Medela Contact Nipple Shield, X-Small

Medela Contact Nipple Shield, X-Small

Medela contact nipple shields can be an effective tool for professionals and moms to manage infants with latch on problems, for moms with overactive let downs or for flat, inverted and sore nipples. Medela nipple shields enable continued breastfeeding without interruption until these problems are resolved. Special design for closer contact with baby. Available in different sizes (16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm) consult with a lactation professional for assistance. Made without BPA safe for mom and baby. All Medela breastmilk bottles and products that come in contact with breastmilk are and always have been made without BPA. 

Main features

  • One xs (16mm) nipple shield per pack
  • For latch on difficulties or flat and inverted nipples to help continue breastfeeding
  • Unique cut out shape allows for more skin contact between mom and baby
  • Consult a lactation professional for assistance
  • Made without BPA

Verified reviews


Love It

My daughter was small when she was born and we had trouble latching on. The nurse went and got a nipple shield and an hour later she was eating away. I have been using this since she was born almost two months ago and I have yet to notice any decrease in my milk supply. Highly recommend this product if you have trouble latching on. Don’t give up it takes time. Also this product is very thin so the baby can still smell your milk and you still feel everything that you would without using one.

Diana Karnack, TX

Works great, but use with caution!

It’s really simple to use and put on, just rinse with some hot water and put on your nipple. The lactation consultant at the hospital gave me a nipple shield to help my baby start breastfeeding. What she didn’t mention is that it isn’t supposed to be used long term because it decreases milk supply. Initially this worked great, but after about 4 weeks I was told by another LC that if I wanted to maintain my supply, I’d have to get my baby on the actual breast. Trying to transition her from the shield onto my nipple was hell because she was so used to the plastic; I eventually gave up trying to transition her, but I continued to use the shield even though my supply was dwindling. Just a few words of advice to anyone who wants to breastfeed: it can be VERY VERY difficult- it’s amazing how something so natural could feel so unnatural sometimes. I went through so much pain and discomfort. I hated it for the first 6 weeks, but then I fell in love with it. I felt such a deep bond with my daughter when I breastfed and all the pain and discomfort disappeared. I actually looked forward to breastfeeding her instead of despising it! But over time she began to reject my breast because she preferred the bottle. I breastfed for almost 3 months with the shield, it’s definitely worth it. Even if you only use it for a month or two weeks, it’s worth it, the benefits are amazing and you can’t complain about the price.A few more words: anything that is artificial will DECREASE your milk supply-formula, pumping, pacifiers, using bottles (they confuse your nipple with the plastic nipple and they will prefer the plastic over you because the flow is much easier). The best thing to do is nurse (although that may not always be realistic). To help increase your milk supply: nurse often in the first few weeks, don’t give pacifiers, bottles or formula. Also, try taking fenugreek supplemnents (or mother’s milk), they worked very well for me.And last but not least, if you’ve tried and tried to breastfeed and it’s just not happening, do NOT feel guilty.

Margret Holicong, PA

Awesome protectors!’t know that I could nurse without these. I was engorged because my daughter was frustrated with nursing so she had stopped nursing for a day or two as we tried formula. I was blistered and doubled over in pain. My pediatrician recommended these and raw cabbage leaves for the engorgement. The cabbage leaves were worn under my night bra over night on all parts of my breasts including the nipples and by morning they were 100% healed. The nipple shields got my baby back to nursing keep my baby nursing. Since these nipple shields make your nipples more pronounced and they leave extra milk that sits in them to keep them from drying up. The BEST invention ever!!!

Kerry Hazelton, WV


Just had a baby five days ago, and the first two days he breastfed beautifully, even though I have an inversion problem. I was so proud. Imagine my dismay when my little champion suddenly stopped being able to latch on once my milk started coming in more fully and I swelled up like a balloon. After a frustrating 24 hours and trying every trick in the book, I decided to break down and buy one of these. What a godsend! He latched on right away. I’ve read my supply might get low so I’ve started pumping three times a day between feedings just to be sure (saving the extra milk for those nighttime feedings that daddy can help with). Hopefully we’ll be able to wean off the shields eventually, but for now they’re keeping us on the breast and from having to pump 8-12 times a day, so I’m relieved!Update: Should’ve consulted a lactation consultant, apparently this was totally the wrong size (I guess this is the size they use for preemies in the NICU) and may have contributed to a low milk supply problem (though apparently I also have a nodule on my thyroid which may have caused that problem). However, once I bought the right size (27 mm) it was still a godsend, it was my fault and not the company’s. I urge you to contact an LC before using, but it’s still a great product! And once we decided to stop using it, it only took a few days to completely wean him off the shield with the LC’s help!

