Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seat Rain Shield

Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seat Rain Shield

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Main features

  • Installs over the car seat in seconds
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Protects baby from rain and snow
  • Used with the Quinny Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat which is compatible with Quinny Buzz or Quinny Zapp strollers

Verified reviews



This rain shield is so easy to use. It fits on to the Maxi Cosi very easily and quickly then stays put no matter how much wind is whipping around. The air vents are large enough to make me feel confident that he is getting enough air flow, but they do not let a lot of cold air in. I Put this over his carseat when we are out for a walk and it is really cold outside. Between this and the footmuff he stays really warm and dry.The best part is the opening at the top so I can safely grab the carseat handle! This is a must have.

Monica Hardy, IA

work well

Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Kind of a pain to put on, so only really used when it is really raining, and who walks around very much with their baby when it is raining? I live in Seattle, and I have only used it a few times all winter.

Roxie D Lo, MS

Air it out

I got this for my Chicco Keyfit 30 (which is usually in the Chicco Caddy) – and the fit is fine. The quality is good.One heads up – take this out of the box and let it air out before you use it. Don’t keep it around in the box until the moment you first need it. It has a strong plastic smell right out of the box. I actually like that strong plastic smell – I associate it with inflatable pools and such from my childhood. But it’s a strong smell and better to let it air out. After an hour it was gone, but I had left mine in a box until I needed it, and actually decided not to go out in the rain at that point because the smell was too strong.But again – after an hour it was gone.Overall a really nice raincover that does the job, has nice air vents, has a really functional opening at the top (with a flat) so you can reach in to adjust a pacifier or whatever … and it’s not took bulky.I recommend it without reservation. Again, just open it before you need it.

Elnora Sabine Pass, TX

Works for my UppaBaby VISTA Bassinet & Graco SnugRide

At the recommendation of my local baby store, I bought this to work with both my UppaBaby VISTA bassinet and my Graco SnugRide. It fits both perfectly and prevents me having to buy two separate covers (and the UppaBaby bassinet cover alone is $10 more than this one!). I love the hole so you can access the handle as well.

Magdalena Patterson, CA


This cover is so great! I wanted it because we used a blanket and didn’t cut it in the pouring rain. When I got this, it smelled a lot like plastic, so I was worried. I aired it out for awhile, and now it doesn’t smell at all. Also, i was worried it would be too air tight. but it isn’t. The air blows through nicely. My son actually SLEPT through the pouring rain with this over him, and had no idea that it was raining out. It was perfect!

Ethel Patterson, NY

Fits perfectly. We aired it out outdoors for two …

Fits perfectly. We aired it out outdoors for two weeks before actually using it due to the intense smell of plastic.

Aline Buffalo, KS

Works as Advertised

I bought this to use with a Chicco Keyfit 30 and as noted by other reviewers, it fits that carseat well. The cover feels hefty and has ample ventilation on the side. You can still use the seat with Chicco stroller wheels with this cover in place, too. I only gave it four stars because once you have the seat snapped into the wheels, it’s hard to get access to the baby without remove the seat entirely.

Paige Eads, TN

So happy I got this!!

This rain cover fits perfectly on my Chicco Keyfit 22. I use it with my Keyfit Caddy and it keeps baby totally dry. We went on vacation to a place that is typically rainy and windy. This also worked great for blocking the wind. It’s a little bulky so it doesn’t stay in the diaper bag, but when it looks like it’s going to rain I throw it in the under basket. It keeps the car seat and baby totally dry! It’s sturdy too. It’s made many trips and been bunched into a ball many times, but doesn’t look worn at all. Baby has plenty of fresh air from the side vents and the plastic is taut enough that she can’t pull it it play with it. I recommend this.

Jessica Louisburg, MO

Monsoon season didn’t stop us this year!

I live on an island that has a real monsoon season, no joke, a full month at least Of nothing but rain! I was so glad to have this for my daughter this year, I got stopped everywhere by moms who were breaking themselves trying to hold an umbrella over a car seat or whose children were fighting having a rain coat over them! I recommend this product to everyone who lives in a windy rainy area, it’s a lifesaver!!!

Bobby Dinero, TX

Great buy!

If you have the car seat this is a necessity . This keeps the wind and rain out and lets in enough air at the same time. It also blocks a bit of sound so my daughter sleeps really well under it.

Rosemarie Muse, PA