Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Booster Seat, Walnut Brown

Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Booster Seat, Walnut Brown

Keep your growing kid safe and sound on the road with the Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Booster Car Seat – Walnut Brown. This booster has locking shoulder belt guides, a built-in LATCH connection system, and AirProtect side impact protection for superior safety performance. About Dorel Juvenile Group Based in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Dorel Juvenile Group was founded in 1984. The company achieved instant success thanks to the internationally recognized ”Baby on Board” sign; Dorel is also well-known for its Safety 1st campaign and comprehensive line of childproofing products. Dedicated to helping provide a safer world for children, Dorel Juvenile Group offers a diverse range of innovative products from a variety of powerful brands. With their enduring commitment to safety, convenience, and value, Dorel is a name you can trust. Belt-positioning booster seat; locking shoulder belt guides. Built-in retractable rigid LATCH connectors. Air Protect side impact protection. Front-access recline system; adjustable side wings. Adjustable head rest. For kids 30-120 lbs. up to 57 in. tall.

Main features

  • Is fix: built in retractable rigid latch connectors
  • Forward facing 30-120 pounds and up to 57″
  • Synchronized multi height headrest and expanding side wings grow with child
  • Reclines to match seat back angle for best fit
  • Locking shoulder belt guides and easy front access recline system

Verified reviews


May not work as well for certain vehicles

Let’s start with the biggest possible deal breaker: the rigid latch system. Older vehicles may not have the LATCH at all, or have slightly different spaces between tether attachments as we discovered with our older car. While this doesn’t mean the seat can’t be used at all, it does take away one of the key features that set this booster apart. The bottom also does not separate from the top. This may also not be an issue for some, but a deal breaker for others. Moving on!The LATCH connectors are about 11 inches apart and I expected them to be plastic, for whatever reason. They’re metal, so that made me feel they were less liable to snap in heavy impact situations. They definitely seemed to minimize wiggle we see with our “seat belt only” boosters, and I really liked that.The seat pad is probably one of the easiest to remove I’ve seen, too. At least from our trials, it doesn’t appear to be ready to fall apart or never re-attach after a few washings. On a similar note, the fabric isn’t as scratchy as our current booster, which the middle son commented on, so he considers that a big plus, too. He also mentioned there isn’t a cup holder and the “wings” of the seat make him feel weird, but he seems to have gotten over that.Overall, 4 stars due to incompatibility of all features with older or smaller vehicles, and not being able to get 3 across in my SUV.

Dessie Hood, CA

Go cool rider!

It took only a few minutes to figure out what kind of review to give this! The second I took it out of the box my 4 year old hopped right in it and then tilted it back for comfort saying "I like this"!! Sold!A good mixture of quality fabric, lightweight, and ergonomic design. It even has the new latch system for safety. Nice!

Leslie Richey, MT

Very nice design, great neutral colors.

I really like this booster seat! It has a thoughtful design that feels sturdy and will provide excellent safety for my child. The headrest wraps a bit around your child’s sweet lil head to protect it in the event of a side impact accident.It is not too heavy for its solid construction so I can handle it easily and get it in place without too much effort.My daughter is very comfortable in it and is excited about graduating from her “baby seat.” She is 4 years old, 37 inches tall and 35 pounds.I like how the neutral color is appropriate for a girl or boy, plus I LOVE how it is not black! There is nothing worse than a kid upset in the summer that their car seat is too hot from sitting in a sunny parking lot.I will be getting another one of these for my younger son when he is older and the OCD in me will be tickled that they match 😉

Joy Bangs, TX

Great Booster Seat, but Not a Car Seat

As I stated in the title, this is a booster seat and not a regular car seat. That was my mistake in ordering. It is sturdy, easy to install, and simple to help your young ones make the transition. However, most infant seats are transitional ones, making a seat like this a bit unnecessary.

