Medela Contact Nipple Shield, Small

Medela Contact Nipple Shield, Small

Medela contact nipple shields can be an effective tool for professionals and moms to manage infants with latch on problems, for moms with overactive let downs or for flat, inverted and sore nipples. Medela nipple shields enable continued breastfeeding without interruption until these problems are resolved. Special design for closer contact with baby. Available in different sizes (16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm) consult with a lactation professional for assistance. Made without BPA safe for mom and baby. All Medela breastmilk bottles and products that come in contact with breastmilk are and always have been made without BPA. 

Main features

  • One small (20mm) nipple shield per pack
  • For latch on difficulties or flat and inverted nipples to help continue breastfeeding
  • Consult a lactation professional for assistance
  • Made without BPA

Verified reviews


Doesn’t really work

This product did not work for me, baby did not want to latch on the silicone, and the pain I was having from a bad latch went away just a few days after establishing a good latch with my baby. Now I have been successfully breastfeeding for almost four months now, and this product didn’t help me get there. The only way to avoid pain while breastfeeding is to establish a good latch ASAP!

Olive Lafayette, CO


We didn’t have a latching problem, however my daughter’s latching fervor combined with my first time mommy inexperience resulted in some pretty nasty nipple damage before we were able to get to a lactation consultant and establish a good latch. We’ve been using these in the meantime to allow the nipples to heal since every feeding was ripping open the scabs and causing bleeding. For me, these have been complete life-savers since the other option I was given was just to use bottles while my nipples healed…which at only 6 days in I really didn’t want to do yet. Here are the pros and cons for me (I should note that all of the cons from my perspective are minor gripes and are far outweighed by the pros, but everyone is different):Pros:- Allows nipples that have been damaged time to heal- Helps with latching for infants who have trouble or mommies with flat or inverted nipples- Small and easily portable- Relatively inexpensive (we got them at Buy Buy Baby which was cheaper than the Amazon price)Cons:- Frequent additional washing- at a time when it feels as if you spend half your life washing things, this just adds one more to the list. You really should wash them between each use since some milk collects inside and if you are using any lanolin or nipple ointment they will get greasy. I suggest having several on hand, especially for middle of the night feedings when the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and wash a nipple shield. I have used the medela breast pump wipes but you need to either rinse them or let them dry for 10 minutes after before use so that doesn’t really help.)- They are small and clear- makes them nearly impossible to find when dropped. May just be the lack of sleep and baby brain, but I must drop or lose one every other feeding at some point. Wish they were colored or something to help with that.- Milk collects inside- if your baby nurses herself to sleep she will have a mouthful of milk and the nipple shield will be filled with milk when you take her off. Have a washcloth or cloth diaper on hand for this. I tend to wiper her mouth first and then use the same cloth to remove the shield so it doesn’t pour everywhere.)- Sticking is inconsistent- you are supposed to soak them in warm water according to the directions before use to help with this, but who has warm water at hand every time they breast feed? I do carry a water bottle with me everywhere so I will often put a little on my finger and rub this around it to help it stick. Another reviewer suggested using a tiny dab of lanolin, which I haven’t tried. For me, for the most part even if it starts to come off a bit I can just smooth it out with my finger and it stays on while she nurses. May differ for others, seems like some reviewers really struggled with this.- Lactation consultants/experts often say they can/do cause a decrease in milk supply. The one I saw in the hospital just suggested I try pumping to help keep it up. I have to say this HAS NOT been a problem for me AT ALL. My daughter is 9 days old and I’m already able to feed her 8-10 times a day whenever she needs it and pump several times a day getting from 4-8 ounces total to store. I was also a c-section delivery, which can impact milk supply, so we’re lucky to be doing so well. This may be an issue for mommies having supply problems, I don’t know. The lactation consultant, when pressed, did admit to me that there is no research as of yet that establishes a clear causal relationship between using a shield and loss of milk supply just that it is a belief within the breast feeding community. I’m a big research-based person so anecdotal evidence isn’t enough for me to make a decision on.) Something to be aware of, but if you are like me, not something that means you should avoid a product that could potentially aid you and your baby.

Kitty White River Junction, VT

did not work for us

My baby wasn’t latching on at all, and I’d heard great things about the nipple shield. I ordered the 20mm one as well as the 24mm version. The 24mm arrived first and was way too big for my 3 week old. So I waited for the smaller one, I was excited to finally start breastfeeding and to get away from the pump. However, my daughter hated it. She couldn’t suck any milk through the shield. It seemed like she would have to use all her strength to get any milk through it. I tried it a few more times after the first failed attempt but gave up eventually. Turns out that pumping every time is easier than fighting with my baby and the shield every time. Very disappointed!

