Medela 150 Ml Storage Bottle Case of 10 BPA FREE

Medela 150 Ml Storage Bottle Case of 10 BPA FREE

These are Medeal 150 mL storage bottles that are BPA FREE. 10 bottles per order

Main features

  • Medela 150 ml bottle
  • 100% Bisphenol-A free materials – for the health of the babies
  • Package of 10 Bottles
  • Not with Printed Medela Design

Verified reviews


great price!

A lot of the reviews on this product state that it isn’t easy to read the side of the bottles as they are not pained numbers. These are a great value for the price and the time it will save you in doing dishes less often makes it an even better buy. These style bottles do come with the less expensive medela pumps, like mine, so I have been using these style bottles from the begining. they are indented so you can see how full it is.

Kathrine Kellnersville, WI

Not needed

While I pump a lot, I am a midwife and sometimes have to be gone 24 hours, but I don’t need this many bottles. I work 34 h ours, and this is way more bottles than necessary.

Gena Suring, WI

Good quality bottles

I had a few medela bottles (5 oz) that came with my newborn feeding set/pump. I needed some supplements to the storage situation, so I got these. The bottles are different than the ones I originally owned. These are MUCH higher quality- much thicker plastic, with “molded” oz markings instead of the writing. I liked the writing because I could easily see (even during low light night feedings) what he was eating, as I always keep track. Now I have to turn on the lights or go to a lit room to see, but still, the quality is overall so much better, I am very happy, especially for the price.

Roberta Arlington, VT

They are fine for freezing breastmilk but use caution if you want to take them out and about!

These work fine for me. I use them for freezing breast milk rather than using the throw away bags. My only complaint is that the lids don’t seem to screw on that well. I haven’t had any leaks yet but I don’t think I would use these bottles for on-the-go in case they leaked in my diaper bag.

Dolores Highfalls, NC

Love, Love it

This is by far one of the best purchases I have made! The plastic is very durable and sturdy and does not spill when storing milk. And it actually fits the medela pumps so when I finish pumping my milk, I just put the cap on and store. No need to transfer to anything else and risk spilling milk (which we all know how precious breast milk is and every little bit counts!)

Lorna Stevens Point, WI


and a wonderful price. hard to read the amounts on them after some use but they do exactly what they were intended to do.

Janie Stockport, OH

Can’t say enough about these!!

I went back and forth over these, wondering if they would be a good purchase, whether I needed them or not, etc. but I can honestly say these were SUCH a great purchase! I am a breastfeeding mom who pumps at work; to keep up my supply, I try to pump three times at work so I can bring milk back to the daycare provider for my baby. When I was about to go back to work from maternity leave, I tried to think out what I was going to do about pumping and giving it to the daycare provider and this was the key!! These bottles are Medela brand, have the same tops as Medela bottles and the same bottle shape and size (even seem a little sturdier to me); the only difference is that these, as other reviews state, have raised clear ounce markings instead of the painted on ones. It is a personal choice but I don’t find this to be a hindrance at all, especially considering that buying a three pack of the painted ones is about the same price as these ten bottles that are almost exactly the same!! These are great; I pack six bottles a day with me to go to work: two for each time I pump at work. I combine the milk from each pump to get three full feedings worth and use a fourth bottle for extra (great for putting it in babies cereal, etc.). I give the three full ones to the daycare provider and wash the others, then grab new ones for the next day! Has been a LIFE SAVER!

Shawna Prue, OK


We received these bottles in a bunch of Medela bags that had been previously opened and then re-taped shut. The UPC sticker on the bags was scribbled on in black marker. This had me concerned, so I called Medela to find out what was going on. I was advised that black marker on the UPC represents items that were returned (for miscellaneous reasons) and should not be re-sold. They’re supposed to go back to Medela.It’s not worth the $16 I paid to return these, but I certainly won’t use them, and I will never buy from this seller again.

Lenora Gladstone, NJ

Just what I needed

I work full time and have to pump at work. When my baby was first born, the husband ran to the store and bought a whole set of the 2.5 oz vials. Well, baby is 3 months now and changing those vials in the middle of a pumping session is not going to cut it while pumping at work.These 5 oz containers are compatible with all of my other Medela stuff (as expected). Great value for the $$

Sasha Rosedale, IN

Packaging not fancy….

the packaging made me feel like they may have been used before, but the bottles are exactly what I ordered. And I sterilized them prior to using. They are a great price and are perfect for pumping.

Carey Newbern, VA

exactly what was described

These are the Medela bottles that they appear to be. The only difference in the ones that come with the pump and these are that the writing on these is clear and not painted a color. It does make them harder to read, but its tolerable.

Selma Saint Regis, MT

True to description

This product is true to the description. It does not come in Medela packaging- just a big plastic Baggie. These bottles seem to be less sturdy than the other bottles I have of the same brand. But if you are looking for a lot of bottles for cheap- these are great.

Kathrine Cherry Point, NC


These are great for storing breast milk in the fridge and also in the freezer. I’ve never had one crack. They have the measurements on the bottle itself. Buy these instead of the medela thin 2 oz storing containers as they crack when they are frozen.

