Medela Breastmilk Bottle Spare Parts

Medela Breastmilk Bottle Spare Parts

Medela breast milk bottle spare parts ensure you have clean bottles and accessories handy at all times. Convenient mesh bag for cleaning bottle parts in the dishwasher and keeping them together. Collars, discs and solid lids are perfect for long term breast milk storage. Travel cap keeps nipple clean, great for travel. Made without BPA safe for mom and baby. All Medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are and always have been made without BPA. .

Main features

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  • Compatible with Medela breast milk bottles and wide base nipples
  • Convenient mesh bag for cleaning bottle parts in the dishwasher and keeping them together
  • Includes three sets of travel caps, collars, discs and solid lids
  • Made without BPA

Verified reviews


Only $3 less than the entire bottle set

Initially I thought this was a wonderful idea, until I realized this spare parts set is only three dollars less than the full set with bottles included. Medela really needs to sell the collars alone for a lower price – the wide-necked ones are the first thing to break when baby drops his bottle. I don’t want to have to pay $13 or $16 dollars every time I need more collars, it’s ridiculous. Other brands use standard collars which are very inexpensive by comparison.

Jeanine Saluda, VA

A must have

We go through a lot of bottles at daycare and sometimes parts never make their way home. These spare parts were exactly what needed to make sure I could keep using all the bottles. I consider this a must have for mothers sending medela bottles to daycare on a regular basis. Or if your dog sometimes gets to the bottle, which has happened to me several times also.

Earnestine Ormond Beach, FL

Useful item to have.

I bought these to go with some medela nipples I bought at target. Target didn’t sell extra accessories. They are exactly as described and it it very helpful to have extra lids for bottles to store. I use these with evenflo glass bottles from target and they fit perfectly. The only reason for 4 stars is that it is a little pricey for spare parts, but all baby stuff is expensive.

Bethany Comfort, NC

Reasonably priced

We purchased this specifically for the nipple rings and covers because we purchased extra nipples for the storage bottles but couldn’t use them to feed our son. I just wished they sold the nipple rings and covers separately instead of including it with a package. I’m sure the extra caps and disks will come handy some day. Nonetheless, the set was reasonably priced unlike many of the Medela products on the shelf.

Jesse Quincy, MI

Exactly as described

I do love having the extra parts, and they all fit perfectly with my Medela bottles. However, I did discover inadvertently that you cannot put the bag into the microwavable steam bag to sanitize. We placed the spare parts in the mesh bag, put the mesh bag in the microwave bag, and turned it on. The plastic parts of the mesh bag completely melted.Otherwise, this is great.

Morgan Rosemount, MN

Just what I needed for daycare!

So unfortunately I had to put my 2 month old in full time care and they do not prepare bottles, so I have to have enough bottles with nipples on them for him to take. Originally I only had 3 collars and I needed extra ones. This was perfect. He drinks out of the medela storage tubes still so I didn’t need the bottles. This is a perfect set of extras.. I’m buying another set.

Leona Overgaard, AZ

Good accessories

These are a good amount of extra parts for the price. Overall good value and good for storage. I would recommend.

Dorothy Smoaks, SC

Replacement for broken lids

This was exactly what I needed to replace some of the solid lids where I’ve dropped full bottles of milk and only broke the lids.

Tracey Wilmington, IL

Just what I needed

I needed more rings (my pump only came with one) and bottle caps for storage. This pack met multiple needs.

Corina Prairieton, IN

Exactly what I need

I have ordered this product twice, because it is exactly what I need. I wanted just enough to get me started with pumping and my new baby. Every part is useful. The parts are also very sturdy and will last a long time. I recommend this product.

Toni Cornell, IL


It has been useful to have spare bottle parts. One of my original caps recently cracked, and I was happy I had a backup. I also really like the mesh bag these parts came in. Unfortunately, my baby will not drink breastmilk from Medela bottles. However, she is very, very picky about bottles.

Rose Isabela, PR

What I ordered

What can you say? I needed these parts, because between daycare and home I’m always misplacing these small items. The little mesh bag comes with, so you can toss them in the dish washer.

