Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 with Tiny Fit Convertible Car Seat, Total Black

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 with Tiny Fit Convertible Car Seat, Total Black

TinyFit System is providing a better fit for small babies and small cars. Rear-Facing 4-40 pounds, Forward-Facing 22-70 pounds. Air protect- Revolutionary Side Impact Technology, immediately reduces impact forces through the precise release of air. Perfect Fit one hand harness height adjustment, providing micro adjustments for an optimal fit. Deep rear-facing adjustment, making it easier and faster to correctly install rear-facing. FlexTech Construction System for advanced crash energy management. One Click LATCH System, with easy click-in and release for better installation. Gripping cup holder, integrated to securely hold beverages.

Main features

  • Rear-facing 4 to 40 pounds, forward facing 22 to 70 pounds
  • Flextech construction system for advanced crash energy management
  • Immediately reduces impact forces through the precise release of air
  • One Click latch System, with easy click-in and release for better installation
  • Gripping cup holder, integrated to securely hold beverages
  • Rear-facing 4-40 pounds, forward-facing 22-70 pounds

Verified reviews


“Nearly” as the Cosco Senerca with some fancy pads

I am looking to by a second toddler seat as we are now on baby number two nearing the one-year-old stage. I wasn’t nuts about spending another $360 (I have the Orbit Baby) on a big car seat and I noticed the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 being highly regarded. Amazon had them on sale for near to the two hundred range so I purchased one and thought I’d try it out. I can’t believe the difference in quality and how crappy it was compared to the Orbit. The Maxi Cosi Pria 70 is exactly the same as the Cosco Senerca which is a popular “extra” seat for under fifty bucks. I couldn’t believe that Maxi Cosi (actually Doral group) was charging an extra two hundred bucks for some fancy padding. Come on people. Orbit has the highest tech in impact protection with the EPP foam. The Maxi Cosi is a plastic shell and THAT’S IT!And the padding isn’t that nice, very polyester-like and slick. I can’t imagine it on a hot day. And when I took it apart and compared it to my Cosco seat, nearly the same thing. What a crock.

Amy Two Dot, MT

Fit our Newborn Perfectly!

This car seat seemed intimidating to install at first, but turned out to be very user friendly. It has also proved easy to adjust for our quickly growing little one. We were a little nervous forgoing the infant carrier type car seat for our newborn, since it doesn’t seem like a popular choice for parents and we had a difficult time finding reviews that mentioned parents using this car seat with newborns. However, we are extremely happy with our decision and are glad that we purchased a car seat that we can use long term.We brought our newborn home from the hospital in this car seat! Our baby was born at 7 lbs 5 oz/ 20 in and fit perfectly in the car seat when adjusted to the second smallest setting. She only needed the circular head pillow and little body pillow for a couple weeks. At two months old and about 11 lbs, she is now using it in the third smallest setting (the last one for the Tiny Fit insert). Our baby always seems content in the car seat and enjoys car rides.We have the car seat installed in our little Chevy Sonic hatchback. It is a little tight, but it is currently set in the setting that takes up the most room (rear-facing, greatest recline). There is enough leg room in the front seat for my husband and I. Two smaller adults can still sit in the backseat with the car seat if need be.We do not miss having the traditional newborn car seat and simply carry our baby or put her in the sling when we’re out and about. We’d definitely recommend getting this car seat to start out with from day one!

Susie Cold Spring, NY

Nice seat, but it’s HUGE!

