Medela Breastmilk Storage and Feeding Set

Medela Breastmilk Storage and Feeding Set

Keep your breastmilk safe and fresh with this Medela Breastmilk Storage and Feeding Set. The 2-pc. storage lids keep milk fresh in the refrigerator or freezer while the air-tight solid lids minimize exposure to oxygen, making them great for long-term storage. Use the containers for storage, and attach the nipples for feedings. Large cap protects nipple from contamination, and can also be used for cup feeding. Use any Medela breastpump to pump directly into the container. Includes four 5-oz. breastmilk containers, 4 nipples and collars, 4 discs for short-term storage, 4 solid lids for long-term storage and 4 caps for traveling or cup feeding. Imported.

Main features

  • 2-pc. lids keep milk fresh in refrigerator or freezer
  • Air-tight solid lids are great for long-term storage
  • Use any Medelabreastpump to pump directly into the container
  • Nipple covers protect nipples from contamination
  • Complete storage and feeding system

Verified reviews


Where’s the ‘No Star’ rating?

I was very disappointed in this product. It was highly recommended by the hospital, so I bought TWO sets of these bottles before my baby was born. After breastfeeding for about four or more weeks, I tried to get her to take a bottle and she refused the Medela nipple. We also tried the Avent nipple and she didn’t like those, either. We finally ended up with the Playtex Premium. She only needed a small amount of coaxing to take those. Now she’s a pro! (Anyone need my Medela set????)

Alma Dryden, ME

Don’t Have this Product, but

I did not buy this, but I have the Medela Pump In Style. Thanks to those who mentioned that the Evenflo nipples would fit the bottles, but it’s the Evenflo Classic nipples that fit, not the Evenflo Elite nipples. Now I just need to find caps that would fit without having to buy this whole set.

Ginger Lockport, LA

Cheaper alternatives available.

The bottle quality isn’t great for the price. Dr. Brown’s bottles (the narrow ones) screw right into the Pump In Style. So you can pump and use, just as you would with these bottles. If you use regular bottles, the Evenflo set is 1/3 of the price and fits right in. Or you can buy Evenflo bottles without the nipples for $4.99 to pour into other brands of bottles. I use Dr. Brown’s – since those are pricey, when I use up all of those, I just use the Evenflo to store extra milk and pour it into the Dr. Brown’s bottles.

Maritza Polson, MT

Not good for feeding

These bottles are useful for storing milk….they are sturdy and fit in bottle warmers nicely. My baby hates them for feeding, however. I now just use these for storage and then pour the warmed milk into Playtex Nurser bottles. I bought the Medela system when I was pregnant b/c I wanted what was best for my baby…and I was led to believe that Medela nipples would be most like the breast. Um, no. Take one look at them and it’s pretty clear. My baby wouldn’t even take it in her mouth. She instantly responded to the Playtex nipples, however. Much, much better!

Kristin Portland, OH

Good to have as a spare

Working full-time and pumping at work and at home. Needed the extra set. Didn’t hurt when I saw them come with the nipples for those emergency feedings in the car!

Carmen Mount Eaton, OH

Must have for working mom’s

This is a must have for working moms who have the medela pumps. The extra bottles come in handy for transporting milk to daycare and for expressing milk on the job. Wouldn’t live without the extra set.

Stacy Yuma, CO

Compatible with Mother’s Milkmate!

These bottles are great but are very pricey. I have a 2 month old and I was producing more more milk than he was drinking allowing me to store some in the freezer. I was hesitant to use the bags because I was afraid they would leak so I found myself wanting to buy more bottles, but for $18.99 for 6, I needed to find another alternative. I did some research and found bottles made my Mother’s Milkmate ( or on ebay) These bottles are compatible with the Madela breast pump and nipple rings. The refrigerator storage system is great too, you have to check out the website to understand what I mean. If you love these bottles, you’ve love the milkmate ones as well.Hope this helps and saves you money!

Alberta Lafferty, OH

Bottles are Great, but Don’t Really Need the Nipples….

These bottles are great! I love pumping and storing milk in them. However, the nipples and all of the other pieces are not needed if you’re using other bottles (which I think most people would be). I hear they’re great slow flow nipples however I’d be happy with just the bottles in this set.

Twila Lewisburg, WV

useful for storage

i use this to store breastmilk so my husband can feed the baby. i also use the bottles to freeze breastmilk. its great because its compatible for the medela pump but my baby isnt that fond of the nipples. i end up using the avent for feeding and transfer the milk from the medela. buy this if you are planning on storing a lot of milk. otherwise you are better off with avent or gerber new traditions.

