Maymom AC adapter for Medela’s Pump In Style Advanced, Traveler, or Companion; Medela Power Transformer Part # 9207010, 9V Model; Safe, Light, Compact & Efficient

Maymom AC adapter for Medela’s Pump In Style Advanced, Traveler, or Companion; Medela Power Transformer Part # 9207010, 9V Model; Safe, Light, Compact & Efficient

Please look at your original Medela AC adapter or faceplate first to see if it says “9V” or “9VDC”. If so, this adapter will work. If it says 12V, this adapter will not give it enough power. A 9V adapter will likely slow your 12V pump. If you have a Pump In Style pump that says “12V” on the faceplate or on its adapter, you need to order a different adapter. (Search for ASIN B008W8429W) This 9V adapter is 100% compatible with your 9V Medela Pump in Style pumps, or your money back! It is a replacement part for Medela Article # 9207010. If you are to travel to overseas, purchase a plug change (e.g. ASIN B000YN01X4). You can use this adapter world-wide with appropriate plugs.

Main features

  • Light-weighted and compact size. Easy to carry while commuting and traveling. It is only 1/3 of Medela counterpart’s weight and it will reduce your PIS backpack by 0.5 lb.
  • Compatible with Medela part # 9207010. For use with ALL Pump in style pumps sold after Jan 2008.
  • Worldwide input voltage 100-240V, so you can use it overseas with appropriate plugs.
  • Output: 9VDC, 2.0 A with over-loading protection to protect your Medela PISbreastpumps; cUL & UL listed for safe use in homes and offices.
  • USA based customer service with one year limited warranty

Verified reviews


Works great, lighter than original!

The connection for my pump-in-style got loose and, given that I pump about 2 hours a day, I wasn’t going to deal with an intermittent connection. This was a perfect fit, and as a bonus, weighs significantly less than the original! I realize that I may be getting slightly lower quality electronics, but for an item that I am hauling around onto airplanes and to work every day, I’m pretty OK with having less to carry!

Dee Grady, AL

It works…technically

Some of the Maymom products (valves and membranes, tubing) are just as good as the OEM products. This one…isn’t. These adapters will run your machine, and they won’t damage it. They are much smaller and lighter than the original, which is nice for travel. HOWEVER…there is something not quite right with the voltage. In "letdown" mode, you will have to turn your machine way up from where you normally do just to get it to have any suction. Then, when you switch to pumping mode, it will be way to strong. Also, the power knob is not gently graduated like it should be. It’s like: no suction, no suction, no suction, OW! It just suddenly becomes strong somewhere in the middle of the power dial. I have gotten used to it, and can use them when necessary, but I much prefer the original. I guess in this case, you really get what you pay for (these are about half the price of the "real" ones).

Geneva Chapman, AL

Wish it worked!

This adapter had noticeably less power than my Medela version. Pumping is already hard enough with a decrease in suction.

Louella Russellville, MO

Great replacement adaptor!

My AC adapor died after 3 years (fair enough), but I felt $25 plus shipping was ridiculous to spend for the Medela replacement. This was less than half the price, and with prime, no shipping cost. It works perfectly, if anything it has more power than the original. I ordered it with 2 day prime shipping, but it arrived next day (with the weekend, it was actually 3 full days earlier than promised). I was a little skeptical because this wasn’t "Medela" brand, but this works as promised–doesn’t get as hot, plenty of power, and it’s way lighter than the original.

Mai Conroy, IA

like it, not love it

its really good, however the original adapter’s suction was stronger! wish i could get the original somewhere!!!! if somebody knows, please let me know. xoxo

Claudine New Church, VA

Suction and speed NOT the same with this adapter…..

Like other reviews have stated, the adapter technically works, however the suction and speed on the highest setting was not the same as the original adapter. My original adapter has not died yet, but the coating on the wires has cracked and wires are exposed, so I know I need a new one. This is how I was able to compare the performance of both adapters. I will be sending this back.

Emma Elgin, TX