Medela 3 Piece Wide Base Slow Flow Nipple, 0-4 Months

Medela 3 Piece Wide Base Slow Flow Nipple, 0-4 Months

Medela wide base silicone nipples natural feel and shape complements breastfeeding. Available in slow and medium flow for feeding newborns and infants. May be cleaned in the dishwasher, micro steamed, boiled or washed by hand. All Medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are and always have been made without BPA. .

Main features

  • Slow-flow works best with newborns 0-4 months
  • Compatible with all Medela breast milk bottles
  • May be cleaned in the dishwasher, micro steamed, boiled or washed by hand
  • Made without BPA
  • Slow and medium flow available

Verified reviews


Work fine- just wish the size label was easier to read

We have twins and one them seemed to be having trouble with recommended slow flow nipples- it was taking him 45 minutes to finish 5 oz So we got the bigger nipple size he now gets through his meal at about the same pace (15 min) as the other baby (who is still using the slow flow). The only problem with these medium flow nipples is that it’s difficult to distinguish them from the slow flow nipples when washing and setting up bottles…. And the medium flow is way way too fast for the other twin. There’s a tiny little “m” printed on the inside rim, but it’s difficult to see…. Would be nice if these were a different color or somehow otherwise distinguishable.

Elena Cragford, AL

good non-dribble flow

I went through all the fancy bottles before looking to the medela bottles that came with my pump. I was quickly converted to medela, and these slow flow nipples are great and have served my daughter well from birth to 3 months and counting. The amazon price is also good.Here are just some issues, which are largely unavoidable so long as you stick with medela:1. It’s impossible (ok, really hard) to read the underside of the nipple to see whether it’s the (S) or (M) flow nipple. But you can avoid that by really separating them. The reason I even have the (M) flow in the first place is because I bought some of the 8 ounce bottles and those come with (M).2. The way these are sold is infuriating. You can’t buy necks. If you need more, you need to buy bottles. So let’s say you have a whole bunch of extra bottles, since they come with all your pumping supplies, but have the screw on caps with no nipple. If you want to put nipples on those bottles, you have to buy MORE bottles to get the necks.Anyway, that’s my take on it. A good bottle system and these are good nipples.

Lavonne Levelock, AK

If the nipple collapses.. the collar is TOO TIGHT!!!!

I wanted to write this review because I read a ton of bad reviews (on here as well as BRU) on the medela nipple saying how it collapses all the time. I too had this problem… UNTIL I read somewhere that if this happens losen the bottle collar. IT WORKED!!! I haven’t had a collapsed nipple since so I wanted to pass on the tip. I’ve never had problems with the bottles leaking either. I breastfed and bottle fed since the beginning and my baby is now 8 months and still uses medela bottles with the slow flow nipple. He eats just fine (4-5 oz. at a time)so I don’t see the need to buy medium flow nipples. I do like the feel of the nipples (soft and flexible) and the ease of washing!! No little parts! Just a bottle, a collar, and a nipple. Ta-Da! Other ppl talk about how Gerber bottles are just as good. I prefer medela simply because of the whole “system”. I love how all the accesories fit well together. When I was breastfeeding I would pump into the medela freezing tubes, put a cap on it, then just add a nipple when it was time for feeding. The same caps and nipples I’m still using today. I also like that you can buy extra parts. I personally purchased the bag that comes with the collars, bottle caps, and the little “lids” to go inside.BEST SYSTEM EVER!!!

Valerie Paauilo, HI

for baby

Now the baby isn’t born .The first for the baby .See, from 0 to 4 months of use, so before buy it

Graciela Brandon, MS

Great for our baby

Our 4 month old has been using this brand, and this particular size since birth, and we have had no problems at all with them. They are easy to wash, hold up well to every day use, and I trust the brand. I would recommend these to any new parent.

Jamie Peachtree City, GA

Not Slow Flow

My baby would gag and choke on the amount of milk that flows out of this nipple. I learned from a lactation consultant that a real slow flow nipple will drip one drop about every second when turned upside down, this is much faster than that. I’m convinced this nipple affected my ability to breastfeed as baby got used to getting milk quickly from a bottle and would get frustrated nursing, if you want a real slow flow and want to avoid bottle preference, I recommend dr. Browns level 1 nipple.

