Medela Calma Breastmilk Feeding Nipple

Medela Calma Breastmilk Feeding Nipple

Medela calm is designed exclusively for breast milk feeding. Switching from bottle to breast has never been easier. Natural feeding behavior encourages easy transition from bottle to breast. Includes (1) all stage nipple, (1) cap, (1) lid made without BPA safe for mom and baby. All Medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are and always have been made without BPA.

Main features

  • pba free
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Vented nipple helps avoid gassiness
  • Flow control valve allows baby to control milk flow
  • Mimics natural feeding behavior: baby can feed, pause and breathe, similar to breastfeeding
  • One size or shape nipple for all stages of breast milk feeding
  • Made without BPA
  • Milk only flows when baby creates a vacuum

Verified reviews


Not as slow flow as it should be

I had to hold my son sitting straight up and down, otherwise he would still choke on the flow from this nipple. If you really want a slow flow, you should get the medela special feeder nipple. It is more expensive but works. This nipple does not.

Iris Coos Bay, OR

Great idea, bad product

I wanted to get this nipple as my infant seems to choke on milk with the regular nipple as it continues to flow without her providing suction. This nipple attempts to solve that by not free flowing milk, which it does a good job of. Unfortunately, when the suction is applied and the milk flows, the flow rate is too high and she still chokes and coughs on the milk. This was a great idea if only they could slow down the flow. This nipple ended up being a waste of money, but was worth a try. At an older age, she may be able to better tolerate the flow.

Debbie Mayersville, MS


Huge nipple with a strange flow that does not resemble mother’s nipple. It has lots of pieces to clean. The bottom cap does not want to come off easily (I always had to ask my husband or pull it with my teeth) and the latex shield was loose and it didn’t seem to fit well. Our baby hated it! I can’t believe it costs so much – it’s absolutely not worth it!

Veronica Cedars, PA


We ony got this nipple because it’s compatible with the bottles that are compatible with Ameda breast pump machines. All of the other nipples we are aware of are medium to fast flow. We mistakenly thought that this was a slow flow nipple.[Good]The sturdiness of the nipple itself: Which competing products, the nipple bends and our baby just ends up playing with it leading to bad breast feeding and twisting while feeding. With this nipple, it’s so sturdy that it keeps our baby still instead of constantly twisting and moving his head and body.Cool Looking: Pretty high tech in terms of initial impressions.[Bad]Fast flow: Yes the initial flow is slow. The baby needs to build suction. However once flow starts, it ends up flowing way too fast. It’s so fast that our baby ends up choking multiple times during a feeding. This is anything but natural. About 30 minutes later, our baby has thrown up his milk. This hasn’t happened with the cheaper nipples.Air Intake Prevention: This is no different from the a cheaper nipple.Price: Given its big flaw, it doesn’t deserve the price premium. It is way too much.[Verdict]This is not a breast milk feeding nipple. Real breasts do not drown babies in milk. Do not buy.

Nola Fostoria, MI

Works well for us!

I’ve been exclusively breast feeding for my newborn but now that it’s almost time to go back to work I knew I’d need to introduce a bottle and I started doing some research. This new nipple from Medela uses the same functionality as a breast where the baby has to create a vacuum by sucking on the nipple before milk will flow. The only difference really is that the milk flows much more freely once that suction is achieved. For my baby girl who has a strong sucking reflex she will pull too much milk and I’ll have to pull the bottle away to let her swallow, and then try and burp her. That has helped her with using the bottle and I’m just sharing that tip with other caregivers. I’ve also had no nipple confusion at all, she easily moves between this bottle and the breast!

Jenny Savoy, IL

Works as Described – Learn feeding tips at website

I saw some of the negative reviews. I went to the medela website and watched a video and read their feeding tips. It was very helpful. The website provided more information than the how to guide that came with the nipple/bottle kit. My infant has taken to the nipple well. The nipples fit all the medela pumping collection containers and bottles.

Margret Montrose, GA

Flow too fast

Too much milk would come out and my baby gags. Paid almost $20 at Babies R Us for one nipple that I’ll never use again. Plus, it’s a pain to put together and clean. Biggest factor in nipple confusion is the baby eating too much too fast from a bottle and that’s ecactly what this nipple does – not mimicking the breast at all!I think it’s better just to stick with a regular nipple that has a shorter nipple and wide base. We use the standard nipples for medela bottles and they have been working fine.

Shelby Sylvester, GA

For me, not worth the money

I bought this nipple because I had heard horror stories about nipple confusion when switching between bottle and breast. I thought this was an expensive purchase but worth it if confusion was prevented. We used this nipple maybe 5-10 times when she was under 1 month but found she did much better with the Medela Wide Base slow flow nipple which we still use. With the Calma, the milk tends to say in the end of the nipple so when you pull it out of the baby’s mouth the milk spills out. Not a good feeling for this breastfeeding mom. If your baby has nipple confusion, you may want to give it a try.

Nadine Westfield, NJ

Next Breast Thing

When my son was a month old I was diagnosed with cancer. I was in chemo and couldn’t nurse him until he was 8 months old. He drank donated breast milk with these nipples while I pumped every 2 hours. When it came time to try to nurse again, he latched on like nothing had ever happened. I was so relieved! He still has a great latch and nurses before bed at 20 months.It was so hard for me to let go of that important part of motherhood. I think these nipples helped keep his latch strong so that when it came time, he was ready.He did take longer to finish a bottle with these, and sometimes would drink less. However, I think that’s because he’d feel full before he’d finish it, not that he didn’t want to use the nipples.They are big, but it’s not awkward at all.No noticeable gas or other weird issues. They’re harder to clean, but it’s worth it.

