Maxi-Cosi Rodi AP Booster Car Seat, Origami Rose

Maxi-Cosi Rodi AP Booster Car Seat, Origami Rose

As a parent, you need assurance that you have provided your child with the best care and safety with the Maxi Cosi Rodi AP Booster Car Seat. The AirProtect side impact technology in the Maxi-Cosi Rodi child car seat is specially designed to provide your child with the best side protection possible. even reducing the risk of head injury by 20 per cent! Enjoy the flexibility of the lightweight Maxi-Cosi Rodi child car seat as it easily switches between cars.

Main features

  • For children 30-120 pounds and up to 57″
  • Air Protect Side Impact Protection protects your child’s head, where it’s needed most in a side impact crash
  • Converts to a backless booster
  • Synchronized multi-height headrest and expanding side wings grow with child
  • Easy, front access recline matches vehicle’s seat-back angle for best fit

Verified reviews


Very comfortable, high quality seat

My six year old son prefers this booster seat to his previous Gracco brand booster seat because he says that it’s much more comfortable to ride in due to the cushiony seat and he said that he likes that the cup holder holds his drinks better. I love that it has AirProtect side impact protection around the head area. A couple of other key features that I’m impressed with are 1) the side wings are adjustable 2) the headrest is easily adjustable using one hand 3) the seat cover is easy to take off and clean 4) this booster is lightweight but sturdy and feels well made 5) it converts to a backless booster and 6) as my son pointed out, it does feel very cushiony and comfortable. I do want to point out that this booster does not have LATCH hooks and there are arguments for both sides as to whether or not the LATCH system is necessary, but in case this is a feature that parents are looking for, this booster does not have them. I’m very pleased with the quality of this seat and my son rides convertibly in it.

Ivy Chavies, KY

would’ve been even better with a latch

This car seat is for kids of 30-120 pounds that are up to 57 inches in height.It’s easy to put together, very cushiony in the head and on the sides, it’s comfortable, and easy to use.The one major con for this seat is that it doesn’t latch in the way that a car seat would or other booster seats. This means that your child must be ready to transition from the regular car seat and heavy enough to weight down this car booster seat.

Helga Irving, TX

Easy to put together, kiddo likes it

This came in two large and two small parts which were exceptionally easy to put together. It fits great in our Chrysler PT Cruiser’s back seat. For our car, the reclining feature isn’t necessary, but it was easy to work. Our 4 1/2 year old sat in it and says it feels great. The strap sits at the correct level on his chest and the strap doesn’t rub against his neck. I like that there are air cushions on the head rest for side impact protection. He has a tendency to fall asleep in the car to I’m hoping they will support his head at this time too.In our other car, we have a different brand high backed booster and my son says this one feels so much better to sit in.

Abby Hampton, NE

LOVE this new seat

LOVE this new seat! We have the previous booster, that has the IsoFIX – Rigid LATCH connection and it has handled superbly, so I was thrilled to see this new booster, with all the great features, like the air wings and side padding that GROWS with your child, and that can be self adjusted to different body widths, on this booster as well.Like the previous seat, it takes about 3 minutes to put the back onto this booster and install it! Due to NOT having LATCH anchors, it is pretty much sit and thread n use! making it great for older kids (I have a 7 yr old), who still can use a high back booster for safety, but want the comfiness of a regular passed seat!Because the seat is SO easy to put the back on/off, it is great for trading out between cars, especially when traveling! We highly recommend this!

