Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set, 5 Ounce, 3 Count

Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set, 5 Ounce, 3 Count

Pump, store, and serve breastmilk, all using a single container! These bottles – which work beautifully with all Medela breast pumps – are designed for long-term milk storage. Even in the freezer, they’ll retain your breastmilk’s beneficial properties. The wide-base silicone nipples are designed to appeal to breastfed babies; includes storage lids, collars, and travel caps, too. Choose 5 oz. with slow flow nipples (for newborns-4 months) or 8 oz. with medium flow nipples (for babies 4-12 months). Dishwasher and microwave safe. Protects breast milk from air and moisture; store in the freezer or refrigerator Polypropylene bottles feature colorful, easy-to-read volume marks Dishwasher safe, or you can sterilize them in Medela’s Quick Clean™ Micro Steam™ bagsBPA Free

Main features

  • Compatible with all Medela breastpumps, so you can pump, store and feed with one container
  • Great for long term storage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measure the exact amount of milk you’re pumping with the colorful ounce and millimeter markers
  • Made without BPA

Verified reviews


my baby chose this one, yours may not

really this is going to be your baby’s decision. you can try and try but they will eat out of what they want.That said I think if you have a Medela breast pump these are a great place to start because they come free with the pump. That way you can try out a bottle without investing money in it. If it works great! If it doesn’t you haven’t wasted any money experimenting.I started with an Adiri bottle because it was pretty and fancy and vented and shaped like a boob and I thought it would be perfect for my baby. He didn’t agree. When I broke this one out in desperation (I had it stashed in the closet thinking it couldn’t be as good because it wasn’t all fancy and vented and blah blah blah) he suddenly started taking the bottle.The lack of venting hasn’t been a problem but I’m not convinced that venting isn’t just a great advertising gimmick for many people. Tiny babies spit up all the time. My baby spit up after every feeding from the breast for a month and a half. His tummy was just maturing and that is how is body was. I guess if your baby is colicky then by all means try everything you can to help them. But if your baby is just spitty and happy then they are probably just that way.Anyway, my baby likes this bottle so far and we were able to return the Adiri for this set of three (which I bought somewhere else for 17 dollars….). I’m not going to invest in them much more because I’m worried he might change his mind again (he takes bottles no more than once a day so the three I bought plus the two that came with the breast pump meet all our storage/feeding needs).

Vivian Frankenmuth, MI

Love that these are plastic!

Was so happy to find 8oz medela bottles that are not glass! These work great for my 7 month old. Very similar to the 5oz medela bottle. The nipples, nipple caps, and storage caps can be used on either the 5 or 8 oz bottles.

Christie Angela, MT

Convenient and bi-phenol A free

These are convenient to use because they screw right onto the Medela pump. I have 2 packs of them. My son likes these bottles/ nipples just fine for feeding. Also, I like that the bottles are made from Bisphenol-A free plastic. Overall, I am very pleased – just as I am with all of the other Medela products I have purchased (bottles, pump, wipes, sleeping bra).

Lourdes Occoquan, VA

Great bottles! good seller!

These are the New style Wide base nipples and Wide base nipple collars. These WILL fit ANY Midela bottle, Assuming you match the right nipple with the right collar. Only the clear lids fit these bottles.Bottles work great! any bottle any nipple combination, no leaks!I love them!INFO: before 2009 Medela baby bottles took the “old style” “skinny base” nipples. The nipples with the correct Collar will fit *ANY* Medila bottle. (**** You just have to have to correct collar/ nipple combination****) the yellow lids also only fit the “old style nipples and collars.**If your looking for the old style nipples than this is not what you are looking for.*[I heard] If you have the “old kind and buy new nipples; call Medela and they will send you “new” collars for the wide base nipples free.

