Mealtime Infant Spoons – Pack of 4

Mealtime Infant Spoons – Pack of 4

Try them just once and you’ll find that these spoons are designed with babies – and the moms who feed them – in mind. Perfect for little, developing mouths and ergonomically designed for mom.

Main features

  • BPA-free and Phthalate-free
  • Soft tip is gentle on baby’s delicate gums and teeth
  • Flat, soft and flexible edges make it easy to wipe food off little mouths and faces
  • Spoon bowls deep enough to hold food, but shallow enough for the baby to eat the entire spoonful
  • Long, angled handles makes scooping food out of deep jars and bowls easy

Verified reviews


Perfect for our 4 – 7 month old!

We started our four month old on solids using these spoons. The longer handles are easy to hold and feed with, the larger end gives mom or dad an easy grip on the spoon. The spoon head is nice and narrow for little mouths, and is soft and shaped nicely for cleaning up dribble along the way. Although the handles are easier for parents to grip, they do tend to fall out of bowls easily, due to the larger ends. Also, we noticed after feeing our son orange foods that the edges of the spoons are becoming stained.

Valarie Lafayette, LA

Very good spoons but short life span

These are very good spoons for beginners, I sued since my baby was 4.5 month old. The are soft flexible and not too big for their little mouths. The long handle is a plus in the beginning as well, but it can also cause the spoons to fall out of the bowl because it is so long. The biggest drawback for me is that after a short period of use, the edges on the back of the spoons start peeling off (the thin layer of plastic or something starts coming off), and I stop using them and buy another set, which is much cheaper at babiesrus by the way. Also, if you use them on like sweet potatoes or carrots, the spoons may change color to an orange hue, not the handles though. All in all, I would recommend it anyway because I found them to be most comfortable spoons, but you need to change them after a while.

Noemi Conrad, MT

great but some started to peel on the underside

I found these at Target about a year ago and they have been our favorite baby spoons. These are great because they are soft tipped, bend, and are not too wide. Not good for soups but we’re not feeding the baby very liquidy thing. They are great for baby puree and even for cereal as they hold just enough milk for the little bit of cereal we feed at a time. Cons are that I had 2 start peeling on the underside so we threw them out and bought more because we didn’t like using the other brands. Another con is that they are heavy on the handle and tend to fall off the plate all the time. It’s very odd and annoying.

Sallie Amberson, PA

Best spoons!

I got 3 types of spoons at my baby shower so when it came time to use them i was very excited. These are by far the best! I got some Tommee Tippee ones and they were not shaped well for a baby’s month at all! Very happy!

Hollie Sibley, MO

They do the job

These spoons are soft and gentle on my little ones gums (especially when teething) and they’re easy to scoop out whatever is left in the bottom of a container. BUT, they do stain pretty quickly and so I’ve had to replace them a couple times already.

Nita Big Oak Flat, CA

Great for introducing solids but

I am very happy with the purchase.these work great to introduce solids for a 5month old which is why I bought them for. My son dint like any other spoon [I tried couple of them] The flat edge really helps believe me.but the spoon keeps falling off from the bowl as it is a bit long.other than that they work fine.I cannot speak to the wear and tear as I have been using them since a month and so far they are good,been thru dishwasher daily

Kristi Creighton, SD

Perfect narrow baby spoons

My baby prefers these to munchkin big time. These are very soft, flexible, and are narrower than most wide-round spoons. It is the best spoon for stage 1 through 3 foods. From stage 3 onward, you may prefer the bigger munchkin kind

Annie Dover, MN

Great starter spoons

There is several things I like about these spoons. The scoop is nice and shallow and makes it easier for baby to clean the spoon with their mouth. It is also soft and flexible and does not hurt baby’s mouth, especially when scraping excess food off of her face. The length is great for those containers that have hard to reach areas like those tall baby food jars. I think that they just make a great starter spoon until baby gets better at the deeper scoops.

Grace Cedar Knolls, NJ

Great but they don’t last long

The long handles are easy to hold. The nice shape of the spoon is very compatible for baby’s mouth (this was the reason I bought these). My complaint is that the soft spoon part changes color after usage. The plastic on the spoon part also starts to peel off, so we stopped using it. So the set of 4 spoons lasted a little over 3 months for me before I have to go buy another set. I’m going to try another brand to compare.

Verna Denver, NC

Perfect for getting food off of baby’s face!

I love the long handle and shape of this spoon. These spoons are not heat sensitive, but I don’t think that feature is helpful on other spoons anyway. These spoons work great for gently scrapping food off of baby’s face and from the inside of a bowl. They are also a soft plastic for when baby tries to chew on them. I have not had any issues with staining.

Nellie Halliday, ND