Medela Breastshield Valve and Membrane

Medela Breastshield Valve and Membrane

Extra parts for Medela breast pumps so moms can always have clean parts on hand. Authentic Medela spare parts are engineered, tested and approved to work specifically with your Medela breast pump. Non Medela spare parts can vary significantly in design, materials, and workmanship; all of which may affect the performance of your Medela breast pump. All Medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are and always have been made without BPA. .

Main features

  • Authentic Medela spare parts
  • Compatible with all Medela breast milk bottles
  • Works with select Medela breast pumps, not including Harmony, Freestyle or Swing breast pumps
  • Includes 24 mm breast shield, valve membrane
  • Made without BPA
  • 24 mm breast shield

Verified reviews


one piece.

These are really nice because they are all one piece. Meaning there are less parts to clean than the one that came with our pump. The flapper piece is detachable as its replaceble.

Sherrie Cataumet, MA

Works great

I ordered this after getting tired of constantly washing the ones that came with my breast pump. It really helps to have a backup on hand when the other set is in the dishwasher. They work great!I use them with the Medela breast pump that I got through my insurance at a medical supply store. It’s the same pump as all of the common Medela double breast pumps like the one that comes in the metro tote, etc…

Kathleen Veribest, TX

one piece assembly

Bought as spare parts; the one piece construction means less handling but it also packs bulkier. Something to consider if you intend to use at work or other venue outside of the home.

Ola Lytton, IA


What can I say – it’s a boob sucker! It does what it’s supposed to do. I like these all-in-one designs over the Medela personal fit ones where you have to buy each piece separately.

Katie Lilburn, GA

Nice item!

Works as stated! A little bulky being one piece.

Herminia Highland, KS


I bought 5 sets of these so I wouldn’t have to wash my shield after every pumping session. I just toss them into the dishwasher at night.Pros: They work well.Cons: Difficult to clean build up out of the nooks and crannies. One shield broke (split down the middle) after only 2 months of use. I was really disappointed and medela does not cover replacement.

Myra Codorus, PA

Shield replacements

I bought these to replace the shields that came with my breast pump and these perform just as well as the originals. I like that there is one less seam to let air while pumping but do think they are slightly harder to clean because of this.

Mildred Lambertville, MI