Cara Pleasant Hill, OR

Works great for us!

My baby was so not having this the first time we tried, I think because not a single drop of milk was in the nipple to tempt him to try and drink. We tried 3 other nipples after that first attempt and they all made him super gassy and he spit up everywhere. The second time I dipped the tip of the nipple in the milk first. It worked! He used the nipple with no problem and didn’t get extra gassy/didn’t spit up after! Love it! We could see the flow of milk he got with each suck, and it was just the right amount for him.

Britney East Ryegate, VT

Baby liked it

My exclusively breastfed baby learned to use this nipple the first time we tried. Since he is with me most of the time, we only have one nipple, so we decided to splurge on this item (kinda pricey).

Goldie Desoto, TX

Works great until…

It works great, the baby has to suction first and no more gas problems but as soon as the baby starts grabbing the bottle and wants to do it by himself a lot of milk gets spill because it accumulates in the nipple and if the baby does not drink it right away it spills…

Patricia Monroe, OH

The BEST nipple for BF babies!

I have tried at least 5 nipples (Tommee Tippee, Dr Browns, Avent and some other "natural" looking ones.) This nipple actually mimics breast feeding. It has a nice flow and my daughter can control it herself. It is easy to clean and you really only need one. I just wash it between feedings and it has lasted 5 months so far.

Gabriela Jemez Springs, NM

good for babies who breastfeed as well

we liked this to give a bottle in between breastfeeding as the latch on is more similar than a regular nipple. sometimes when the baby is really hungry and sucks harder the milk comes out a bit fast and there’s lots of dribbling or it gets caught in the top of the nipple when baby pauses and spills out when bottle is removed for burping. quite happy with the product.

Angel Rye, TX

Worth the extra cost

I purchased two of these nipples for my little one who was born in April. He has been transitioning between breast and bottle like a champ, and I think that this nipple has definitely helped. Even though I have to go back to work, I wanted to be able to breast feed when I am home. This bottle forces him to work for the milk & latch similar to breast feeding. At first he was a little confused and preferred the bottle – basically he was took a bit longer to latch for about a week for breast feeding – but now he takes either well. I will note that if your baby has a strong suck you’ll have to slow them down with breaks. Since the baby controls the flow with this bottle, they could get a lot quickly.

Tina Enola, PA

Didn’t work for my baby

I bought this thinking it might help my son take bottles better. We were having trouble with milk coming out too fast for him from the bottle, and baby is supposed to be able to control milk flow with this nipple. I also hoped it would help reduce nipple confusion, as I am still breastfeeding when not at work. I think it would have worked fine if we’d introduced it before regular bottle nipples, but since he’d been using regular bottle, he didn’t seem to know what to do with this.

Earnestine Blue Island, IL

not happy

I love medela products and thought this would be great for my 12 week old due to that she now is being bottle fed breastmilk. The nipple is awkward for her to take and when the milk did come out it was way to much for her. I know this is a new product and there are a few different brands out there. I will be looking to other brands.

Noelle Coquille, OR

Not perfect, but helps!

Ok, I’m not going to say that the nipple is a life saver, but it mimics breastfeeding better then the other slow flow nipples on the market that I tried. Could use some improving though Medela. Will get another, although kinda pricey…..

Shawna Cummings, KS

Good fit for us

We found these to be a great fit for us as we transitioned our baby from the breast to the bottle. However, they can be difficult to assemble correctly in the dark (night feedings) are pretty large to squeeze into the bottle compartment of a bag and overall not sure they made that much of a difference. I loved them at the time but not convinced they are the BEST. Recommend trying them before making the investment because they are quite expensive ($19 each)

Brittany New Albany, PA

Not what I thought

medela changed their nipples. I am not sure why because even though my son liked this nipple and latched onto it easily, it flowed WAY too fast and I had no control to help slow down the flow. I have like 8 of these nipples because I did not want to cause nipple confusion but was never really able to use them. I am not the first to complain about it. The manager in the store that I about one from told me that she too has endless complaints about the nipple and did not recommend that bought it especially at the price. However because I HAD to try it, i bought it.

Nan Many Farms, AZ

Flow is too fast

I wanted to love this product primarily because I really was hoping it would be a slower flow than the standard nipples out there (to include the medela wide base nipple, Avent natural bottles, and Tommee Tippee). However, our experience with our 3 week old is that the flow is TOO FAST. Once the milk is sucked past the valve, there is nothing to slow the flow down when it reaches the baby’s mouth. This causes baby to gulp air, drink too fast, and just have an upset tummy after the feeding.We had better luck using the regular Medela nipples and Tommee Tippee bottles. It also sucks that we paid way too much for this product for it not to work.

Lina Bryson City, NC

Not for us

Baby choked on the milk flow. Nipple size was intimidating for our over term baby. Didn’t help with nipple confusion as I had hoped-as I feel medela advertises.

Hallie Lyon, MS


my daughter loved the sucking, but the nipple was just too much work. she out grew it quickly. would not purchase again.

Lynnette Franklin, AR