This seat is a bit complex to set up initially, and the instructions must be followed carefully to make sure you are using the seat correctly. The cover on the Pria is very soft and cushy, and feels like it would be very comfy.The Pria has 3 recline positions:- Position 1 is the most upright of the positions and can only be used when the seat is forward facing and the child is between 40 and 70 pounds.- Position 2 is the middle, slightly reclined position. Position 2 can be used both rear facing and forward facing. Position 2 must be used forward facing if the child is under 40 pounds.- Position 3 is the most reclined position and is used rear facing only. This is the position used for infants and newborns.I was interested in the seat because it replaced the Maxi-Cosi Priori and it supposedly fits well in smaller vehicles because it has an internal recline so the seat does not take up as much room.I went to my local baby store to try the Maxi-Cosi Pria in my MINI Cooper. For anyone not familiar, this is a tiny car with a tiny backseat. The older Maxi-Cosi Priori was a seat that had good reviews for fitting in a MINI Cooper, so I was hopeful that the Pria would work too…. This was not the case. The seat would fit fine if it was forward facing in Position 1 (it would take up a lot of space, but would definitely fit). There is no way it would fit forward facing in Position 2 (the position necessary for children under 40 pounds) because the Pria would hang off the seat and the front seat of the car would be totally unusable. The Pria fit (it was a tight fit) in Position 2 rear-facing, but the front seat would still have to be pushed up significantly. There is no way the Pria would fit rear facing in Position 3. The seat is just reclined so far and takes up way too much space.Overall, this is a BIG and HEAVY seat (over 20 pounds) but would really only work for a newborn to 70 pound child if it was used in a sedan, van, or large SUV. I think this is the case with most convertibles with high weight limits. I understand the desire to keep kids rear facing for longer, so the seats need to be bigger, bit it makes it very difficult to find convertible car seats that work with smaller cars.Ultimately, after deciding that there was absolutely no way the Pria would work for the MINI, I decided to buy the Combi Coccoro (sight unseen) from Amazon. The Coccoro has a weight limit of 40 pounds, but is a much better fit (rear and forward facing) in the MINI Cooper.

Carmela Curtiss, WI

Better than Britax, and way better than Orbit.

After a massive disappointment with Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat (I won’t deal with this seat here, but feel free to read my review) I performed quite an extensive 6-month research on convertible car seats and went to stores to actually test them out – I played with them, I put my son in them, and I read all about them.Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 and Britax were our top contenders, but we chose the Pria over the Britax for several reasons – while they both are very safe (both are sturdy with advanced side impact protection) and both allow for a 3-position recline, Pria 70 has nice extras, such as a built-in cup holder, easy 1-click harness height positioning (11 harness heights and 3 buckle positions), very appealing simple & modern design, more comfortable fabric (Pria’s fabric feels much better that the velour-like fabric Britax uses – must be sticky in the summer), more padding (Pria is very soft, Britax is quite hard – probably not very comfortable for the little one), plus Britax car seats rate high(er) as far as harmful & toxic chemicals are concerned. Although the Pria is a new seat and hasn’t been tested yet, Maxi-Cosi generally rates better than Britax (I will keep an eye on the new testing and will post an update once new results are available) – see HealthyStuff[dot]org.Maxi-Cosi is a European brand and being from Europe myself I have seen many of them (sadly, the selection in the US is very limited). Everyone has a Maxi-Cosi car seat over there, it’s a number 1 car seat in Europe. And I can see why.The seat is really amazing. We installed it very fast – the entire installation took just 2 minutes – 3 clicks using the the LATCH – you just thread the lower anchorage belt through the car seat and click one buckle on the bottom left and one on the bottom right. Then we just attached the top tether and that’s it. Then we tightened everything and double checked. So simple.We have a BMW X3 and there is plenty of leg room for both my son and the person in the front seat. Also, for those who have this car, the top tether anchor is located in the back/trunk on the floor – kind of tricky to find it at first but the manual explains where to look for it.Our son is 18 months old, 23.5 pounds, 32 inches. We installed the seat forward-facing (I know I know, it’s safer rare-facing but he used to cry every single time we put him in his old infant rare-facing seat and he really enjoys to see us and everything around him while forward-facing). We used the 2nd recline angle and it’s just perfect – not too upright, so his head never falls on his chest like it used to with the Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat which has no recline feature and is very upright. This is how Maxi-Cosi explains the recline versus energy management:”For children who ride forward-facing in the Pria 70, there are 2 different recline positions. For children between 22 pounds and 40 pounds, recline position 2 is required. For children between 40 and 70 pounds, recline position 1 is required. These recline positions allow a more reclined riding position for younger children and a more upright position for older children. Not only does this provide an appropriate riding position for different sized children, but the required recline angles also improve crash energy management.”My son loves his new seat, the horrible crying has stopped, he is so comfortable now. He used to cry so much in the old seat – we use our car almost daily (shamefully) and sometimes I have to make 3 or more stops, which means I have to put him in and out frequently – every single time I used to put him in he went crazy. Thankfully, we do not experience these tantrums any more. He doesn’t mind being in his seat and actually really enjoys the ride now.The side impact protection is not squeezing his head in any way nor does it block his view, he’s fine and I am glad it’s there. He uses the cup holder all the time, it’s such a little thing but it’s really a nice touch – when he’s done drinking he doesn’t toss his bottle on the floor anymore and I no longer have to stretch my arm and search for it all over the car.Oh, and did I mention that I love the seat too – we got the Walnut Brown color, which is gorgeous (or so I think) – it’s a very nice taupe color (which I’m very into right now) with chocolate brown accents. I love it.One more thing I have to mention – Maxi-Cosi customer service is impeccable. When I opened the box, there was no manual. It was supposed to be in some plastic bag along with a small chest clip for infants and a locking clip. The whole bag was somehow missing. I spoke to the customer service over the phone and emailed them and they always answered in a timely manner and ordered everything I needed and shipped it to me immediately.I highly recommend this car seat. If you are still not convinced, feel free to exhaust yourself on a better 6-month research.UPDATE: I rode in the back seat the other day and noticed this little black tag (with a book picture on it) on the side of the car seat – so I checked underneath the padding and there they were! The manual and both clips! I can’t believe I missed it before… so just in case you can’t find the manual either, check out my pictures to see where to look for it :)I wrote a more detailed review, including pictures and a detailed comparison to Britax on my blog BamboolaBaby[dot]wordpress[dot]com.

