Medela Breastmilk Storage Solution

Medela Breastmilk Storage Solution

The Medela Breast milk Storage Solution perfect complement to any Medela breast pump, this complete system allows you to store, organize and protect breast milk throughout your breastfeeding experience and accommodate your baby’s growing and changing breast milk needs. Medela breast milk bottles, labeling lids, and Pump and Save breast milk bags are compatible with all Medela breast pumps and ideal for short and long-term storage. Extra containers are also great to pump into for fast, easy breast milk storage. • All parts that touch breast milk are made without BPA and safe for mom and baby.

Main features

  • Perfect selection of medela products for mom to collect, store and feed breast milk
  • Includes breast milk bottles, freezing and storage containers, breast milk storage bags
  • Great gift idea

Verified reviews


Great set

I really like the fridge tray for the bottles. Seems well made. Has arrows and a in and out side so you on;y take the freshest breast milk from the fridge. I am going to order another one I love it so much. I really like the “Date” lids though I dont see how they would be very helpful for me. I couldnt imagine being able to pump and store enough milk to carry me through the week. Still a nice option though. I have yet to try the freezer bags. All in all I think this is a ncie little set.

Etta Crestone, CO

Overall, nice

I bought this set, obviously, to begin to pump my breastmilk so my husband could feed our baby and I could have breastmilk for when I go back to work in two months. It’s a nice set, for sure. I just wish it included the collars and the nipples so you could actually use the bottles.

Nadia Gravity, IA

Broken on arrival

I love the set but had to go but it at the store for more because every time I tried ordering it from Amazon, the tray came broken. It must be the shipping process but it was very frustrating. I would recommend going to the store to buy it and checking to see of the tray is broken first.

Bobbi Raymondville, TX

Better to purchase from your local store

This is actually a great product but like many reviewers have noted, the collection tray breaks very easily when shipped. Mine was broken on arrival, so I just tossed it. I was annoyed, because it would be quite a useful product in conjunction with the bottles. Otherwise, it is a great kit, and the collection bottles with their special storage lids together with the pump and save bags are great to get a new BF Mom started,

Gabriela Piney Woods, MS

Good Storage Set for Freezing too!

I love all the items in this set. Tested at room temp, in the fridge, and in the freezer with NO PROBLEMS! The in/out storage tray works well to remind my family which bottle to use first when feeding the baby.I took away a star because I think they should sell this set with some nipples and covers to be used during feeding time. Thank God the nipples I got from the hospital also fit the bottles.

Heather Lima, IL

great kit if you bought the pump

As a new mom, I did not realize how important having a pump was. I had trouble with my breast milk coming in because I had an early scheduled c-section. My body was not ready for my newborn. Having a pump was a life safer as it helped my body produce milk faster and catch up with my baby’s needs in terms of milk supply. Breast feeding is tricky and a pump can help you. I highly recommend getting a pump especially because Obama Care mandates insurance company to pay for pump( make sure you understand your policy… You may need a prescription or buy it from a special medical device company.). This accessories packet is great because it has stuff you need because the initial pump package only has two bottles.Good luck with your newborn and happy breast feeding.

Dianne Westville, NJ

works great

I love this to make sure I don’t miss a bottle that gets lost in the fridge, keeps everything right there for easy access and I can quickly grab a bottle to warm up for my little girl.

Kristina Mc Kenzie, TN

Not worth the $$ – Novelty Set

The bottles and all are fine, there is nothing wrong with them – however to STORE breast milk, I found that the "Pump & Save" bags are all I need .. these bottles are not being used. The bottles also have some kind of system on their top to track the day of the week, but I literally could not figure out how to twist the top to change the day. This set is a novelty – I would suggest you find what specific pieces you need and get those.

Tanisha Alsey, IL

Solid purchase

Second time mother here, love their milk systems. Not a huge milk producer so this set fits my needs very well.Set INCLUDES the fridge magnet with storage/freezer milk guidelines. Very helpful.

