Medela Compatible Breast Pump Tubing – Tender Tubes

Medela Compatible Breast Pump Tubing – Tender Tubes

Replacement Tubing for Medela Brand Breast Pumps – Having trouble finding replacement tubing for your Medela Breast Pump? Tender Tubes ™ are the BPA Free, affordable , convenient answer. Each package contains two tubings with adapter that are specifically designed to fit Medela Pump in Style or Advanced Breast Pumps. Tender Tubes are the exact same length (30in) as the original Medela tubes. The purple adapters connecting to pump and breast shield are made of materials which can minimize air leak, and thus provide better suction. We offer 2 tubing in retail pack so busy breastfeeding moms can have a spare tubing while pumping away from home. Each batch of this product is tested by independent lab to ensure compliance with EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for plastic materials that intended to come into contact with food. Breast pump tubing is not easy to clean. For safety and hygiene, be sure to replace new one when tubing can not be cleaned by water. Each pack is carefully sealed and enclosed with usage and cleaning instruction. Buy with confidence.

Main features

  • Contain two replacement tubings for Medela Pump in Style or Advanced Breast Pump
  • 100% BPA Free material (ABS PVC)
  • Test report available upon request
  • Trust Tender Tubes Brand for your breastfeeding needs. Manufacturers Warranty.

Verified reviews


works great`

I pump all the time, I get a lot of use out of my pump and so I needed a replacement set of tubes for my medela pump in style advanced after having my second baby. These work great, they are super affordable and the quality of them is better than expected. They do the job well. Do not hesitate to purchase.

Jean Desert Hot Springs, CA

great product!

The price was great on these tubes and they work just like the medela ones. I’ve had no suction problems at all.

Stephanie Nabb, IN

Better than original Medela tubes?

I bought these tubes because I keep getting breast milk into the original Medela tubes during pumping from time to time. So far it doesn’t happen with these tubes.

Ola Crapo, MD

great price

the picture is misleading. it says pack of two and shows two packages in the picture but you get mailed one package which contains a set of two tubes with the conectors for the medela style pump. I thought I was getting 4 tubes total but only got 2. They hooked up perfectly and work great just disappointed int he misleading description. it wasn’t as good of a deal as I thought because of this.

Sybil Tutor Key, KY

great product

The product was exactly as described and works great with my medela pump! I would definitely recommend these as replacement parts or extras!

Edythe Bark River, MI

No complaints

Bought as replacement for a pump I borrowed (which is apparently a no no), I don’t pump when I can help it, but these fit perfectly. Sometimes would like for them to be a foot longer so I can leave the pack on the floor if I sit on a bar height chair, but as is I just use the lenght of the the plug instead and put the pump up on the table next to me.

Christi Worthington, MO

Works perfectly

These tubes work perfectly for my Medela pump in style. I needed new tubes since I was using a used unit and these work perfectly!

Florine Ironia, NJ

Great product.

Work just as well as the Medela tubes that came with the pump. Good price and nice to change out tubes every once in a while.

Dollie Seattle, WA

Aren’t Medela brand but work great

These aren’t Medela brand, but they fit my Medela shoulder bag pump perfectly. The biggest downfall with these verses the tubing that comes with the pump is that they cannot be sterilized.

Aline Wakefield, MA

Retail package of two means “retail package of two”.

I was dubious about ordering a third-party product but the savings wooed me! The tubes fit my pump in style and I’m actually disappointed that I didn’t order another package to have as a backup since I use my pump so much. I’m confused by the poor reviews for this product. It seems like people do not know what “retail pack of two” means. It means a package with two units inside. One package, two tubes. The photo shows a package, and also the tubes out of the package so you can see what they look like. It’s pretty straightforward.

Madeline Tallmansville, WV

Excellent replacements

I bougth these as a replacement set for the tubing i had in my machine since I purchased it (I had the original tubes for about 10 months before replacing them). These were excellent. I felt they were of high quality and an excellent value.

Elaine Stillwater, NJ

better than original

i was so unhappy with the original tubings my pump came with. milk kept getting inside, and it was a headache to clean them everyday. i am happy to say that these do not! hopefully, they stay that way.

Jeanine West Sayville, NY


My tubing was getting gross looking so I wanted to replace it. This isn’t the name brand item, but it works perfectly and for the price you can’t beat it!

Terri Morrisville, NY

Great Replacements

I have an original medela pump in style and these work great. The connections are just like the original tubes that came with it. The only difference was that on the originals the adapter was clear where on these it is an off white color. The pump works exactly the same with these tubes as it did with the original tubes. They were a great purchase. If I need anymore I would definitely repurchase. I’m glad I did not spend the extra money by ordering replacements through medela.

Earline Spearsville, LA


These work with my pump in style. Great – good quality/packaging/shipping.No complaints. 100% compatible. I was worried to order a non-medela brand but that concern was unwarranted.

Aida Lake, MS


I bought these to replace the tubing on my Medela Pump In Style Advanced Metro and they work perfectly. You can’t tell the difference between these and the Medela ones and they cost a lot less. I highly recommend these for any Medela Pump In Style breast pump.

Margie Loveville, MD

Fits the Pump in Style Advanced perfectly

The tubing is exactly the same as what’s sold by Medela and it fits my Pump in Style Advanced perfectly. It is a set of two in plastic packaging as pictured. Does the job!

Elizabeth Bucklin, MO

It works.

The tubing I have for my breast pump were kind of old so bought these to replace them. They work great and were pretty cheap.

Carlene Reading, MI