Shauna Lisbon, IA

great for children over one year old. not babies.

super soft like marshmellows, breathable, thick fabric. Extremely durable safe carseat.Reclines on 3 levels. All the way back if ur seats r wide. If ur seats r short u cannot recline it all the way back. U can recline it only up till the 2nd level if u have coup car.This WAS my dream car seat until I stored it into the car only to realize that the recline position lever is on the back of the car seat not the front. And being my baby will spend his childhood life not being infant I nd the lever on the front.Also once u put ur baby in, ull notice ur baby is almost sitting on the edge of the seat (that’s with the baby insert I’m talking about). I don’t want my baby hanging off like that. I want my baby sitting with some room infront of his where if there is an accident he’s still in the seat where his bottom is supose to be.Worst issue I had with this car seat is the babys head dangles at the top of the insert & there’s an uncomfortable gap between ur babys head & the insert. And if u don’t use the insert ur baby will b too small for the seat because the seat is is too wide. The seat comes witha slinky material to help support the gap between the babys head & the opening which doesn’t work because it falls down & gets lost in the crack & if have to squeeze ur hands back there to try to find it.However this seat works if ur child is of age mMaybe round one year old it looks to be & does not reqiure the insert. tting with room in front of

Georgette Merepoint, ME

My Son Never Grew Into It

I bought this for my son when he was 19 pounds. He was board line the tiny fit and just the regular car seat. He was too big for the tiny fit so we had to go without it, however he was practically swimming in the other and was too small. When he had got to over 20 it was still like he was swimming in the car seat. I just did NOT feel comfortable with him in it and we returned this after a months use.