Antoinette New Hyde Park, NY

An awesome booster seat (USA made)

To start with . . . the application: This thing advertises to accommodate kids from 30-120 pounds and up to 57″ tall (as tall as some very short adults). Those are extremely versatile parameters, as the state law in my state doesn’t even allow use of a booster seat until age 4, and requires it through age 7. This seat will handle those requirements in essentially all cases.Installation: Wow. It’s been a couple of years since we installed a state of the art new booster seat (we’re grandparents and generally buy new for the kids and get the hand-me-downs for our own van). I always feel a little dread when trying to wrestle in a new seat, but to say I was pleasantly surprised with this one is an understatement. Installation was a breeze with the Maxi Cosi’s “Isofix” latch connector system (retractable/adjustable rigid connectors). Snaps right in, and pulls in firm and tight. The unit weight is also noticeably lighter and thus easier to handle than past high quality boosters we have used. The seat back angle easily adjusts to match your car seat setting. Ditto the headrest height and side-wing settings to match your child. Great locking shoulder belt guides to keep that portion of the seat belt comfortably and safely positioned relative to the booster seat and the child. In all, very easy and quick to get the seat and the child properly in place.Style and comfort: Super. By booster seat age, most kids will have some appreciation of comfort, and this seat will please them. Looks great, feels great. Fabric cover/padding elements are removable for washing.Safety: I hope we never find out in practice, but this seat would seem to be superior. To start with, the Isofix latches provide nice tight securement to the car, with little wiggle. Great side protection for body and head. The shoulder belt guides work to provide proper seat belt fit. I have ease of mind with this one.Made here in the Midwest in Indiana. An excellent booster seat choice, in my opinion.

Marisol Warren, PA

The last carseat your kid will need, and the one they WANT!

Ever hear the story of the guy who bought a Ferrari and asked where the cup holder was?That in a nutshell is this booster seat! It has all the bells and whistles that an older child needs- a nicely padded, aka comfy, headrest than can rise as your child ages, and side supports that expand out as the back rises, and a VERY comfy seat. How comfy? When I pulled it out of the box, I had to set it down to go answer the phone. When I came back, the 6 yr old AND the cat were laid back in the seat, in recline mode against the loveseat, watching TV. Said the kid- can I sit in the seat for awhile before you put it in the car?. Okey dokey then, chalk one up for comfort!After installing my daughter LOVES the easy use seatbelt, and actually prefers not having any armrests, as it makes it easier for her to install the belt, and put it in the guides, all by herself and like a race car driver she can get done in about 40 seconds flat now! She LOVES how it travels and I’ve noticed LESS squirming on longer rides.The aforementioned drawback is the NO cupholder issue. I understand why there isn’t one, but our other carseat is close in value and it has one, AND a pull out tray. Minor issue and something that needs to be thought about in a redesign, but overall, we are THRILLED with this seat and highly recommend it as the last carseat your kid will need, if you get it around age 4!

Allison Surgoinsville, TN

Super-safe booster seat with stylish looks!

Great booster seat! If you have the LATCH system in your car, it has an easy slide-in/out metal bar to attach to the LATCH. Headrest slides up easily as your child grows. It looks very stylish and has a slim base. The widest part is the shoulders, but it’s still not too wide. It leaves plenty of room for those sitting next to the child. The booster seat is comfortably padded. My 5 yo has no natural padding and he has been very comfortable in the seat.Our only problem with this booster seat is that the seat belt guide at the shoulder makes our van’s seat belt jam up. We can’t leave the shoulder belt threaded through the red guide between uses. I’m not sure if that would be an issue in all vehicles, or just ours. It’s no biggie, but I did want to mention it.Overall, we love the booster seat and love how it curves forward around our son for extra protection in a car accident. The fabric also wipes clean nicely with a damp wash cloth. I usually avoid light-colored car seats, but I think this will be fine if I take the time to wipe it off occasionally.