Melinda Saint Catharine, KY

Good Seat with a couple of minor flaws

Don’t get me wrong, with the 3 stars this is still a quality seat but compared to the others we’ve used it’s lacking in a few important areas.We’ve had the seat for almost a month now and my daughter rides in it about once or twice a day, so I feel pretty comfortable weighing in.I’ll start with the build, overall it seems to be a pretty high quality seat with the exception of the cup holder attachment which is not only flimsy but the rubber ring that actually holds the cups pops right out with almost no effort. The first time my daughter used it she pulled her cup out and the ring came out with it. It’s a cool design, I just don’t think they tested it very well or maybe tested it with adults instead of 5 year old’s.The seat is really light weight so moving it around from car to car is a piece of cake, the back comes off pretty easily but only once you’ve taken it out of the car. That could be a good thing if you need to remove it or reattach it a lot.The whole thing is pretty self explanatory and once you’ve glanced over the manual you shouldn’t have any troubles using it.The cushion material seems really durable, the frame is all plastic like most chairs (with the exception of our old Brittax) but the plastic is very rigid and seems pretty tough, again, on everything but the cup holder which is really flimsy.I haven’t had to wash it yet and I feel like I should’ve for this review, so when I do I will make sure to update. The only troubles I’ve had with my other seats and washing was just getting the cushions off, they make it look easy in the manuals but it’s always kind of a pain. From the manual, this one doesn’t look to be any different but I will reserve judgement.The overall fit for my 4yo kid who is 44″ and 48lbs (we are a tall family) is really nice. She actually loves the chair and said it was “totally awesome!”The belt loops are pretty standard and the adjustable head rest is where the shoulder strap slides through is so you can position it correctly on your child’s body. My wife complained that the belt is not as easy to get in and out as in the Graco but if it’s a permanent chair it’s not a big deal, if it’s a a seat you’ll be removing and re-installing a lot, it’s something to consider.The cushions on the sides and back feel really squishy and comfy which I like but the surprise was in the seat where there is almost no cushion. I was really confused by this. We have a Graco Affix Booster Seat that she likes a lot and so do we, but on long rides she complains that it hurts her rear. There’s not a lot of cushion in the seat of that one but there seems to be even less in the seat of this Maxi Cosi chair.I have considered buying a small piece of foam to put in the seat of each chair to help out a bit but I don’t feel like that’s something a consumer should have to worry about when buying a SEAT. It really baffles me.Still my daughter has not complained once and seems to really like her new chair; so who am I to judge? When we make the 3 hour drive to my parents house next time we’ll see how she feels.The other thing that I like and don’t like about this seat is that it does not attach to the car in anyway. Our Graco and our Brittax before it both used the latch system to attach to the car so the seat did not slide. I don’t know if it’s necessary in a booster but it made me feel safe. This one does not lock into your car at all, consequently it does slide around a bit, especially if you have a squirmy kid. So far ours has only slid from side to side but it has covered up the seat belt connector which means my daughter can’t get herself out of the chair without our help. In the Graco she lets herself out of the car. It wouldn’t bother me so much but there isn’t even the option to add latches for those who might want to.The benefit is that removing the seat and slapping it Grandma’s car is a piece of cake, no locks or straps to fight with, you just put it in, adjust the seat belt and go.The Maxi Cosi Rodi AP doesn’t have any ratings yet since it’s brand new but the XP model is listed as a Best Bet on the IIHS site (International Insurance for Highway Safety). On the NHTSA site it only got 2 stars as far as securing the child but that seemed to be due to lack of labeling and instructions, which I had no problems with for this model.I feel, aside from the lack of a “Latch” system, that my daughter is pretty safe in the seat. At this point your kid relies on the actual seat belt to keep them stationary and if you tighten it up properly they should be fine.PROSEasy to use and installComfortable sides and backAdjustable heightBack reclines slightly if desiredAttachable Cup holderRemovable back for bigger kids.CONSVery little cushion in seatDoes not attach to car via “Latch” systemCup holder is flimsy and comes apart easilyAgain, I feel like it’s a solid buy and my daughter likes the seat. I feel like I have to dock stars for the lack of a latch system, the flimsy cup holder and definitely for the lack of a decent seat cushion.Overall it seems like a quality seat and my kid likes it. The fit is nice, the belts fit well, it’s adjustable and converts to a low back seat for future use so that makes it a good investment in my eyes.Final recommendation is check one out, in store, before you buy. If you do long trips you might not like it or you might buy an extra piece of foam for the seat as I intend to do.

Reba New Hartford, CT

Comfortable, secure, and confidence builder

The Maxi Cosi in Steel Grey we received is very attractive in terms of design and color. This seat is for a 37 pound 3 year old who rather dislikes her current booster seat. As a result, it is difficult to get her put into the seat each time we take her in the car…always sort of a struggle to escape and ride without sitting in it. Of course, that is not going to happen, so she eventually gives in, but is never able to sit still.The Maxi is much simpler to install as compared to the older seat which is part of a 2 piece set that has the seat lock into a base. Easier to manipulate and lighter to carry when it is necessary to move it from one car to another, we really like this seat. Our girl now prefers her "New Big Girl Seat" to riding anywhere else. Thankfully, we have had no accidents to test its effectiveness and I hope we never do. However, it feels very secure, the belt fits across her comfortably, and the air pockets are a nice feature. She naps without any problems. One added benefit…she spilled juice on her new chair and it wiped up completely and left no stain or trace.Highly recommended.

