Medela 150 Ml Colored Storage Bottle Case of 10

Medela 150 Ml Colored Storage Bottle Case of 10

These are great bottles to store milk in the fridge or freezer. Can attach nipples to the bottles and can be used for feeding. 10 bottles per order

Main features

  • 150 ml storage bottles Colored
  • 10 bottles per order — Measurements are Colored on
  • Great for milk storage

Verified reviews


Perfect with My Freestyle Medela Pump

I bought these extra bottles so I wouldn’t have to run my dishwasher as much. These fit perfectly and are just like the bottles the came with my pump 3 years ago. I use the Medela Freestyle Pump (LOVE IT) I like to store my milk in these bottles in my fridge and then i pour them into their Tommee Tippee Bottles when the babies are ready to eat. These are perfect little 5 oz bottles for pumping into!!!

Geri Junedale, PA

The real deal.

These are identical to the ones that came with my pump. Essential for working moms that pump. These 10, plus the 4 that came with the pump make a comfortable number of bottles to rotate through. That way you can have some ready to use, some in the pump bag, and a few for storage in the fridge at all times.

Debbie Hollins, AL

nice bottles

nice set to buy. my wife and me had twins so we needed lots of bottles to feed them. we have 20 bottles now and about 12 nipples. sound like enough for me.

Elise Lockport, NY

Perfect – Exactly what I needed!

I was so excited to receive these. As a pumping mother who is working full time, I needed to make the pumping process as easy on me as I could. Before finding these, I was using the medela bottles that came with my pump, and going through storage bags like sliced bread. Until I thought “Geez, this would be MUCH easier if I just had a ton of these little storage bottles!” and I hopped on Amazon and came across these. Other places have the same bottles for cheaper but they do NOT have the measurements on the side…or they are simply imprinted. I must have the measurements clearly marked for optimum pumping! Long story short, life and pumping is much easier now that I have 10 extra milk storage bottles!!

Phyllis Morgantown, WV

Just like the bottles that come with your pump!

I was hesitant to buy these as there was only one review, but they are exactly as described & pictured. I received them quickly in two manilla envelopes & can’t tell them apart from my original two![Note: This review is for product sold by ANB Baby]

Savannah Shrub Oak, NY

Works great for our needs

They look the same as the bottles that come with my 2013 Medela breast pump. I like that the writing on the side is in color b/c I think it makes it a little easier to read. We have found that the bottles are better for us than the bags. This is for several reasons:1. Our freezer has a top drawer that these bottles sit in nicely in an upright position.2. I don’t store a lot of milk in the freezer (only about 8-10 bottles) so the bulkier bottle is not an issue for us.3. I don’t have to mess with trying to pour milk out of the bottle and into a bag for storage.4. Easier to transport the milk home from work.5. We have a 3-year-old and the bottles are simpler for carrying milk to the playground, etc. (in a mini soft-sided cooler)6. My workplace has a “sanitizing machine” that uses boiling hot water to sanitize dishes so cleaning the bottles is easy.When I was researching storage options, it seemed that people who preferred the bags liked them because it was a less expensive way to store a lot of milk (b/c of overproduction) and/or because the bags will defrost quicker. In my case, I only freeze milk on Friday and rotate through milk that I take out of the freezer on Sunday night. On other days of the week, my baby eats the milk that I pumped the day before so it isn’t really ever stored long-term. I don’t really have a store for “just in case”. The only time I’ve needed to pump and dump was on my birthday and I planned ahead for that. Also, we have a box of formula packets for “just in case” though we haven’t really needed them yet.

Germaine Leland, MI

Can’t live without these!

This is a great price for a 10-pack. I pump at work so I needed a lot of these bottles. They are Medela brand (not some knock-off) and function how they should. They came in clear, generic plastic bags but they appear to be brand new and were sealed. They have clear measurement markings on the sides, no color. I would recommend!

Francis Murray, IA