Maxi-Cosi Prezi Infant Car Seat, Courageous Green

Maxi-Cosi Prezi Infant Car Seat, Courageous Green

It Has Everything The Maxi-Cosi Prezi Infant Car Seat has everything to keep your baby covered during travel, from safety to comfort. The Prezi combines Air Protect and G Cell for better protection from birth all the way to thirty pounds. The advanced protection of our Air Protect cushion system around the head works alongside our patented G Cell HX foam, designed with hexagonal shapes for superior protection around the torso. European-style sun canopy stows away when not in use View larger Easily adjustable head rest—No need to rethread the harness View larger Adjustable base with rebound bar included View larger Easy-out harness adjusts for a proper fit View larger Deep seat pan provides extra leg room while the removable cushion provides extra support for infants View larger Compatible with Quinny Moodd, Buzz and Zapp Xtra strollers. Adapters included View larger The Maxi-Cosi Prezi Infant Car Seat doesn’t just provide your little one with safety. It’s our comfiest seat yet, letting you and your baby travel in comfort and style with padded harness covers and cushioned, premium fabrics for a softer seat. The Prezi also features a deep seat pan for extra leg room, and a European-style sun canopy to provide shade when needed. With a specially designed, ergonomic parent handle, the Prezi infant seat is comfortable for Mom and Dad too, when they need to carry it outside the car. Additional Features Rear-facing 4-30 lbs. and up to 29 inches Superior side impact protection featuring G-Cell HX & Air Protect technology Easy-out harness lifts out of the way for easy placement of baby in the seat 5-position, no rethread headrest makes it easy to adjust to the right height 5-point harness easily adjusts from the front 5-position adjustable base makes it easier to install and has built in rebound control 1-click mini latch connectors for easy installation Cushioned fabrics offer a comfortable and cozy seating area with an infant insert, harness covers, and Cosi cover European-style sun canopy stows away when not in use Compatible with a multitude of premium strollers including Quinny strollers

Main features

  • Rear facing 4-30 pounds and up to 29″
  • Superior side impact performance: featuring new G-cell HX and air protect
  • 5 position adjustable headrest, no rethreading necessary
  • 5 position adjustable base with anti rebound bar included
  • Maxi Cosi adapters are currently available from the following stroller manufacturers: Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Bumbleride, iCandy, Jeep, Maclaren, Mamas and Papas, Micralite, Mountain Buggy, PhilandTeds, Quinny, Stokke, UPPAbaby, and Valco Baby

Verified reviews


safe, safe, safe, and beautiful.

**UPDATE**I still love this seat after 4 months of use. We’ve used it since day one. My big complaint is this: The strap pads are fixed on the straps which is now a blessing bc they don’t move around BUT I hated it for the first ~6 weeks. They were very stiff and hard to maneuver around a tiny babe. I would still recommend the seat though bc honestly I never really went anywhere except the Dr. those first 6 weeks. You won’t even get out of your pajamas! Once baby is a little plumper it’s a great fit and I would do the same thing all over because I didn’t buy this seat for convenience- I bought it for SAFETY. My baby is in the 95% and she’s 4 months with plenty of room to grow.Original review:Did lots of research and picked this newbie bc of all the safety features. I saw the black one at a local store and ordered the green here on Amazon. Beautiful!The cool colors and sleek design are a sweet added bonus. I purchased a Valco Zee double stroller as well with a maxi cosi adapter and it fits perfectly.(The one star review on here is a bit ridiculous…)On to my review: The seat and fabric are very plush- they make my old chicco seat feel like sand paper! i totally want to sit in this thing! The size is nice and generous, def bigger than the mico. I would recommend this instead bc you’ll get more use out of it. Really I love this seat because of the head/neck support and the rebound bar. It’s just a super safe car seat. That’s why it deserves 5 stars.It fits well in my CRV, installs super easy, and unlatches quickly. Did it in a couple minutes at 38 weeks pregnant- nothing complicated.I love the sun shade too bc it’s slim and doesn’t get all bunched up. It also comes with a little foot muff.

Araceli Whiteside, MO

Forget the fancy looks, I wish I had a different seat!

