Maxi-Cosi Priori Convertible Car Seat, Gipsy

Maxi-Cosi Priori Convertible Car Seat, Gipsy

The Maxi Cosi Priori Convertible Car Seat is unlike any other convertible seat you will find on the US market with a streamlined design and plush, removable, and washable seat padding in eye-catching colors. Maxi Cosi car seats are new to the United States, but have a long-standing reputation among European families as some of the safest, simplest, and most stylish car seats in the business. Maxi Cosi car seats are affordable but anything but cheap. The Maxi Cosi Priori Convertible Car Seat can protect an infant child up to 35 lbs. in a rear facing position, or a child from 22 to 40 lbs. in the forward facing position. Most car seats for infants have a max weight of 30-33 lbs. in the rear facing position. By using the LATCH attachments or your vehicles safety belts, the rear-facing-to-35 lbs. option makes the Priori extra safe for young passengers. Another unique feature is the ability to recline to four positions that lets boys and girls up to 40 lbs. relax on short or long rides. The recline is easily adjusted with the seat still installed. The colored level indicators, also unique to the Maxi Cosi Priori, ensure that the Prioris base is always installed at the proper angle.

Main features

  • Rear facing: 5-35 pounds
  • Front facing: 22-40 pounds
  • 4-position Independent recline system
  • 5-point harness with up-front harness adjustment
  • Removable, washable car seat pad

Verified reviews


Looks great but not useful

We loved the looks and size of this seat – thought it would be a great bridge from an infant seat to a booster seat and allow us to keep our daughter rear facing for awhile longer. However, after buying it and trying to install it for over 45 minutes – we walked back into the store and returned it. The directions are incomprehensible and the seat is impossible to install (rear facing at least – didn’t attempt forward facing.) No excuse for that – with latch system it should be brain dead simple but for some reason its not with this model. We had the Chicco Keyfit infant seat and its so easy to to install so we were shocked when we could not get this one in correctly and could not decipher the cryptic directions. Went ahead and bought the larger and admittedly uglier Britax marathon – had it installed in 5 minutes. Happy with it after a few weeks of use.

Milagros Aguilar, CO

Best Car Seat

This is the best convertible car seat ever! Very comfortable and extremely easy to set up…just follow the manual, which also is available on the company’s website on PDF (for the tech pepople). We also bought a Britax and returned it because it did not recline and was very stiff and uncomfortable. This is forward and backward facing, reclines etc! The first time we opened the box and took out the carseat, our daughter sat in it after we removed the wrapping on the kitchen floor and refused to leave her “chair” that night, and fell asleep in it. We are Maxi Cosi buyers and decide to give something else a try and it did not work! We are back to the Maxi Cosi brand because Dorel makes the best products for babies and kids period. We bought the infant seat and the Quinny and we are not regretful, besides the colors are great and the side protection is a safety feature that is necessary! Excellent purchase, the only drawback is that the toddler seat does not snap into the quinny…kidding! Yes, she is growing up…sigh!

Pam Thompsons, TX

great car seat

this is a wonderful car seat. I have used it with both of my kids. a few things that I like about it…if your kid falls asleep you can easily pull the recline lever (located bottom front) so their little head isn’t slouched forward. another plus is the fact that you can remove and wash the cover. both of my kids think that it is comfortable and it has good safety ratings.

Tamika Troy, IL

Fits my Cr-v!

I really like this seat, some complain that it is hard to install…I am a stay at home mom and installed it without a problem. Read the directions and use some common sense, it was simple, we also have a Graco myride 65 and that was harder to install than this one. I have a 2005 Crv, and this fits well even in rear facing, the myride 65….NO way. My only complaint is the plastic that covers where you push down to loosen the straps, It makes it more difficult than it really needs to be it should have been cloth. Also, the myride 65 has a level built in so you can make sure it’s put in right, this one just has a line that says ‘level to ground’ so that is the 2 bad things that i have found. My son is almost 6 months and always in the 75% range, and fits it well. I did put my neice in it just to see, she weighs 38lbs and is over 3 feet tall and she even fits it fine, so I can’t complain.

Irene Mid Florida, FL

Awesome seat!

We bought this when my daughter was 9 months. She has always been long and skinny. The seat performed great rear facing. It is comfy and she sleeps great in in. 8 months in and the seat has been wonderful. Now we are using the sear forward facing. It wipes down easy. We have a smaller car and it fits well. All my friends use Britax but I always tell everyone this sat is the best!

Daisy Palmer, TX

Good chiar

My son loves this chair. He hated his infant car seat. it was so small and he screamed every time we put him in it. We got this chair when my son was 12mo. I loved that it had the option for rear and face forward. Our car didn’t allow this chair to be rear facing but he was already a year and 20Ibs so we were able to have him face forward. Some of the review said it was hard to install but we never had a problem. One bitter sweet thing on this car seat is when you tighten the strap it’s very hard you have to put your knee on the seat and wrap the belt around your hand a few times to get it tight. I guess that’s a good thing knowing that it’s a tight lock but not good for a busy mom. My son loves it so I guess I cant complain. I also love how you can put the straps on the side of the chair for easy in and out for child.

Autumn Sardinia, OH

I can adjust recline position while baby sitting in it!

I already have a Britax Marathon car seat but now I need to get a second one for my wife’s car. We did some research and finally picked this seat because:- As many of you know, if you put a car seat in up-right position, when your baby falls asleep, its little head will rest its shoulder, which looks uncomfortable to me. Now, with this car seat, I can adjust the recline position when my baby is in the seat. That means when my baby falls asleep, I can recline the seat, and pull the seat up again when she is awake. If I need to adjust recline position on my Britax car seat, I’ll have to release the LATCH, adjust recline position, and then reinstall it again.- I love the color of this seat! This seat has many color choices and many of them are very attractive.- We plan to have a second kid in the near future. Our Britax car seat would be too bulky for my wife’s car (a 4 door sedan) when the seat is installed rear-facing. So we chose this smaller seat for both our current and future babies.Note that my baby is petite size, and this seat fit her perfectly fine. But if you have a super size baby, this seat probably won’t work for you.

Aurelia Peach Bottom, PA

lower buckle is a problem

We initially liked this carseat because it was not so bulky for our station wagon, but as our daughter grew (and she is on the smallish side for her age), we began to see the drawbacks to this carseat. The major complaint is that the lower buckle is not adjustable so as the child’s torso & bottom grows, the buckle is fixed uncomfortably close to the crotch. This will NEVER do for our son and we are now shopping for two new convertible carseats that don’t take up so much room in the backseat.

Neva Franklin Park, NJ

Love it

I did a lot of research before purchasing this car seat. It’s worth every penny. My one year old is a little bigger and taller than average but I can tell there’s room to grow with this seat. It feels very secure. Other reviews have complained about the straps getting twisted…it’s not that bad, pretty much anything with a strap is going to get twisted at one time or another. It was difficult to put it together and get it adjusted the first time, but after that it’s been great. Highly recommend.

Bianca Elora, TN