Marcy Dayton, OH

Difficult installation, but confortable ride

I just bought this seat for my 21 month old, she’s 25 pounds and 33″. I had a gracosnugride 32 before this which she has outgrown.I have a toyota rush ( a small suv) and no latch system installed…I’m pretty good with manuals, instructions and putting equipment together…..but It took me hours to figure out with the manual and my carsmanual how to fit the seat to my child, with the recline and everything and then another couple of hours to actually install it in my car.To install I removed the other back seat and opend the backdoor to clim in… Knee in the seat, all the strenght I have….I think you understand that I was so sorry I bought this seat by the time the seat was installed, rearfacing with the right recline( you have to level a ‘baseline’ of the seat to the ground)… That I wanted to return the seat…Terrible.. !! The gracosnugride had a easy to read level build in. And the vastners for the installation with the seatbelt. No extra tools need and no clip needed!!But then I put my girl in the seat….although she can’ t trun her head to look to the side, she seems to really like the chair.The cupholder is a nice ad, and she can put her legs straight, what really amased me, because with the sungride 32 her legs were really crossed. She sits higher up with this seat, so she can look outside the window, and on a long drive yesterday she slept quite peacefully, her head stayed straight and she wasn’t sweting on her back, what usually happend with the snugride.This seat does have a great cushion and feels soft and smooth, but to clean I’ll have to remove the seat to take the cothing off…The weightlimmits are not so special now a days, but the height limmit of 52″ is the highest I’ve found for a confertible… But the again the seat has a lifespann of 6 year ( it’s written beneath the seat) so if you have a small baby, it miht become the limmiting factor, insted of weight or heightlimmits.Another thing that might be important…the seat doesn’t block my view, when I have to look out the window/ back when drivingAnd for leggroom for the passenger in the frontseat… The is enough, but problbly not enough for a tall person. I have my seat while driving a little further that th passengerseat, and I’m 5’5.5″ so not so tall myself. But to compare I must say it doesn’t take up more space front to back nore sideways then the gracosnugride32 did. Oh Nd I have put it in the recilneposition 3 because of the slope of the backseat itself.. (and the levelline on the seat), so with a backseat wide of 110 cm, I can put another one of these chairs on the otherside, and probably a other child or small adult in between.I can’t relly say I recomend this seat, becaus it was hell to install it!! But once installed… It’s pretty nice.Goodluck.

Dena Albion, NE

Glad we chose the Pria over the Britax

The Pria70 is our second car seat for our son who is tall and heavy for his age group (22 pounds, 29 inches, 9 months). The Pria has been a complete success, and I’m so glad I waited until this one came out. I was interested in a previous M.C. model — the Priori — but kept reading comments on message boards about Prioris not being wonderful for large/tall children. The Pria has tons of extra room. I love the thickly padded seat, too. It is a substantial upgrade for us (we had a Graco Snugride 35 previously). The Maxi-Cosi fabric is smoother and wicks sweat away well. This was a selling point for me — we live in a hot, humid climate and I did not like the sweaty poly-lined Britaxes available right now with the faux-velvet linings. They seemed way too hot for where we live.Fit-to-car comments: the Pria70 fits our 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe with ample extra space. We have to move our front seats really far back because we’re tall adults, so rear-facing install space was a chief concern. The Pria fit much better than another seat we tried in the Hyundai (it was an Evenflo Symphony 65, which barely squished in, rear-facing).Rear-facing usage (update): We’re still rear-facing in this seat at 3 years old, with a tall kid. This seat tops out RF’ing at 40″ or 40 pounds, plus head must be at or below top of head rest. I expect for my kid, we’ll max out this seat somewhere between 40-48 months, so I’m pretty satisfied with how long it allows RF’ing, which is statistically safer for children than FF’ing.Other details that are very nice: sturdy clips that are easy enough for an adult to unfasten. Height is adjustable with the sliding headrest, no problems there. Cup holder — love that! and the LATCH system integrates well. It comes with clips that snap in easily (or you can use your seatbelt to secure the seat, alternatively).Flying with Pria70 seat: I took this on 5 planes recently with my now 2.5yo son. I received a lot of advice to take it on board the aircraft with me instead of checking it at gate or at checkin, as you can be sure your seat isn’t accidentally damaged in cargo bay this way.It’s FAA-approved, with a sticker on the side stating so, meaning you are allowed to bring on board for your child to sit in. I traveled alone with my toddler for this trip, so handling the seat plus your carryon bags & child is a real challenge. I would suggest 2 adults for this task, and definitely pre-board. I took a Brica car seat cover along because it has handles & wheels for hauling the seat through the airport. BUT getting it in and out of that bag while on the plane is super hard.Bottom line: Pria70 CAN go on airplanes but is not an ideal seat for this. If I were a frequent airport traveler, I’d buy an additional cheap Cosco seat for traveling use only, because they’re lighter weight.Resources I’ve found useful for using this seat and fitting it to into our cars include Car Seats for the Littles facebook group. Great for any car seat questions you might have.