Esmeralda Camano Island, WA

wouldn’t have been able to breastfeed without it.

i read every book on breastfeeding before my son was born. i thought i had it figured out. what a huge shock when he was born and could not get him to latch on. not even for a tiny bit. the lactation consultant insisted i use a nipple shield. i kept refusing since every book i read says nipple shields were bad. in the end i broke down and used one and what a life saver! it’s the only way i would have been able to nurse my child. we tried weaning him from the shield for months but all it did was cause stress and anxiety. i finally gave up and decided to use it as long as i needed it. i have been almost nursing for a year with this shield. i never had any kind of supply issues (no supplementing). i am so thankful these shields exist. breastfeeding was very important to me and made it possible.UPDATE. my son weaned himself at 16months and i used the nipple shields the ENTIRE time with NO issues.

Augusta Alma, WI

The only thing that kept us nursing…

My baby was born 3 weeks early and although she seemed to be latching on correctly, we discovered a big problem when I began bleeding after 4 days due to cracked nipples! I didn’t want to abandon nursing, so through the aid of a lactation consultant, I continued to nurse using this… If I didn’t have it, I don’t think we would have lasted! We are going on 3 weeks now, and I think that this shield will help buy us time while my little girl grows big enough to nurse properly without the shield. Even while still being sore, I can tolerate the pressure of her gums. Otherwise, the pain and cracking would have stopped me for sure. I plan to buy 2 more to keep around as back-ups. Whoever invented this should be sainted!

Helga Pittsburg, KY

Didn’t work for me.

I can’t say that my giving this three stars is in any way a negative review of the product. It just happens that nipple shields didn’t work for me and my daughter. She had a very small mouth and breastfeeding was very difficult for us in the beginning. Shields were recommended and we gave it a shot but, it made it worse for us. I know plenty of moms that they have been a god-send for. I liked the availability of different sizes on Amazon, Babies R Us was very limited in what they had available.

Myrtle Saronville, NE

The one item I can’t be without!

I had such a hard time breastfeeding until I discovered this product. My very small baby used to look like she was suffocating in my very large breasts (34N). The only time she was able to feed was when I was so full of milk I thought I was going to explode and then my nipple would be pushed out and solid enough for her to get a good latch, but after a few minutes she would give up when things started to soften up. I wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to do it after four days of misery. Once I put this shield on she was going at it like a pro. I like the contact version with space for her nose. She doesn’t seem to like her nose against the material. The 20mm is a great size. I had a 24mm and it was so big my daughter would end up sucking air in from time to time.I have three, one for upstairs, one for downstairs, and one for the diaper bag. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Emma Rutherford, TN

Helps heal

Lactation consultants Advise not to use. I had a crack due to bad latch then thrush. The stupid thing would not heal and I even went pump only for a few days like the LC said. I tried everything and nothing worked to heal it. Finally 12 weeks later…yes it still wasn’t healed. I finally was able to use the shield when I went back to work and had to get him used to bottles some of the day (my son wouldn’t latch to shield prior to 12 weeks because he preferred breast-I tried). Anyway 13 weeks later I’ve been using the shield and they’ve finally been able to heal. I’m not a LC so don’t know about long term use and research all I know is they are a God sent for damaged nipples in the short term to heal. Sometimes these stubborn cracks won’t heal so you gotta do what you gotta do and they can save a breastfeeding relationship. Cracked sore nipples are horrifically painful and these help. I would of course highly recommend working with a LC. They are necessary for all breastfeeding moms. PS this is my second Breastfed baby that I had all kinds of trouble with and had to see 3 LC’s so don’t feel bad if you’re a second or third time mom and need help!

Benita Buda, TX

Saved me

This saved me when I was a new nursing mom, trying to fix my baby’s bad latch. My nipples got a much-needed break.Note that babies sometimes don’t get milk out as effectively when using the shield, so don’t use this long term.

Adele Noble, MO

Best device for breastfeeding moms in the beginning A breastfeeding saver!

