Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Sling, Medium, Burnt Orange

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Sling, Medium, Burnt Orange

Official Authorized Maya Wrap Distributor – MSRP 4.95 We sell the Maya Wrap @ a 10% discount For 12 years, Maya Wrap baby carriers have consistently been rated the #1 must-have essential for new parents. Join the ‘growing’ number of savvy parents and celebrities who have declared the Maya Wrap the “baby product you can’t live without”! This sling is getting rave reviews for comfort and ease of use! Moms love how comfortable this sling is to wear. The redesigned shoulder has a light pad. The rails are still unpadded for easy adjusting or discreetly nursing your baby. Moms say it is the perfect first sling for new baby wearers. o Wear newborns through toddlers in a variety of positions o Made of beautiful hand-loomed, breathable fabrics o Built in pocket for keys, diaper, cell phone etc. o Unpadded, open tail that allows for perfect adjustability and is convenient as a nursing cover. o Fits easily into a diaper bag or purse o Machine washable o Recommended for children up to 35 pounds Instructional DVD included Sizing: Small Below 5’2″& slender Sling Length 67″ 170 cm, Medium 5’2″ – 5’9″ Sling Length 73″ 185 cm, Large Above 5’9 Sling Length 79″ 201 cm.

Main features

  • Maya Wrap baby slings are stylish, comfortable, and fully adjustable.
  • Mom-recommended, they’re all you need to simplify your day. No more lugging strollers around, trying to nurse discreetly, juggling a baby while helping an older child…
  • Just grab your Maya Wrap and get on with your life!

Verified reviews


still learning

3 stars may be unfair. i could likely spend more time trying to figure this out and then may love it. the fabric is gorgeous and appears quite durable. i hope to really enjoy the simplicity of this carrier.

Deana Prescott, WI

Great if you like the padded shoulder

I was too impatient to wait until I made it to a babywearing group to try out different carriers. If I had I would have realized I prefer a ring sling without a padded shoulder. I love the material and the color and the quality of this sling. I also absolutely love the pocket. I do not find the padded shoulder comfortable, I would prefer a pleated shoulder that I can spread out more over the cap of my shoulder. I liked having the extra length so I know what length to get in my next ring sling. My one problem is the government’s fault not Maya Wrap’s fault. There is a giant stiff warning label on the underside of the fabric where your shoulder blade is. It is loud and not soft and hideous looking. I’m pretty sure these horrendous warning labels have to be on all baby slings now since the poorly designed infantino slings were shown to be so dangerous. I mainly just use this as a nursing cover to keep my baby from getting distracted in public but for extended wear I just don’t find it terribly comfortable.

Denise Hazlehurst, GA

good for on the go

Very good product. Use it to carry baby when walking dog and shopping at the store. I really like that it has a zippered pocket too so when I’m walking the dog i can put my phone and keys in it too and dont have to carry a purse and have a hand free. Pretty easy to put baby in and especially with more practice the better, plus it comes with a video to show how to use it different ways. I’ve gone back and watched the video as my baby has grown. Make sure to switch shoulders each time because I didnt and my back did hurt as a result. When my baby is put in it correctly she is very secure and she loves being carried around. If she’s crying but then sees that i’m getting the sling on she calms down cause she knows she’ll be getting picked up next. 🙂 Only two cons for me: picks up lent easily, so maybe a lighter color wouldnt be as noticeable, and since i’m short, only 5ft tall, even the small is too long with the extra material, therefore if i have stuff in the pocket it hits my knee and is kinda uncomfortable when walking. I’ve kinda gotten used to it or I use a hair tie to bunch up some of the material and make it shorter. I previously purchased a moby wrap but after using it found it was too cumbersome and time consuming and i wanted something easier and chose this. I also had purchased a seven sling but it was not secure enough for a newborn, but once she had good head control I use that when i have to go outside with the baby real quick or through in the stroller for “just in case” moments when she might want to be carried. Its just faster and easier to use, but definitely not as secure as this maya wrap. I take the maya wrap for shopping trips or long walks. Very useful especially as she continues to grow.

Robbie Bonnie, IL

Not Worth the Money, Didn’t Work For My Family

I bought this product and watched several different videos on carrying my baby in it. I wanted something that was a single layer and would keep my infant cooler in the summer months (versus layers and layers in the Moby wrap), but I just couldn’t get it right, I never felt like my baby was secure in it, and I just couldn’t get the hold right, or feel like it was around me properly. I did once, with the help of 3 other women in a baby class I was taking. The quality of the fabric is nice, and the shoulder padding is super cushy. But after a few weeks I realized it just wasn’t for me, especially for the $75 I paid for it, so I returned it. I used my Baby Bjorn Classic carrier and now that it’s cooling off again, I’m using my Moby Wrap.

Lee New London, NH

Not For Me

I really wanted to love this carrier but I’ll stick with my Ergo, for now.I just couldn’t quite figure this thing out. First, I had a difficult time getting the tail threaded correctly through the rings even after I watched the included DVD, looked on YouTube and read several babywearing sites. When I finally did get the sling threaded I couldn’t keep the rails from bunching up which make adjustments a pain. The fabric, while a lovely color attracts lint instantly and I also dislike the padded shoulder. On the plus side, my baby seemed comfortable and happy inside the sling and the pocket is great. This carrier would also be much cooler for a newborn than the Ergo when used with the infant insert.