Ronda Fountain, CO

Great carseat, once you can find the manual and level line

We originally had the Maxi Cosi Mico (LOVE). Now that our 6 month old is almost 19 lbs, we decided to upgrade. This seat is great – stylish, well paded, seems very safe. We just had an incredibly difficult time finding the manual and the level line. At first, we thought the manual was just plain missing.The manual is located near the top of the carseat, where the black fabric wraps around the plastic. You have to go in BETWEEN the fabric and the actual plastic and there is a velcro “pocket” if you will which contains the manual and some clips. I have NO idea why they hid it like that but so it is.As for the level line, the carseat has 3 reclining levels. They say level 2 and 3 is for rear facing, and you use the one which makes the “level line” parallel to the ground. Well the numbers “2” and “3” are on the side of the carseat near the BOTTOM. The actual “level line” is on the side of the carseat as well but near the TOP. And it is just small sticker that says “molded plastic line must be parallel to the ground” or something like that and points to a small plastic line. It’s really easy to miss.Hope this helps anyone else who has trouble with these components. Enjoy!

Karen Dodson, LA

Not quite

When I first purchased this seat I was completely satisfied w the look, feel, & safely of the seat even though my child did not fit n the tiny fit system. he was 17 or 18 lb. at the time which is pushing the Limit but I was still disappointed being he is a very slender child & the seat is $50 more to get the tiny fit system. I noticed later he was always so hot when riding n the seat rear facing, but now that he is forward facing he’s fine. I don’t have vents n the back seat of my ford escape I didn’t think of this when buying such a large seat that I put n the middle of my back seat, it completely blocked the flow of the ac. It is also very hard to get the latch system as tight as possible, I have to adjust the strap to where it will almost latch & put my weight n the seat till I can force it the rest of the way till it reaches & latches. It does seam very secure once done. My biggest problem w the seat is the material is not very durable! W The other issues I’d still give the seat 4 stars. I’ve washed the seat cover 3 times by its self on delicate & I’ve had to sew up snags to prevent them from getting worse just from delicate washing & the corner seam that goes around the head portion ripped out which was a bit more technical to stitch up. I just don’t c how this seat will get my child threw 70lb. @ this rate. I’m expecting my second child n a couple weeks & I’ve decided not to buy another one of these seat, so I can’t say I’d recommend this car seat look for better quality!

Michele Billings, OK

Comfortable, easy to use

At first my husband and I were overwhelmed the the complexity of the seat but now I’m a pro and it’s easy to adjust and move. We used this seat with no problems when our baby came home from the hospital just under 7 lbs. Now she is 16 lbs and is very comfortable in her seat. Would highly recommend this seat to anyone looking for a seat that will last from birth through toddler years.Update – we needed another car seat that was easier to move around between my husband and the nanny’s car and got the Recaro Euro since it was so much less money. I think the Pria seat is really well made, safe and comfortable for my baby. I have been using mine for a year now and it still looks brand new. However, the Recaro is MUCH easier to move around and the straps on the Recaro NEVER get twisted and I find myself untwisting these straps weekly. Also I found it much easier to get the Pria leveled appropriately for a very young infant. Too may car seats when reversed end up sitting up too much even on the correct settings which can be very unsafe to the baby’s cervical spine (neck) if you get in an accident. If you are going to move a seat frequently look at the Recaro. My parents got one too for when the baby visits and they love it as well. If you have a big car and won’t be moving the seat I still love this seat.

