Maxi-Cosi Kaia and Mico NXT Travel System, Total Black

Maxi-Cosi Kaia and Mico NXT Travel System, Total Black

Rugged and lightweight View larger The Travel System Savvy Parents Choose Make a smart start with the Kaia Mico Nxt Travel System. An easy, from-birth solution with the use of the Mico Nxt infant car seat. Travel system includes the Kaia stroller and the Mico Nxt infant car seat – the lightest premium infant seat available. The Kaia stroller is extremely easy to fold and unfold, is lightweight, has a robust and durable frame, reclines, and includes a parent cup holder. Stroller accomodates child up to 50 lbs. Kaia Stroller Walk, see, touch and do! Get your child’s daily discovery trip started with the Maxi-Cosi Kaia stroller! The all new Kaia is a convenient stroller that experienced parents would recommend. It is quick and easy to fold – and even folds into a compact stroller that stands upright for easy storage. The Kaia has multiple recline settings so your baby will always be comfortable. Super compact fold – Stands when folded View larger Mico Nxt Infant Car Seat The Maxi-Cosi Mico Nxt infant car seat is the next generation of the classic Mico infant seat that parents around the world already know and love. It is a very light car seat that features an ergonomic handle, making the Mico Nxt easy to carry wherever you go. The Mico Nxt is complete with a new base release handle, making it easier to remove the seat from the base when it’s time to take your journey outside of the car. Transferring from the stay-in-car base to the Kaia stroller is a breeze.The comfortable fabric and padded 5-point harness covers keep baby secure and cozy during the ride. Side Impact Protection is built right into the seat for a safer ride, and each Mico Nxt comes complete with a multi-position sun canopy allowing you to protect baby’s sensitive eyes from bright lights. Use from 5 – 22 lbs and up to 29″ Mico Nxt clicks easily into Kaia stroller frame View larger Consumer Advice Please be aware that our product warranty only applies when purchased from an authorized Maxi-Cosi retailer. You may find a list of authorized retailers on the Maxi-Cosi website. The origin of products not purchased through an authorized retailer is unknown and could be counterfeit – opened box – used – damaged etc. We cannot support products which have an unknown origin as we cannot verify the handling or condition of such merchandise. Fulfillment by Amazon or any third party does not guaranty you are purchasing from an authorized retailer. We maintain a strong network of authorized retailers to ensure you are purchasing safe and complete products. Pricing which is inconsistent with the majority of retailers is a strong indication that the retailer is not authorized as we have a consistent price offering across all authorized retailers. If you are unsure of the authorization status of a retailer you are considering purchase from – you can check our website or call our customer service department.

Main features

  • Kaia umbrella stroller stands when folded
  • Kaia umbrella stroller reclines, cup holder is included
  • Mico Next car seat is the lightest premium infant car seat