With my first child I tried to breastfeed but she had latching issues and it was painful and I didn’t get much support from the lactation consultant so I eventually just went to pumping for the first month or two along with formula then just to formula. I was very disappointed and vowed to do what I could to breastfeed my second child. I had my second child and I tried to deal with the pain and bleeding nipples and again I had a crappy lactation consultant and the nurses would all just say you just gotta deal with it and give me some soothing pads and so on. I then remembered when I worked at an OB section in the hospital as a cna (unfortunately in a different state then where I had my children) and they would hand these out there like crazy so i asked for one. I put it on and just nursed and would use it each time I nursed and my nipples healed and it didn’t hurt at all anymore. I got more and used them continuously for the first month and then one day I decided to not wear them and I never had to use them since. I believe it helped my son learn to latch correctly and got past the sensitivity time of my nipples. I ended up breastfeeding for 2 years and 2 months. I believe these are a breastfeeding saver and major helper during the first month of breastfeeding. Other people may not have to use them for a whole month straight or some may have to use them for longer but either way I believe they are a must if you have some trouble which most women tend to. You don’t have to go through the pain of cracking nipples and bleeding just use these and you won’t have that problem. Make sure you get the right size though. You can get one at the hospital just you may have to ask for them. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Tammi Scioto Furnace, OH

Try this before you give up on breastfeeding!

This product allowed me to breastfeed my son despite having “flat” nipples. I never knew I had “flat” nipples because they aren’t actually flat, but they would get soft after breastfeeding for only a few seconds and then my son was unable to maintain his latch. These shields gave me the capability to breastfeed. The notch where his nose goes was nice because it made it easier for him to breathe comfortably and it allowed for more skin-to-skin contact. My only complaint is that it didn’t stick well enough to my skin and if my son so much as bumped it wrong, it would break the suction and send the milk in the shield running down me. It was hard to keep in place when he was really hungry and rooting wildly. Overall, this is a great product. I just wish I could have breastfed without anything at all, but it wasn’t meant to be!

Bertie Rosedale, NY

Makes breastfeeding a breeze

After the first few days of breastfeeding, our son was not latching properly. I had read all about the horrors of this happening and researched this product. I bought one and had it on hand in the hospital. Lactation consultant did not mention it as they promote latching properly without one. However with my hungry son screaming for food and not latching after multiple attempts I pulled it out and instantly he latched, fed, and was asleep. Thats all I needed to see to sell me on this product. Still using with my son at 7 months old. No cracked, sore, or bleeding nipples to deal with here. Also made it easier for him to transition to bottle feeding after I returned to work. No nipple confusion and no problems going back and forth from breast to bottle everyday. I suggest buying at least 4 to start as they get lost in the cushions of couch and bed. 20mm was perfect size, no trouble. Easy to clean with Medela breastmilk removal soap and quick steam bag to sanitize is just as easy.

Christi Boulder Junction, WI

Great if you need them!

Breastfeeding was a nightmare for me in the beginning, and these shields were a lifesaver! I used them for about 3 weeks, and then went cold turkey without them with much success!

Ingrid Auburn Hills, MI

Medela Contact Nipple Shield

Great product to get baby to latch back on after refusing. And when you are so sore during the first couple weeks. However, I would say to definitely get fitted by a lactation consultant before purchasing, as I needed a size small and a regular sized one.

Elva Cedar Bluff, VA

Wrong size, but great product!

I accidentally ordered the wrong size, so pay attention to the sizing. However, the style shied is perfect because it gives the baby’s nose room to breath and be on the breast. My daughter had a tied tongue so she had a hard time breastfeeding. We used this nipple for 2 months until she built up enough strength to feed on her own without it. LOVE this product as a transition so I could finally breastfeed!

Bettie Akiachak, AK

Great product

I couldn’t get my baby to latch at all during first 24 hrs of birth. All the nurses tried to help and he’d get on for maybe 2 seconds, we have multiple nursing lactation consultants come in to help and they had no luck. Finally after 24 hrs one of them recommended this because my poor baby was frustrated and starving.One of my nipples is still sore but that’s because of how I am putting him on I think because my other one I can barely feel now when he’s on and he’s almost 2 weeks old. I used lanolin on the sore one and it’s not so bad when I get him at the right angle.This is really easy to clean to. Between feedings just wash with little soap and warm/hot water then I keep it in a sealed bowl near my bed for feedings. It helps when you can’t get baby to eat and you still want that bonding and contact!

Leanna Lowber, PA

Finally able to BF

I had so much pain BF with my LO. It was like she was chewing on me! This shield enabled me to BF without pain. The groove allows baby’s nose to still touch the breast which is important for BF. I’ve tried other brands like Tommy Tippee but the way it it shaped still hurt while BF. Remember to get fitted for the right size. The nipple will expand while BF so you can’t go too small.