Pam Marseilles, IL

Needed spares the first month

Purchased 2 extra spares, when my newborn couldn’t latch without it. Only used them the first month….However, I’m glad I have them on hand for any future children.

Earline Newton, GA

Made the difference of being able to breastfeed or not

My babies had trouble latching for whatever reason. I tried all kinds of advice. I didn’t like the idea of nipple shields. Pasties with a respectable purpose? Ewww! As a last resort, I finally tried them and never again had a problem getting the babies to latch. I tried 3 different sizes. The 16mm fits easiest in the babies’ mouths but makes it easiest for them to bite down. The 24mm seemed too big for their mouths or to stay in place. So, the 20mm was just right for us but all three of them worked. I like this design so that their noses touch my bare skin. I tried one where it was a solid circle so their noses touched silicone and it seemed just a little harder for them to breath easy. The package contains just one shield which is enough unless you have twins and need two to tandem feed. They are very easy to clean.

Briana Shaver Lake, CA

Medela contact sheild x small

Could not find this size at any store so thanks for making this easy to order ,fast processing which aloud my daughter to breastfeed with the correct size and make breastfeeding a great experience for this first time Mom.

Muriel Signal Mountain, TN

Great for nursing mom with latch problem

Was given this at hospital due to latch difficulties My daughter mouth is tiny and she could not get proper suction. We’ve been using the shield since until she is able to nurse without it. I like that she gets skin contact with this shield and it’s probably closest thing to a real nipple.

Cheri Sanatorium, MS

Works well, but leaks sometimes..

I had twins born almost a month prematurely.. one was a great nurser, and the other not so much. After needing to supplement both with formula to gain weight, they both developed thrush and neither would nurse.. they’d try but wouldn’t latch. I first bought two sizes too large, and ended up getting this 16mm shield -which fits much better for my babies and myself. Both took to the nipple shield right away, even with the thrush (my pediatrician said nursing could be painful for them when they have it), and I was able to nurse using this little silicone godsend.. Not only that, but after using it only 4-6x each, both babies are now nursing without it. Still not latching as good as they should be, but they’re definitely getting milk.Only problem is that when the babies are really hungry they move around so much that the suction is broken and the milk pooled up inside of it spills out, making feedings very messy. I learned to keep a burp cloth tucked up under my breast to prevent a wardrobe change after every feeding and while it still leaks, it isn’t as annoying to use. I soon started feeding with a bottle until the baby calmed down enough to use the nipple shield- which worked for the most part.Also wish it came with a case.. everything likes to stick to it and therefore needs constant washing/sterilizing.. and while I like that it looks more natural for the babies in being transparent, it is hard to find sometimes.. and I’ve not lost mine now twice and feel that a case would greatly help both problems..Overall, I did find this nipple shield very helpful and it is what got my babies to nurse again after 2 months of straight bottle feedings. I was very impressed with it and would recommend it (even after needing to buy 3 to get the correct size- go by the nipple size, not the areola!). Still, I wish it would have stayed on better. If I had to order it again or if my babies develop nursing problems again, I would buy a brightly colored pacifier case specifically to house it.

Patty Watson, MN

It is what it is

I needed this for my son to nurse. They work great when needed. Not much else to say but there is a word minimum on these reviews.

Earlene Berrysburg, PA

Works, but annoying how it doesn’t always stay on well

We’ve had latching issues and this was our saving grace for breast feeding. However, it’s annoying that it doesn’t always stay on so well (she can easily knock it off) at first. The flaps keep pulling up. I wish there were a way for it to stick to the skin better.

Janna Middletown, MD

Worked great with my twins

It was important to me to breastfeed my twins, so I was worried when they had trouble latching on to my invited nipples. My lactation consultant advised me to use a nipple shield for every feeding, and told me that eventually they would latch better. The Medela nipple shield definitely helped my twins latch better. It was easy clean and my babies did not mind using it.

Mia Shorterville, AL

Life saver!

Was a life saver for the first few weeks when my son couldn’t latch on properly. I would seriously pay $100 for this shield when I needed it. I bought a couple of them so that I didn’t have a panic attack every time I couldn’t find one

Shana Jackson, MN

did not stay on

search on youtube on videos of how to put it on… did everything but it did NOT stayed on… maybe it’s just me.,. it didn’t work for me.. but didn’t work for my baby either… he didn’t seem to like it … i ended up pumping instead with the chap nipple.. laniosh creme works best.. and it’s okay for baby to nurse with the creme on..

Sherry Laporte, PA


It’s useful and helpful. It’s one of the best inventions for nursing moms, I think. It would have been better if the contact surface were a little wider so that it can stay attached better.

Shana Corryton, TN


Help me out dealing with the soreness and pain of first weeks of breastfeeding. May be useful for teething period.

Andrea Sherborn, MA