Zelma Wolflake, IN

This is my easy, go-to sling for my older infant

The Maya wrap was a great purchase. Its easy to get on and off, its made of strong durable fabric that stands up to washing, I love plum color, it has a handy pocket big enough for quite a few things (phone, keys, cash/cards, pacifier, burp cloth) so its great to throw on if I just need to run to the corner store and don’t want to deal with the diaper bag and stroller. I’ve actually gotten several compliments on how attractive the sling looks. I am 5’2″ and 120 pounds – I originally ordered the medium but returned it for the small because the tail on the medium was too long (my baby is also very petite). I have the Moby wrap, the Beco Gemini and the Maya wrap, and I now use the Maya wrap the most with my 9 month old. I loved the Moby when baby was a newborn, but I eventually wanted something I could take on and off quickly and easily and wear around the house. The Beco is great for longer walks, but the Maya wrap is the sling I take everywhere and use the most. I can easily stuff it in my diaper bag, which I can’t do with the others. I use it if my little one is fussy and just wants to be held, or if she gets restless in her stroller while shopping. The fabric scoops under her little butt and comes up nice and high so I always feel like she’s secure. I usually like to keep a hand on her while she’s in the Maya, and I didn’t like to use it with her when she was newborn because it didn’t have as much support as the other two, but now its my favorite.

Emilia Newhebron, MS

Worth every penny

This wrap was worth EVERY penny. Thought it was pricey when first considering but so glad I bought it. My baby well in this while shopping, taking a walk, or just doing things around the house.

Rochelle Angora, NE

good Product

i really like the wrap, but my baby does not. overall the wrap does what it is supposed to do. The video is rushed. Instructions should not be hurried.

Letha Plush, OR

Comfort and style

I have a three year old to chase around while holding a very cuddly newborn, this wrap has really saved me from some baby fumbling. It took a few tries to get the hang of it, and a lot of adjustments, but I now have a quick wrapping technique that takes only seconds to secure. Baby loves the closeness and the fabric doesn’t seem to irritate him one bit. I was a little worried that it would be too rough from other reviews. It’s not the softest but it’s soft enough.I have had SO many compliments on my burnt orange Maya. People ooh and awe over the draping and color. It really is a pretty wrap.Overall, the comfort and style really makes this a 5 star wrap. If you’ve decided that you want a wrap I would highly recommend this one!

Rachel Bruce, SD

So easy and sturdy!

The ring sling is an easy way to carry baby while still having the use of both hands. I have a bad back and can not stand while holding baby for long periods. I have no back issues carrying baby in the ring sling, even for long periods of time. I chose a light color since I am in such a hot climate and I wanted the coolest option available. There is a small adjustment period to get use to the sling, but the directions included with the product are very useful and easy to understand. Once you are comfortable with your sling, you can have baby in and ready to go in under 60 seconds! Wouldn’t trade my sling for anything!

Leola Winter Springs, FL

Love it but could make some changes.

I love this sling it’s nice and light for the summer but the body heat keeps baby warm in the fall, though there are some things I would change. #1 the padded part that supposed to go on your shoulder (the pictures doesn’t show the way the manual says) is too wide for someone with a small frame. It rides up on my neck and it starts to hurt a bit. I just have to pull it back down! #2 It can be hard to adjust when pulling the fabric through the rings because there is a lot of thick fabric and it bunches in the ring if you have to do a lot of adjustments. Now I have learned how to put baby in without having to do too many adjustments so it doesn’t bunch!

Kristie Amelia, OH

Wear anywhere

I love this wrap. My friend introduced me to the maya and it was the first wrap/carrier my son would even go in without throwing a fit, so long as he’s facing outward. Easy enough to use. Not too hot or cold. The pocket is super functional and it’s comfortable and classy looking.

Araceli Cotton Valley, LA

Too hard to get the hang of for my taste…

I like the fact that it came with a video. The color was true to the picture – very attractive and the fabric was of good quality…slight rough… I found it impossible to put my child in it however. Either in the video or somewhere on the packaging the manufacturer states this process takes process. That’s an understatement to me. I tried watching the video, while standing in front of a full length mirror, with a stuffed animal, and with my child. It just wasn’t pleasant. I tried quite a few times. I tried with another adult. My baby nor I were comfortable. This item was returned. Perhaps I just didn’t try hard enough…but as a new mommy, messing around with this contraption was the last thing I needed, I felt.

Bettye Henderson, MI

love my sling

The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that is collects a lot of lint. Not that that changes the function of it but it’s kind of annoying that it always looks a bit dirty to me. I also got a size large thinking that I’d use it as a nursing cover, and I never did. WIsh I would have bought the medium. The tail is too long for me. The pocket it key though! I love how I can just put baby in and grab only my phone and wallet and be out! Great for errands and short strolls.

Angelina Spring Hill, FL

Life saver!

I have ordered this ring sling for my restless 4 months old baby! After getting hold of putting it on properly /you need to practice couple of time, it’s nothing too complicated/ you may use it for doing some work around the house while carrying you baby or rocking the baby to sleep while dancing around the house and not hurting your back! The only disadvantage that all ring sling have is that it puts pressure on one side of your body and can make one of your shoulders hurt if your do not regularly switch sides!I am 5’4′ tall and I have ordered the Medium size. If you are not ordering this sling for doing lots of nursing in public and you are not going to cover up all the time, it would be better to order the small size as I found the tail part to be a but too long and getting on my my way!

Jacqueline Marchand, PA

worth every penny

This carrier is comfortable to wear a child for long periods of time. I’m a petite woman with a very large infant (22 pounds at five months old) and this is the only carrier I own (of 4) that I can wear him in for long periods of time.

Jacklyn Lake City, CO


Somewhat questioning if this product is real. It doesn’t work quite as well as my maya wrap I bought off the official website.

Ursula Monticello, MN