Rosemarie Columbia, IA

Good product

I had to use shields due to inverted nipples. My child would not latch on without it. The material is thin and pliable which makes nursing easier. I tried the Avent Nipple Protectors because they were cheaper and came with 2 shields but they were much thicker and it was harder to nurse. The fact that Medela offers different size options is a definite plus. The 24mm is just a touch too big but the 20mm works well for us. I wanted to have several on hand so I could keep one in the diaper bag and others around the house so I didn’t have to go hunt a shield up every time I had to nurse, so my biggest complaint is they they are a little pricey since there is only one in a package. It’s a good product though and I would recommend it over the Avent.

Susie Berea, OH

Very nice nipple shield!

I purchased these when I was pregnant with my second child because I had issues with nursing my first, and I had assumed I would have issues again with my second. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any issues, and a nipple shield was not necessary. However, the 2 times I did use these I was quite impressed! They are very well made, very flexible, easy to clean… etc. Had I needed to use them more often, they would have been WELL worth what I paid for them! ..heck… even though I didn’t need them, they were well worth what I paid for them!

Ruth Stevensville, MT

Great product!

It saved my breast! We had some problems in the beginning like every new mom.. The pain was so bad, I was about to give up breastfeeding. But nipple shield solved the problem. It let my nipples to heal, fixed latch on problem and my dd became more gentle with me. I had to order 2 different sizes.. My size was 24 mm..but overall, this is a great product…

Erma East Chatham, NY

Gave me the ability to BF

I’ve been told that Nipple Shields are controversial in the breastfeeding world. I say WHATEVER. If I didn’t have this I wouldn’t have been able to nurse my son. I had an oversupply which made it difficult for my son to drink and this helped with that. I had to use it for about 2 months and then I eventually weaned off it. I would suggest buying a case because once you wash it you don’t want it touching things and want to keep it clean.

Octavia Kandiyohi, MN

Did the trick!

I was told to use a nipple shield after giving birth to my first, so to prep for #2, I bought this size knowing they are often hard to find in the store. Fit perfect.

Mercedes South Wilmington, IL

nip tip

I wouldn’t have been able to breastfeed without this. No way. It is so painful without. Plus baby had a hard time latching and this was initially the only solution. We still use it, baby is a little over 2 mos., and I don’t think I would do it without. The two of us have no problems and am hoping it stays that way. I feel like no one should feel bad or less motherly that they use this the product. It’s amazing.

Denice Milesburg, PA

Great to transition from bottle to breastfeeding.

Our son would NOT latch on because he was given a bottle immediately after birth (low sugar and mom was out of it due to surgery). My wife desperatly wanted to breastfeed so we gave these a try. Our son wanted that feeling of a plastic nipple. He didn’t like this much at first but got better at using it. Then we weened him off this and went only to the nipple.

Ada Gunter, TX

Great shield

This shield has great suction and smoothly transitions from shield to skin. I tried several and this was clearly the best; babe took to it easily when she wouldn’t nurse after birth and now, after two months she is nursing without it.

Penelope Ravinia, SD

Had to use to teach preemie to latch

This was recommended by my lactation nurse in order to teach my little preemie to latch. He was intially only eating from the bottle due to NICU and an infection that I had. We struggled to learn to nurse, but this definately did the trick. It significantly reduced the discomfort of nursing and it inspired him to try. My only gripe is that it’s very hard to put on correctly, but I think that goes for all of the brands.

Sydney Panna Maria, TX

Has helped me breastfeed and 8 months on I still am!

Without these I am not sure that I would have been able to breastfeed. I would like to have stopped using these originally, however the fact that my baby is now teething these are now a blessing in disguise!

Roseann Jensen, UT


I hate these. I much prefer the NUK shields. These don’t stick, they slide around all over the place and are really hard for the baby to use. It got SO messy feeding my baby with these, I felt like it wasted milk because it got everywhere. Hated these. The NUK ones are so much better and the nipple part is exactly the same shape, but the silicone is softer for baby and sticks better to mommy!!

Bridgette Milledgeville, IL

DIdn’t work for me but great product

This did adhere/stick well to my nipple, but my daughter simply didn’t get it. I started using this at 2 months to help latching issues, as my newborn prefers bottles (I thought she’d like the hard bottle-like feel of this) but it didn’t work for us. I think if I started earlier on, it may have worked.

Sheryl Ayr, NE

Good, but like the ones without the notch

I used quite a few of these while my baby and I learned to breastfeed. For me, the ones with the notch just wouldn’t stay on. In theory it’s a great idea, but I prefer the ones the hospital had without the notch.

Ollie Linthicum Heights, MD