Medela Breast Milk Feeding Gift Set

Medela Breast Milk Feeding Gift Set

The Medela Breast milk Feeding Gift Set is the perfect selection of Medela products for mom to collect, store and feed breast milk. Polypropylene breast milk bottles are made without BPA, designed to retain breast milk’s beneficial properties. Compatible with all Medela breast pumps, so you can pump, store and feed with one container. Great for long term storage. Dishwasher safe. Measure the exact amount of milk you’re pumping with the colorful ounce and millimeter markers. Breast milk Freezing and Storage Containers and Lids for easy collection, storage, and feeding of breast milk. Ideal size for feeding, storing and freezing small amounts of pumped breast milk. Compatible with Medela breast pumps except Single Deluxe breast pump. Volume marks for easy measurement of pumped breast milk. Screw on lids provide leak proof storage, travel and freezing. Pump and Save Breast milk Bags save you time and allow for fast, easy breast milk storage. Save time pump directly into bag; Compatible with all Medela breast pumps adapters connect directly to breast shields; No leak, easy to close zipper top; No spill, stand up bottom, perfect for fridge or freezer, protective oxygen barrier. What’s included: (3) 5 ounce/150 mL breast milk bottles with slow flow nipples, lids, collars and travel caps; (6) 2.7 ounce/80 mL breast milk bottles and lids; (20) 5 ounce/150 mL Pump and Save breast milk bags; (2) Easy connect adapters. All Medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are and always have been made without BPA.

Main features

  • Compatible with all medela breast pumps, so you can pump, store and feed with one container
  • Great for long term storage
  • Dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Tips to make bottle-feeding super easy, from a mom of twins

With twins and serious sleep deprivation, I nedded bottles that were simple to use and easy to clean. The Medela Breastmilk Feeding Set is excellent and BPA-free. The set works for both newborns and older babies, as it comes with three 4-oz bottles and six 2-oz breastmilk storage bottles that you can put nipples on too.I bought two sets for our baby twins, as they worked well with my oldest child. With him, I made the mistake of buying enough bottles to last me the whole day, but I found that if you leave the bottles dirty and let them accumulate it becomes harder to hand wash them as the formula thickens and becomes very sticky (at least fill them with water). I found that if you keep just three bottles on hand per child, you’ll be washing more often but it will be less of a chore that doing a ton all at once (unless you use the dishwasher). Make sure you don’t screw the nipple/ ring on too tight – if you see the nipple collapse or your baby pausing a lot, there’s a vacuum in the bottle – just loosen it a tad.For washing, we like anPhilips AVENT BPA-Free Bottle BrushandPalmolive Ultra Pure and Clear Dish Liquid, 25 Ounce (Pack of 2)which is gentle to your hands and easy to rinse. Dawn will wreck your hands from the frequent washings, as will Method because of its high Sodium Lauryl Sulfate content. It takes about a minute to clean 1-2 bottles.We used theMedela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bagsto sterilize – you can put four 4 oz. bottles or six 2 oz. ones plus nipples, add 2 oz. of water, and put on high for 3 minutes. Pour out the hot water through the vent before opening. Each bag lasts for 20 cleanings and there are 5 in the box, so it’s 100 cleanings/box. Not too bad and super easy.To dry, you can use a drying rack such as theMunchkin Deluxe Drying RackAn easier option, keep a roll of paper towels in your kitchen and tear out about 18 -24 inches, and place bottles / nipples on it. Replace this each day (I clean the counter off each night with Lysol wipes before putting down a clean paper towel).After you steam the bottles and nipples, let them cool a bit inside the bag, then (with clean hands) place the assembled nipple & ring on the paper towel and then place the sterilized baby bottle over it to cover it, pressing down – it will seal completely, keeping the nipple and bottle clean and free of any potential contaminants until you use it. It’s Ok if the bottles are still wet inside as they’ve been sterilized, just make sure to use them that day (if longer, air dry them before putting on the nipples).For water, check your town’s water report. In our area, lead levels are within recommended limits for adults but not necessarily children (your report will say this). Some local wells contain uranium. Boiling the water will not remove the lead and regular bottled water may be from a municipal source. We use Gerber water (blue lid) or Nursery water (pink lid), found at CVS, Walgreens, Shoprite & Target, next to the formula. It’s not too expensive and it will give you peace of mind. For outings, we use Poland Spring water in the diaper bag (bought at Costco or Staples). We alternate fluorinated (blue lid) and non-fluorinated water (pink lid) as the jury’s out on whether or not fluoride is OK at this age.Talk to your children’s pediatrician as to when you can start using powder formula, as this isn’t sterilized (with some formulas like Enfacare for preemies, you don’t have a choice). If you decide to continue with liquid formula, you could trySimilac Advance Early Shield Infant Formula with Iron, Ready to Feed, 8-Fluid Ounces (Pack of 24). The best source is Amazon — keep an eye out to see if it goes on their Subscribe & Save program — it used to be on it. With twins, each Simila bottle will give us enough for two 4 oz. baby bottles or two 2-oz bottles at room temp and then another two 2-oz bottles (warm them in a cup a hot water for a few minutes).You can but extraMedela Breastmilk Bottle Spare PartsandMedela Slow Flow Wide Base Nipple, 3pk. Medium flow nipples are also available.You can also try the quart size liquid formula. If having it refrigerated and warming it up with each feeding is not an issue, then it’s a good option – we actually put a small fridge in the nursery as I couldn’t use stairs much after my c-section. They’re inexpensive and very useful.Always follow instructions regarding how long formula is good for – label the bottle with packing tape and a sharpie, with date and time. It’s usually an hour after they start drinking from it, but don’t rely on your memory – with sleep deprivation is easy to forget or mix up bottles. Unused liquid formula usually keeps up to 48 hours in the refrigerator, and powder formula, for a month after being opened.Mixing formula – best with water at room temperature, just follow instructions and swish the bottle around a bit. If you wait a couple of minutes any air bubbles usually subside. Don’t bother to warm it up – it’s one habit a baby doesn’t need to get, unless it’s to take the chill off refrigerated formula. This worked better for us than mixers, jugs, etc. we used for our first child but as always, every parent is different and you might prefer another method.In any case, this is the solution we found as I found it hard to clean all the parts and straws in other bottles. I still use them and my babies are turning one.Lastly, don’t forget to register for Amazon mom – it’s free, gets you free shipping and huge discounts on baby supplies.