I get soooooo many complements on this car seat and that I like. I love the safety features as well. But as far as liking it for my childs comfort and my ease, I HATE IT! Here is why:1- When I click it into my Quinny buzz, it sits so straight up that my baby falls forward and there is absolutely NO way to tilt it back a little. He even sits that high up in it when it is in the base in the car. There are two different levels you can set it at (the Base) but I find that the setting for smaller babies is still making them sit way too “up”. Looks so super fancy in the stroller but my little guy can never nap :(2 – The shoulder strap covers have a wire in them which make them stick out. So they never actually protect my babys cheeks from rubbing the straps. They are so errect that they end up popping out of the sides of his shoulders. Trust me, I’ve tried making them higher and lower and have no luck at all. It is so uncomfortable for my son that when we put him in it he screams till he falls asleep. There is no way of removing them either. It’s horrible. I like how tight he clicks into the seat but can’t stand the shoulder straps and neither does my little guy.3: It is so darn heavy. My hands are rough and callused because it is 11 lbs plus my 13 lb child.4: The sun shade and foot muff are so pointless I laugh about it. The material is very very thin so I dont even know why there is a footmuff… Some parents I hear on here saying ‘Its alright, we just use a blankie to throw over it” At the price of this seat, you shouldn’t have to have an excuse. Everything on it should just be great.5 – I have only been using it for a short 4 months now. My baby does not wear any type of shoes or booties. There is piling where his little feet kick. It makes me sad because the material is nice. I can always take a razor to it but again… Excuses… (I can always this, I can always that…)I understand the good reviews because it is fancy and just looks amazing. But I do actually care if my child is comfortable. So I do not suggest this car seat. I would not put it on my registry and if I received it as a gift I would return it. I really wish my husband would have saved the box and wouldnt be so obsessed with it’s great looks because I would spend additional money and go out and buy a Chicco Keyfit. We thank Grandpa for the pricey present but I wish I woulda stuck my head in when they picked one out.I really dont like writing bad reviews but I had to share this important info. I gave 2 stars because it’s a pretty seat and it’s safe. I hope it helps!

Joan Dalzell, IL

Size is amazing

Longer than most seats so my baby can grow tall like his daddy and up to 30lbs limit makes this the cost of this carseat totally worth it so we don’t have to buy so many to match my baby’s growth. Sooo easy to adjust and change with growth as well

Melva Angola, LA

Attractive and safe seat, but consider the size and weight.

Maxi Cosi is a well-regarded brand of baby products, and the Prezi is their highest line of infant car seats. They are definitely going after a stylish crowd because the colors they offer are quite attractive. This particular one is a bright red that certainly stands out. I have already received numerous compliments on the design and color.The other main thing you’ll notice is how heavy and solid the seat is. You can tell it’s of high construction quality, but the weight of 11.7 pounds might be a negative thing if you can’t lift heavy items. In terms of size, it is slightly narrower than the Chicco Keyfit, but about 2.5 inches longer. If you want a lighter seat, look into the Maxi Cosi Mico, which is only 8 pounds and also sports good reviews:Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat – Devoted BlackThe seat feels safe, as it has much more padding than the Chicco Keyfit. There is an included infant insert that is needed if your baby is less than 11 lbs. In terms of baby comfort, obviously some infants may love it and some may hate it, so it is difficult to comment on that until you put your baby in it.One other bonus: it is made in the USA, while most baby seats are made overseas.This is a safe and very attractive infant seat, as long as you have the space in your car for it, and are okay with the heavier weight.

Delores Daisy, GA

Solid, Safe, Bright

Envious Red is right. Really red. Bright, sports car red. Envious? Well, yeah. It’s a Maxi Cosi Prezi, parents in the know, know this is style. It’s safe, no question, maybe among the safest infant seats out there.Now, if you have an actual sports car, this probably won’t work. It’s pretty big. It’s relatively heavy (though I’ve used older models of different brands that seemed just as heavy). Want safe, it weighs. We have a newer model Subaru Outback as our primary family car and it fits fine in that. But, I’m not sure it would do as well with anything tighter.Cushy, absolutely. This is a seat made for car trips, for adventures. If you have long drives or like road trips I’d definitely recommend it. The base installs easy, everything is secure. It notes on the side it’s approved for air travel.If you mostly use your car for short trips, or use the infant seat mostly to attach to a stroller for walking around, I’m not so sure. Yeah, it’s stylish, but you’ll have to buy an adapter. It notes it has adapters for the stylish (expensive) brands, but doesn’t note about budget options like the snap n’ go and such. Of course, why would someone get this and not invest in an equally dashing stroller? Lots of reasons, like if you have generous to a point parents or friends, then have to manage for yourself.Even still, this is definitely a worthwhile choice. The adjustments are easy made, there are various inserts that help provide space for your growing little one. It is listed up to 30 pounds, but of course, at that point kids are very different sizes and shapes. Our 21 month old whose about 28 pounds but 90+ percentile in height doesn’t fit at all in this seat. With all the padding and such I’d recommend it primarily for infants and smaller babies.As far as the shades, they’re called European, which must mean that Europe doesn’t really get that much sun. I like how they fold entirely away, and I like the foot cover, but the top seems insufficient for our California sun. There are a lot of attachments, of course, that can make for a more substantive cover, but I really do like options that allow for more total coverage right out of the box. Again, emphasizing that this really is a great seat for a car and travel but not as choice for primarily walking or outside adventures.

