Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling-New 2010 Colors

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling-New 2010 Colors

For 12 years, Maya Wrap baby carriers have consistently been rated the #1 must-have essential for new parents. Maya Wrap baby slings are stylish, comfortable, and fully adjustable. Mom-recommended, they’re all you need to simplify your day. No more lugging strollers around, fiddling with buckles or snaps, trying to nurse discreetly, juggling a baby while helping an older child… just grab your Maya Wrap and get on with your life! Available in: Small (below 5’2″ and slender) Medium (5’2″-5’9″) Large (above 5’9″) XLarge (large frame)

Main features

  • Thin stripes of Grey, Black and White.
  • Wear newborn through toddler in a variety of positions.
  • Made of beautiful hand loomed, breathable fabrics. Machine washable.
  • Unpadded, open tail that allows for adjustability and is convenient as a nursing cover. Built in pocket.
  • Instructional DVD included!

Verified reviews


great sling

I love this sling and I tried on several before making this purchase. It was perfect for when my baby was 2 months old and she loved it. She fell asleep in it all the time and we still use it randomly 6 months later. It doesn’t have any support for you and when the baby gets heavier, might become more uncomfortable, but very useful when the baby weighs under 20 pounds.

Adriana Saint Benedict, LA

My go-to out of all the carriers and wraps we have

I have several different types of wraps and carriers, and the Maya and our Ergo are my go-tos. The simplicity (put the wrap on, pop the baby in, and adjust) and the pocket are my favorite things about the Maya Wrap. I had to practice a little and watch a few videos to get my son situated well, but it’s a breeze now that I have it down. My son really likes the fact that he can turn and see things more in this than the Ergo. (I do like that the Ergo distributes his weight evenly compared to this, so I use it when I’ll be carrying him for longer periods of time.) I originally ordered a medium and ended up also buying a small, as I seem to be right in between sizes (5′ 6" with a thin build). Right now, I mostly wear the small, since the tail is not as long; but I’ll probably switch back to the medium as my son gets bigger.

Ilene Mansfield, PA

I can’t believe I didn’t have this for my first child

I’m not sure how I’d feel using this for a baby younger than 4 months old. However, for the age after a baby securely rides on mom’s hip, this thing is GREAT. I vastly prefer it to carrying in the Ergo, which was my go-to carrier for my first child, and which we used exclusively before 4 months. I have never felt that my child was going to fall out. The inner lip of the carrier tucks firmly under the child, and I am suddenly hands free!

Alyce Warfordsburg, PA

Not too bad

My son is 5 months old and 20 pounds so it is a little difficult getting him in and out of this. I used the Maya Wrap when I had to fly out on a family emergency. It initially did not workout well because you can not go through security with the baby in the wrap because of the metal clasp on the wrap it was difficult getting my son out in a hurry in airport security by myself. It was also difficult getting him back in the wrap but once I did it made easier to walk through the airport with him. Yours and baby temperature can become very warm in the wrap so try to wear cool clothing for you and baby when the temp is 70 and up. Overall it did fulfill its purpose but unfortunately I will not use it as often as I originally planned.

Jo Buffalo, IL

easy to use

and durable – used this for our first kid and now the second one nuzzles perfectly in it too – very very durable and easy to use

Aileen Jewell Ridge, VA

Good for a little while

I like the color and pattern of the dark grey stripe. I watched the video and used the sling as instructed, but my daughter would only stand being in it for a little while. She seemed to prefer being carried in my other carrier with the newborn insert. I liked the portability of this sling, it fit in the bottom of the stroller, so I could carry her easier if she wanted to be close to me.

Polly Kent, MN

Beautiful wrap

So pretty! I am always getting compliments. Better for a baby under 25 lbs. It is comfortable, but that much weight tires you out! Also, I don’t feel it is as secure as some other carriers. I always keep one hand on baby, but he loves it and falls asleep easily in it.

Leanne Lake Preston, SD

Great product!

I love this ring sling!!! It is very comfortable and I love that it has a pocket for me to carry toys, my phone, etc.

Leona Cedar Falls, NC

The Gatsby color looks like denim

I like the ring sling, but the color isn’t what it appears on the screen. It looks faded and denim-like so I returned for the Isle of Skye (purple), which is so pretty!

Melba Hensel, ND

For some babies

Some babies like it, some babies don’t. Our son loved it. Check out the internet, there are plenty of videos out there explaining in detail how to wear your baby. Plus, the resale rate at children’s consignment stores is really high.

Deidra Mcpherson, KS

Perfect for colic baby

So simple and baby always passed out in here. Perfect for colic baby!

Ada Fairchance, PA