Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads, 60 Count

Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads, 60 Count

What mom doesn’t want to be able to do more with less? You’ve come to the right place. Medela disposable nursing bra pads provide more value with fewer pads. Here’s what else you get: excellent absorbency and leak protection day or night; discreet under clothing; comfortable; greater value Medela pads now absorb moreso you use less; keeps you dry, comfortable and confident.

Main features

  • Super absorbent materials prevent leakage and maintain dryness so you use less
  • Discreet under clothing, with double adhesive tape to keep pads in place
  • Keeps you dry, comfortable & confident
  • Individually-wrapped
  • cotton, nylon and an absorbent polymer
  • Super absorbent materials prevent leakage and maintain dryness
  • Soft for added comfort
  • Double adhesive tape keeps pads in place
  • Cotton/Nylon

Verified reviews


Don’t get them until you know you’ll be leaking milk!

I’m sure these work great, but I have never had to use breast pads, and I’ve nursed my baby for 18 months now (never used a drop of formula). My mom got a LOT of these for me, because when she nursed her babies, she always had milk flowing when and where she didn’t want it to. I have never had problems with leaking milk, so I’ve never used the pads for that. I did, however, have to use them for a few weeks when I had a nipple yeast infection (VERY painful). I used the pads after I had to apply a very sticky nystatin liquid to my nipples. Without the pads, my bra would have gotten very sticky and messy very quickly. Anyway, don’t just assume that you will need these. If you want to buy them anyway, keep the receipt to return them just in case you’re not a milk-leaker!

Erin Taft, TX

These will work, but I prefer others

These pads are very thin and do not show through your clothes. I never leaked much, so these pads worked fine in that respect. However, they do not hold up when you open your nursing bra for frequent breastfeeding. The adhesive on the lining does not stay stuck to the bra and the absorbent filling comes loose and bunches up.If you have these, they will work, but I much prefer the Lansinoh pads.

Maritza Dale, NY

Would not buy again

Have tried 3 different brands now and I liek these the least. My breast leakinsane amounts throughout the day so no matter what pad I wear I have to change it every hour or so. I have to wear 2-3 pads on each breast regardless! Totally crazy I know!These pads though when not soaked yet are like putting paper between my bra and breast so they’re not comfortable at all and they crumple up a bit in places. The tape is pointless as they don’t move around at all as did none of the others brands I tried. If you have a bra that fits a bra pad will stay in place. One other issue is and at the same time it’s a positive I guess is that because these pads are kind of like a diaper in the sense of being absorbent and having that extra layer, you don’t always know until you happen to touch one of the pads that it’s completely soaked through for who knows how long! It’s very obvious when one is soaked as it weight a whole lot more and feels like a dead jellyfish, but you only know this when you check it. I would not buy these again.

Angeline Lake Leelanau, MI

Irritated my skin and wouldn’t stay put

I used these less than 2 years ago with my daughter and remember them being comparable to the lansinoh. This time around, I gave them another shot, and am very disappointed. They are rough and irritate my skin. Also, the adhesive does not hold well. There is only one “sticky” spot, which just doesn’t cut it. I end up having to change them every time I nurse because they roll up inside my bra and won’t stick back on. I’ve been perfectly happy withLansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)… and if you are ordering from amazon, they are much cheaper than these anyway.

Jenifer Morganza, MD

Could be designed much better

These pads are definitely due for some revamping. When women can buy nearly customized bras based on chest width and cup size, it’s ridiculous to have a “one pad fits all” type of product. I have read other reviews and women complain about washable/reusable pads, but after trying everything out there, I would argue that washable pads:*fit better*look better from the outside (these look like you’re stuffing with Kleenex)*are a lot easier to put back in one-handed while holding a baby – no messing around with annoying adhesives and strange folds in the materialDisposable do tend to be better for women who leak a lot, but before settling on these pads, try both. I bought every kind out there, both reusable and disposable, and found some I swear by from Mimi Maternity. They fit well, aren’t noticable, and won’t leak.