Stephanie Kennesaw, GA

feeding set

Our son was recently admitted to the hospital for extremely high bilirubin results. While in hospital I had to pump since he couldn’t be removed from the phototherapy he was getting. The hospital gave us storage containers and bottles so I haven’t opened this yet since they say it can’t be returned once opened.

Regina Spruce, MI

The best bottles! Good shipping, came fast!

Love the new style of bottles. The old style are good too…Good to know before buying:before 2009 Medela baby bottles took the “old style” “skinny base” nipples. The nipples with the correct Collar will fit *ANY* Medila bottle. (**** You just have to have to correct collar/ nipple combination****) the yellow lids also only fit the “old style nipples and collars.** AGAIN- These collars on these bottles WILL fit ANY Midela bottle, Assuming you match the right nipple with the right collar.

Miranda Townsend, DE

Great for milk storage, not for the bottles

I bought this to complement my Medela Pump in Style. My son took the bottles fine at first but as his appetite grew (about 1 month old), these bottles made him burp and spit up like crazy. The nipples collapse and he was just getting too much air. We now just use this set for the pump and storing which works fine for us. Maybe he will use the nipples again when he gets a little older and doesnt need to be burped.

Kasey Davis Wharf, VA


GREAT value for the product. Much cheaper than in the stores. Helped me out when I had to nurse and bottle feed at the same time.

Kelly Murrayville, IL

Everything you need for breastmilk storage

This comes with everything you need for breastmilk storage, especially if you have a Medela pump. I have the Medela Pump In Style Advanced and I love this set. I am a stay-at-home mom, but I still like to store extra breast milk to use if needed. I love that there are small bottles to pump into when I just need to give my baby a small amount (probably best for the infant phase). The bags are great because you can pump right into the bag, which makes my life so much easier. I don’t anticipate needing more bags, but if you are going back to work, you might need more. The bottles are great and my baby took them no problem and they don’t seem to cause a lot of gas. This is a great starter set to try out all the Medela feeding things. Love this set!