Alissa Hopkins, MO


Medela never lets me down. This flow is perfect, not to fast but not to slow. My daughter is mostly feed off the breast but will take this nipple with no problem when need be. There is no nipple confusion at all. She still uses this nipple at 9 months old. The flow is great! And Medela is a durable brand, even with 6 teeth we have NO damaged parts!

Marcia Winburne, PA


I bought a handful of different bottles/nipples for my breastfed newborn to try (including NUK and Breastflow.) These are the only ones he liked! I introduced a bottle at about 3-4 weeks.I first used Medela products when I started using a Medela pump at the hospital and then rented one to bring home. These fit the necks of all the Medela bottles I use. I now pump 5-7 times a week with their handpump for my 3 1/2 month old. These nipples worked out perfectly for baby and me. He is still very happy with the slow flow but am going to try to medium flow soon. I also use a nipple shield for feeding; my lactation consultant said it’s common for babies who feed this way to transition to a bottle a little easier then those who suck from the bare breast. I’d recommend trying these for sure.

Gladys Marlow, NH

Works perfect for medela parts

I had to buy the extra parts for the bottles so the nipples would work, of course. can be purchased for about $7. Overall, I would buy again if I needed more 🙂

Nola Warren, IL

Needed a few more!

We needed a few more nipples after buying the starter kit! This made it easier to sanitize and have enough for feedings

Margie Cannelburg, IN

Too small for rice cereal to pass though

These nipples work great for breastmilk but that’s about it! The nipple hole is too small to handle formula or anything with rice cereal added because it gets clogged. We switched the the medium flow to prevent this and they flow too fast…dr browns work better.

Virgie Lebanon Junction, KY

Work well long beyond 4 months

Our twins were slightly premature and are somewhat more prone to spit ups, so we used these slow flow nipples until we switched to the Avent classic bottles at 5 1/2 months (because boys were drinking more at a time). We still use the Avent slow flow nipples on the Avent bottles. They aren’t that slow, and the pace is good for our boys. We like that the Avent nipples have a design that helps reduce air intake while feeding. We also still burp the boys halfway through a feeding. These steps have really reduced the spitting up.

Brittney Wisdom, MT

Not the same as pictured, does not fit Medela collars

I just purchased the "Medela Breastmilk Feeding Storage & Collection Bottle (5 oz/150 ml) BPA/DEHP Free – (Set of 6)" from Amazon a few weeks ago. I thought it would be nice to have some extra nipples, so I ordered these. The picture shows the same nipples that are in the set, and the description says they fit all Medela bottles. When they arrived, I realized the product I received does not look like the product pictured on Amazon. The product I received has a really wide base, and the nipples that came with the set have a narrower base. These "wide base" nipples DO NOT FIT the Medela bottles and collars I had just purchased a few weeks earlier. So annoying! Even though the cost of the item is not that much, I went through the hassle of returning just because I was so irked.

Sheena Solon Springs, WI

Flow still a little too fast, otherwise good product

My baby girl had no trouble at all alternating between breast and medela bottles even at 1 week of age. Still with her being a ferocious eater she empties a bottle in minutes and then she gets hiccups and spits up left and right.I can only recommend frequent burping, breaks and feeding in a sitting position. Also feeding smaller amounts less frequently. It helps but doesn’t solve the problem.What I also like about Medela is nice design and the fact that bottles work with Ameda breast pump.

Elaine Shirley, MA

Just the nipple

This product is just the nipple and comes without the collar. I don’t know if that is common knowledge but I wish that that was made more clear. Now I have to spend more money to buy the collars to go with it.

Ramona Stratford, NJ

Best ones for newborns

These are the only slow flow nipples that my daughter did not choke on. I’ve tried Tommy Tippee and 2 other brands and this is the only bottle nipple she was able to use until almost 5 months… all others would just pour our as soon as she’d bite down on the nipple. Highly recommend.

Nanette Lewisville, PA

Not for Preemies

Much faster flow than Avent and Playtex Drop-ins. The Tommee Tippee bottles are a little slower than these but not by much. My little twins choked like crazy. But now at 7 weeks, they can handle them. I pump exclusively so it just works having the whole set.