Maryellen Big Arm, MT


The lids are nice, if you don’t plan to freeze your milk. As I have so much milk, and pump everyday at the office, I just freeze most of the time and thaw a new batch everyday (so that it doesn’t get old). The quality isn’t great, the the inner part of the lid splits from the outer part easily as small parts break from the inside.Medela bags for freezing milk are not bad but i definitely prefer Honeysuckle’s, they are much more flexible and support a lot more milk. I freeze 5 oz each time but anyway, when frozen some of the medela bags open up a little bit because its so small. The storage tray is absolutely unnecesary, I’ve really used it once because I had too much fresh milk, but usually being organized is enough. I bought this pack because I thought it would be awsome, and it wasn’t, just a waste of money… not because of it’s quality, but because of it being absolutely useless. The only thing I use are the 2.7 oz breastmilk bottles, but those are much cheaper and sold alone!

Rosalia Pataskala, OH

Life Saver

I wish I bought this set in the first place. I exclusively pump and this was more than enough for my needs. The holder for the fridge is great and easy for my husband to know which bottles to use first.

Luz Leeton, MO

No need for the set

The bottles that come with this set are great. Perhaps it is because the tray didn’t work for me, but I found myself not using it. The caps that keep track of the day are great and the longer bottles are good when you don’t want to fill a large bottle for just a small amount. I never tried the bags snapped on to the pump, but used them to store milk when I forgot my lids at home one day. They are really thick and not that easy to fill.

Lelia Juliustown, NJ

never used it

total waste of money and never really used it. plus since it is a breastfeeding product once the seal is opened it is a final sale. i recommend if you are thinking about buying this product for a new baby …wait until the baby is a month old to buy it !!

Alana Beaver Dam, KY


I’m so glad I got this along with the Pump In Style Advance pump from Medela. I had been putting post its on my frozen milk supply until this finally came in the mail! My husband is a stay-at-home-dad for our first born and that was the only way he knew to take the oldest milk first. Now I don’t have to bother, I just keep the carousel full and it’s always first in-first out.

Sofia Jamestown, LA

No feeding accessories included

I’ll start by saying I love my Medela products and will continue to stick with this brand because this and the other products are well-made and make my life so much easier. The larger tops spin so that you can set a day of the week (e.g. pumped on or use by) without wasting disposable labels. The tray is very useful in the fridge so that the "liquid gold" has no chance of spilling when others are rustling around for other items. My only gripe as a new mom is that I assumed this set would at least come with one or two nipples for feeding and there are none. Nipples and bottle collars have to be purchased separately as the "breast milk bottle spare parts kit". They do not come in the Medela Accessory Starter Kit either. Seems like one of the most essential "accessories" that a starter kit should include. Although these are not listed as items that come in the packages, I wish there had been a clear warning to my pregnancy brain that I needed to order these separately before my stored milk had no way to get to baby.

Reva Garden Grove, IA

Worth it

This was worth it for the tray alone, it really helps to keep things organized. I don’t really use the 2.5 oz bottles but you can never have enough 5 oz bottles. I haven’t tried using the bags yet but keep them in my bag in case I ever forget or run out of bottles.

Ina Fairview, WY

Handy system

This is handy in the beginning when you are only feeding 2-3 ounces of milk by bottle at a time (and of course upping to the 5oz). It does become obsolete once you are making tons of milk and needing to freeze it. I still use this to put my milk bags in that i am defrosting for the next day, however i almost never put fresh milk in the dispenser any more (i am fortunate enough to make too much milk). Good buy and helps stay organized.

Marcia Protem, MO

Keeps everything organized.

I don’t store any of these bottles in the freezer, but this system stays nice and organized in my fridge.

Shauna Long Point, IL

Great product

I love this product. The fact that it came with two different sized bottles and a dispenser was great! Definitely recommend!

Cecelia Saint Paul, OR

Great, helpful but…

This kit is really helpful but the tray arrives broken. The Medela package is not shock proof. Other than that, it really makes your storage easy.

Joanne Middleton, MA

Just ok

I really love the tray and the bigger bottles with the lids. I wish that more lids came with it. The tall, skinny bottles are just too tiny to be functional. I think that they only can store 2 oz. The tray is great for the fridge, and helps keep the milk organized. I love the lids because I know exactly what I pumped, when I pumped. I would buy again primarily for the tray and bigger bottles with the lids. I also wish it came with more than 1 nipple, but I use Dr. Brown’s bottles anyway, so it’s not a huge deal.