Helena Gibsonia, PA

The medium flow nipples are great for cereal-thickened formula but . . .

I wish that I had just bought the set of 3 Medela 8 oz. bottles instead since those came with 3 medium flow nipples (the part that we needed for the Medela 5 oz. bottles that we had), and we ended up needing the larger bottles a couple of months later anyway.The medium flow nipples have been great since we started adding a little Gerber oatmeal to our baby’s last night time bottle (at about 6 months). The Avent natural nipples and bottles that we had loved up until that point didn’t have openings large enough to let the cereal-thickened formula through, but the Medela medium flow nipples have a larger single opening as opposed to just having more openings of the same size.

Dixie Mulliken, MI

Compatible with several other bottle brands

These tops can also be used on ameda, dr. browns, and evenflo bottles. There are probably other brands as well, but these are the ones I have that I have found to be interchangeable. I use them mostly with evenflo glass bottles.

Rosa Simpson, IL


Exactly what I needed to complete my very incomplete six-year-old medela kit.

Ophelia Martinsburg, NY

Very to have!

I love have extra parts!! It has made going anywhere so much easier. The package came really quick as well.

Jordan Rushsylvania, OH

Came in Handy

I bought this after I had trouble breastfeeding and needed more bottle parts to get by after coming home from the hospital. Just what it says they are. Fits onto regular bottles and storage vials as well. Perfect for moms using medela products already.My only complaint is that these should come with the pump or in a set with bottles and not separately.

Jewell Canajoharie, NY

Perfect, just what I needed

I have the Swing pump (read my review about how much I hate it) and it didn’t come with enough nipples, so this was a perfect addition.

Kathie Brady, NE


This kit is a little pricey when for a few dollars more you can get bottles with all these parts, but it is nice to have them on hand in case a bottle gets dropped & a collar busts.

Muriel Dupont, LA


This has all the pieces you loose! Caps, rings, bottle covers…who knows where they go! You WILL need this, trust me! And you WILL regret not getting it if you don’t buy it. If you pump, you go through caps like crazy!

Shelly Atlanta, IN

Great parts but useless since the nipples collapse

I love the idea of the spare parts set, BUT the nipples are another story. They collapse constantly, so my baby gets super frustrated. Guess that makes the spare parts kind of useless.

Alice Cochiti Lake, NM

Caps are so easily broken!

I hate that one drop can ruin the caps, and that my little one managed to break all of the ones that we had in such a short amount of time…just by nudging his bottle off of his high chair. I recommend trying different bottles so that replacement caps aren’t an issue at all.

Henrietta Jacksonville, NC

Very Useful

I was so glad to find these-I don’t know why it’s so hard to get extra rings. Very glad I bought them.

Elinor North Dighton, MA

Love the yellow caps and clear nipples

I love these nipples since they are clear and I can see any little bit of milk, smudge, dirt that may get on them and keep them clean. I do have a little trouble sometimes when they leak, not all do, and I can’t figure out why some leak.

Rosalinda Harvest, AL


Medela parts are good, i do wish they stayed the same size though. We had some smaller sizes and had to buy new ones to get the bigger "holes" for the new nipples.

Fannie Fairfax, MO

Essential for the working, breast feeding mom

These make life much easier — just pump, throw on a cap or nipple and go. I wish they sold the individual piece separately, but you will use everything in the set.

Chelsey Lubbock, TX

Overpriced, buy the bottle set

Buying this was ridiculous. Over priced items. Buying the 3 set of bottles is much more valuable. Would not recommend this item.

Samantha Osage, OK

Medela Spare parts

The product arrived quickly and nicely packaged. The items were true Medela parts and fit perfectly with my Medela bottles. I sterilized them and used them right away.

Taylor Abbeville, AL

A must if you have Medela’s bottles

If you have Medela’s bottles then you must buy spear parts, specially for the collars, since they break a lot.

Deana Ore City, TX

full package deal

I like the idea that it had a little of everything that we could possibly need. You don’t know how this has come in handy.

Juliette Port Trevorton, PA