Verified reviews


Poorly designed, clumsy stroller does little well; excellent car seat

If basing this review on the stroller alone I would give this 1 star. That star would be earned from the very compact size of this stroller once collapsed and the ability to stand it upright when in the collapsed position. This stroller also pushes easily and makes tight turns. However, with all of the advancements in strollers I’ve seen in the last 10 years that I’ve had stroller-aged kids I believe there is no excuse for the flaws I see in the Mico. Those flaws include:1) Weight – one of the heaviest compact strollers I’ve ever used. If you are shopping for your first compact stroller you might not realize how important this is, but the purpose of a stroller that collapses this small is so that you can put it in and out of the car easily when running errands, or get it through airports, or carry it up stairs, etc. and that means that it needs to be as lightweight as possible. You might be doing all of these activities with a baby in your other arm and a diaper bag on your shoulder and that makes it pretty hard to be lifting a heavy and carrying a heavy stroller no matter how small it collapses.2) Stability – not enough joints/hinges latch or lock in to place and the result is that this stroller wobbles to the left and right while using it. I’ve never encountered this in any compact or full size stroller I’ve ever owned so I assumed I had done something wrong the first time I opened it. The instructions in the manual said nothing about securing anything. The Maxi-Cosi website offers only a download of the same manual I already have. So, I sat on the floor and tried to find something that wasn’t seated properly and that’s when I found the first problem – the foot rest has two hinges that allow it to collapse so small, but those hinges don’t lock or snap in to each other once opened and as a result those hinges move while pushing the stroller. I turned it upside to look for a way to secure it, but there isn’t one. There may be other hinges or contact points that can be better secured in the open position, but I was unable to find anything that could help make the stroller more stable.3) Braking – this stroller has something I’ve never seen before, which is a foot lock on one side and the release on the other. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s not intuitive at all. I’m accustomed to locking and unlocking at the same spot with one foot, not two.4) Collapsing – this stroller requires you to pull up a latch on both handles and hold them there while pushing up with your foot. Again, since you often have a baby and diaper bag in your arms when doing the kinds of activities you usually do with a compact stroller this is unacceptable. I have a full size stroller and have had two compact strollers that used one-hand collapse so this is not a rare or new technology and I don’t understand why they would design the collapse this way.5) The Little Stuff – The handles don’t adjust or extend, which is uncomfortable for taller people. The recline doesn’t go completely flat, but to be fair only about 25% of the strollers I’ve seen go completely flat. The recline mechanism is weak, using two small straps you pull on to make the adjustment. I’ve used this type of mechanism before and it wasn’t this hard to use, so I think it’s because the straps used in this stroller are too small. The upright position doesn’t go up fully and isn’t high enough for infants to be able to see well.In many years of stroller ownership I would say that the best compact umbrella stroller is the Peg Perego Si, which has none of the flaws of this stroller and has a universal car seat adapter – it was our favorite stroller for three years until we had to retire it when we accidently broke it.As for the car seat, I would give it 4 stars. The base is heavy and adjustable and secure. The seat itself has many options for adjusting the straps, is well padded, lightweight, and attractive. The buckle release is stiff, but hopefully that will loosen with use. The canopy is decent but doesn’t cover as much of the car seat as I would like. Overall, this is a very good car seat that would be worth owning on its own.

Vera Somers, CT

Lightweight and stable

The package (almost as tall as me) arrived and it took 2 delivery men to bring it into my house. I was kind of puzzled at how heavy it was but it was because it came tripled box. The first box was the shipping box, the next box was to box the products which came in separate boxes.After opening it I was please at how light the stroller and seat are. The stroller was easy to fold and it is very stable even after putting the seat on it.I recommend this product for it being lightweight and stable at the same time. It also look very sharp.

Virgie Niles, MI

Compared to the Graco travel systems

We’ve gone through 2 Graco travel systems and have been pretty happy with them but I was curious to try out the Maxi Cosi system, since I had never heard of it before. Here are the points that swayed my opinion:
• The car seat felt snug and comfortable and while this is a superficial aspect, I liked that there wasn’t the huge warning signs in the seat. I took a lot of pictures of my babies in their car seats and that always bugged me.
• The handle didn’t feel as sturdy as the Graco car seats. I didn’t have a problem carrying around my 15 lb baby but I don’t know how I would feel about carrying him in it once he was over 20 lbs.
• The stroller folded up very compact. It would fit nicely in a trunk and leave space for other things, which is key when traveling with children!
• But again, the stroller didn’t feel very sturdy. It wobbled from side to side. In terms of feel, I would say it falls between my full size Graco stroller and an umbrella stroller.
• The basket is roomy enough but because if you put a diaper bag in it, it is only accessible from the front, not the back. The release mechanism for folding up the stroller is in the way. I found this very inconvenient.
• I did like the umbrella and how my toddler was able to lay back. She seemed to like it and wanted to ride around for a while. Normally, she will not ride in a stroller,so I took that as a sign that it was comfortable.
• Why only 1 cup holder?? My husband and I are often out together and we both drink coffee.
• I really didn’t like how complicated it was to attach the adapter for the car seat. I don’t have that kind of time, to pull things apart and snap pieces together. One of my favorite things about the Graco travel system is that the car seat just snaps right in; I only need one hand to do it.As separate pieces, the car seat and stroller are nice but as a travel system, I think it falls short.

