Medela CSF Bags – Economy 50 Pack

Medela CSF Bags – Economy 50 Pack

Use the disposable bag recommended by hospitals to better protect nutrients and to resist freezer burn. Medela Breastmilk Bags are double-walled for superior protection for collecting, storing and freezing breast milk. Mothers can pump directly into the bag—pathway is sterile and protects milk from oxygen—or store expressed breast milk in these leak-free bags that don’t require double bagging and are designed to resist freezer burn. Additional features include an easy-pour spout, measurements for ounces or milliliters, and a handy name/date/time section. Set includes 50 bags plus twist ties. Medela breast pumps are sold separately. Made in USA.

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So easy… and NO LEAKS!!!

We were using bottles to store milk when my mother bought these. I was SOOO skeptical at first, but I tried them. LOVE EM!!! I gave them 4 instead of 5 stars b/c they are a little bit akward to put on the pumps, but I love them!!! they save space and they are less expensive than buying 50 bottles to store your milk in.

Haley Kitty Hawk, NC

won’t stand up, bad twist ties

they freeze well but you have to place them in a coffee cup or something so they won’t tip over. they do not stand up on their own. also the twist ties are terrible. i heard gerber is a much better brand but i got hundreds of these and just used them instead of bothering to go out and buy something different. if i had it to do over again, i would not buy this product.

Molly Des Allemands, LA

Nothing like having your milk leak all over your fridge

I had been using the Gerber bags for quite a while when I ran out and decided to try some of the Medela bags that came with my pump.I frequently just couldn’t seem to get the bags to completely seal – and I had NEVER had this problem with the Gerber bags.I always ended up making a mess when trying to use the ‘spout’ at the bottom of the bag.And the worst part – I didn’t realize the twist-ties were cutting into the sides of the bags on more than one occasion. I took the bag out of the freezer and into the fridge to thaw and ended up with a shelf full of breastmilk.Maybe these bags work for supermoms, but they didn’t work well for busy, sloppy me. Apparently I can handle a ziploc baggie but not a twist tie!

Josefa Waterford, MS

Too cumbersome

The idea behind these bags is great – you can pump straight into the bag and store them. The execution, however, is lousy. Using twisties to seal the bags is cumbersome and annoying.I prefer the Lansinoh bags with the double seal. Even though you can’t pump straight into them, sealing them is quick and easy.

Olivia Frederick, OK

Prefer Lansinoh

I registered for and received these Medela bags. After using all 50, I got a few free Lansinoh bags with my breast pad purchase. Wow!! I will never go back to Medela. The reason I registered for them is because everyone says they are strong and don’t leak. Well this is the only good feature. The Lansinoh bag is strong as well, easy to close (DOUBLE zip-lock Vs. Medela’s bothersome twisty ties), easy to get the air out (unlike Medela’s), and the Lansinoh’s take-up WAY less room in the freezer! Stacking Medela bags in the freezer is difficult because of their shape…and thawing will be difficult because I can see I’ll need to watch that the milk doesn’t spill out the top. With Lansinoh I won’t have to worry about that. My medela bags haven’t split in the freezer…I’ll give them that. But neither has my Lansinoh bag.

Jeannine Mattituck, NY

Okay, but not worth it for the price.

I actually did not even buy this bags, I only used the ones that came with my Pump in Style. From the beginning I did not like their closing system – with a tie! I had no problems attatching the bags to the shield, but I hated the way you are suppose to close the bags. I haven’t had any problems with leaks(on storage) so far, but it just does not seem right! You basically roll the tie down and twist it up – I like the Gerber seal and the Avent clips much more. I had problems pouring out the milk though, it leaked everywhere!The good thing is that you do not have to double bag to freeze, like I have to with the Avent ones.Overall I won’t buy the Medela ones because I think they are too expensive for what they stand for. I use either Gerber – very good but also a little more expensive, or the Avent ones(that I have to double bag to freeze!!!) but cost less money – and even with double bagging are worth it(it comes with 100 per package and cost less than 5 dollars).

Debora Wauzeka, WI

Medela needs to come up w/ something else

I think that I’ve tried every bag that I have found and have been disappointed with all of them. These were just about the worst!! My daughter was born prematurely and never really got the hang of breastfeeding. I wanted her to recieve all of the benefits of breastmilk so I pumped. I have pumped everday since the day she was born btwn 5 and 8 times a day. I went through ALOT of bags (I use bottles now) and these were a pain. They were small, thin, punctured easily, and those twist ties (although pumping directly into the bag is a great concept) were just a pain in the butt. I love Medela’s pumps (I own the Pump in Style Advanced, a seperate manual pump, and used the Lactina hospital pump for 3 months), I like their storage bottles, I even like their nipple cream, but these bags need some more work put into them.

Deanna Essex, CA

Not worth it

I really liked the Medela products at first, but I never really liked these bags, mainly because you have to tie them with a folded over twist tie to close them. If you get too much milk in the bag, it will leak when you close it up. Then one of my bags tipped over in the freezer and it leaked, causing a frozen puddle of breast milk in my brand new freezer to clean. Plus, the bag got stuck in the puddle.I have also used the Gerber bags, and I liked those much better.

