Maymom Replacement Membranes for Medela Medela Pump in Style Breastpump, Lactina, Swing and Symphony Pumps, 8-Pack

Maymom Replacement Membranes for Medela Medela Pump in Style Breastpump, Lactina, Swing and Symphony Pumps, 8-Pack

You are looking at a pack of 8-pc Medela compatible membranes made by Maymom. It is 100% compatible with Medela Valves and interchangeable with Medela membrane or your money back. Safety/quality is the soul of Maymom’s products while customer satisfaction/service is her Job #1 after the sale. Buy Maymom’s product with confidence!

Main features

  • A retail package of 8 pc NEW membranes made by Maymom to be used with Medela’s Pump-in-Style breastpump, Lactina, Symphony, Swing or other Medela pumps except FreeStyle. It does NOT contain BPA. It can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water.
  • Made to replace Medela’s part# 87088 specifications. 100% compatible.
  • Maymom has 4 years of experience in making high quality breastpump parts.
  • Every batch is tested to meet FDA’s standards for material as food container and food packaging material (21 CFR 177.2600)
  • 100% BPA FREE! Test reports are online for your reference.

Verified reviews


Great price for so many!

Let me tell you I’m a full time pumper so I use it 5 or 6 times a day. And when you clean the valves you have to take membranes out because if you don’t milk will dry out in between. So when you keep taking them in and out the part that holds it to the valve will rip and you have to replace them…ALOT!!! In 3 months I replaced 3 sets already. So when I saw this in bulk for cheap I ordered it and soo happy that I did.

Mayra The Sea Ranch, CA

The Best!

These are the best membranes I have found. They don’t pull apart and rip at the attachment point like the name brand ones do. I would highly recommend buying these instead of the name brand ones if you are planning on pumping a lot. The are exactly the same – just sturdier. Plus, for some strange reason, they don’t seem to float down the garbage disposal as easy.

Deanna Simpsonville, KY

They work

I’ve purchased these twice. My most recent purchase wasn’t as good as the first. Before pumping, I always have to make sure the membrane is laying flat against the valve and frequently have to readjust it. I didn’t have to do that with the first pack. Either way, these work as a cheaper alternative to the expensive Medela membranes. No loss of suction until they’re warped or torn, which means it’s time to replace them. I’ve been pumping 8 months without a problem.

Pamala Dowagiac, MI

like them

These seem pretty good, they seem to be just as good as the name brand. They last about the same amount of time and seem to suction the milk pretty good.

Penny Homerville, OH

Just as good as the Medela brand but cheaper!

These work just as well as the Medela brand but were cheaper, even with the shipping. They were shipped quickly too. Highly recommended.

Christie Brady, MT

Exactly like medela and cheaper.

These are exactly like medela, they worked perfectly. The only difference is the little bumps are a different shape. This little pack lasts forever!

Yolanda Troy, PA

Excellent product.

Cheaper than Medela and work just as great. I would definitely recommend. They look just a little different. Worth the money.

Ila Watkins, MN

A must have for Medela pumps!

these are must have if you are using a medela style pump. the membraines can tear easily during the cleaning process and the pump will not work if you do not have these in place. I keep them in my pumping bag so I always have them on hand just in case.

Karen Sherwood, OR

Does the job

I don’t know why the Medela membranes kept falling apart. These were a cheaper alternative and seemed to last longer than the Medela ones.

Paula Crowley, LA

Weaker suction than Medela brand membranes

I ran a test–I put a new Medela brand membrane on one pump valve and one of these membranes on the other. The suction on the side with the generic brand membrane was much weaker. I will be tossing these and purchasing the name brand membranes from now on. I only give it two stars because it does work, but not as well as the original. Not worth it to save a few bucks!

Greta Orfordville, WI

Membranes are great..

These last a long time. I have one pack that I bought and have had it for quite some time. The membranes last a long time as long as you wash them after you pump.

Erma Pequea, PA

Original Medela part seems better

You’d be surprised what a difference these membranes make. We used these, and original Medela parts. I would say its not worth saving a little money to get these

Laura Tampa, KS

great buy for the money

These things wear out so fast for some reason- so this is absolutely a must buy, and it’s a great deal!

Mitzi Eben Junction, MI

Work well

These work well with the Medela Pump In Style. You should change the membranes every 2-3 months for optimal pumping.

Genevieve Clubb, MO

They do the job

While these membranes are noticeably different from the Medela ones, they do pretty much the same exact thing. They feel like they’re made from a different material or process, and they feel more ‘sturdy’ and ‘not soft’, but that’s probably why we can get them cheaper than the name brand.

Kristina Greenville, NH

Replacement values matching Medela parts

I purchased these for my Medela "pump in style" pump. Very close to the Medela brand replacement part. They work fine and save you money. Recommend.

Reyna Auburn, KS


it fits. cheaper than store’s. get it. save money! i think u even get a pair more than the brand’s package at the store.

Karin Table Rock, NE

Worked great!

I use these on my Madela pump with no problems! They are a good bargin compared to the name brand ones.

Marquita Lumberville, PA

Didn’t work

These membranes do not stay flush enough against the valve to keep the seal, which means the pump won’t work. I tried several of them, and only 1 consistently worked. Buy the name brand version instead.

Juliette Snydertown, PA

Five Stars

Fit as described and much cheaper than the sotre.

Lana Ulysses, NE

Does the job

These membranes are certainly different that the original Medela ones, but I haven’t had any trouble. They are thicker but fit into the slot just fine. I’m thankful they make them so I don’t have to pay so much for the name brand!

Ronda Frontenac, KS

Just like name brand

I bought these to replace the membrane on my Harmony manual pump and they are just as good as the name brand ones for a lot cheaper. For how often you have to replace these, I’d recommend these every time.

Britney Keshena, WI

Does the job

These replacement valves do the job when you get a hole in your current valves. Keep an eye on your valves, holes happen easily and will affect your milk output.

Luisa Ostrander, OH

Perfect low $$ replacement.

These membranes work as well or better than the Medela brand ones. For the difference in price, it was worth trying them. So far they’re perfect.

Holly Hamilton, MO

hesitant to use off-brand membranes but they work!

I was hesitant to purchase membranes for my breastpump that were not name-brand. I was worried they would not be new and would not work.The membranes arrived in a sealed packaging (as pictured). They work perfectly with my medela lactina collection kit (and therefore with any medela that use this style membrane).Much cheaper than name brand.Do not hesitate to purchase!

Joann Elma, IA

Get Medela Brand

I thought I would save some money and get these – disappointed. My milk supply has been dropping because these membranes are not flat, and it changes the suction. I won’t be getting these again, only actual Medela brand going forward.

Brigitte Clifton, OH

Works great

My medela pump wasn’t working one day and I freaked out because I had to pump. Luckily I had one spare membrane left and ordered this. Fits and looks exactly the same.

Ramona Higginson, AR

Not the real deal

Thought we were getting a great value until we discovered that pumping was taking twice as long or milk wouldn’t let down at all. These are inconsistent in thickness and performance.

Valarie Quaker Street, NY

working mom

the first time i used these they seemed a little tight, like they weren’t flexing enough to get the pressure needed to pump. but after a about 30 seconds they work great! i would definitely recommend as they are way cheaper!

Leticia Good Hart, MI


Thank goodness these are available. You feel such doom coming down on you when you watch these little membranes circle their way down a drain.

Toni Bainville, MT