Medela 100% Cotton Washable Bra Pads, 4 Count

Medela 100% Cotton Washable Bra Pads, 4 Count

Medela cotton nursing bra pads are soft and quickly absorb moisture giving you peace of mind. 100% cotton promotes air flow for healthy skin. Contoured, no shift design keeps pads in place. Includes laundry bag for easy washing.

Main features

  • 100% cotton promotes air flow for healthy skin
  • Contoured, no shift design keeps pads in place
  • Includes mesh laundry bag for easy washing
  • Includes laundry bag for easy washing

Verified reviews


wrinkle and lose shape

I have tried 4 other brands and these are the worst. I haven’t had any problems with leakage (with this or any other brand) but after 3-4 washes the Medela pads are so wrinkled and have lost their shape that I can’t wear them with anything without them showing through. I would not recommend these unless you were going to hand wash them – but who has time with a new babe! Especially, when the other brands are holding up just fine after the same number of washes.

Eula Arroyo Grande, CA

Quite small and retain shape poorly

These breast pads are merely okay. They have a very small diameter, and retain their shape very poorly after being washed. Because of their small diameter, they are extremely obvious under clothing. I only wear them at night for that reason. They do the job, but I can’t use them during they day, so they are merely acceptable.

Melba Plum Branch, SC

use but

these have a crease up the middle and are not the most comfortable. Still wear them if the other brands are not clean.

Addie Rew, PA

Really bulky and show through shirts

These reusable nursing bra pads are bulky and show through shirts. I was very disappointed after using them the first time. Haven’t used them since and have purchased others to try.

Noreen Rawl, WV

Thick enough to see under clothes.

I have been using the Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads, but were given these Medela ones as a gift. They are much more thicker than the disposable ones and very easily seen under my clothes. It was not attractive at all. The Lansinoh disposable Nursing Pads are much more discrete and comfortable than these. These are nice that they are reusable but to thick for my taste.

Lillie Holmes, PA

work well…

They absorb well. However, you will have to wear a padded bra in order for the seams on these pads not to show and/or look pointy.

Joanna Worthing, SD

Not % Cotton!

I bought these because they are washable and the box said they are 100% cotton. However, while prepping them for first use, they just about RUINED my very expensive Rowenta iron. Why, you ask? Why would the cotton setting NOT work on a cotton breast pad? Because the brainiacs who made them decided to use some sort of nylon-based serger thread on the edging! I started to iron the first one, and my iron began sticking to the pad. I peeled it off the iron, and there, in a perfect circle, were little melted remnant marks from the thread. It is not even polyester thread, which tolerates a VERY high heat (i.e., cotton) setting from an iron.I am so incredibly disappointed. I really wanted to use these because they are cotton. So, off to the drawing board, I will just have to sew my own. And in case you are wondering why I would iron them, they come out of the wash very wrinkly (whether you air dry or put in the dryer; I washed them twice for prepping and did both drying methods). One of my girlfriends said she had tried them and they were very noticeable under her shirt because of the wrinkling, thus, my plan was to iron them smooth after each wash.If you don’t mind wrinkles, or are planning on using a padded nursing bra, then I suppose these would work for you… But if you are like me, and prefer no padding in your bra, then I would give these a pass.