Amparo Conifer, CO

I like Medela products but…

they are expensive. I use the medela baby bottles, nipples and breast pump. Reliable, bpa-free and haven’t had any issues with leakage etc.BUT if you are on a budget and need more bottles to feed or for your pump, the Ameda brand bottles fit Medela nipples and Medela pump in style breast pump. They are a lot cheaper than Medela and are also BPA-free.

Lilian Stephenson, WV

Doesn’t live up to its reputation

With a name like Medela Breastmilk Feeding and Storage Set, you would think this was a) well designed and b) designed with the thought of delivering (a precious and limited supply of) breast milk to a baby without deleterious effects. Not in this case.Don’t get me wrong, it has some definite positives. It is BPA free (note: so is glass and glass tends to have fewer issues with residual mold release agent than any polymeric bottle). The ink adheres well and the graduations are clear. But it also has some needless negatives. My biggest complaint is that it is stylishly designed to bow out below the nipple. The practical implication of that is, when Dad is left with a limited amount of breast milk to dispense while Mom is out, a good ounce of it is inaccessible in this large belly — unless you put baby on her back and hold the bottle vertical (which is warned against by the baby books as a horizontal baby is likely to get milk in its Eustachian tubes leading to ear infections). Dad’s next thought was to see if he could bend the nipple to get the bottle and baby more upright. Bad idea: this nipple goes into free flow faster than old fashioned rubber nipples. These bottles are lighter and less likely to break if dropped than glass, but the old fashioned glass/rubber nipple system works better (and the glass bottles are included in the pack of premixed formula that you buy when you run out of breast milk).

Allene Belcourt, ND

We love these bottles!

These have been the easiest for us to use on out breastfed baby. Nipple is comparable to the actual breast, super soft and flow isn’t too fast. Love them!

Mildred Hillsdale, IN

nice product–i use it for mix and storage only

Very nice for mixing milk and storing. Don;t use it to feed baby though it may cause choking. The sides of nipple sticks together when in the mouth and baby chokes due to sudden stop of milk. Close it very tightly when preparing formula.

Marguerite Harrisburg, OH

another trick for new moms to navigate around

Medela is a company that promotes breastfeeding…or at least I would assume that, based on their major products being breast pumps.Breast fed babies rarely need to eat more than 4 oz at one time, so why make 8 oz bottles?! I bought this set before I really understood that, and promptly returned them. The bottles themselves were fine, except that I should never need to buy them anyway.

Zelma Harper, KS

Good for the collection.

For a baby bottle collection, so it isn’t going to have to do much but sit on the shelf with this decade’s models of bottles. Works for that, and looks like it would work quite well if it actually were put to use 🙂

Maude Hartstown, PA


My baby is occasionally fed a bottle of breastmilk, so we decided to go with the same brand as the pump I have. They are a standard ring size, which fits my pump- but they’re just meh. We have recently switched to an angled ‘airflow’ bottle and have much better results. These are just ok. I still use them to pump into then transfer the milk to freezer bags.

Chelsea North Tazewell, VA

Poor Quailty

My 3 1/2 month old baby has been feeding from bottles since he was two weeks old. Since I pump breast milk, I thought this product would save time and dishes since he can feed right from the bottle I am pumping into. Well I contacted Medela yesterday to complain that the nipples were collapsing in his mouth and I have to pull them out of his mouth every few seconds to fill them back up with milk. I was told I didn’t screw the cap on correctly. Since I have been using Born Free and Dr. Brown’s bottles for months now, and I am still trying to use these Medela nipples and having difficulty, I am confident the problem is not that I can’t screw a cap/nipple on correctly. I am incredibly disappointed in the quality of this product as well as the customer service I received. I will go back to pumping my milk, then pouring it into a Born Free or Dr. Brown’s bottle.

Myra Phoenix, OR

I love the dark numbers on the side!