Florence Kirkland, IL

Prezi vs Mico

We have both the Mico and the Prezi and our baby is 15 lbs and 3.5 months old now.Prezi-Pros: I love the head support- it prevents his head from falling to the side when he was little and now when he sleepsIt is soft and comfortableI love the fact that it has no-rethread adjustabilityIt works so well with the Quinny Zapp Xtra (really recommend this, too by the way!)Clicks in and out of the base super easilyCons-It is heavyIt is hotCompared the the Mico- I love the Mico’s lightweight design and it is more open, so it is slightly easier to get him out. The mico is also not as hot. However, I will be able to keep baby in the Prezi longer because it has the higher weight limit and the Prezi is much better about keeping his head in midline. This is obviously more expensive and takes up more room in a car. I have to put it in the side, not in the middle, in my Prius because otherwise the center console would be useless and my husband wouldn’t be able to put the drivers seat far enough back to drive the car. The mico fits in our smaller cars better.

Faith Donie, TX

Heavy, Well Built

This car seat is exceptionally heavy, and also very well built. It’s strong frame has a substantial feel to it that is reassuring. The padded lining is firm and customizable for fit. The seat locks firmly into the base, and has a built-in instruction manual compartment. The seat holds the baby very comfortably, and she doesn’t seem to have any issues dozing right off in complete comfort while on the go. This seat seems be constructed to handle a variety of stroller bases too, though I’ve not one listed to test it on. Be assured though, it is a heavy seat, even when empty, so if you lack upper body strength this seat may be too much for you to manage. Keep that in mind when choosing this otherwise excellent seat.

Deidre Sparta, GA

Attractive Safety

Considering the safety of a baby first, this car seat which surrounds your baby with G Cell technology foam, ensures that baby stays safe even in the event of a mv difficulty.The head wings at the top protect an infants head all the while keeping baby very comfortably.The harness is easy to use and keeps baby in place comfortably. The canopy protecting baby from weather is so simple to use and attaches right to the handle and is compatible with many strollers.I like the peace of mind in knowing that baby is in a very safe car seat.It’s made very durably, is attractive. It isn’t light at 9 lbs but in my mind, well worth the security and the price.

Bertie Steeles Tavern, VA

Sturdy (but also heavy)

I feel that infant and baby car seats are something that you need to see and handle in person before buying because there are so many specifics that you will need to take into account with your particular baby and situation. That said this seems very sturdy and is customizable to a degree. With the sturdy, though, you do get a seat that for me was too heavy. It is also rear-facing which you need to decide if that’s what you want. Would I recommend this? Yes, but only if you’ve seen one in person first. Your baby’s safety and comfort come first so take the extra time to examine this and others in person so you will know if it’s right for you.

Roseann Amboy, MN

High quality and on par with others in this price range

We used a Chicco Keyfit for our last child, and same with this time the two priorities are safety and functionality, and also up to 30 lbs. We really like this Maxi Cosi. It is about the same (heavy) weight as the Chicco, but for whatever reason seems easier to carry, which is a big deal when your child is older. I think its because the handle is set toward the back a bit. Every component and surface seems exceptionally high quality and well designed. It says assembled in USA.The profile of this seat is slightly deeper than our old car seat, and our son seems quite comfortable and is never in a big hurry to get out it seems. At 18 lbs he can wear his winter coat in it just fine. We move our car seats a lot so we pay a lot of attention to the clip features. It has good quality latch connectors and they pop right into the car connectors. They are secure and easy for us to reach.After this met my main criteria very well, I admit I was most excited about the color. The red is so vibrant and appealing, I wish I could buy everything in that color. However its not just a gimmic. Its a really well designed car seat, in function, quality and looks.