Sara Pfeifer, KS

Easy to find, so-so absorption speed

I’ve tried four different products. I’m working to test each product I can get a sample of. I believe most products fit one or more specific needs. I hope my research helps you make the best choice for your needs.So far, each brand’s strengths were as follows:>Kushies (3star)absorbed moisture immediately so they were the best inner doublers,>La Leche League (3star)appearance was best for use in B/C nursing bras,>Medela (2star) was easy to find in stores and absorption improved with time,>NuAngel (4star)was very affordable. “White/patterns” absorb a bit faster than “natural” so I like to put “natural” as an outer doubler and “white/patterns” as inner doubler during heavy let-downs.If you only drip a few drops during let-down any one of these brands would be fine. Read further if moderate to heavy let-downs are common.All products were machine washable, free samples, and pre-washed in hot or warm water and cold rinse at least once before use unless otherwise noted. No fabric softeners were applied as they can cause repelling. All samples were used at least a month before final opinions were noted.Categories: dry shirt test, rate of absoption, appearance, leakage, light use, heavy night use, doubler. Organic?, Made in USA/Canada?, Fair Trade?, Construction Material? Seam/Dart? Cotton/ Bamboo…?KUSHIES:Single layer/light use 4 starInner doubler 5 starOuter doubler 1 starheavy night solo 1 starRate of absorption 5 star (immediately absorbs 3ml during 2 secs dispersed).Shirt test – back of pad damp in 10 minutes (3ml), shirt not visibly damp, but slightly damp to touchAppearance 2.5 star (deep dart gives nipple effect on C cup(2), becomes less visible with time(3))Best speed of absorption and inner doubler. 2-second squirt of 3ml absorbed in same 2 seconds. Still fresh white color after 2 months use. 100% cotton, 4 layers, med contour and dart/seam, 6 pads/pk, ~5″ diameter, Made in Canada.LA LECHE LEAGUE:Single layer/light 4 starInner doubler 1 starOuter doubler 4 starheavy night solo 2 starRate of absorption 2 star: (3ml in 13-40 sec, variable)3ml within ~5 seconds after couple months of useShirt test – shirt visibly wet in 5 minutes (3ml)Appearance 5 star (Especially good for C/+ size in my experience)Best appearance for 36C wearing tank top/tight clothes. Variable speed of absorption. 13-40 seconds to absorb 3ml–improved after 2 months use. Excellent outer doubler. 95% Cotton/5% Polyester, outer shell 100% cotton, seamless deep contour, 4 pads/pk.MEDELA-baby shower gift:Single layer/light 3 starInner doubler 3 starOuter doubler 2 starheavy night solo 1 starRate of absorption 2 star: (3ml in 23 sec), 3ml within 5-10 seconds after couple months of useShirt test – back of pad damp in 20 minutes, not visible on shirt (3ml)Appearance 3 starAbsorbed 3ml in 23sec, absorption improved thereafter following additional months of use. 100% cotton, min contour and dart/seam, 4 pads/pk w/ mini laundry bagNUANGEL INC:White/White Lace/PatternsSingle layer/light 5 starInner doubler 3 starOuter doubler 3 starheavy night solo 2 starRate of absorption – 3ml within 3 seconds after couple months of useShirt test – White/Patterns: back barely damp in 30 min / White Lace back not discernibly damp @ 30 min… in both cases shirt barely felt damp but not visibly dampAppearance 4 star (flat. smaller you are, better it probably looks)Natural/Natural LaceSingle layer/light 5 starInner doubler 2 starOuter doubler 4 starheavy night solo 2 starRate of absorption – star: 3ml within 5 seconds after couple months of useShirt test – Natural: back damp in 30 min / Natural Lace back not discernibly damp @ 30 min… in both cases shirt barely felt damp but not visiblyAppearance 4 star (flat. smaller you are, better it probably looks)NuAngel had the best price per unit. White & patterns absorb more quickly than natural tone (3ml in 24sec), absorption improved thereafter following additional month of use. Probably best to use white alone or as inner doubler depending on anticipated flow, and natural tone as outer or alone if only slowly dripping. May work especially well for smaller sizes like A or B. 100% cotton flannel, 4 layers (+ optional lace), 8 pads/pk (4 pair), no dart/seam, 4.5″ shrinks to ~4″ diameter, Made in USA.Definitions:Fully absorbed. liquid no longer beads/flows on surface when tiltedHeavy let-down. Can soak a Lansinoh disposable (most absorptive disposable I’d encoutered) in a single feeding and leak. Equivalent to about two & a half washable pads stacked to catch the flow. Heavy flow requires very absorptive inner doublers and low(er) absorption outer doublers so they have time to soak it all up without affecting your shirt. Hopefully a washable pad out there can improve on these statistics. I just haven’t met it yet. I’m still hopeful that the other 2/3 of these brands can provide a more efficient answer. I will gladly try any brand and report on my findings.Rate of absorption. 3ml water dispersed in 2 seconds. Dispersed/absorbed time: 2/2 = absorbed immediately. 2/20= 18 seconds after water dispersed until fully absorbedShirt test: After 1+ month of use, lay pad on favorite tank top, apply 3ml water, time how long until back of pad is damp to touch or shirt is visibly dampened. Check at 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes.If you would like another product reviewed, please let me know. This review goes into more detail at “[..]

Dolly Purvis, MS

Super soft and Comfortable

I have been through 4 brands of disposables and also have several pairs of these. At first when I was sore and using nipple cream, I used the disposables. The yellow cream stains, so I didn’t want to mess up my good pads. After I no longer needed cream, I moved on to the washable ones. I think they are so much softer and more comfortable than the disposables. I forget that I even have them on. I agree with other posters that they may not be as discreet as some of the disposables, but I don’t really care. I don’t wear too many tight clothes these days and if I did I could use disposables (to me the J&J and Avent disposables are the most discreet). I don’t leak much anymore, so these are plenty sufficient to collect leakage. I have four pair. I generally do laundry once a week, with one load at some point mid-week. I’m able to always have some on hand.

Erica Uledi, PA

These are the better pads out there.