Stephanie Bellingham, MN

Medela supplies great for NICU mom

Our daughter arrived almost 12 weeks early and weighed less than 2 pounds at birth, so right away we knew that we were in for a long haul in the NICU. Fortunately, I was able to pump breast milk for her. This gift set really came in handy once I went back to work while my daughter was still in the NICU. I agree with other reviews that the milk storage bags did not work well at all, but between the kit supplies and Lansinoh storage bags, I came up with a pretty good system that allowed me to transport my milk back and forth for close to 3 months.Now that our daughter is home and I still need to pump, this gift set as been a huge help. The slow flow nipples are exactly what our daughter needs right now and the shape of the nipples made it easy to transition from the disposable bottle nipples the hospital provided. The bottle sizes are exactly what our daughter needs right now as we slowly increase the amount of her feeds. The bottles and bottle parts are easy to clean and I would recommend them to everyone looking for a good transitional nipple, especially coming fromt the NICU.

Hallie Hollandale, WI

This kit really got me comfortable and let me know what I needed more of …

I purchased this for myself not knowing exactly what I would need when I started breastfeeding and pumping. This kit really got me comfortable and let me know what I needed more of and what could use switching. The bottles were awesome for the beginning but I ended up choosing others the storage bags were awesome!! So awesome for a new clueless mom who is figuring it out on her own (first out of my friends to have a baby!)

Deirdre Roanoke, TX

Great for Breastfeeding Mommies

Great kit for all the breastfeeding mommies since this does attach straight to the pump! I used these a lot when going back to work, and the bags I would freeze straight! 🙂 Must have for those who plan to breastfeed!

Kendra Belcher, LA

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Best invention EVER

I had chosen these to put on my registry and am SOOO glad I got them! I pump straight into the tubes and either attach the nipple to it to feed right away or store it in the fridge or freezer. They’re super easy to clean, I don’t have to transfer the milk… EVER. My baby is only 6 weeks and only drinks 2 oz. at a time so I haven’t needed to use the bottles yet. But I love the whole medela system! So convenient how everything fits perfect!

Elisa Newcastle, ME

Great value and product

I have loved the Medela brand products. They are easy to use, hold up well to every day use, and I trust the brand. For this gift set, we received one as a gift, and actually purchased a second set because we liked it so much. It is a really great deal if you are pumping and storing because the freezer bags are included, plus the set includes the caps, nipples, rings, etc. so you do not have to purchase them separately. I would highly recommend this set – especially for pumping moms!

Mina Capshaw, AL


This will be my best friend I have to imagine. My baby is due any day so I haven’t used it yet, but I will be going back to work after 3 months and will be pumping so these things will be a MUST for my baby and I!

Molly South Pasadena, CA

great buy

found these for a great price so i scooped them up and it has a lot of the essentials in one kit.

Latasha Stockholm, ME


Fantastic for all pumping/storing needs, works awesome with my Medela Swing, haven’t tried the bottle nipples yet but my daughter was NOT a fan of the ‘calma’ nipples so I hope she likes these ones better.

Sonia Fisher, WV

Very Handy

Exactly what you need in the quantity that you need it to handle pumping with a Medela pump. The bottle are pretty good, though I use this Playtex colic-reduction bottle more.

Martha Paducah, TX

I Love Medela! 😉

Just what I needed to start pumping and storing my milk. 😉 I used Medela bottles and a Medela manual pump when #2 was born in September 2005. So when #3 was born in November 2013, I didn’t hesitate to order this. 😉

Aurora Weaverville, CA

Good starter set

Nice basic starter set. Has just the right amount of bottles for a new baby and decent extras. Just what I needed.

Jeanne Stendal, IN

Great kit

If you are pumping, storing and feeding frequently this is the perfect kit and much nicer than non- Medela brands. It’s worth the price.

Odessa Winterville, MS

Must have for starting pumping!