Serena Urbana, IN

Love this car seat

This car seat is great. It is comfortable for my little man and is super safe. I love that it has such a high weight limit for rear facing. My only wish is that it could be purchased without the infant insert so that the price would be a little lower.

Latisha Plano, IL

LOVE this car seat!!

I love this car seat. We bought it for our one year old when it was time for a convertiable car seat and its amazing! It fits perfectly in a suv forward or rear facing on all recline levels. My son fits in it perfect and I love that he sits deeper into the seat. The side head protection this seat offers is great and also works as a little pillow when my son falls asleep. ( no bobbing head when alseep either, lays nicely in place. ) The side head protection doesn’t block his view at all. Its rather easy to install but I did need my husband to help me get it snugg enough. **NO pool noodles or towels needed!!** like most car seats suggest which just doesn’t seem safe to me that others suggest that. NO carseat should need to be rigged to work properly in my opinion. Its really easy to adjust the recline, height, etc. The fabric is soft and VERY cushiony. The only negative thing I can say is that wish I had bought it sooner. WORTH every penny!!

Sondra Limerick, NY

Difficult to install, difficult to get child in and out

I bought this based on it’s great reviews. I’m not sure I understand what everyone is raving about. This was a beast to install (rear-facing using seatbelt) and is SO hard to tighten.Luckily, I googled my issue and found someone who recommended to pull the straps from behind the seat and that makes it a breeze to tighten and loosen. However, the left strap is consistently looser than the right. This is a piece and I wish I had just bought another Brittax Marathon.Also, the straps seem twisted nearly every time I get my son into the seat. I still have high hopes that the seat cover material will keep my baby guy cooler in the hot Houston summers so that this seat has some redeeming quality.If you want to increase your stress level every time you put your kid in the car, this seat is totally for you.

Lourdes Melville, MT

hard to install. doesn’t work on a mazda cx-5

this car seat was very difficult to install as a rear-facing seat. the instructions are not very clear, and we were unable to get the tilt just right. unfortunately, it did not work in our mazda cx-5 (a crossover vehicle). we could not tilt it enough without the front seats getting in the way. for it to work, you’d have to move both driver and passenger seats very forward. we decided to go with an infant carseat instead.

Marisa Delmar, DE

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70

This seat is very comfortable/plush. The little head protector air cushions are great (in case of a side collision). The seat is well suited for a range of sizes of kids. We bought it when our baby reached 25 lbs and no longer fit well into the 30lbs seat due to the fact she’s very tall. This seat was perfect, she loved it. The cupholder is well placed, she can easily reach it. The 5 point harness is of good quality and easy to use. The seat is easy to install and adjust.My only gripe about this seat is the fabric which they used (at least in the ‘Intense Red’) it stains from EVERYTHING. From drool to juice. Expect stains all over the seat in no time. Other than that – this seat is really great!

Jillian Cleves, OH

It’s ok….

