Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Sling, Medium, Dark Blue Multi Stripes

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Sling, Medium, Dark Blue Multi Stripes

Size Medium (5’2 to 5’9). Lightly padded shoulder with unpadded rails. Great sling for first time babywearers. Machine washable, and recommended for children up to 35 lbs.

Main features

  • Wear newborns and toddlers in a variety of positions
  • Built in Pocket for keys, diaper, etc.
  • Made of beautiful hand-loomed, breathable fabrics
  • Unpadded, open tail for easy adjustments and can be used as a nursing cover
  • Written and Instructional DVD included

Verified reviews


Too difficult to use, and not comfortable for baby!

The seller of this product is wonderful, but the Maya Wrap is not for me or my little guy. I guess I am just not a fan of ring slings. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and this is the first baby carrier I decided to buy. My baby boy (4 weeks old when I received the sling) always wants to be held so I was looking forward to being able to hold him all the time and nurse him hands free.First, I am small framed and the sling kept sliding down so the ring was too low. Then when I tried one of the positions my baby either kept hitting his head on the ring or grabbing onto it. The fabric is not soft and comfortable, it is a bit rough, and the sling does not feel comfortable (for me) when on. But most importantly I don’t like the fact that with all the positions except the nursing one, my baby would have to have his legs crunched up in the “frog” position – he hates his legs being confined like that!I returned it and ended up buying the Moby Wrap which I love – fabric is soft and comfortable, and my baby can have his legs out in almost all the positions. It is also much easier to figure out how to use and to get him in and out of.

Melba Lawrenceburg, KY

A GREAT work-horse sling!

When people think of slings, they think of ring slings, and this Maya Lightly Padded should win the prize for best workhorse sling. It is lightweight, but sturdy, with a padded shoulder that works for everyone! It doesn’t need the gentle treatment of it’s more expensive silk cousins, so it can handle spit-up, diaper explosions, etc. and be passed around the neighborhood. You can use it to hold newborns upright or laying down, and even nurse comfortably. As your child grows, they can be carried facing out to see the world or on your hip for a quick trip into the post office. A medium works for most people, so other caregivers can use it as well. I am a big fan of babywearing in general and this is the starter sling I recommend most highly.

Lesa Ace, TX

Nice Wrap…but a little difficult.

This is a really nice wrap. However I do reach for my biorn active more. I found it fusterating to get used to. It’s quite simple, but it’s just not very smooth(adjusting it). I can imagine that the none padded version might be better. Still I do use it sometimes and it’s a very nice wrap(I have the brown).

Marilyn Lucan, MN

So in love with this sling!!

I love baby wearing and so when we adopted our first I knew I wanted to have many options. Currently we have a hotsling, moby and ergo. I love the moby but its so complicated to put on and can get really hot. The hotsling my 5 week old son isn’t a big fan of. I’m hoping he’ll like it better when he’s older and can do the hip carry. That’s by far the smallest carrier so would be great to stash in a diaper bag full time. Ergo is mostly for when he gets bigger. We have the insert for newborns and tried him in it once.But the maya wrap?1. SO comfortable for mama. The padded back is amazing and I can wear it for 2 hours or so before getting sore.2. SO easy to put on. I can literally be holding my baby and put it on, pop him in it and go.3. My baby LOVES it. He almost instantly falls asleep. During the fussy times at night I know I can put this on and he’ll calm right away. It almost feels like cheating:)4. It is cooler than other baby carriers for warm weather5. You can snuggle with your baby and still get things done! I can eat dinner, do the dishes, write thank you notes– whatever!If you want to baby wear- buy the maya wrap. I LOVE it!

Penny Honey Grove, PA

Excellent quality, but padded shoulder not very comfortable

Maya wraps seem to be the leading brand in ring slings for a reason — very good quality, breathable fabric and beautiful colors. I couldn’t decide whether to purchase the padded or unpadded shoulder but decided on the padded for what I hoped would be more comfort. After using it for a number of weeks now, I wish I had ordered the unpadded version. The pad itself it pretty comfortable, if you get it in the exact right spot on your shoulder, which isn’t always possible after a number of adjustments with your baby in the wrap. The padded version ends up pulling on your shoulder, and because there is no give to spread it out, it will often end up on the side of your neck and it’s pretty tricky to move once you have your baby snug up against you. Friends who have unpadded slings can spread the fabric over their shoulder, no matter what position their baby is in, allowing for the weight to be more evenly distributed. Hope to see more unpadded versions on Amazon!

Petra Spring City, TN

A lifesaver!

I have ordered this ring sling for my restless 4 months old baby! After getting hold of putting it on properly /you need to practice couple of time, it’s nothing too complicated/ you may use it for doing some work around the house while carrying you baby or rocking the baby to sleep while dancing around the house and not hurting your back! The only disadvantage that all ring sling have is that it puts pressure on one side of your body and can make one of your shoulders hurt if your do not regularly switch sides!I am 5’4′ tall and I have ordered the Medium size. If you are not ordering this sling for doing lots of nursing in public and you are not going to cover up all the time, it would be better to order the small size as I found the tail part to be a but too long and getting on my my way!

