Medela Breastmilk Collection and Storage Bottles 5oz

Medela Breastmilk Collection and Storage Bottles 5oz

These are brand new medela 150 ml pump and storage bottles. This design does not include the colorful medela design. The items come in singles and are not in retail packaging.

Main features

  • The light bottles are ideal for collecting, storing, transporting, freezing and feeding breastmilk.
  • 100% Bisphenol-A free materials – for the health of the babies
  • Can be used with all Medela Breastpumps
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe materials
  • These bottles do not have the color detail on them.

Verified reviews


bigger is not better

ordered 5oz bottles as pictured, received 8oz bottles. i don’t need 8 oz. i have a reason for needing 5oz. beyond annoying

Beatriz East Kingston, NH

pretty good deal

It is cheaper than Babies R Us, but the numbers on the bottles are difficult to read. Still, they are useful.

Opal Jordanville, NY

Decent bottles with non-contrast level marks, lids have to be screwed on carefully

I bought a set of these bottles to get me enough bottles to pump for a couple of days without having to re-package milk or do dishes and they work fine for that. The lids are NOT interchangeable with the 2.5 oz freezer tubes (will leak a bit if you shake), so be aware, and you have to tighten them down pretty hard. I also work to always keep the bottles upright after the first time one leaked for an hour in my pump bag.Also be aware that the ounce marks are not printed on, they are formed into the bottle and not terribly accurate. I end up weighing my bottles to get an accurate amount for freezing, though the other style with the printed on marks are about as bad and the Lasinoh bags are +/- 1/2 oz too.For what I’m using them for – pumping at work – they work fine, and its nice to have a bunch of them, but don’t expect accurate readable lines or to be able to store them sideways!

Deena Hillsville, VA

Awesome size bottle for an awesome price

These bottles are the perfect size for pumping at work and freezer storage. The cooler that comes with the Medela pumps is clealy designed for this size bottle. I wish I’d found these before wasting my money on the other options.In stores I’ve only been able to find the 2.5 oz freezer bottles, 5 oz bottles with nipples, or freezer bags. Don’t waste your money on these options-they are all way overpriced and not nearly as convenient! Here’s why:2.5 oz freezer bottles don’t fit well in the cooler that comes with the Medela pump and are too small to make a bottle. They are convenient for storing the couple oz I’ll mix with her cereal but I always need 2 to make a bottle. A few came with my pump and that is more than enough.5 oz bottles that come with the nipples are way overpriced. I use a different bottle to feed my child so it’s much cheaper to buy the ones without the nippes.The storage bags are terrible. Spilling is much more likely as they aren’t sealed while you’re pumping, it’s hard to tell how many oz are actually in there due to their flexibility, and they aren’t as thick as the bottles so I worry about freezer burn. Worse, they are very hard to pour since the zipper is at least an inch below the top of the bag. My daycare provider asked me to please not get them again. Also, they aren’t cheap!Bottom line: if you’re pumping and not using Medela bottles for feeding, these are as cheap and convenient as you’ll find. I wish my prefered bottle could work with my pump but since they don’t, these are the best option out there.

Jeri Vincentown, NJ

A must have for pumping mamas

These are great bottles at a great price for mommas who pump at work and such. Its nice to have extra bottles – means you wash dishes less!

Harriett Meadow Grove, NE

Good bottles

I use these bottles everyday with the Medela Symphony pump & they are great. I like that they are kind of small bottles & not so bulky like other types.

Ada Crandall, TX

Ounce markings are hard to read but they work fine

The ounce markings are hard to read. Also, these bottles feel flimsier than the “real” Medela ones. But for me, milk stays in these for a short while until being transferred to a freezer bag; I don’t use these to actually feed the baby. They’re fine, I’ve boiled them and they hold up fine. With the ten billion things you buy when you have a baby, you have to save money somewhere, this is as good a place as any.

Vickie Blue, AZ


To be fair to this product I am giving it three stars, as I have not been able to determine if it is the bottle itself or the nipple that make it leak. If you close it too tight, then I have to interrupt feeding consistently so that I can vent the bottle, if I unscrew it to vent, it leaks all over the place. For milk storage, it is a great product, especially because it is compatible with the breat pump attachments as well as the medela cooler. At the price I paid (less than $10) it is great value FOR STORAGE. For feeding find something else please.

Samantha Put In Bay, OH