Medela 150 Ml Storage Bottle Case of 10

Medela 150 Ml Storage Bottle Case of 10

Medela Breast Milk Storage Collection Bottle with Lid 5 oz/ 150 ml. Cleaning – Dishwasher and microwave safe – Micro-steamable with Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags (sold separately) – Can withstand boiling temperature to clean Material Of Construction – All parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP Free – Special food contact grade (conforms to FDA standards) polypropylene material – BISPHENOL-A (BPA Free)

Main features

  • Bottle with lid.
  • Easy to read measurement in ounces (oz.) and millimeters (mm)
  • Reusable bottles. Resistant to scratches, cracking and splintering
  • Screw-on lid for leak-proof seal – ideal for storing breast milk in refrigerator or freezer. Special polypropylene plastic retains breast milk’s beneficial properties – safe & hygienic method for long-term breast milk storage.
  • Compatible with all Medela breast pumps. Milk can be pumped directly into the container. Bottles fit Medela container stand

Verified reviews


i am returning these

the bottles came in envelope, no packege no nothing.looks like used :(((shame on you!! these are related to breastfeeding, should be sealed and sterile

Theresa Carolina, PR

nice but i barely used them

these are nice bottles but they are so small they really didn’t work for me very long. i use the pump and save bags because they hold 5 ounces and take up less room in the fridge. i personally would not order them again as i only used them for about 2 weeks.

Laverne Willow Island, NE

Yes, they come in a big plastic bag. No, they won’t give your child autism (because they’re in a bag).

After reading reviews and seeing people freaking out over the fact that these bottles were bulk-shipped, I must say that I really wasn’t that worried since I’d be sterilizing them myself when they arrived.They came exactly as expected, in a bag and without the paint on the bottles. (The picture is misleading)The bottles seal very well and work great at holding liquids.My only word of caution is that when you initially sterilize these bottles, don’t do them all at once. I completely forgot Bernoulli’s law when boiling the pot full of bottles and water and had a major spillover. More a problem of me being dumb than anything else.

Terrie Riverton, IL

Originally Not as Pictured – NOW FIXED!!!

Updated Post:I initially had a poor experience with WSEI, however they have fixed all of the issues. The new pictures are accurate to what I received in the mail. If the clear plastic bottles are what you’re looking for, this is probably a really good deal. I personally have an easier time measuring with the bottles that have printed markings on the outside, but Medela is Medela.Also, they refunded my shipping due to the “pictured” vs. “received” product discrepancy. Good customer service, if just a little delayed.Original Post:I’m sure the bottles were functional, but I bought them believing they would be the same as my other Medela bottles. They have no markings printed on them (as the bottles in the picture do), instead the measurements are raised in the plastic itself, and the plastic felt different. Possibly an old version of the bottles that have been available in stores this year?They accepted my return, no questions asked, but I lost the shipping money, both ways. Very disappointing.

Roseann Gueydan, LA

Get the Gerber bottles

I read in a review briefly, before I ordered these bottles, that the gerber bottles at target fit the medela pump – I should have just went with it instead of ordering these bottles. As a working/pumping mom, it was necessary that I had some extra bottles – it seemed convenient enough to get these delivered. The bottles are not what is in the picture – they are clear without writing and they do work well enough, but the gerber bottles are cheaper (about $1 each) and do the same job. These bottles also show up in just a manila envelope and I liked that I could get the gerber bottles in their original packaging.

Lenore Tampa, FL

These were great for storing breast milk in the refrigerator.

Great price for storage bottles.

Myra Saint Francis, MN

Not the top of the line bottle but still does its job!!!