Caitlin Brogue, PA

Beautiful Sturdy and Unique Looking

We get a lot of comments on how great this car seat looks and the beautiful red makes it very high end looking. A lot of people we meet with babies have never seen a car seat with so many features. When we took it to the fire station to get it inspected in our car, the fire chief never even installed one of these before us.This car seat looks great and has great safety features. The base for this car seat has an incline for infants and larger babies. There is a level on the side that indicates based on your child’s weight group where the incline should be. It is very simple to change the incline, just lift the handle on the base to adjust the incline. This seat also has a curved infant insert that your child sits on in the seat to lift him higher. This is a great feature that made me feel even more secure when using it with me son. It cradled him when he was a newborn so he wasn’t overwhelmed in a big car seat.You can use a seat belt to strap down the base or if your car is installed with them, the hooks. We took the car seat to the ambulance/fire station to be installed in the car. They told us not to hang anything from the car seat that didn’t come with it, because it wouldn’t be crash tested. This car seat already comes with the strap covers, top shade, and foot cover. Which is great, because not only should it then be crash tested, but you don’t need to spend extra money on strap covers or special blankets. It also has the head support. The shoulder straps adjust easily to your growing baby’s size by lifting the lever on the back to raise them to a higher height. No removing the straps and pushing them through the holes at a new height.Our infant never fussed in it and we feel safe with it in use. Once you learn how to adjust the seat belt, it is not too difficult to get your baby in and out of it. He looks like he is piloting a race car when he is buckled in.The down side to this car seat is that it is heavier than most standard car seats. Is that really a down side, probably not. I think everyone has forgotten that the purpose of a car seat is to protect your child. They were not originally intended to be a carrying device as people tend to use them. However, when we do have to carry it around, it does get heavy very fast. The car seat weighs over 10 pounds + combined with a growing baby and you are looking at some heavy weight. You will definitely notice it when you have to walk around with it and your child is in it. I weigh over 200 pounds and having to carry this around the hospital and doctors office visits, my biceps get a good workout.In our SUV we have no problems with the size of this car seat. In our small Corolla, this car seat takes up a large portion of the back seat. We basically have the front seats pushed up almost as far as they go, which makes driving unsafe and very uncomfortable. We basically only use this with the SUV because of its size.Unless you have the proper stroller for it, you might have trouble installing this with a universal adapter. We own a Malibu Hauck 12 in 1 and the universal adapter does not work with this car seat. It is just too large.I definitely recommend this if you have a car big enough for it. If you have a compact car, you can forget it.Update: Our son is now 5 months old and is still fitting comfortable in his Maxi Cosi seat. He is large for his age, weighing around 20 lbs. The Maxi Cosi allows us to use it up till 30 lbs. We had purchased a basic $100 Graco car seat to fit in our Corolla and the universal base stroller. He has almost outgrown the Graco, since it only goes up to 22 lbs. We use the Maxi Cosi in the SUV, because of the car seats size. There is a huge quality difference between the two (Maxi Cosi being the better of the two). The Maxi Cosi has thick padding covering the whole seat. Meanwhile the Graco has just a thin removable fabric cover, which is not as comfortable for my son. In order to adjust the shoulder strap height in the Graco, we must disconnect the straps in back, retread them through the new slots,and then rebuckle in back. With the Maxi Cosi, we simply lifted up the handle on the back of the seat and it raised the shoulder strap to the next spot. The Maxi Cosi costs more, but it is worth the price when it comes to the safety of our son.

Louise Hemlock, IN

Very sturdy, but extremely heavy

I use this car seat when I am babysitting for my niece’s baby. It is extremely heavy, so I keep it in my car. I am also planning on using it when my second grandson is born, but I prefer the red for a girl. It is extremely sturdy, and the padding is very bulky. The belts are a little shorter then on the Graco car seat that I had for my first grandson, but I feel like this car seat is much safer. When I put the baby in this car seat, I know the baby isn’t going anywhere. So for safety, I would say this is the best, but for weight and convenience, I would say buy a Graco car seat.

