me4kidz Little Buddy Antibacterial Wipes

me4kidz Little Buddy Antibacterial Wipes

Little Buddy antibacterial wipes are ideal for all kinds of owies and everything in between. 32 count per package. Great for on the go, cleaning hands, dirty face and scrapes too. Fresh cucumber and tea tree scent that kids like. Kills 99% of germs without the sting and free of alcohol. Mom approved and kid endorsed.

Main features

  • kid friendly antibacterial wipes
  • Sting free
  • Natural

Verified reviews


Perfect for messy hands!

My son loves dirt. He would happily sit and play with the dirt at the playground instead of playing with the equipment. I love these wipes and they not only provide antibacterial, but they are also great to wipe the dirt off of his hands. The normal antibacterial gel just seems to spread the dirt around and I still need to use a napkin or a baby wipe. This does both tasks!

Nicole Aniak, AK

Great smell with no harmful chemicals!

I love these wipes for wiping my little one’s hands and knowing that I’m not wiping them down with harsh chemicals that he will lick off.

Benita Richmond, OH

Great wipes!

I received these wipes as part of a gift and love them. My one-year-old daughter despises having her face and hands cleaned after eating and these are the only wipes/washcloths so far that don’t cause her to get fussy. Go figure! They are also the perfect size to stick in a pocket of our diaper bag.

Minnie Apulia Station, NY

love these!

love them and love the smell, just make sure to keep them covered or they will dry out (like anything)

Katheryn East Princeton, MA

Perfect for the diaper bag!

I love this product, it’s small enough to tuck into my diaper bag but still contains plenty of wipes for many outings. My daughter puts everything in her mouth right now and these wipes make it so easy to clean dropped toys or wipe off table tops at restaurants.

Denise Quincy, MO

Great wipes for on the go! But major price hike!!

Love how convenient this is. I put this in the diaper bag and use them to wipe my baby’s hands and face if he has been touching dirty surfaces when we are out. It doesn’t irritate his skin at all.Update Apr 2014: I came back to purchase more, but the price has increased from $2.49 to $8.30! Definitely not worth it for such a small pack.

Simone Bradley, MI