Since I started working again I had to pump my milk. I have used the Lansinoh bags so far (and those work great by the way!) but the idea of transferring the milk for the bottles to the bags and then back to the bottle for feeding my baby was something I started thinking was taking too much time (wash the bottles every time, danger of lose the milk with all these transfers, and more risks of contamination) and producing too much waist.I just got these bottles. I LOVE the fact they have NUMBERS WRITTEN IN DARK characters so that while you pump you can see where the level of the milk is. Also they come with a cute cap each and with a slow flow nipple and its own cap…each. So you have three complete sets of bottle+cap+slow flow nipple+nipple cap.They come in a nice box so you can also give them as a present to a future working mom. She might not realize it now but she will use them a lot.

Sonya Mount Gilead, OH

Very high quality

We’ve used these bottles for literally 15 months – the same bottles and the same nipples. They look brand new and are still in excellent condition.

Keri Northville, MI

Great bottle for supplementing low milk supply

Have been breastfeeding and supplementing formula using these bottles and Playtex Original Nursers for about a year because of low milk supply. Our son obviously prefers these bottles over the Playtex and would only drink for the Medela bottles for a while. We use these at home and the Playtex for daycare as these don’t stack. Tried the Avent and Tommy Tippee Toe but they flowed way too fast and made him choke. He doesn’t have nipple confusion and he still likes nursing. I delayed switching to the medium flow nipples until after he was six months old though and we are still using the medium flow at one year. He can’t quite drink well from a cup yet, so we may shift to the fast flow soon. (Want to avoid “sippy” cups for dental reasons. Like the Avent Natural Cup.)We actually started him out on the Medela Calma before they were available in the US to correct his latch and biting. We switch to these as he progressed because they are easier to clean and assemble. These actually hold up to 6oz though it isn’t marked, so we haven’t had to buy the 8oz. bottles. The markings are very accurate, so you can add formula and just fill to appropriate marker. I went through and verified all of my bottles at the 2 oz.markings in the beginning and they were spot on. Found it helps to rinse them with _hot_ water after using them, especially the nipples and especially if you are tossing them in the dishwasher. Works well for storing both breast milk and formula and connects well to Pump In Style and Symphony breast pumps. The cap is leakproof which is important once you switch up to medium flow nipples.::posted by Rob’s wife

Ollie South Pomfret, VT

Love the Compatibility with the Breast Pumps.

I bought this set mostly for the extra storage bottles and nixed the nipples that it came with. The compatibility of these bottles to the breast pump greatly increased their value to me for a number of reasons. One can pump directly into the bottle, cap, and store in the fridge. One can also use these storage bottles when mixing and/or storing formula as well since they’re marked in ounces and milliliters. They aren’t leak-proof, but when are you likely to store bottle upside-down or on their side?

Janice Tiplersville, MS

nipples collapse

i love my medela hand pump and bought these for the obvious solution of having a matched set, but they are just ok. the bottles themselves are fine, but the nipple and ring create a weird vacuum. i need to pull the bottle from baby’s mouth every few seconds to break the seal and keep the nipple from collapsing. i thought it might be a slow flow issue and bought the medium flow but that didn’t help anything. i still use them because it’s not awful, but it is just one more thing in the life of a twin mom.

Millicent Carlisle, IA

Favorite Bottles

I had a Medela swing pump for the the first 15 months of my daughter’s life. It finally died but up until then I was very impressed by Medela’s products. I really like this set. It is a bit costly but the product lasts and comes with nipples and lids for pumping. It was so great to have both options. Sometimes I pumped straight into the bottle she would have when I went to work. Other times I would pump and save milk while at work.The only thing I dislike about the bottles is after the first cleaning they always have spots on them. The product has a good lifetime and the nipples do not discolor or crack.I highly recommend these bottles as my exclusively breastfed baby preferred them over any other brand.

Lillian Wallops Island, VA

Very nice.