Jewell Cross City, FL

Not impressed

I was not impressed with these storage bags. I prefer to use the other brands that offer ziplock type closure. This brand is harder to close, more time consuming and wasteful (due to spilling)

Estella Maysville, OK

Didn’t like – Used First Years bags or Mother’s Milk bottles

I had some of these that came with my Medela pump and like some other reviewers I thought they would be a good deal since I’ve really liked my Medela pump. I really didn’t like using them with the twist ties. That didn’t make sense to me at all. I tried the First Years that have a zip-loc top and they’ve worked better. They sit on their own and don’t need to be set in a cup!I do prefer using bottles to store milk and have found the Mother’s Milk Mate storage bottles to be a great cheap alternative for storage bottles.

Lauri Cadiz, KY

Convenient for freezing milk

If I had to freeze breastmilk, this was great because I didn’t have to put a lot of plastic containers in the freezer (we could use them to feed the baby instead). They were easy to dispose of if they outdated (there is a place to label them with the date). I usually put 3 of them in a freezer bag as a double layer of protection against leaks and freezer burn. None ever leaked for me. They thaw easier and faster than in hard plastic or glass containers, too. Very convenient.

Nikki Conway, PA

Absolute Mess

If you are looking to make a mess, lose milk and get frustrated, these are the bags for you. First, these bags do no stand up on there own and it is very inconveniant to carry a little cup around to help fill the bag. You have to string the twist-tie into each bag by yourself. Also you are supposed to tear the little tab on the bottom of the bag to get the milk out. It’s not that easy. The first time I did it I lost a whole bunch of milk. Your better off untwisting the tie and pouring it from there. The worst thing about the bag is that they have leaked a few times that my caregiver was warming up the milk. This never happened with the other bags on the market. My favorite is lansinoh. Another bag thing about these Medela bags are that they are more expensive than the others. Pass on this and try others.

Natasha York Harbor, ME


I do not like these bags. The twist tie closure system is cumbersome. The bags are small. The plastic is thin and leaks in the freezer when frozen. The only advantage I can see to these bags is that they are easy to hook to the medella breast pump and pump into directly.

Octavia Mulberry, FL

Okay, but why spend time with twist ties….

I found these bags to be okay but why spend time fooling around with twist ties when they make storage bags with those simple ziplocks? Yes you can pump directly into the bag but then you have to fool with wrapping the bag around the twist tie and the whole system is just pretty inconvenient in my opinion.I found the Lansinoh brand storage bags to be much better. They come with a double ziplock so that you can be certain that your precious milk will stay fresh for your little bundle.

Carmella Elmo, MO

Clumsy design, hard to use

These bags leave a lot to be desired. They don’t stand up on their own so you have to set them in a cup when they have milk in them. They don’t lie down flat, so you can’t freeze them in a nice flat layer to stack in the freezer. The twist-tie top causes the bags to freeze with a lot of folds and ridges at the neck – this made it impossible for me to open a frozen bag to add more milk later on. And I’ve never been able to tear open the little tab at the bottom to get the milk out – I have to snip the edge with a scissors, which I’m sure defeats the purpose of having a nice, sterile inside. All in all, I’m really disappointed in these bags, and the only positive side to them is I haven’t had any burst in the freezer…yet.

Eloise White Horse Beach, MA

Prefer Gerber bags

After using both these bags and the Gerber bags, I prefer the zipper-style closure of the Gerber bags. I’ve never had a problem with those leaking or ruining my milk. They are also much cheaper as you can generally find them at discount stores (Target, etc.).

Norma Middle Village, NY

Sturdy and reliable bags, dislike the way they close

There seem to be many negative reviews for these bags, but I have no serious complaints about them. I have stored milk nearly 50 times using the Medela bags and have been completely satisfied. They are sturdy and hold up well when being reheated. However, I do dislike the fact that the way they are closed is to insert a little trash bag tie into the two pre-cut holes and then fold over and over and twist together until tight. I store my milk in tupperware and then enclose in large freezer ziplocks and have not had any problem with the milk being corrupted. The way they close is annoying because it doesn’t freeze flat at all and I can only store 3 bags of milk per container- thus taking up tons of space in the freezer. When I heat these up in a pot or under hot water I never have to double bag or worry about leaks and that is what matters most to me. I recommend these bags and will continue to use for the remainder of my time breast feeding.

Earline Cabery, IL

You will cry over spilled milk

I purchased these bags when I returned to work and began pumping more often. What a waste!! The twist tie design is both clumsy and ineffective. You can never tie them tight enough and spills are frequent. In additon to this, the cost is ridiculous. The Gerber bags with the zip lock design are much more economical and are leak proof. They can be found at most retail stores including Target and Walmart. These bags do not measure up to the Medela name and they should consider a new design. Returning to work and continuing to nurse your baby is hard enough without the hassle of these bags.

Briana Placentia, CA