Medela 12 Volt Vehicle Lighter Adaptor

Medela 12 Volt Vehicle Lighter Adaptor

Ideal for moms on the go, the 12v vehicle lighter adaptor keeps your breast pump fully charged when you are out and about. A convenient alternative power option for freestyle, pump in style advanced breast pumps (manufactured prior to January 2008), and lactina breast pumps. Not for use with the symphony, single deluxe, or 9v pump in style breast pumps. Authentic Medela spare parts are engineered, tested and approved to work specifically with your Medela breast pump. Non Medela spare parts can vary significantly in design, materials, and workmanship; all of which may affect the performance of your Medela breast pump.

Main features

  • 8 foot long cord gives you some extra room to charge your pump in your vehicle
  • Replaceable 1.5 amp fuse
  • Adaptor may not work with all vehicle lighter outlets refer to your vehicle owners manual to check compatibility with your vehicle lighter

Verified reviews


Buy it!

If you need to pump in the car for any reason:Working full-time, during lunch.Long trips (vacation) during the summer.Privacy.Asking someone to drive, while you pump in the back (cord long enough).:)

Gayle Eldridge, AL

Not What I Thought

I purchased this thinking it would be an adapter to hook up the iPOD in an older model car. I have not found a use for it but there must be something electronic I have it will work with.

Catherine Wilbur, OR

Fanastic accessory!! A must have!!

I bought this yesterday when I knew I was going to a “tailgate” party where I would be away from the baby and having a few drinks, and I may have to “pump and dump”. I was nervous at first, but this thing worked PERFECTLY! It worked just like it was plugged into an electrical outlet. It successfully pumped my breasts in 10 minutes and it fits into the case next to the regular plug. I also bought the Medela sanitary wipes to clean the breast sheids since there was no sink near by. This outlet plug is a must have if you want a quiet, clean and safe place to pump your milk. The cord is 8ft long so you can go back into the car. I love this thing and wish I bought it sooner!! It will also be great on long trips, too, so you don’t get any clogged milk ducts. Highly reccommended!!

Diann Silverstreet, SC

Great product, I’m glad I bought it!

I chuckled the first time I saw this car adapter but after reading reviews I thought that this might be something that would really make my life easier. I decided to purchase before going on a road trip and I am glad that I did. I was going to give up on pumping when I went back to work but my hour commute each way will be the perfect time to pump at least two times a day without it interfering with my workload. While the thought of pumping while driving seemed silly, I tried it today and it was completely safe and inconspicuos with my hands-free pumping bra under my shirt. I am very glad that I bought this as it has an even stronger charge than my plug in adapter. I do recommend this to any working mom who might think of giving up on pumping. Be hands free and it is a great idea.

Miriam Waverly, IA

Great for Road Trips

Keep in mind that this adapter is not for new Medela pumps. I don’t recall what year the cut off is for this adapter, but you should research that before purchasing. The cord length is great: would have easily spaned the length of my vehicle. The speed of the pump is faster using the adapter vs. the regular electric cord, so I just used a slower speed when I pumped. No complaints at all.

Rosario Murdock, MN

Tricky plug

Generally speaking this is a great product, and it’s incredibly convenient to be able to pump on the go now. My only complaint is that the plug does not fit snuggly into the pump, so if there’s any tension at all in the cord and/or you move it just wrong, it will come unplugged. So I just wish it was a bit more secure, but otherwise no complaints.

Nettie Gravity, IA

but believe it is a very good product for those who travel

to be honest i did not use it , but believe it is a very good product for those who travel :)!!!

Nikki Princeville, IL

Works great for Medela Symphony

I bought this to use with the Medela Symphony pump I’m renting. It works great. I get just as much power out of it as I do with the regular power cord at home. When you first plug it in, no words come up on the screen, but as soon as you turn on the power button on the pump, it starts working like normal. Very happy!

Kara Santa Clara, UT

Works Like a Charm!

This is excellent! I pump in my car while at work and this is the BEST idea ever. Nice long cord allows you to pump in the backseat for privacy. A must have!