Helene Hawleyville, CT

Great Booster Seat that has lots of nice little features

I have been using aPeg Perego Convertible Infant to Toddler Car Seat, Black. Initially my thought was that I could buy one seat that I could use after the infant stage that would last till the child is big enough to be safely secured without anything else. I chose the Peg because if the past experience with the brand and their baby carriers. After using the Peg for almost two years now, I can say without a doubt its a great seat but it defiinitely has its drawbacks that the Maxi Cosi Booster takes care of.First, the Peg is heavy. Not something I want to constantly take in and out. The Maxi Cosi is about a half to a third the weightSecond, the Peg is taller and projects further from the seat back. as the child grows, it gets harder to get the child into the seat without bumping their head and as they get taller their feet are close enough to the front seats so they easily kick and push against the front seat. In the Maxi Cosi, there is more clearance because the dimensions of the seat are smaller than a convertible seat so that their feet doesn’t easily touch the back of the passenger seat, even in a mid size car.My only other experience with booster seats is theGraco Highback TurboBooster Seat, Mosaicthat worked well but one thing that bothered me was that the seat back and the seat bottom were too easy to seperate. every time i tried to take it out there was no way to hold the unit together (especially since one hand is usually hold the child. The Maxi Cosi solves this by adding two hooks that hold the seat back to the seat bottom. With this seat, I can easily take out the car seat and hold it in one hand without it falling apart.Other feathers that I like about the Maxi Cosi is that it includes a cup holder. very neccessary if your car doesn’t have a convenient cup holder for the kid to use. It is not built in so it is completely removable if you don’t need it.Lastly, I like the adjustments on this booster seat. The headrest ajusts with one hand up and down and are well padded to provide side impact protection. The seat also has side bolster adjustments! I haven’t seen that before in a booster seat.Overall going form the Peg Perego to the Maxi Cosi, I have been very happy. The quality is great and the features it has is exceptional. I don’t regret getting the Peg 3-in-1 Convertible seat, but I definitely see how it is of benefit to get a different seat as the child grows. It is difficult to design a single chair that accommodates a child that grows from 5 lbs to 70 lbs. If I had a minivan or something bigger, I don’t think it would be as much of a problem but having a smaller car definitely makes some things harder.

Velma Buckland, OH

The Booster That Grows With You

For a booster that is light-weight, easy-to-install, and secure the Maxi Cosi Rodi (despite the weird name) works well. This booster works perfectly for our needs because it can be taken in and out of cars within seconds, yet is sturdy and solid enough to give my child the support that he needs as he has just graduated to the booster. In his other booster his head doesn’t fit quite right, but with this one, I am able to actually lift the headrest up to align perfectly with his head, keeping him sturdier. When he gets even bigger, we can just remove the back altogether. So if you have a larger child, or if you are just buying your first booster and want it to grow with your child this is a good one.My son likes it because it is comfortable and has a cup holder. We like it because it is easy to use, good looking, lightweight, and adjustable.

Frankie Chilton, TX

Works Well but a Bit Bulky

Nice booster seat for the most part but a bit on the pricey side at 160 during the time of this review. I like how the back easily comes apart. My kids don’t particularly like the top/back portion. Although it is comfortable, they don’t like how the head protection wings stick out so far that it obstructs their view so much. The recline feature is ok but what they don’t show you is the plastics hooks that hold the back to the bottom at the armrests when you recline the seat. Nice if they were covered to look nicer and maybe protect little fingers. The last thing I dislike the cup holder that is snapped on to the seat. Flimsy, looks bad, gets in the way of the kids getting in/out of the seat, and when moving the seat around. If you have a car that you are going to leave this booster in with the back on then it is fine as long as the kid doesn’t mind the wings. With the top part it is a bit of a pain to move from car to car or stash in the trunk. We only use the bottom booster (without the cup holder) and it works just fine and the kids don’t complain.

Patti Campton, KY

Quality, Cushy, Lightweight, Easy to assemble

This is a really nice car seat. It was super easy to put together. It is good quality and quite rigid. It is lightweight, which I really appreciate. The cushions are soft and plush. The seat is a good size but more for medium to larger cars.The seat reclines, although I have not used this feature yet. The seat is for For children 30-120 lbs. and up to 57”.It has air protected side impace protection which protects your child’s headand a synchronized multi-height headrest and expanding side wings grow as your child grows. Nicely made

Stacey Woodsboro, MD

Comfy for kids.