Ofelia Eldorado, OH

Work well for feeding, pumping and storage

These are the only bottles I use and they work well. They are very durable & dishwasher safe. I have a medela pump also. My daughter is breastfed and feeds from these well, except for with the slow flow nipples – I recommend a fast flow nipple unless you want to take over a half hour to feed your baby while he/she struggles to get the milk out. I should mention that she is not picky (becasue some babies are)about what type/brand of nipple she uses as long as the flow is not too slow.

Faye Wisconsin Dells, WI

great for pump & storage, but useless nipples

I use these to pump & store my milk with the Medela Harmony pump. Each bottle is the perfect amount for 1-2 feedings for my 6-week old baby. But the nipples are worthless—not shaped like me in the least (and probably like no one!)–my husband tried them once while I was away (when we first bought them) and she hated them. Instead we pour the milk into a Playtex drop-ins system bottle with the big slow-flow nipple.

Myrna Merna, NE


This is really handy with the mini electric pump that I have. I can pump straight into the bottles. I just use the bottle occasionally so this item works great for me. The nipples are a fast flow so the first time I fed my baby, the milk flow was too fast. I just picked up geber nuk slow flow nipples and it’s perfect for my baby.

Edwina Covington, PA

Good bottles

I have not had a problem with using these bottles on my older model of the medela pump. Very helpful to have extras!

Antonia Cee Vee, TX


I needed to pump when I went back to work and I bought a couple of these on top of those that were provided with the Medela Pump In Style. They are very resistant, easy to clean, and the rings and caps are very useful.I only put 4 stars because the nipples are useless if your baby is already using another brand, and I would have prefered another bottle and accessories instead.

Marcella Rose Lodge, OR

Ok, but leaky the bottles aren’t the best

I ordered this product thinking it would be great if I could pump directly into the bottles we’d be feeding our baby with, eliminates a step right? Well, having the extra bottles for pumping has been great and the work well in the freezer but they don’t work well for feeding. Milk seems to pour out our newborns mouth (3 mos now). I hate pumping and really hate seeing my milk being wastes so we have stopped using the bottles to feed and only for storage. I like the evenflow glass bottles better, she wastes very little milk with those

Marianne Brandon, SD

baby bottles

we used these bottle because they are compatible with the medela pump. the 5oz capacity is much better than the tiny 2oz ones. my wife was very happy when they came. I would check to make sure these don’t have bisphenol A (BPA), we didn’t know about back when we got them. fast shipping.

Caryn Ute Park, NM

Product is fine, price is too high

If all you want is something to pump into and/or store breastmilk in, this won’t let you down – but you can get many more bottles for your money going with the 4oz evenflo or gerber bottles, both of which come in BPA free versions. (The colored plastic evenflo are BPA free, not the clear plastic ones) Both brands will screw onto Medela pump hardware and are light enough to do hands-free pumping.

Heather Pilot Point, TX

Great even for formula!

I got the Medela bottles because I intended on breast feeding my child. Unfortunatly I was unable to do that. But these bottles work wonderfully with formula!My daughter retains much less air with the Medela nipples and she seems to prefer the shape as well. I found that when I sterilize Gerber nipples they become “gummy” and “sticky”, but the Medela brand holds up very well in our sterilizer.I think the Medela bottles stand the test of time, which ends up saving you money in the long run and my baby LOVES them!

Gertrude Ideal, GA

I love medela bottles

I love medela bottles, I love that they are BPA free. I love this product, I like the way it looks, the only thing I HATE are the bottle nipples. They look horrible and my two month old daughter does not like them at all. I went online and got other medela nipples, those she likes.

Elizabeth Hamptonville, NC

Good for storage, not for feeding

I use the pump-in-style advanced breastpump, and I really like that these bottles screw right into the pump assembly. I like having many bottles on hand so that I don’t need to wash them every day. I don’t freeze my milk in these (I use Gerber bags), but they’re great for temporary storage until pouring into the feeding bottles. I use Avent bottles as my baby seems to like the shape and flow of the newborn nipples (these nipples seem too fast-flowing).

Edythe Silver Lake, WI

Not necessary

Don’t bother with these. They are expensive for only 4 bottles and totally unnecessary. It is much easier to buy storage bags. If you are pumping full time, you will be storing alot more than 4 bottles at a time. I also found that I did not like these bottles for feeding because they do nothing to prevent air from entering baby’s belly and the result is gas or worse, colic.They also flow too fast for newborns.

Kristen Joffre, PA