Linda Quilcene, WA

Great price!

These were cheaper than what I could find in stores, plus it shipped right to my door. I love the convenience.

Jeanie Diaz, AR

Best bottle system for breastfed babies

We have a super picky breastfed baby who is bottle fed at daycare. This bottle system made it an easier transition for her. The nipples are softer than a lot of other nipples on the market. Comparable to the softness of the breast. I would definitly recommend them to other breastfeeding families.

Rosa Chamberino, NM

This is a great quality product.

I purchased these for our newborn daughter. The older baby chewed the other medela nipples and they can no longer be used. These are a great replacement. The newborn seems to be feeding well with them. I breastfeed her when I am home. She only uses a bottle during the day with her caregiver or with my husband. Thank goodness she likes these. This is a great quality product.

Violet Britt, MN

Inconsistent flow

If you put water over these nipples you would notice the flow is quite inconsistent. Some would drips while other pours. My baby was really fuzzy while using the medela bottles and it took me a while to notice the problem is these nipples. I bought another pack thinking I might have bought a dud, but still the same problem. I’m now using Advent instead and baby loves those bottles. No more choking or gas.

Lynnette North Haverhill, NH


These nipples collapse all the time which is super frustrating for a hungry baby. They are easier to clean than bottles with all of the parts, but I had to go back to my old bottle b/c I was just sick of these nipples collapsing all the time. VERY frustrating!

Rosella Oakwood, VA

Like another bottle better.

The product is exactly as it’s supposed to be. However these bottles give my baby terrible gas. We prefer the dr browns bottles. It didn’t work for us, but I’m sure it’ll work great for a lot of other people

Constance Antler, ND

Good nipples

These were great nipples to just stick on the small bottles I was pumping into while I was having to supplement y daughter’s nursing.

Morgan Oakley, CA

Not bad, not terrific

I liked these at first and was using them with the medela bottles I use to pump, but my 2 month old was consistently collapsing the nipples (even the new ones). They also made him pretty gassy, so we switched to Dr. Brown’s. I do agree that the flow is a little fast for a slow flow nipple, but my baby didn’t seemed to be bothered. Would have kept using them if he didn’t have some gas issues and the nipples were sturdier since it was nice to use all medela bottles/nipples.

Lakisha Staples, MN

Love it

Love medela products! Never had a problem. Also, many have told me if you do have a problem, medela will fix it! Butyou do have to buy the collars separately and the cheapest I’ve found to do that is directly from medela.

Chandra Bethany, MO

Love slow-flow

We needed some low flow nipples to help with nipple confusion and making the breast preferable for my daughter. these worked great.

Bessie Willard, MO

Improvement needed

We had received a large stash of medium flow ones at a baby shower. Had NO clue that they were problematic for a newborn and BOY was that fun seeing a little one suck down a bottle, and then vomit it up because it hit her stomach so fast. 🙁 Not fun for a new mom. With that said, we went out and got the slow flow. They are noticeably better. However, for those of you with 2 kids of different ages, there is NO way to determine the different size of these. You better have the best vision in the world, as its hardly visible on the underside of the nipple. Anyhow, they do work and don’t collapse on itself, nor do they leak. Overall a “good” middle of the road, reliable nipple. But when you pay a ton of money on a pump, you would think that Medela would figure out a great nipple system that is inexpensive-ish. And no I don’t recommend the Calma nipple either. It is EXPENSIVE and lets a ton of air right into the bottle and is a b- to assemble. Don’t even expect grandparents to want to use it. Honestly I recommend the Tommee Tippee nipples. My husband cannot seem to figure those out as they sometimes collapse or confuse our daughter, but I have no problem with them except that I would love way to pump with my Medela right into the TT bottles.

Marion Center Rutland, VT


Works exactly like you would think. We love using the medela bottles and will continue to do so as long as we need.

Dorothea Edgewater, WI

who doesn’t like nipples?

I’ve had to replace the nipples once during my babies 4 months of use. Medela is a great product overall.

Laurie Azle, TX