Etta Nezperce, ID

Perfect set of supplies to get started with pumping

This was given to me at my baby shower and it’s probably the most useful gift I got. I started pumping within a few days of having my baby. His latch isn’t great and sometimes I need a break and pump then bottle feed.-2.7 oz bottles: These have been my favorite part of the whole kit to start out. When you’re only pumping less than an ounce at a time it’s nice to have these to figure out exactly how much you’re getting. I was meticulously recording exactly how much I was pumping at a time to tell the lactation specialist and so I can track how much I’m producing. These are much better than the 5 oz bottles to start out. Having 6 of them is the perfect amount.-5oz bottles: I now use these as I’m producing a few ounces per side per session. This kit has 6 of these which is a good amount in addition to the ones that came with my Pump in Style.-Lids: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the labeling lids. I was unsure at first if I would like them, but now they are amazing. I label my with the “use by” date, not the pump date. These are super easy to use, you just turn the date ring from the inside to where you want it then give it a push and it clicks in ready to screw on. It also comes with some standard lids so there’s enough for each bottle.-Tray: I don’t use the tray right now. It’s a waste of space in my already cramped fridge. Maybe after some reorganization I’ll have more space for it.-Bags: These bags get pretty bad reviews. I am indifferent to them. I don’t love or hate them. I don’t max out yet on their capacity, but I will eventually and I wish they held more like some of their competitors. I make extra sure my bags are zipped good, I’ve read a lot of reviews with leaking problems.-Magnet: I love this little extra that’s included. It’s a helpful reminder of storage times. I just wish it were a little more precise. It says that in the fridge milk is good for 3-8 days and that at rom temp milk is good for 4-6 hours. That’s a pretty wide range. I always label mine for use within 5 days in the fridge or use within 5 hours at room temp, which is what I’ve read on various web sites I’ve visited.I use Avent bottles to feed my baby, he doesn’t like the Medela nipples and ends up gagging when I tried them. So, I wasn’t disappointed that this set didn’t come with nipples and rings. I love how everything in this set is compatible with my breastpump, it makes the whole process easier.

Leta Hunter, KS

Love the new lids!

I love the new lids to keep track of when the milk was pumped. This is a great set and I would have given a 5 star rating but when I received mine the circulation tray was cracked as if it had been dropped.

Melanie Seaview, WA

Great for storing milk

I ordered this to supplement the Medela bottles I already had…works great for storing milk and I really like the caps with the days of the week (don’t have to use my labels as much). Also, I thought the tray would be pointless, but I kind of like it!

Mai Tarawa Terrace, NC

Convient and Durable

My wife received this for our first baby. As a sole breast fed baby, we needed this storage solution in the worst way. Let me tell you, it is well worth the investment. Though we have had to buy other accessories for the Medela, this set is a great starting off point in your adventure into breast milk storage. Easy to clean, looks like new even after three months of constant use. Highly recommended!

Stacy Taswell, IN

Perfect for our needs

We love this and have used it everyday for almost 5 months. I started pumping so my husband can do some feedings around 3 weeks and this really helped us stay organized as to which milk to use first. The small bottles are great in the beginning and then later on we use them in case our son appears still hungry after the bottle and we can give him an extra 1-2 ounces. We also use the smaller ones now to add to baby oatmeal. I love everything about this set and it’s a great shower gift!

John Passaic, NJ

The bags are a little tricky

The bags are a little tricky, they may spill if you’re pumping driectly into it. the bags also don’t hold a lot of volume and it is very difficult to estimate exactly how much is in it. The tray with the bottle labels are cool and useful but may not a lot of storage if you’re planning to stock up prior to going back to work. I would recommend buying more of the smaller bottles as it’s safest to store precious breast milk in bottles than bags that may leak although this method may be a little more costly.

Angelita Ayden, NC

Perfect solution to storing breast milk

I pumped exclusively & this was the perfect solution to keeping all of the milk stored & organized. It was great to be able to keep track of when you pumped the milk with the date wheels on the bottles. With the fridge caddy there was no question what bottle of milk was next to use even when my husband had to make a bottle.

Rochelle Chauncey, WV

almost perfect

Great set. FTM and can’t wait to start using this. It seems to have everything i could possibly need EXCEPT nipples/caps.I’m taking a star away for that. It’s frustrating that you have to order nipples and caps when including them in this set would be the logical thing for them to do.

Louisa Vail, CO

Perfect for organization

Love the in/out tray and the lids with day labels on them. Wish could buy a tray separately – but is perfect to organize the milk bottles by most recent (even my husband can keep up!) 🙂

Marjorie Waldenburg, AR