Adeline Coalmont, IN

Fails to be a “must have” against other car seats

My other car seat is Graco. I like Graco. It’s inexpensive and does the job. Not many of them are showy, though. So perhaps I liked the idea of going for that ritzy and trendy looking car seat.But in my opinion, you’ll be paying more for the idea of this seat rather than any real benefits.To begin, I feel quite safe with my baby in this seat. I’ll even go as far to say that I love the side padding and the head rest and the protection they offer. Yes, I feel this hits all the major safety points. As do many other car seats.As others have said, this one is just so darn bulky and heavy! And when I originally opened the box, I couldn’t help but think what alien spaceship have I ordered here? I’ve yet to read a manual like I read this one. With that reading done and further exploration of the seat, yeah, it all seemed usable enough. Like many other, cheaper, car seats.It’s big, both the seat and its base, and is better for bigger cars that have the room this will require. While this has the fairly standard weight limit, I’d almost recommend this for newborns and infants as the protection seems more suited them as well as the fact the less the baby weighs, the less you have to lug around.Sorry, but the beauty of this car seat doesn’t make up for the lingering thought other car seats are just a better buy. Keep in mind there is certainly nothing truly wrong with this seat, but I’m happy with my cheap Graco.

Katharine Woodstock, MN

As safe as it gets

I feel really good about putting a newborn and an older infant in this seat. The seat is heavy, it is solid, it is padded and it is safe. I want a car seat that can hold up to immense pressure and this one fits the bill. I can lug it around knowing that it keeps my baby safer than the competition.I really like the extra padding on this seat. It is really soft and comfortable feeling. The foam feels like memory foam, soft and supportive without a lot of bulk. The carseat stays cool and keeps baby comfortable even in warm conditions. The fabric cleans easily with a damp cloth for simple spit ups or accidents. You can wash it as well if need be. I didn’t have too much trouble removing the car seat cover.The head support is really nice. Our old carseat left our sons head bouncing around as we carried the seat. This one holds them more firmly in place and I find the baby not moving as much within the confines of the seat. It is there to protect their heads in the event of an accident, but it also does a nice job shading their eyes from the sun and keeping them cozy in their seat.The bands around the harness hold the straps up. This is a genius addition. It is so easy to get the baby in the seat without having to dig around underneath them to find the straps. Our last carseat our son would get bruised on his back from where the buckles dug into him for the brief time it took me to fish them out from underneath him.The buckles and release buttons work smoothly without an excessive amount of effort. Every feature of the seat is very intuitive and came natural to me as far as use was concerned.Below the red fabric area the base of the seat has a rubberized layer that you can tuck the foot cover and the shade into. It is a really clean and convenient way to store the accessories.The handle has 3 positions, down, up halfway and up all the way. The sun shade fits onto the handle easily and does a great job without a lot of bulk or fabric.I like the optional accessories with this carseat, the rain guard and the bug net are fantastic and really useful for city babies on the go.The carseat will rock on carpet and hard surfaces with a foot nudge. It clicks into the carseat base with ease and I have never had a problem getting it safely into or out of the car. The seat clips on to my Maxi Cosi Original Foray stroller, as well as my Maxi Cosi Kaia Stroller.I am really happy with this carseat and consider it the best infant carseat I have tried.

Viola Harris, IA

I Like It

This car seat is very stylish and sleek looking to me.It has some interesting safety features. The standout feature in my mind is the rebound impact bar. It reminds me of a brush guard on a 4×4 vehicle. The foam padding is also thick and would seem to be very supportive and could absorb shock well.I like the adjust-ability features with the buttons. I especially like the ease of use when adjusting the straps. The button is accessible, unlike other brands I have seen, where the button is underneath the seat material, only accessible by feeling around for it.The height adjustment for the Mazi Cosi is under the seat, but you won’t be adjusting that as often like you might for the straps (such as when you child is bundled in a heavy coat in the winter or not in the summer).It supports a child up to 29 inches and 4 to 30 pounds.It fits specific strollers made by Maxi Cosi as well, although we don;t have one at the moment.Overall, this is a nice carseat. Take Corvette red, sprinkle in some offroad suv DNA, and apply it to a carseat and you get the Maxi Cosi Prezi!