Very nice and convenient to pump directly into if need be or to store after pumping. I use different brand bottles for feeding so I cannot comment on the nipples, etc. I only use these for storage in the fridge or freezer along with the medela tray and the labeling lids. If you decide to use these in the freezer, do not overfill them or the lids/bottles my get damaged. Very, very pleased with them. Before you throw these in the dishwasher, it’s best to quickly wash them with a bottle brush or you might be left with a white film on the inside of the bottles when they come out of the dishwasher.

Anita Opa Locka, FL

Dependable Medela Quality!

After doing some research on Amazon and reading about other bottle sets leaving buyer less than happy, I purchased this 5 oz bottle set and am very glad to say that it meets and exceeds my expectations on quality, safety and performance.We use them to store and warm up breast milk for our son and the bottles, rings, nipples and caps are all made to meet very high quality standards. I warm them up in a bottle warmer (Kozi) and have not experienced any bending or softening or losing shape. The seal is very secure and can be loosened to speed up the flow of milk. The cap secures the nipple and keeps it clean for when we go on a walk. The markings are easy to read and we couldn’t be happier with how well these bottles have worked out so far. I have also sterilized them in the microwave sterilizer (not on the stovetop) and that seems to suffice as far as keeping them clean and safe.

Kathrine Moorcroft, WY


I wish I had purchased these with my first child! I finally gave in and bought a set this time around, since I hate having to stop pumping and empty the smaller collection bottles. It’s very convenient to use when a babysitter comes over- no confusing instructions on how to prepare a bottle! Will recommend to all!

Desiree San Augustine, TX

Cheaper than Target and good quality!

Better pricing than Target and good quality bottles and nipples. Love that these bottle also serve as storage and fit on my Medela pump! Working moms you’ll appreciate the convenience of these bottles.

Rachelle Chancellor, AL

Very good

I have a Medela breast pump, and this feeding and storage set is so helpful and easy to use!

Marianne Highwood, MT

Good product though didn’t receive the ones as pictured.

Very nice bottle set though they were not as pictured. I received the older style but they are the same size and I didn’t want to take the time to exchange them for the bottles that are pictured even though I liked that design better. What counted was the bottles themselves and the need for the bigger size so overall happy with them.

Christian Montrose, NY

I have not

come across a Medela product that I do not like. These bottles hold up well, and they are easy to clean. They are compatible with all of the pumping accessories that go along with the Medela pump.

Carey Camp Sherman, OR

Bottles are great, nipples and rings are just so so

I love the bottles. I really do. They are easy to clean. However, the nipples and rings seemed to have a problem with leaking out quite often. We actually replaced the nipples and rings to fix the problem.

Patricia Sanderson, TX


Like Medela very much. Very easy to hold bottle. Sterilizes without any harm to bottle. I have a pump too. Medela pump was is working non stop for seven month.

Stella Longmeadow, MA

Better value than Target

Saw the set in target, it costed almost $5 more so that’s why I brought it from Amazon since I have prime membership, and I wasn’t in a hurry, and was purchasing other items from Amazon as well. I prefer Medela bottles only because they are what we have used from the beginning, and I have a Medela freestyle breast pump, and they are easy for pumping and storing breast milk for me.

Ursula Newman Grove, NE

Good for using with the medela pump…

I chose these bottles since they attach to the medela pump (but later learned that many others including Dr. Brown – which I like much more – do as well). They do the job for pumping, but when my baby drinks from them he ends up collapsing the nipple frequently and spilling a ton of milk so I don’t think they are the best all around choice.

Ava Peace Valley, MO

great bpa free bottle

I love the larger size of these bottles. They screw right onto my medela hand pump and can easily be stored for later use. These bottles are BPA free. It surprised me how flexible the plastic was on these bottles compared to the bottles that I used for my first son, but they are still durable. My 8 oz bottles came with medium flow nipples which were a bit to fast for my 4 month old but we just bought some slow flow nipples to switch out and it works wonderfully. He eats like a champ from these bottles and we haven’t had any issues going between breast feeding and using these bottles.

Ila Watauga, TN