Arlene Savoy, IL

We use these instead of the Tommy Tippees

I pump right in and send the, to daycare. Huge time saver! They are the perfect size. The lids seal the bottles well.

Alexandria Highwood, IL

Buy the newer version of the medela bottles instead

I wish I had bought the newer version of these bottles because I like the lines and numbers printed in color, it’s much easier to read and see exactly how much I’ve pumped. The newer caps are also better and screw on smoother.

Serena Wray, CO

Knock offs, but work just fine

They’re not OEM/factory originals. They’re very, very similar, in shape and size (and the lids are interchangeable). However, these come in a gallon ziploc bag, have no printed on material, and are obviously either 2nds or pretty good knockoffs. For the price, however, and given that generally plastic is plastic, I’m happy with the result and would buy them again.

Gay Wallkill, NY

Great for the working mom

I have used these bottles while pumping at work and they store upwards to 6 ounces in them (although they only measure up to 5 ounces). The only cons are that the bottles are difficult to read in low light, so make sure to measure in good lighting. Lids are interchangeable with other Medela pump bottles.

Arlene Agency, MO

Nice but…..

WHen I ordered these, there was a stock photo, Not the photo that is currently pictured. I do not like the raised measurements. You can hardly see the Oz on the side. I much prefer the kind that has the written yellow measurements on the side. I thought thats what I was getting since thats what was originally pictured. Other than that, They are nice and I much prefer these to Ameda’s storage bottles. They just seem to be made better.

Elda Water Valley, MS

just like the ones at the store

I’m glad that I bought this bulk pack. it saved me money and they are just like the ones in the store. It’s always great having extra bottles since there are times when I am too tired to keep washing them every time I pump. I usually leave the dirty ones soaking in water until I get a break to wash them all up.

Odessa Weston, MA

Very convenient

I use them for milk storage and I actually freeze my breastmilk in them. They match even ameda breast pump I have so that’s very convenient.

Roslyn Lawton, MI


needed these because didn’t want to keep new milk in freezer (we have a 7 week old). oz was readable.

Dionne Derby, NY

not the same quality as more expensive ones?

These, even though they say medela on the bottle and seem genuine, seem a little lower quality plastic and are initially cloudier. they also seemed to scratch from the bottle brush more easily and had different thickness of plastic from bottle to bottle.

Peggy Chancellor, SD

they fit a little extra

You can squeeze in about 7oz into these bottles vs about 6 on most other bottles. Seem to dry a little more quickly than some other hard plastic type bottles I have. Highly recommend

Tanya Bricelyn, MN

Medela bottles

These are great! We had been using milk storage bags, these work out so much nicer. Although I don’t use them to freeze milk in because it takes too long for them to thaw out. I think they are made a bit sturdier than the printed on bottles that come with the Medela pumps.

Kathrine Honey Creek, IA

This is what you want! I have a Medela & Ameda Purely Yours

Note – there’s no logo on the bottle as pictured.I’m a full time working mom and full time breastfeeding mom. These bottles are perfect. I’ve purchased the smaller 2.5 oz from Medela and did NOT like them–too small and the lids are too cheap, I had leaks. I don’t like the Lasinoh, Ameda, or Simplisse bottles because they have two-part lids. Since these bottles are not the ones I use to feed baby (I pump into them with a Medela and now I use the Ameda Purely Yours, and feed her with Avent.. don’t ask, I just do), I want a solid, sturdy, one piece lid.These are the best and I’ve never seen them at a retail store.

Abby Rescue, VA

Better than the original bottles

I like these so much more than the original bottles shipped with my pump because they don’t have the painted on numbers on the side. While I am pumping I can get a better idea of the fill level because I can feel the level indicators with my hand up to the fill level of the milk.Also, the paint on the original Medela bottles started coming off after many washes, so without the paint I won’t have to worry about that problem with these bottles.

Graciela Kapaau, HI


These are okay, they’re not like the medela containers you get with your pump. However, they do the job and are great for their price. You will NEED these spares!

Matilda Mauricetown, NJ


To be fair to this product I am giving it three stars, as I have not been able to determine if it is the bottle itself or the nipple that make it leak. If you close it too tight, then I have to interrupt feeding consistently so that I can vent the bottle, if I unscrew it to vent, it leaks all over the place. For milk storage, it is a great product, especially because it is compatible with the breat pump attachments as well as the medela cooler. At the price I paid (less than $10) it is great value FOR STORAGE. For feeding find something else please.

Monique Dover, NJ


I own the Ameda Purely Yours pump and I bought these so I wouldn’t have to keep washing out the same bottles. These are the best things that ever happened to me – especially because they are five ounces each.

Polly Pisek, ND

Does the job

I ordered these as extras for pumping/storing. Right out of the bag, it’s clear that the quality is not as good as the "regular" Medela bottles – the markings are a lot harder to see and the bottle itself feels a little more plastic bottle-like (squishable) and even the packaging is a little sketchy. But hey, if you’re not picky about those, they’re the right price and they do the job. Just what I needed.

Monique Buckner, AR