Ultimately, nothing works better than the disposables, but these are the best reuseables I’ve purchased. I do still leak through them from time to time so I only use them in the house. They are also great for comfort.

Genevieve Pisek, ND

OK but disposables are better

I like the fact that these pads are made from renewable sources and can be reused, so i bought them for ecological reasons. I was also given some of the disposables. I have to say I’m going to let go of my idealism this once because the washable pads feel very inflexible and awkward under my shirt. If you are using no bra or a bra that is not ironclad, you will be able to see the pad protruding, since for some reason it does not adjust to your breast shape as much as the disposables. I also do not like that they produce fuzz that gets glued to my nipples when they leak, which is very hard to remove without soap. Somehow I do not like the idea of my newborn eating that fuzz with his meal–even if it is cotton. Surprisingly, I also felt that the disposables felt gentler to my sore nipples than these.So far, both types have managed to hold all my leaking so I cannot comment on this. However, it feels as if the disposable absorbs the moisture better and in that regard is more comfortable as well.

Megan Felt, ID

Doesn’t lie flat

You can see these through your bra…even a think padded bra. And they don’t lay flat so they aren’t very comfortable.Try the LLLI Washable Nursing Pads. I have tried every washable brand and these are the best!

Alice Garner, NC

only ok

So I like that these are washable and not disposable. They work if you only leak a little bit, unfortunately, if you leak a decent amount, you’ll soak right through the pads. I use them at night at home but never when I go out. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing!

Alana Booth, AL

Bulky and leak

These are bulky under your bras and if you have heavy letdown you will leak right through. They are also difficult to wash, getting balled up and don’t dry well.

Dina Mount Carmel, PA

soaks thru easy

very comfortable and stay put pretty well. however the slightest leak and they seem to soak through easily not recommended for those who leak a lot

Sonya Willingboro, NJ

Visible through a shirt, an under shirt, and a bra

These are a little to big for me (even thought I have big-uns). They tend to get wrinkles in them and you can see them through a shirt, an under shirt, and a bra all at once. Not my favorite. They are, however very absorbant.

Justine Yankeetown, FL


These are much more comfortable than the disposables, but not as convenient, especially at night. No Way to attach them to your clothes and not as absorpsent.

Socorro Delight, AR

Sticks Where It Hurts!

I bought these to help with leaks during engorgement after giving birth. My nipples were raw, sore and a little bloody. Even though I coated my nipples with lanolin after every feeding the pads would still stick to my nipples. My breasts and nipples already hurt so to have to peel these pads off every two hours was torture. To make things worse little strands of cotton would dry themselves onto the cracked bleeding parts. Ouch! I found the smooth, cool lycra of my bras was better. A waste of money!

Maricela Red Wing, MN

Comfortable, easy to wash and dry

I bought these to use during the day at work and so far they’ve worked great. They’re easy to wash and dry, I just throw them in with my regular clothes. I didn’t give it 5 stars because you can’t wear these with thin clothes or they show. I wear them with a bra that has light padding so it works great that way, but if you wear a thin bra with a silk shirt or dress it would show. I love them though and I still have an unopened box of disposable bra pads that I received as a gift and will probably not use. I bought two packs and might get another one so that I don’t have to wash them during the week. Why buy disposables? Seems pretty wasteful to me.

Jennie Springfield, NH

Much better than disposables

They are very soft and much more comfortable than disposables. I just throw them in washer and dryer and they still keep the original shape. I don’t leak that much, so it’s not a problem at all.

Roberta Rock Island, TX


I was hoping to find a more eco way of dealing with leakage than using disposables. These work in terms of absorption for me (I should qualify that to mean I leak but generally during feedings or at night and not profusely, but enough to soak 50% of the surface of my bra at a time).Unfortunately, they are so thick they show through my more tailored clothes (flowy, patterned tops seem to remedy much of this problem). The stitching is rough and itchy. Once the pad is washed it’s very ripply and won’t sit flat (which is the biggest annoyance for me). They’re great if you plan on being a slovenly hermit at home, but I wouldn’t want to wear them in public.

Kaye Southfield, MI

Great idea in theory…

I didn’t want to be wasteful with all of those disposables, but even with my thickest bra these were visible, and in order to have enough around to always have a clean set available it just seemed silly (I mean, new mom nursing a baby isn’t doing laundry very often… unless you’re doing cloth diapers I guess, in which case maybe this makes a ton of sense…)

Paige Harborcreek, PA

Easily saturated and not for mothers who leak lots

They’re fine if you want to change them out every hour. I’m a working mom and I over-produce and leak more than other women. These leaked through so quickly. I much prefer Nuk reusable nursing pads.

Minerva Meacham, OR