Holly New Paris, IN

A Quality Booster

I received this product through the Amazon Vine Program, and was pleasantly surprised at the ease of installing it. You pretty much must have a latch system, in your car to use this product safely, It is not a five star harness system, so it much easier for you or your child to operate with the use of only a lap belt. The one minus I found with thus seat is, the lack of a cup holder. I find it ridiculous that a car seat manufacturer in the category $250 would fail to include a cup holder. I also enjoyed the fact that the car seat has the option to recline, which is particularly important for those long trips,It is a decent booster but not a dream come true,

Alisa Little Lake, MI

Just fine, but I think there are plenty of less expensive seats that are just as good

Our son just switched from his car seat to a booster seat. We needed one for each car and bought one at Target for about $59 and were ready to buy another one of those for the other car when we got this one free from Amazon Vine.First, there is no reason to buy this seat if you are not going to use the LATCH system. So, if it is important for you to have a booster seat with LATCH then this might be a good buy. However, it is important to realize that the only benefit of the LATCH system in a booster seat is to keep the seat from flying around as a projectile in an accident when the child is not sitting in the seat. The LATCH with a booster seat is not intended or able to add to the safety of the seat when the child is sitting in it. If you are going to be moving this seat back and forth between cars, do not get this one because you will have to install with LATCH each time which isn’t all that difficult, but does not add to the ease.SO, if you are going to keep this in your car most of the time, and have a LATCH system, then this is a decent seat. Material is nice, comfortable for our son, cover can be removed and washed easily. One downside is that there is no cup holder. But in general, it is totally fine, I just think it is sort of expensive when there are plenty of decent booster seats out there at a much lower cost.

Manuela Harrisville, OH

Nice booster for older children

My older daughter’s goal for the last year has been to gain enough weight to get out of her Eddie Bauer booster seat. She’s only about 60 pounds, so she’s accepted that she still needs a booster seat. But we promised her we’d upgrade her, and so we did. She was NOT HAPPY to discover the weight limit for the RodiFix is 120 pounds, but I assured her that she would not be in a booster at that point in her life.So with that taken care of, we installed the RodiFix and she hopped on in. It’s pretty comfy, she says the sides are like "a hug." There is a seatbelt routing system that she likes as well. The LATCH system is like the system in the Pria, and very easy to install. She can buckle herself in, the Eddie Bauer seat she was in obstructed the seatbelt buckle and as a result we had a very frustrating sequence we had to obey in order for everyone to get safely into the car and secured. This seat has a smaller footprint, but is still very safe.Overall, a very secure seat that stops complaints before they start. I plan on using it for my younger daughter as well.

Phoebe Northford, CT

Top of the line booster seat.

This is a very nice car seat and I would highly recommend this product. The Maxi-Cosi RodiFix is just an all around great product. The seat has a very nice quality feel to it. The material is soft and durable and should hold up well to toddler abuse and spilled food products. It’s fastened to the seat in a high quality fashion and shouldn’t suffer from separation.Installation into a 06 Toyota Corrola was simple. The shoulder strap fits in nicely and I like how high the seat goes for easier access getting in and out and better views. The seat is very secure once fixed in and the seat is clearly not going anywhere.Overall I really like this product and I would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality premium booster seat.

Teresa Fishers Landing, NY

Pretty darm close to a Recaro seat!