Hattie Blodgett Mills, NY

For older Medela pumps

Older Medela pumps need the 12 V lighter, which is frequently not sold at Babies R Us. Do not be confused and get the wrong size of volts. I think the cut off is 2007. You might want to double check that though.

Deana Lyons, KS

A must have for pumping moms!

If you do your pumping outside of an office, like I do, you’ll find that pumping in the car can be quite enjoyable. You have climate control, your favorite kind of music, and you can even park under a tree or somewhere else if you have time. This car adapter makes it possible!

Shawna Clare, MI


I needed an adapter for the Medela Symphony and purchased this. It works sometimes. I have to wiggle it around for a few seconds before it’ll turn the pump on. I could have a faulty product but it’s been too long to return it.

Aline Duenweg, MO

does its job

So far I’ve only used mine in the car twice but the adapter works fine and it’s really nice to be able to use it while traveling.

Patti Iona, MN

Increased pumping options, very worthwhile purchase!

Very necessary and helpful part, would definitely recommend adding to your pumping bag if you’re a working mom or find yourself traveling often. Having this product increased my pumping options and was definitely worth the small investment of cost.

Cornelia Fowler, MI

Very handy

Perfect accessory for pumping on the go! It has a very long cord so you can use it anywhere in the car.

Agnes Fallston, NC

Good stuff

Nice piece of equipment. Make the pumping experience way better. Mobility means a lot when you need to pump regularly but don’t want to stay home all the time.

Wendi Green Valley, AZ

Saved me!

It was so wonderful to have this adapter so that I could pump in the car while my husband was driving. It saved a lot of time on long car trips by not having to stop every couple of hours and waiting for me to pump. I just used the pump with a cover-up and kept going. It says that the pump may be more intense with the use of the adapter, but I never noticed a difference.

Gwendolyn Gold Run, CA

easy access

works great with my pump n style and allows me to pump on the go when necessary. Be sure to check the voltage on our your pump before purchasing, some are 9-volt, not 12-volt.

Ora New Lisbon, NY

A must have for commuters

Works great- has same power as a wall charger if not better! Big fan with my hour commute to work or for family car trips to family- pump and drive and more time with daddy and baby when I walk in the door at home

Denice Thomasville, PA

Life saver

If you’re a busy mom and don’t have a lot of time OR you spend a lot of time in the car this is a must have. Our family does a lot of traveling and this charger has been amazing.

Jimmie Fairplay, MD


Works great! Used it on a 5 hour road trip. Need to pump every 3-4 hours. No problems, very convenient, works great!

Lenore Red Bluff, CA


Not much to say – convenient and works well! Pleased with my purchase as it makes life much easier for pumping on the go!

Bernice Lagrange, ME

Works Great!

Good price for such a convenience! Driving down the road with your breast pump attached is one of the biggest joys in life! :/Thanks for making it possible!No problems with this product. Works perfectly!

Leonor Sunfield, MI

Great while it worked – but broke immediately

This product great while it worked, but within a month of using it, the metal part of the adapter broke off and I have been unable to use it since. I used it maybe 4-6 times in that first month – not sure why the metal is so flimsy.

Kara Wauconda, WA

Thought I would use it…

I am sure it works fine but just think about buying it before you do. If you are like me, as soon as you were pregnant you ordered absolutely everything you would possibly need. I do pump and exclusively breastfeed but I now realize I really don’t think there is ever a time where I would need to pump in the car!

Staci Taylor, MS

Works with Medela Symphony

I rented a hospital pump, the Medela Symphony, with the hope of pumping at work and on the road. I purchased this lighter adapter to go with the pump, and so far it works really well. I haven’t noticed a decrease in power, and being able to pump in the car has really kept me pumping longer than I had originally planned.

Gracie Goodville, PA

Must have if you need to pump in the car!!

For my job I am on the road and have to pump in the car a lot. The battery pack that comes with the pumps take 8 AA batteries, which only lasted me about 10x pumping for 10 mins each!! And they were energizer brand!! I like this cord because it is long enough for me to plug in and still sit in the back seat of my Venza. It is not cheaply made either like some cords!! WELL worth the money!! I wish it came with a case, even if it was a cloth bag to store it in the car. I lost the twist tie under my seat the first time I used it!!

Jeanine Mc Clure, IL