Arline Sundown, NY

Solid product with some drawbacks

I want to start out by saying that this is a really solid seat. The Maxi Cosi Prezi isn’t anything like the seats you see at big box mass merchandisers like Target and Walmart and for the price, it shouldn’t be.A few pros and cons I found with this seat:Pros:Build quality – This is definitely #1. This seat is solid and sturdy and I fully expect it to be a safe and fully functional seat through to its expiration date.Safety – The side impact, harness system, and infant insert make this seat a snug and secure ride from day one.Style – This seat is sleek and stylish. As far as infant seats go it’s really a beautiful seat.Cons:Weight – Because this is a well built, quality seat it’s heavier than some of the others. This isn’t necessarily a con but can certainly be a drawback if weight is a deciding factor in choosing a seat.Sun shade and muff – While the way these tuck away is really neat, they’re essentially pointless. The material is thin so they fail to serve any real purpose beyond looks. The sun easily beats through the shade so a blanket must be used for adequate blockage and the foot muff is the same material and is good for nothing more than confining baby’s feet into the seat, which is unnecessary.Shoulder straps – I’m not a fan of how stiff these are. They are actually somewhat rigid and stick out away from the seat. They don’t offer much in the way of flexibility so for chunkier babies you may find that these straps dig into their little face/neck.Incline – I see I’m not the first to complain about the incline of this seat. The base allows for an ample amount of adjustment so when clicked in place the seat reclines enough for baby’s comfort but when set on the floor the incline in this seat is unusually steep.Overall I gave this seat a rating of 3 stars. Yes it’s a quality seat but at this price point my expectations are substantially higher. I recommend checking out this seat in person if you have a local B&M; that carries it before deciding on it. Would I purchase this seat again? In all honestly, it’s unlikely. Compared to other seats in this price range this one sadly falls short.

Mariana Ozone, TN

Maxi Cosi Prezi Infant Car Seat

I wanted the safest car seat and this was the one that I found. It fit into so many strollers, which was great. Plus it had side impact that was extremely superior and it had the G-cell HX and air protect. This is a great thing for you to check out for sure.

Toni Empire, CA

Too Cosi?

After reading the reviews of several others that have tried the Maxi Cosi Prezi, I was a little concerned. Several people reported that this car seat was so snug that, in some cases, it actually harmed their baby. In one instance, an individual claimed that the seat was so restrictive that it would not even fit their newborn. Having used the carrier myself, I now believe that the product has been altered since those reviews were written, those reviewers did not read the user’s manual, and/or those folks were just out to write a negative review for what is actually an amazing product. It is true that the Maxi Cosi Prezi is cozy; but cozy in a warm hug way, not in a reticulated python way.We received this seat late in the game. My child was already 18 pounds 6 ounces and 27 and-a-half inches long. Not a huge baby, but much larger than the newborn that others claimed having trouble squeezing into the seat. He fit like a glove, and loved it. Yes, I did have to adjust the straps and take out the included newborn wedge, which required almost no effort compared to some carriers. This adjustment, however, would be required of any baby carrier unless it just happened to be adjusted to the size of one’s child right out of the box.Our other carrier is the Britax Chaperone, and is my point of comparison. After making the mistake of originally purchasing a much cheaper carrier prior to my child’s birth, I can confidently say that both the Britax and the Maxi Cosi are of superior material and build quality than carriers on the lower end of the cost scale. I only mention this because I am admittedly and, if you ask my wife, painfully cheap. Nonetheless, there is a discernable difference in quality for the price in this case. When one’s child is involved, in my opinion, it is worth the extra expense.One feature present on the Maxi Cosi that originally prompted me to purchase the Britax, is a rear impact bar (I think Maxi Cosi refers to it as an anti-rebound bar) on the car seat base. While it blows my mind that this feature is not required on all infant car seats, it is only seen on a couple of models. The purpose of this bar is that of preventing the rear-facing car seat from smashing the contained baby’s head and face against the seat of the car it is attached to in a rear impact, or recoil from front impact, situation. For first time parents, I recommend that you try some car seats without this feature in your own car (without a baby in it, of course) and see for yourself how easily the base and seat fold up against the seat they are attached to if the weight is shifted as it would be in a rear impact scenario. Then try the seats with the bar. Again, ridiculous that this feature is not a requirement. Big points for both this seat and the Chaperone.The primary difference, in my book, between my two favorite car seats – this seat and the Chaperone – is that the Maxi Cosi is substantially lighter than the Chaperone. The Chaperone’s big claim being safety, I just cannot say for sure whether any safety is sacrificed for the sake of weight. Other differences include the multiple travel systems offered by Britax for Britax carriers, whereas it seems that Maxi Cosi is following more of a universal adapter approach. It might seem insignificant but the Prezi also has this piece of elastic fabric that stretches across the infant occupant’s feet that seems to produce a calming effect. Very nice. The same type of fabric serves as the European style canopy. My wife prefers this canopy, I do not.All in all, I believe the Maxi Cosi Prezi is a legitimate top tier product that easily competes with the trusted standards in the industry. As far as comfort is concerned, I have not personally seen a carrier that my own child has looked more comfortable in. In my opinion, any claims that the Maxi Cosi Prezi is too cozy are simply false within the context of the recommended weight and height restrictions.

