Maya Wrap Baby Sling – Medium – 58 – Solid Olive Green

Maya Wrap Baby Sling – Medium – 58 – Solid Olive Green

The Maya Wrap Ring Sling is uniquely versatile, comfortable, stylish and all you need to simplify your life. No more lugging strollers around, fiddling with buckles or straps, trying to nurse discretely, juggling a baby while helping an older child…just grab your Maya Wrap and go! Our lightly padded sling is fully adjustable ensuring a perfect fit every time. Maya Wrap are sized based on height, with the only difference being 6″ length when you move from one size to the next. Small: below 5’2″ and/or slender. Medium: between 5’2″ to 5’9″ Large: above 5’9″ X-Large: above 5’9″ & very large frame

Main features

  • * Easy to Use! Wear full term newborns through toddlers weighing between 8 and 35 pounds in a variety of positions. Instructional DVD included!
  • Built in Pocket! Perfect for keys, diaper, cell phone, etc.
  • Nursing Cover! Large, open tail doubles as a nursing cover.
  • Comfortable! Lightly cushioned shoulder for superior comfort. Made of beautiful 100% woven cotton.
  • Machine Washable! Machine wash in cool water and and line dry.

Verified reviews


Great baby carrier!

I originally purchased this wrap because I wanted one that I could easily breastfeed my son in and heard that this one was the best. And I agree, it is the best! I can be carrying him around in it in the store or out and about and when he gets hungry I don’t have to find somewhere to sit, take him out of the carrier, and get us situated to feed him; instead, I just slide his body down in it and kick his feet out and feed him. I can still walk around and have my hands free while he gets his belly full and no one is the wiser. I definitely recommend this wrap for any mom on the go, or even at home for those days when baby is feeling like they need their mommy but you need to clean or do your hair or whatever 🙂

Kristina Amidon, ND

1st time mom and LOVE this product!

I have the Moby wrap and my little one loves it! I started looking for something that would be faster to put on, for quick trips into stores, or to keep in the stroller for when we are out walking and my daughter is no longer content with sitting in her stroller. I found this sling and read through customer reviews, which convinced me to order it through Amazon. The first time I used the Maya warp, I got frustrated and thought I wasn’t going to like it. I googled some tips for wearing the sling, followed those (I wasn’t pulling the wrap the correct way when tightening it) and absolutely LOVE this wrap. It is a cinch to put on, takes mere seconds (which are crucial when the little one is crying), and she loves being in the wrap (she is 11 weeks old). The Moby is our must have for longer periods of time that I am going to wear her, and the Maya is perfect for shorter periods of time, or for times that I want to pop her in the sling quickly.I like the fabric the Maya is made with, and it is constructed well, too.

Geneva Westover, PA

much better once baby could sit up

I first tried this ring sling when my (very big and strong for his age) baby was 2 months old. He could hold his head up very well, but didn’t seem to find any of the newborn carries comfortable. I used the Moby and the Beco Butterfly II (front carriers) instead . Now that he’s 3.5 months and able to sit up straight by himself, I tried it again, this time using the hip carry. Baby loves it! He can sit in it and happily watch me do housework for about half an hour. Because he’s at my side and can be pushed toward the back, baby can safely watch me prepare food (though I wouldn’t use the oven or stove while babywearing), hang laundry, go for short walks etc. It’s surprisingly comfortable and balanced if the shoulder pad is on the point of your shoulder (half on the top of the shoulder, half on the deltoid muscle), and baby’s weight is on your opposite hip. I still use the Beco or Ergo (front carriers) for long walks, but highly recommend this sling around the house or on short walks, once your baby can sit up well.

Hollie Weston, MO

hard to use baby hates it!

I never felt like baby was really secure in this wrap. I watched all the tutorials and did everything right but I couldn’t not have a hand on her or she’d feel really unstable. She also hated the way it held her body, I think it was much more uncomfortable than a Moby or Ergo carrier. It also pulled awkwardly on my one shoulder and was not comfortable at all.

Bertha Mooresboro, NC

A baby essential!

I have owned Maya Wraps with my 3 youngest children. They are essential when baby is small for convenient carrying & discreet nursing! I highly recommend them!

Lorie Jackman, ME

Works – but overpriced

It works fine, but geez why so expensive? I live in Africa, and can do the same thing with the wrap cloths sold for $5 on every corner here The padded shoulder is nice, I will admit, but not worth seventy bucks. Still, I use it, and will continue to use it alternatively with the baby bjorn that we also like quite a lot.

Hester Mazama, WA

Works great

I bought this for my third baby and I have tried just about every other sling out there. I love how easy it is to adjust and wear. I still use it with my almost 12mo old. The added pocket is sure helpful too.

Sasha Walnut Grove, MS

I love this wrap!

I have three kids, ages 4, 20 months, and 3 months, and I’ve been a pretty avid baby-wearer since my first was about 6 months old. I’ve mostly stuck to wraps (my favorite being the Boba wrap/Sleepy Wrap) for the tiny baby stage, then switching to the Ergo when they are big enough to have their legs out. I use my carriers daily and I didn’t really have a problem with the amount of time it took to wrap the stretchy wraps, but I wanted something a little cooler and these always intrigued me.I really, really love this wrap. It is SO easy to put on and adjust as compared to the stretchy wraps. I don’t find it too annoying to have it go over one shoulder, I think because you really have to get baby up on your chest and up against you, so the weight should be distributed over your back rather than actually on your shoulder.I will keep the stretchy wrap for the first couple months until baby gets a little better head control, then switch to this woven wrap for my go-to wrap. I just love it! My husband, who loves wearing the kids, never really liked the stretchy wraps because they are harder to put on, but he loves this one and can adjust it himself. It’s a keeper!!

Angel Gonzales, CA

Comfy and convenient

This was my my first ring sling and helped introduce me to the wonderful world of carrying my baby hands free! The padded shoulder and the zippered pocket made this very comfy and convenient.

Ashlee Milford, DE

Good once you got the hang of it

At first, it was very difficult to correctly thread the sling and feel the baby was secure. Me and my husband watched many times the dvd that comes with the product and it was still tricky. Once you got the hang of it, it is nice and comfortable to move around with the baby, until he/she grows… It seems to be comfortable for the baby, mine would fell asleep often.My baby is now 4 months and about 14 lbs, and I don’t use the sling anymore, last time after 10 min I had already some back pain. Nowadays I use a Chicco carrier I got from a friend (Chicco UltraSoft Infant Carrier BlackI think Maya wrap does’t distribute the weight as well.Fabric is very thick, so if it’s probably very warm to use during the summer.I WOULDN’T buy it again, as I personally used it very few times.Pros:- mother – baby bonding- pocket is practical- looks niceCons- tricky to use- back pain when baby is heavier- pricey

Saundra Phoenicia, NY

Love this Sling

I’ve tried several different baby slings and wraps for baby wearing and this one is my favorite. My baby is comfortable and tucked right next to me making it easy for us to spend time together even when I need my hands free. I definitely recommend this product!

Christie Snowflake, AZ

love it

I love this ring sling. It is easy to get my baby in and out of. It’s comfortable and the price is reasonable. I love that it makes nursing in public easier. You can use the tail as a nursing cover by ordering one size bigger.I would like to add that it breaks in nicely after 3 washes and using it for about a month it is now soft. When you first get it, it will be stiff.

Lenore Melvern, KS