Decent booster seat, although I was surprised that it doesn’t have a latch system. Basically child’s weight and seatbelt kepps it together.I thought it won’t work but my son likes it and it doesn’t fly around while I’m driving without kids.

Bessie Surveyor, WV

Maxi Cosi Convert!

This is my second Maxi Cosi seat. Before this, I was a pretty big Britax fan, but I’m a convert! This seat feels sturdy, was very simple to put together (maybe 3 steps??), and is SUPER COMFORTABLE. at 5’2", I can almost fit into it myself! It was super easy to install in my rental car (a Ford Escape). You just plop it in the seat, thread the belt, and VOILA! I cannot WAIT to get it into my actual SUV since it’s a bit bigger and the extra space will probably make it even easier for my 9 year old to fasten his own belt. He mentioned that he likes the headrest a lot because he dozed off and his head stayed up. The wings of the headrest do look much bigger than other belt-positioning boosters we’ve had in the past, and I like that. The only thing I will say that may detract for some potential buyers is the IIHS rating – it’s a great seat, but it may not provide the best belt fit in some vehicles, so check it first. They have great instructions for ensuring proper belt fit. In our SUV’s, it’s not a problem. We love this seat!

Gayle Somerville, NJ

Good solid option. I feel like my kids are safe in it.

Solid, not fancy, but solid with good overall construction, materials. I feel good using it with my kids. The set up is easy and is standard for these type of booster seats. Maxi-cosi is a widely used european brand that hasn’t done much in the US. They are slowly trying to get a foot hold.The chair is easy to use and the wide head restraint is a nice feature that keeps the little ones protected more in case of a side impact. The adjustments are relatively easy to use and the instructions are easy enough to understand. All in all a very nice seat that I feel good about using with my kids.

Penny Azalea, OR

Comfortable and easy to use.

My 6 year old was really excited when I found this high backed belt positioning booster seat. He’s above average in height and weight, and finding a high back car seat like this that still fits him is a challenge. It’s easy to put together and into the car, very adjustable, and it’s comfortable. The only down side I’ve found is that it feels very cheaply made. Perhaps some will find this to be a plus since it’s lightweight, but it left me feeling a bit uneasy. The cup holder is also incredibly cheap, and the soft plastic ring comes detached every time he picks up his drink.

Carey Black Creek, NC

Good seat, comfortable, but NO LATCH …

At first, I was a little put off that this booster seat had NO hooks to latch onto the usual car seat rings within the seat, making the seat little more secure. It also has no attachment behind the head for LATCH connection either. Coming from many other car seats in my other vehicles that all have these types of connectors to not having any, was a little disconcerting.** If your child is not ready / heavy enough / old enough for a booster seat, this seat IS NOT for you. If your kid is ready to transition out of car seats / booster seats soon … then this could be a good purchase.However, the seat (as reported by my 7 year old) is “the most comfortable seat ever. I like it about four stars!” It is very comfortable and well padded. We’ve been road traveling for the last two weeks with this seat and it held up well, has a rugged build and strong enough cloth to put up with kid-style wear and tear.The cushy headrest is a plus as it does help keep them from slouching forward if you install this seat semi-reclined or reclined.Some people may not think highly of this seat as this brand, Maxi-Cosi, sell a seat that has equivalent safety equipment to all the basic GRACO seats — but for several hundred dollars more. I suspect some parents purchase this brand thinking that it is somehow superior because of the price point, but it is not. It is just a car booster seat and this is just an inexpensive offering from the company to capture a portion of the GRACO market or the WalMart / Target set….

Sonia Fulshear, TX

An all around great car seat

This is an excellent car-seat and very good value if you are on a budget. Right out of the box, the seat is very easy to put together. The overall build of the seat is very sturdy and this is a heavy, high quality product, not some cheap seat from China. The fabric is comfortable, easy to clean, and doesn’t get too hot in the sun. The buckles are easy to use and head support is easy to adjust. Installation into the car is easy as well.The seat is quite big so if you have a really small car, you might want to go with something a bit trim but overall I would highly recommend the Maxi Cosi Rodi AP Booster seat.

Leonor Putnam Valley, NY