Katharine Badger, MN

Too Expensive

This "system" is as light as they say it is and I appreciate that. The wheels roll very well (if you are in a polished flat surface, like the mall or the airport). However, if you are taking a walk around the neighborhood, the ride will be very bumpy. It is somewhat easy to fold and unfold. This would definitely would be my travel stroller and seat. The instructions manual is very detailed and helpful. The storage under the seat is not very convenient, it is hard to put a full diaper bag inside. It is even more difficult to take it out in a hurry.I would recommend this product except for the fact that the price (in my opinion) is not justified. A little bit too expensive compared to Baby Trend and Graco.

Emilia Centenary, SC

Flexible use, portable, lightweight design

I have long been a fan of Maxi Cosi. I used it with my son and now 3 years later with my daughter. I love their intuitive design, you really don’t even need a manual with these products, they are so easy to use.The carseatThe Mico NXT is an updated version of the carseat I was using with my son. The original was fantastic and lasted a long time comfortably. The updated NXT is ever better. It is more breathable and easier to clean. The seat is very lightweight and fits easily on the arm for carrying. It is rockable using the toe of your foot while you are out at lunch and the baby is snoozing. There are optional accessories like a bug net and a rain shield. Both of which I have and use. Most importantly it is safe. The bucket is deep and the Mico NXT goes above and beyond when it comes to safety standards. The base is really easy to install, fits securely, and the carseat snaps right into and out of it as it should.Compatibility- The NXT snaps onto my old 2010 Maxi Cosi Choco Mint original Foray stroller as well as the Kaia.The strollerExceptionally lightweight, this stroller can do it all! I really like that it works from infancy through preschool age. I can keep this in my trunk with the fabric on and then have the option to use it as a stroller for my 3 year old, if I am wearing the baby, or with a simple recline, snap the infant carseat on there for use with the baby if the toddler is walking. It makes this stroller very versatile and exceptionally handy. The basket is large and holds quite a bit. I have yet to have anything find its way out of the basket on accident. The seat is comfortable and I really like that you can adjust the leg section up and down. This is handy when you have a newly sitting baby who’s legs don’t quite make it over the edge yet, you can prop them up for comfort. The stroller breathes well and stays cool on warm days, yet a blanket can keep them warm on colder days. The wheels pivot amazingly well and the entire stroller rides as well as my Foray with air ride wheels. I took the fabric off and converted it for awhile to just an infant carseat carrier and removing the fabric was a challenge, so you wouldn’t be able to do it on the go, but if you leave the seat on you can recline it to fit the carrier on anyway, with a simple click.Compatibility- The Maxi Cosi original Mico, the Mico NXT and the Prezi all fit on this stroller.

Carolina Willowbrook, IL

Perhaps the best travel system out there!

What a fabulous travel system! My son is 12 weeks old today and I was thrilled to be able to test out this set with him!First, the carseat is fabulous! It really is incredibly light! My son is quite the chubby potato, at 15 pounds already! So, it was nice to be able to use a car seat that was a little bit lighter, and actually manage to get him in and out of my car without having a hernia. I had the Britax B-Safe seat before, and while I love it, it is HEAVY! The one downside to this seat that I can see is that it only goes up to 22 pounds, which, at my son’s rate, might be very soon – but who would want to lug around 22 pounds of baby plus car seat at that point?The real star of this set is the stroller. WOW! I absolutely love it! While it’s not a lightweight umbrella stroller, it still is fabulous. My primary stroller is the Baby Jogger City Mini – and that baby is my most prized possession, but for quick trips to the mall and to have an extra stroller, this is amazing. But it can certainly, without a doubt, be used as your primary stroller – although, my son would need to be a little bit older to be able to use the stroller seat, even though the recline is wonderful!It folds and unfolds easily. The brakes are easy to operate. Assembly took me less than 2 minutes. It looks SHARP! It is very similar to the MacLaren’s in appearance and quality.This set is an excellent option for those parents who don’t want massive equipment. The stroller folds very compactly and can stand up when folded. The carseat is also an excellent addition and makes this travel system one of the best options out there!

Patrica Renwick, IA

Great combo pack

The Maxi Cosi Mico seat rated "Excellent" on Consumer Reports. It is lightweight, the most lightweight premium car seat in it’s class. It’s also got "excellent" side impact protection ratings.The Kaia stroller that comes with it folds up wonderfully. It even stands up *by itself* when folded. That is such a great feature, you won’t have a stroller falling on the floor, marking up the walls. The Mico car seat fits right into the Kaia easily.The seat goes up to 22 lbs, but the stroller goes up to 50 lbs. Essentially, you can use the stroller until your child refuses to get into a stroller, because ‘they’re for babies’.

