now retired to the bottom of a drawer somewhere…. Not for babies!!

Mia Nelsonville, OH

Happy toy

Grandmother comment. Like the fish, this got a lot of attention and looked good in the photos. Boy toy. Would buy again, very sensible.

Norma Hope, ME

maybe she will like it later?

My daughter is 7 months old and this toy doesn’t really interest her. She likes chewing on the end yellow string. Maybe she will grow to like it better later?

Lilian Clatskanie, OR

Cute, simple and clean.

This isn’t my sons favorite toy but it does keep him entertained when his attention finally falls on it. Plus it’s so cute in his little hands.

Adrienne Delta, MO

Cute little toy

This toy is colorful and well-made, as all of the Haba toys we own are. It’s interesting to look at and hold, and the elastic is fun for my daughter to stretch. I have found that older kids are usually drawn to this toy as well. It’s a good purchase, and is small enough to easily throw in the diaper bag.

Deidre Mountain Home A F B, ID

its ok

max is very beautifully made..great to look at ..but my baby doesnt care for it at all.. honestly i enjoy it much more than he does..

Amelia Rodeo, NM


Very cute and unique little toy- we get lots of compliments and my DD loves to pull on it and chew on it.

Kristy Reedsport, OR

Great Infant Toy

Bought this when my son was 6 months old – he loved it! Great toy to keep in the diaper bag, attach to the car seat, everything! I don’t worry about it going in the mouth because HABA has a GREAT track record of safety. Overall great infant toy!

Isabel Montpelier, VT

max is great

my 5 month old loves this toys, I tied it to her playmat and she plays with it a lot. Max is very cute and has a pleasant smile. The toy is very well made.

Lucille Imperial, PA

Made in Germany, Baby’s Favorite

Max is a HUGE hit in my house. We have him on the carseat/stroller handle, and he is endless fun for the little one. I put him on just before a plane trip and it kept his attention for so long.Note, the picture has him attached to a green snap – maybe to attach to clothing? He doesn’t come with that – just the yellow elastic loop.

Annette Kinston, AL

“Stretchy Man” Max is great, would buy again.

When our baby was 2.5 months old, he would lay down under his activity gym and swat at Max. When our LO realized he could grasp, he pulled at Max’s ring and entertained himself for quite a while. Now that our LO is pulling on toys with both hands, he loves stretching Max more than ever. Highly recommended for fun and safe entertaining – no plastic!

Marquita Ranburne, AL

Such high quality and baby enjoyability

This toy is made in Germany and is made of wood. It is absolutely beautiful as well as very baby engaging. We buy NO baby products that are made in Asia, where almost all used-to-be-American-made toy companies outsource their products. It took some digging, but now that I’ve found this company, there will be NO turning back and trying to find a Made in America toy company anymore!

Dianna Edgar Springs, MO

Great for baby!

My babies all loved this toy. Great for attaching to a stroller of shopping cart. Wooden ring for chewing plus a nice soft clacking sound when shook= a winner.

Mollie Upland, IN

Keeps baby busy

I’ve attached this to our baby’s car seat. He loves looking at it, catching it, and chewing on it. He starts looking for it as soon as I put him in his car seat.

Helena Kennewick, WA

Great toy from a trusted company

With all of the toxins out there and environmental waste that goes along with plastic toys, I am so happy to have found an excellent quality product that I can trust with my baby. I have gotten rid of every plastic toy in my home, and from now on European standards are the only standards in this house. If you are looking for quality over quantity, stick with toys like this..they will last a long time and my baby loves it!

Ginger Neilton, WA

Good toy

My six month old loves Max. It’s a very well made toy, easy for her to hold on to. I also like that its a small toy and easily transportable in the diaper bag.

Myra Brentwood, MD

6 month old loves this toy!

My 6 month old loves Max!! It took a while for him to take to it, we’ve had Max for about 2 months and the last few weeks my son has really preferred him over almost all his other toys. It is a great durable and safe toy, we love it! I think the only toy he loves better is “Gnon”.

Estella Richmond, MO

Fun! Buy the clip… you don’t want to lose this one.

Max is not just the baby’s favorite, he is the family’s favorite! All the older kids love engaging their little brother with this toy. The colors are vibrant, and the clacking sounds are pleasant sounding when you shake it and/or pull on the wooden ring. We bought the blue polka dot clip to go with it, and clipped it on his car seat. Those bright colors keep him engaged and the sound is not annoying like so many other toys. I like being able to clip him anywhere without the worry that we’ll lose our precious Haba toy. We love all the Haba toys we’ve bought so far, and this is one of the favorites in our growing collection.

Amalia New Hampton, NY

A classic toy that will last forever (I hope)

I love how solid “Max” is–great quality wood and paint. It makes a “clacking” sound when he is moved back and forth, and babies love that sound, they also love the durable yellow elastic on the top to grab and shake. This toy is definitely going to be passed on to my next baby, and I now give this gift to anyone I know with a new baby. Its super cute, not annoying, and definitely an heirloom piece that will be treasured while all those other plastic cheap toys are thrown out. Definitely worth the money.

Diane Hoyleton, IL

Great toy for car rise for my 6 month old baby – Highly Recommended

My little girl loves to play with this toy (I also have the caterpillar from Haba) which I attaxhed using a link to the car seat handle.) She gets to hold on to the loop and grab this toy during the car ride home. It’s a great durable and safe toy. She is 6 month old and loves it

Latoya Trout Lake, WA

Another great Haba toy

This is one of the several Haba toys my baby used and I am very satisfied with the purchase. One can buy cheaper products but this toy is well worth the cost. High quality, non-toxic, and not overly stimulating or boring. It can be held or hung, the ring at the bottom is a great teether, and the wooden discs forming the body can be moved and clacked together. When pulled, the "body" stretches slightly and that’s one more fun thing to do. Sounds simple compared to many products out there for young babies and my baby repeatedly sought this out and enjoyed it for long periods. The little face on it is appealing to her and she liked experimenting with it to make it produce clacking sounds, stretching it, etc. Looks new after a lot of use.

Veronica Park River, ND

Had it for over 3 years and still going strong

We bought Max to attach to our son’s stroller when he was under a year old. He turns 4 this month and STILL likes to fiddle with it when he’s in the stroller. I was concerned that the elastic might break, but 3+ years of heavy tugging haven’t damaged or stretched it at all. When our son was very young he would stretch it up to his mouth to chew on and it survived that as well. We are now on our second child and she is as fascinated with Max as our son was. I definitely recommend this toy, especially for a stroller distraction. We didn’t use a clip to attach it, we simply widened the elastic and threaded the entire toy through the loop for a secure fit. We also attached it to the stroller lap strap (the one that comes up between the legs) and the bonus is that we never have to search or fish for that strap–we just grab Max and it’s there.

Deborah Farmer City, IL