I read the reviews so I already knew, the bottles I would get is the SAME bottles my WIC office gave me for my breast pump. I found NO real problems with these bottles. I do have to look a little harder to see where the line is, NO BIG DEAL. For the money I saved on 10 bottles, I AM HAPPY TO LOOK A LITTLE HARDER! I have a great supply and needed some more bottle but for three bottle at our PX it is 17 bucks! OUCH. So happy to buy 10 bottles for this price. I use about 5 bottles (give or take) per session, 3 sessions a day. That is alot of bottles. I also bought the Prince Lionheart Complete Drying Station and these fit perfectly. If you aren’t looking to impress everyone with your beautiful medela bottles, then these get the job done. It takes me 30 minutes to get home, up 60 stairs, 20 minute drive and a 5 minute walk to my building, not a drop spilt!

Sonya Fosston, MN

good for pumping and for storage

I bought these bottles to store breast milk while pumping at work. They screw right on to my breast pump and the lids close tightly – no leaks. The nipples from my little Avent bottles fit onto these as well. Sometimes, when I am out of storage bags I use the bottles and freeze the milk in them. The milk is fine after a a couple weeks in the freezer. However, I don’t know how they’d hold up for longer-term (6+ months) storage.

Joy Port Clyde, ME

Clear markings so hard to read

If you are looking for the bottles with the colored markings, these are not the ones. These are like the ones they give you in the hospital. But other than that, they seem like the same quality as the ones from the retail box with the colored markings. Only thing I noticed is that after boiling them, the lids don’t close as smoothly. Lids look and feel the same but didn’t have this problem with the ones I bought in the retail box. I’ll have to update once I use them a bit longer.

Sierra Chalmette, LA

work well

The bottles are fine to use for freezer storage. No problems at all, might order more since the price is cheap compared to buying bottles at the store.

Leonor Mascoutah, IL

does the job

These get the job done but it’s too bad they aren’t the ones with the nice dark black measurement marks. . . new moms get so little sleep it seems that little improvement would make a big difference.

Louisa Wardell, MO

Great buy but read the details

This bottle pack is a great deal for the price. After shopping around just about EVERYWHERE, this was the most affordable option for me. These are not packaged in the manufacturers packaging, but they are Medela bottles and are great quality. The only thing I found troublesome was the measurement markings are a bit hard to read, especially when filling bottles during late night feedings. The original/newer Medela bottles have painted/printed measurement lines and these are just embossed into the plastic.

Pansy Honaunau, HI

Good for breast milk

I use these bottles to store and transport breast milk. They have worked great for me. Important to note, the ones I recieved had raised numbers, not the color printing as shown in the picture.

Tina Moravia, NY

Perfect for storing milk

I was constantly out of bottles and having to wash the few that came with the pump – until I found this set! The picture is not of the actual bottles. The bottles are Medela bottles and do have the logo and graduated marks on them, but they are not printed on the plastic. Instead it is just part of the mold of the plastic. They work perfectly, though, and fit with the pump parts without a problem. I would highly recommend buying these!

Marsha Norris, SC

Love these bottles.

Medela has really made breastfeeding easy. I really love having the ability to pump, store, and feed from the same bottles. There are enough tricky and tedious things to worry about as a new parent without having to deal with a thousand different feeding items. We use exclusively Medela products; you can reach into the “bottle parts” drawer in our kitchen and any part you pull out will fit any bottle. My only complaint about this particular bottle is that the numbers on the bottle are the plain raised kind – they are not marked in color so it’s difficult to read, especially during those late-night feedings when you’re disoriented or it’s dark. But I got ’em for a great price, so I’m not complaining.

Jimmie Pleasanton, NE

Great Bottles

These bottles are the perfect size (can collect up to 7 oz of milk) and clean easily by hand or in the dishwasher. .

Angel Cropsey, IL

Perfect for freezer storage!

These are the generic Medela bottles that you would not find in stores. They do not have outside "painted" markings, but they do have molded markings that show the ounces. Yes, it’s a little hard to read, but I bought these so I can freeze my milk for the future. They worked great and are so cheap! I then transferred the milk to Avent bottles, which is what I use for feeding because the Medela bottles are horrible.

Jamie Sharps Chapel, TN