Noelle Bow, NH

Style and Safety

An infant car seat is one of the main essentials for any new baby, and if your family is anything like mine, you’ll probably get a ton of use out of it with all the running around that we do these days. I like that the car seat is an option for preemies (4 lbs and up), which is nice because none of us know for sure if we’ll carry our babies all the way to full-term. The memory foam has a soft, plush feel and seems to contour comfortably to the shape of the baby. My previous infant car seat was basically just a slightly padded fabric on top of a hard plastic. This is a definite step up in terms of comfort. The newborn insert is easy to remove when it’s no longer needed. The safety features of this seat are what really impress me. The seat seems very well constructed and sturdy, and I like the added barriers on the side of the head.This seat is rather heavy, even without an infant in it, but honestly I would rather have a heavy duty safe seat than a flimsy lightweight plastic one. The other disadvantage is that the car seat base is rather long. I don’t find it to be substantially wider than a standard infant seat, but it definitely seems to have a longer length than what I’m accustomed to. I have a Toyota Sienna Minivan and I didn’t have any trouble fitting the seat in my car, but if you’re in a compact car, I could see how this would be more of a challenge to fit in your vehicle (unless you scoot the front passenger seat all the way up to make room for it.)I’ve read some reviews stating that this carseat is incompatible with many strollers, but in my search, I found several that it will work with, including a Safety First infant seat carrier that’s only $57 (much more affordable for my than the luxe Quimby or other luxury stroller).I was not especially impressed with the coverage of the sun canopy (although the ability to completely store it and tuck it away is pretty unique), and I’m not entirely sure of the purpose of the foot muff (although it would keep a baby from kicking a blanket out of the car seat).

Pearlie Lima, MT

The Baby is Still Alive…

So I guess this Maxi Cosi Prezi Infant car seat is worth its weight in gold. My brother and his wife came to visit this holiday season and they brought their newborn baby with them. I was so excited to see them that I had ordered this car seat in anticipation of their visit. My sister-in-law was hesitant to use any car seat other than the one she brought with her but after a little cajoling on my part she agreed to try the Maxi Presi seat I had all set up in my car. The baby stopped crying the second she was put in the seat. That, in itself, is enough to warrant 5 HUGE stars in my book. I think in the week they were here the only time the baby DIDN’T cry was when she was in this beautiful red car seat. The baby loved it, she was quiet and slept the entire time, therefore the rest of us LOVED the car seat, too.The seat was simple to put in and get out of my car. It seems easy to clean, and appeared to be very comfortable for the baby. I dont have any kids of my own, but I’m glad to have this seat for when my relatives come to visit. This will come in very handy in the coming years. Seems like a wonderful car seat.

Mindy Midvale, UT

Baby does not like it

This car seat looks beautiful, seems as safe as can be, drawing the eye in. Sadly, there’s something about it that’s lost beyond that. First, the thing is not the easiest car seat to get into place. I drive a JEEP and my wife drives a smaller car; we could not get the thing into the smaller vehicle at all. The car seat is heavy, remarkably so, weighing almost 1.5 times what my other seat weighs. It is built like a tank too, looking like it would hold up, but we simply cannot use it because the baby hates it. The way it props her up looks kind of uncomfortable, and we tried putting our daughter into it on different occasions and all she would do is cry. We have two other car seats and this experience has been limited only to this model. There are issues with connection to many types of strollers being reported as well, and it does not fit the one we have. I thought it would but no, it doesn’t. We’ve had trouble fitting it into the supermarket buggies – it just doesn’t work for our needs. Apparently this is quite the issue, too.If you can look at it first, I would do so. If your baby likes the fit and it isn’t a problem vehicle-wise, then it would be nice. I feel like it would be very, very safe and that still appeals to me.

Ashley Metuchen, NJ