This gift set contains everything you need (minus the pump!) for starting out pumping and storing, The smaller bottles were useful when we first started out but now at 6weeks pp they don’t hold enough for my supply and baby’s needs, but for the price i paid it was excellent value just for the freezer bags, the bigger bottles and the nipples. It is nice to be able to just pump straight into the bag for freezing. The bottles and nipples don’t have any fancy venting system but my newborn takes to them just fine, my husband gives her one bottle of pumped milk each day and she switches back and forth from the breast to this bottle no problems. We did try out some other brands but feel these bottles actually work best as they seem to be slower flow. The nipple cap is not designed to prevent leakage, so if we have to take a bottle out we use the lids and we carry the nipples in a baggy.

Tasha Omar, WV

Good quality item

Good quality item, indicating brings photo. I highly recommend it, for the price it is a very good bargain :).

Deena Honey Grove, TX

breast milk storage containers are too small.

I pump about 4 oz per feeding so it doesn’t really work for the plastic containers. And the slow flow nipples are sucky! They choke my baby and make hr throw up, they are not slow flow at all.

Latasha Chacon, NM

Glad I Purchased

Had no idea how many bottles I would need, and this set is the perfect compliment to a breast pump for the nursing mom…in fact they should be sold together! Good value for money.

Ann Reliance, TN

Great for Pumping, Storing and Feeding

Bought these because I wanted to be able to pump and bottle feed my infant as well as breastfeed. The 5oz bottles fit both the Medela Pump in Style and Lansinoh breast pumps making pumping and storing easy. Now that I’ve returned to work, and pump while I’m there, it is convenient to put on the storage cap and drop the bottle right into my cooler bag. The nipples that came with the set are her favorite too. Definitely recommend this for anyone planning to pump and feed.

Alison High Springs, FL

just as describet, lots of different bottles

just as describet, lots of different bottles, very useful for storing milk in the fridge as well as for having bottles to take on a trip

Bernadette Danbury, CT

Bottles are poor quality!

I purchased this set to go with my Medela Breast Pump. Every time I fed my baby the nipple on the bottle turned inside out! I had to keep stopping and popping it back out. I finally gave up and bought a set of Avent bottles which I love!I do like the storage bags well enough but I would buy them separately.

Jewell Branchport, NY

Excellent feeding set

This is a great starter feeding set that goes with many of the Medela breast pump systems. I would recommend this to any first time parents and it makes a great shower gift. It’s nice because it lets you test out a few bags and containers to see what works best for breast milk storage for you, and also comes with some starter bottles etc and other supplies, perfect for getting you started with a Medela system.

Tabitha Worthington, IA

The perfect compliment to my Medela

I recieved a Medela pump at my shower and needed to get accessory items for it. This kit had EVERYTHING I needed. Not to much or to little. Just right!

Avis Rutherford, CA

Wish it came with more nipples and rings

This is a nice set, it has served us well. I haven’t tried the storage bags yet, but love the 2.5 ounce containers. They are perfect for my output right now (and seeing a full container come off the pump is a morale booster in the early months). The nipples were a bit fast flowing for my newborn at first. We used dr. Brown’s premie nipples instead which fit well enough, but not perfect, and kept him from sucking down a bottle in minutes or chocking and spitting up milk. The nipples that come with this set are prone to collapse, but we have found if you don’t over tighten them they work better.

Letha Lanark, IL

Storage bottles are the best part of this set

On the whole, this is a helpful set; it let me dip a toe into what bottles and storage systems would work best for my family as I began pumping and supplementing. The best thing about the set is the 80 ml storage bottles– we LOVE those. The bags are ok, and I will use them up because they came with the set, but the bottles are so great, we ordered another two dozen to have for storage and won’t order more of the bags. The feeding bottles are okay, but I had to switch to a different bottle system because even this ultra slow flow newborn system was not slow enough for my girl.

Ursula Yamhill, OR

Always good products

Needed this to replace my first set, for second baby. Medela makes good quality products, you can’t go wrong with this. It even included a free cap to try out, one that twists to allow you put the day of the week and time you pumped.

Allene Kennedale, TX