I have had this booster seat installed for a few weeks now and wanted to wait until I used if a few weeks to see if I had any problems with it before posting my review.When I received the box and took the seat out, I was not impressed with the feel of the seat at first. I have a Recaro in my other car and after discovering Recaro, I feel nothing can beat that. However, I have to say the Maxi-Cosi is up there but it took me a few weeks before I realized that. They are not are impressive as Recaro, but pretty darn close.Feel wise the seat does not feel comfortable. I had my daughter sit in it in the house for a few days getting adjusted to it as I read the manual back and forth and over and over. You can never bee too safe with a booster seat or seat for your child in general. If you miss one small detail, that is all it takes.After I felt comfortable with the instructions, I installed it in my 2014 Ford Escape. This booster seat does require that your car be equipped with the LATCH system. Most cars in the last ten years have the LATCH system so it probably will not be a problem. I do want to note, just because you car does have the LATCH system does not mean this seat will work in your car. In the book they make it very clear that if the seat belt buckle is between the LATCH systems, not to use the seat. Also if the LATCH anchor bars are above the seat bight (basically at an upper angle) not to install it. I had no issues installing mine and the buckle is on the side of the seat. Once you attach it to the LATCH system you thread the seat belt through the upper part of the chair. It clicks into the top part then you pull it through to the buckle. The seat belt should go across the child’s chest, if it is too close to the neck, I would either remove the seat or in most cars, you can move the seat belt up and down with clicking the inner part. It is located usually on the inside of your car.I find this seat a lot easier to use. My daughter is comfortable and we have not had a problem with the seat belt. I feared the seat belt being pulled out and not catching all the time but she does not touch it. It is a little difficult to get your child out. If you have a higher vehicle like a SUV, you have to reach over the seat, to the back, to get to the buckle to release your child. If you are short, you might have an issue with this.Also it is important to note this is a booster seat without a harness system. It relies strictly on your own seat belts that are installed in your car. With that said, it is not for traveling on an airplane. However, it would be easy to remove it from one car and place it in another. Once installed though I keep the seats in the car for safety reasons. I do check them to make sure they are secure though.Another feature this seat has is to recline. I personally think the child should be sitting upright so I do not use that feature either. It is easy to adjust the recliner though but I want her back flush with the seat.Performance wise I have been impressed with the seat when out driving. It feels very secure in the vehicle and my daughter seems very happy in the seat. Another advantage over a regular harness seat is a jacket can be worn. Since it is the seatbelt you don’t have to worry if the coat will give way in an accident. I always had my daughter take her coat off in the harness style seats. If the coat is too puffy you are going to have the harness loose and the child will not be secure. You don’t have to worry about that with this since it has the seat belt.I would give this a solid four stars. I really like it a lot, even love it. But after having a Recaro, I sadly don’t think another seat will come close. Also, if you get confused with the instruction book, the company has a video online for viewing for installation. It is on You Tube and under Maxi Cost and this seat. If you Google the title from Amazon, it should come right up. Sometimes it helps to visually seem something instead of reading it.

Chris Hockingport, OH

great seat

awesome seat. great for three in a row situations especially the open sides allow for children to be able to see the buckle receivers in between the seats. the recline features are great, the headrest and the sides. it doesn’t have tall side wing that cover a taller childs shoulders, like some now where there shoulder surround moves upward with the headrest, but i bought it anyways. that would be the only feature i would say it lacks. the side wings don’t need to move outward, unless your child belly is also moving outward as they grow, but most don’t. shoulders will get wider, but this doesn’t sit around the shoulders anyways. the base is nice, the latch will work in some, probably most vehicles. my middle seat the only one where it does not work because the latch ring is right over the buckle receiver, and the receiver needs to be outside the latch connector to be able to use both. it is a great seat in small cars as well, and the bottom is not huge and the sides are open for buckling. great seat. if you have the money. can be found cheaper elsewhere.

Nikki Redan, GA

Good looking and my son loves it.

This is our first booster seat and I can’t compare it with any other brand. So far we really like it. Me as a parent: good design, not bulky, nice colors (we have grey), not bulky and heavy. Love the regular seatbelt which is easier that 5 point harness, especially when kid has a winter jacket.My son is in love with this booster seat. He is 3 and tall for his age and fits nicely. We said it is a big boy booster seat and he is so proud;) It is very easy for him to get in and out and he loves not to be strap tightly. I was worried if he would try to escape from the seatbelt but simple explanation that it is for a safety and mama and dad are wearing it too helped.I wonder if it’s normal though that the sides of the bottom and next to the head are moving easily and make noise? My son sometimes push his head to the right and left and is amused by the squeaky noises.

Christa Grant, FL

All children should use something like this

These things should be required, especially today, we take too big of a chance out there on the road. When we brought my son home over 30 years ago buckled up in a car seat, I remember thinking maybe I should, too. To this day I can’t get into a car without one. So why should we expect less protection for our kids?After my son was too big for the carseat, we got a booster seat that was nothing more than that – a cushioned platform to raise him up a bit. This not only gets him a little closer to the window view but has a lot of protection from flopping around side to side or from whiplash. It’s lightweight, easy to carry and easy to adjust has the child grows from 30 to 120 lbs. That’s a nice range and should last many years.So now we have a brand new grandson and we definitely expect nothing but the best for him! The only problem we have had with this so far is a tear in the cloth at the bottom front. No damage to the packaging so it wasn’t from shipping. So I deducted a star due to poor quality control.A must have for all children.

Bridgette Mc Cool, MS