MB-602 Magic Bumpers Portable Child Bed Safety Guard Rail

MB-602 Magic Bumpers Portable Child Bed Safety Guard Rail

Magic Bumpers are firm polyurethane foam wedges designed to go under all the bedding as a safer and easier alternative to traditional bed rails. The foam has a non-slip surface that stays put when placed directly on the mattress AND under all bedding including the mattress pad. The bumpers help to transition your child to a standard bed and are great for travel. This set contains 2 light beige foam wedges each 5 inches wide and 5 inches high and 24 inches long. They are designed to be placed together along one side of a bed to make one 48 inch edge barrier. In accordance with US Federal Law, this product has passed testing for ASTM – F2085-12 Portable Bed Rails, complies with CTB 117 and is PBDE, Lead and Phthalate free. Check out our new product “Honest Foam” which does not contain fire-retardant. Click on the magicbumpers link to go to our Amazon store. In order to conserve earth’s resources, we use minimal packaging. Ships via US POSTAL SERVICE.

Main features

  • Two pieces: 5 inches high, 5 inches wide, 24 inches long
  • No Assembly – the foam wedges are placed under the bedding in 1 minute
  • Secure and Stable – the non-slip surface of the foam keeps it in place
  • Child Friendly – there is no entrapment space between the bed and bumper
  • Please read entire Product Description found below.

Verified reviews


almost worthless for co sleeping

I bought this in hopes that it would make co sleeping with my 4 month old safer. The product is made to be used UNDER your sheet, not sitting on top of it. Apparently the sheet is supposed to hold it in place. it doesn’t. My sheet just pulled this thing to the center of the bed. When I use it on top of the sheet, my baby can just push it over. so not real useful for keeping the baby contained. Now I just use it in place of a pillow when the baby sleeps between my husband and I so that he doesn’t roll over her. It is considerably narrower than a pillow so it serves that function well and it would be pretty hard for him to get over it in his sleep, no matter how deep of a sleep he’s in.

Lorena Rio Blanco, PR

good idea

This is a great idea for your child – I ordered them because we had our baby in bed with us and were concerned about safety issues. By the time I got them in UPS, I had already trained her for the crib and no longer needed them. I am keeping them though so that I can take them to hotel rooms etc. where I don’t want to unpack the pack and play for 1 night. They are nice to have with you as added safety for your co-sleeping child.

Pansy Eckerman, MI

Does its job, but very smelly

The bumpers totally do what they are supposed to- they keep my daughter from falling out of bed. However, like other reviewers mentioned, they are very smelly. I left them outside the whole day and they still had a very strong chemical smell. Yuck. Maybe just let them off gas longer than I did??

Jeanie Purdum, NE

Just what I was looking for

We moved our daughter from her crib directly into a twin bed at 2.5 years old. I really didn’t want to deal with the annoying gates on the bed, which seem to have universally mixed reviews. We use one of these under the mattress pad and no falling out in the six months that we’ve had it in there! We have Pottery Barn sheets and the fitted sheet definitely doesn’t pull all the way down, but does fit in each of the corners and thus doesn’t pull off. We’ve solved the visual problem by draping the flat sheet long on that side.

Caryn Rocky Gap, VA

Small, coated in flame retardants

These are two small pieces of unremarkable foam, hosed down in flame retardant chemicals, that you are supposed to put next to your baby.They caused my baby to break out in hives and rashes and I threw them away rather than give them to anyone else with a child.

Sonja Laurier, WA

Magic Bumpers

These bumpers are perfect! We originally bought just one set for my daughters crib, after we took the side off. My 18 month year old daughter moves a lot in her sleep. It’s also nice that she can climb over them to get into bed. They work really well and my daughter just can’t roll out of bed with them. Like I said, my daughter MOVES and if these can keep my daughter in the bed, they will work for you too. I would definitely recommend getting this product. It is amazing.

Adrienne Cocoa Beach, FL

Safe for my 2 year old

These foam bumpers are great. I don’t like the idea of getting the rail because it wouldn’t work with the type of bed that we have, but also because I didn’t like the thought of my two year old possibly getting stuck between the bed and the rail. I don’t know if its possible, but thats where my head went. I bought the bumpers because its not a possibility.The bumpers are great. They are easy for my daughter to climb over when she gets into bed, but high enough that she cant roll over them if she’s asleep. They don’t budge because they are under the fitted sheet. (Her mattress has a cover on it that the bumpers can grip.)I recommend 🙂

Tina Fountain, FL

great idea!

Yes, it’s foam, could I have put this together myself as some reviews state, probably not. Important part is they work! They stay in place solidly, look good and are easy for my 2 1/2 y.o. daughter to get in and out of bed with. We have a trundle so I thought the gate idea would not work so I got these. I’m glad I did and I would recommend to anyone with any style of bed to use this great idea!

Blanche Bode, IA

Impressed with these foam rubber guard rails!

I have used the rails that slip under mattresses before and have appreciated their protection. I saw these and decided to give them a try and I must say I am really impressed with this whole concept. They stay securely under the fitted sheet of my queen size bed and I will feel safe using them when my granddaughter spends the night. They are firm but also have some give and you could comfortably rest your legs over them (or prop your head on them like a pillow) if you wanted to sit or lie on the bed to read a bed time story. They are so easy to use and easy to store away when not in use. You could surface clean them with a damp cloth if needed. The material that the bumper is made of is a firm foam rubber. All in all this is a great idea!!

Roslyn Strathcona, MN

Easy and Effective

These are great!! Keeps kids from rolling out of bed, easy to place under sheets. Voila! Nothing more to say.

Claudine Matteson, IL

good buy

just what we needed for our toddler. not bulky. just enough to keep him from rolling over. Fits nicely under sheets.

Madeleine Tuscarora, MD