Vera Okoboji, IA

Amazing Pair!

We use the Maxi Cosi Kaia and Mico NXT when our niece comes to visit, and thusfar it’s been a dream. The stroller and child seat combine incredibly easily to work together. When combined, they are a bit heavy, but it works very well.The Child Seat on its own is rugged and durable, and fits in the car quite easily. It fits our niece very well and it’s a great value overall.

Roxie Oktaha, OK

4.5 stars – Amazing except for the canopy

The Maxi Cosi Kaia and Micro NXT travel system join to form a very nice complete baby transport system for those in the market for both a long term stroller a car seat that can transfer to a buggy.Pros:-WEIGHT/SIZE – the stroller is lighter and folds down better then almost any stroller I’ve seen. We’re able to fit it in a closet, on the floor of the back seat of our Corrolla or in the trunk. It’s simply just better designed then other strollers. The car seat as well is very light but both items have a nice quality feel to them. This is probably the best aspect of this set.-Looks – this set is very chic to say the least….-Build/Quality – wheels are nice quality rubber, frame is tough, seat cover is removable and the fabric looks like it would hold up through multiple children.-Baskets and cup holder – nice and subtle.CONS:Canopy – this is my biggest gripe with the stroller. Canopy comes off to easily and has about 85% of the range of motion I would like it to. This isn’t a big deal if you are just trying to protect from sun or a ligt drizzle but there is no way to really cover up the child adequately.Conversion to buggy mode – it takes quite a bit of work to transform the stroller into the mode that allows the car seat to lock in. Not a big deal if you only have one child since an infant can’t go in the stroller anyway until they can sit up by themseleves.Overall this is a really nice set with the canopy being the only reason why I don’t give it 5 stars. If it’s not clipped in exactly right it will just come right off and it uses a pressure grip attachement that I’m afraid might lose some of it’s pressure over time and become useless.Otherwise I would really recommend this system especially if you are a smaller person and don’t like the idea of hauling around a behemoth stroller all over the place.

Haley Mc Gregor, TX

Good carseat, jenky stroller

Stroller 2 stars // Carseat 3 starsThis is a compact stroller/carseat system and may be a decent purchase for city dwellers or those with limited car or trunk space where size is your highest priority.However, while the carseat itself is adequate, the interface with the stroller and most of the mechanisms of the stroller feel cheap, plastic and poorly made with many usability flaws…. For $30 more the Britax B Agile + B Safe seem like a no-brainer choice over the Maxi Cosi.PROS+ nice compact size – great for city dwellers with limited space or small cars/trunkspace+ nice full canopy on stroller+ decent size basket for the size of stroller+ carseat comes in and out of base nicely+ nice variable position for carseat strapCONS- the mechanism to clip the carseat to the stroller is really flimsy and does not give a satisfying click to let you know the baby is secure AND it’sat a non-intuitive angle so you can miss the connection and send the baby flying head-first backward!- 2 hands and a foot are required to collapse the stroller – really??? who has 3 limbs free when chasing kids…? (compared to 1 hand required with the Britax B Agile this is disappointing….)- the levers to reorient the handle for carrying are at an awkward angle so you end up twisting your wrists every time you adjust this- access to the stroller basket is impeded by the folding mechanism- canopy is a bit flimsy for both stroller and carseat and doesn’t stay put- the canopy from the stroller does not meet the canopy from the carseat so you cannot ‘cocoon’ your baby – not a critical factor but when you want to maximize the baby sleeping while you’re at a restaurant, the more complete darkness you can provide the better!

Gloria Kenmore, WA

Good product if your baby is small

Overall, the car seat is not the best, but good quality. The car seat promises coziness, and it is, due to its narrowness and very low recline. It’s not quite as soft as it could be however.My main caution is the seat’s weight limitation – 22 lbs! I believe, in most states children should be in rear-facing car seats until the age of 1 year, at least. And how many babies are this small? So keep that in mind. If your child is bigger, you will have to also buy a convertible rare-facing/front-facing car seat.

Emily Hudson, MA