Difficult to install with just a seatbelt. It seems like the car seat always leans a bit. I have not used the infant insert. Latch install works fine. It just seems a bit hard to get tight sometimes. The head pillows are great when my girl is sleeping and don’t seem to bother her that much. Cup holder is perfect. Seems like when I tighten the straps one side is a bit looser than the other. A lot of padding and leg room is provided with this seat. I would buy a different one if I could do it again simply because we move the seat a lot and I have to sit in it to get it installed right. Love the two recline positions though…

Diana Wappingers Falls, NY

Maxi-cosiPria 70 Convertible

I purchased this car seat as a replacement for my Britax Advocate. I like the Maxi-Cosi much better. I have a 2010 VW Tiguan and a tall, avg weight 14-month old. I also own the Radian R120 that we use for our 4-runner.Pros:
• enough room for the front seats, didn’t have to move them forward to fit the seat
• enough room on each side to lift the child into the seat
• good padding
• good head support
• enough leg room for rear facingCons:
• the strap to tighten the straps is a bit difficult to pull when compared to the other seats
• I would like the straps to tighten a bit tighter
• a bit difficult to unlatch the chest strap with one hand
• no padding for the bucklesThe Cons here are very small details to me. Overall, I like this car seat the best of the Radian and the Britax. I like it equally to the Radian, with different, but comparable pros and cons, and returned the Britax Advocate due to lack of leg room and the difficulty getting my child in and out of the seat. One thing the Britax had that I miss is the excellent padding on the straps.

Alberta Titusville, PA


Easy to clean (with just a wet washcloth) and safe! Holds up to 75 pounds too! Couldn’t ask for more!

Earlene El Cajon, CA

Total peace of mind.

I started with a Graco snug ride infant seat for my daughter which has worked out great but she’s almost outgrown it at 4 months (width wise) so it was time for an adjustible seat. As any parent, I researched A LOT. I wanted something easy to install, comfortable, convertible, and most of all safe.I’m currently using this as rear facing and I have to admit, I’ll love this seat when it’s front facing but it’s not the easiest to use as a rear facing. Maybe most convertible seats are like this but it’s challenging getting my daughter in and out (we have a suburban). Installing it was a challenge too until I watched the “how to” video. Ugh I worked on that sucker for an hour, then I watched a video on maxi cosis website that showed a lady standing in front of the car seat (between the front seat and back seat) and as she leaned over the seat she pushed down on the seat and sinched up the belt. It worked awesome doing it that way. Their website has several videos showing you “how to” and they’re really helpful.The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars was because its not easy to get your baby in and out of the seat rear facing but front facing would be fine. I still prefer the infant seats to start off with because they’re so much more mobile (you can carry it into the anywhere without disturbing your child). Otherwise it seems like a superior car seat. The adjustments are so easy, the air padding is great, and the fabric seems really breathable. I have no regrets purchasing this car seat.

John Felton, PA

We love this carseat, have 2!

We used the Maxi Cosi Mico infant seat until our baby was 9 months old and got too big for it. We loved the brand and decided to go with the Pria 70 for the larger seat. We’re using it rear-facing, though it has both options. It fits perfectly in our Mazda CX7 crossover SUV. We bought another one for our second car, a BMW 3 series, and although it fits, it occupies a lot of space in the back seat. Our baby is now 11 months and seems very comfortable in his seat. I love the material, it’s very soft. and the headrest slides up and down to accommodate where your baby’s head is at. We plan to use this seat for a few years, as it adapts as your baby grows. I didn’t give it 5 stars because the latches on the side straps get twisted around sometimes and it’s a pain to set them straigt. I’d buy this again without thinking twice, though.

Francine Royersford, PA

beautiful color, sturdy car seat

Called customer service, was told item is made in Indiana. Item came stated that some parts are made in China but assembled in the USA. Oh well. Was hoping it’d all be made in the US. Love the cup holder, colour is nice, matches our car 😀 will update review once the baby is here. Love the Tiny Fit insert, doctor said our baby will be about 7lbs so this should work for it.

Shanna Leander, KY

Excellent car seat !

Safety aside because its already been described in detail in product reviews here on Amazon, we will say that the car seat is very easy to install, easy to adjust, easy to clean, extremely attractive and from our experience it has fit two very different sized cars. The cup holder is also a great plus ! We used this to replace our Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat.

Madge Baldwin, LA