Marcie Ellington, CT

Great wrap

I love this wrap. I like that it’s not stretchy like the moby or the baby k’tan, so the baby feels more stable in it and I love that it has a little pocket so you can use it to run into a store and stick your wallet and keys in the pocket. I used it a ton when my daughter was too small for a soft sided carrier. Now that she’s bigger, I prefer my soft sided carrier (Beco gemini) because it’s more comfortable for long periods of time, but I still use the maya wrap sometimes around the house. I think I will also use it when my daughter is a little bigger (currently 5.5 months), to help me carry her on my hip.

Mandy Crossville, AL


I had a much lighter weight ring sling that I lost so I decided to invest in something a little heavier and woven. It definitely served it’s purpose but was too heavy I think. Also, the shoulder pad really gets in the way – I wasn’t able to readily try other carries other than the hip carry. I think the padding hurt my shoulder more. And the "convenient" zipper pocket at the end of the tail is really annoying when you’re trying to get the tail through the rings.

Angelique Seward, IL

All-around fabulous ring sling

I have numerous baby carriers, and each has its different uses, but the one I love for around the house and short trips is my Maya Wrap ring sling. (I have the Bright Stripes pattern, which is gorgeous!)It’s easy to stuff in a diaper bag. You can quickly pop your baby in and out of it. You can put it on under a coat and put your little one in it without having to take your entire coat off. (A HUGE bonus in wintertime!) The tail is great for providing privacy while nursing. The Guatemalan woven fabric is both lovely and supportive while remaining fairly breathable. It’s also very washable, which is great. We’ve had diaper blowouts and spit-up on our sling, and it still looks like brand-new. (Those silk slings look sooo lovely, but I would be scared to death to put a real live baby in one! Don’t the makers of those things know the sort of substances babies exude?)Bonus: The Maya Wrap comes with a great DVD that I found extremely helpful.That said, a ring sling isn’t perfect for every circumstance. For very long trips or older children, I prefer a more structured carrier, like the Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining. Some moms who don’t care for the one-shouldered support of the Maya Wrap may prefer the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier-12 Colors with 2 New Limited Colors!!. But while I love both those carriers, if I had to choose just one, I would pick a Maya Wrap, hands down!

Arline Greenbrae, CA

I love it!

This is a great sling- easy to use, wash, bring along, and it’s comfortable. I also have a Moby and Ergo, but this is the fastest, easiest carrier to use for around the house now that our baby is bigger than 13 pounds- which means she’s too big to really work in the Moby, and not big enough to fit well in the Ergo (on my back- front is ok). I like the padding, I have friends who don’t.

Eugenia Portsmouth, VA

Okay for short periods with hip position, older baby

Dealing with a 14 pound over-6 month old, who hates being confined and is very active and wiggly, hip position is the only usable position. Once I figured out what the videos were saying, set-up was very easy. However, the videos on the website have the annoying habit of glossing over or blocking the view of crucial actions, so it took a few times to figure it out.Despite the sling creating the “pocket” they mention, it feels too easy for the occupant to slip out through the bottom if the sling is a little loose (again, hip carry position). Since the occupant dislikes a tight squeeze and struggles, it gets a little dicey. It’s also a lot of weight on the opposite shoulder. However, as it’s only been a couple days, I’ll see if I can figure out how to improve things.It IS easy to put on and I’ll probably switch between this and my K’tan, at least until I find a more permanent solution.The natural undyed look is reassuring with an occupant who likes to recycle saliva through the fabric.

Elise Blountstown, FL

Good wrap for carrying baby. A little tricky to use.

We bought this wrap for our new baby and mom liked using it. I found it a little tricky and prefer the Ergo carrier. We also had the Baby Bjorn. Out of the three this was my least favorite.

Shauna Schuylerville, NY

Shoulder Pain

I sent this product back. It really caused a lot of pain to my shoulder. I myself prefer a wrap where the weight is distributed more easily. Loved the color and the fabric was not as soft as I expected. Easy to figure out.

Catherine Minocqua, WI

Steep learning curve

I wanted to like this wrap, but I never enjoyed using it. It took me a while to learn how to put this on properly, and was usually a little frustrating to use. I often had to re-thread the wrap, otherwise it would get bunched up and difficult to tighten. Unlike some of the other baby-wearing devices I have used, I never feel like baby is as secure or safe in this wrap as I did with other baby carriers. Here are some of the pros and cons as I saw it:Pros:- Cute – I liked the material and patterns- Soft material, baby seemed to like it and always fell asleep well in it- Pocket – I love having the pocket, great place to put my keys when I am going out for a bit- Feels less bulky than other styles of baby carriers I have used, made it easier to vacuum or eat on those days when baby wouldn’t sleep in his crib- Machine Washable – helpful when you have been spit up on for the third time that day- Fast to get on and off once you learn how to do it- Versatile – can put baby in a variety of positions. Our son loved to be facing outwards.Cons:- Steep learning curve – it takes a while to learn how to use it properly and quickly.- Feels less secure than other styles of baby carriers I have used- No back support so once your baby is no longer a newborn it isn’t as comfortable to wear- Once our son started wanting to move around a bit he hated being in the wrap, he may have felt too confined

Francis Goodrich, ND

Love the Maya Sling!!

I have been using for 6 months now and my son loves it! It’s easy to travel with and versatile. Great gift for a new mom! Comes with DVD to show different ways to use it. My son is 6 months and loves to face forward like a kangaroo pouch. He used to sleep facing me (one of the only ways he would nap as a newborn!), and I can carry my 4 year old nephew on my hip in the sling. Great product!

Krista Halleck, NV