Lucinda Eden Valley, MN

Not as good as others

I received two sample pairs of these breast pads when I bought my Medela Pump in Style, and I’m glad I got the pads for free instead of spending $10 on a whole box. Yes, the pads are thin and so they don’t show through clothing. However, I haven’t had a problem with any of the pads I’ve worn showing. These pads make a big deal about being “form fitted” due to the two little pleats, which give them a natural 3-dimensional curve. However, again, I’ve never had a problem with unpleated pads and how they fit (and I have a VERY large bust). But, the thing that I really hate about the Medela pads is the adhesive. It’s such a small piece of adhesive that it really should have been left off entirely. It’s just big enough to make it hard to remove the pads from the bra for nursing, but it’s too small to really hold the pad in place while the bra is open. This makes the pad ruffle up badly, and it’s very difficult to get it back into shape when you put your bra back in place. After only one or two times of putting the bra down and back up, I found that the pads were bunched up into uncomfortable, lumpy balls inside my bra, and there was really no way of fixing them. Personally, I prefer the First Years nursing pads with lanolin. They are very absorbent, they hold their shape through multiple nursing sessions, and they don’t show through clothing.

Doretha Danville, ME

They don’t stick!

So far these are the only pads that don’t stick to me, so I love them. I am a B or C cup, and didn’t leak often. I also didn’t bother with the stickers, they stayed just fine within my nursing bras without the sticker. They do get a little stinky though….

Reva Bonita Springs, FL

Not for me at all

Let me start by saying that I don’t leak a ton and I got a free box of these. That being said, even for free I don’t want to use these. They sound (yes sound) horrible as they’re crinkly. If I leaked more I’d be really concerned because I just don’t see how these would hold up. When I push them aside to nurse they ball up and I can’t really reuse them. I like the avent so much better (softer, not crinkly, absorbent and actually hold up). I wouldn’t spend the $ on these ever even if they were the only option.

Lilian Willimantic, CT

Tried several brands, these are perfect

These are nice and thin and don’t show through thin shirts (I wear them with the nursing bras that are similar to sports bras). Their shape conforms nicely to the breast so you don’t have weird creases showing through either. They have never leaked and they slip in an out easily. Exactly what I needed and wanted. Thanks for another great product Medela!

Kimberly Parsons, KS

A definite necessity

How could anyone breastfeed without these? The non-disposable cotton pads get wet and stay wet… much like I’d imagine a cloth diaper would feel! Yuck. These disposable ones are great… they are like a maxipad for your breasts! I have a plentiful milk supply (to say the least) and I couldn’t imagine life without these pads. Get them BEFORE you have your baby so you have them handy when your milk comes in. You’ll be glad you did!

Nettie East Bend, NC

Itchy Boobs!

TERRIBLE! These pads make already sensitive nipples itch like crazy! And the pleats make them very bulky in your bra. Plus, there is only one weak adhesive strip, so they slide all over the place. Bad bad bad. The Lansinoh pads are the best, no question.

Nadia Sopchoppy, FL

Lansinoh is better

PROSI’ve never leaked.It’s really thin.CONSIt feels like plastic.It does not allow my skin to breathe and make my breasts really itchy.It won’t stick to your bra. The small sticky tab doesn’t do much.It stinks at the end of the day.Yellow powder gets on your fingers if you open the wrapper wrong.Lansinoh has two sticky tabs that work. And it doesn’t make my breasts itchy or sweaty. And their wrappers do not have any weird coloring on it.

Sonya Garland, NC

They work, but are very uncomfortable

I’ve always used Lansinoh nursing pads, but decided to try these, since they were half as expensive. I found out there’s a reason they’re half as expensive. They’re incredibly itchy! Many times the pleat on the inside has a scratchy piece of glue that rubs and is uncomfortable. Also, after nursing once or twice the stuffing gets all messed up and bunchy, which is a huge pain in public because it’s hard to change them discreetly, but if you don’t, it looks like you have a wad of Kleenex stuffed into your bra. Not cool. Stick with Lansinoh.

Anita Lincoln, ME

Good but not Great

In terms of absorption these are the best pads I have tried (out of 3 different brands), but they could use some contouring and if you wear them in a thin bra plan on layering up your shirts unless your advertising that your breasts leak.

Leann Beardsley, MN

Best ones yet

I love these nursing pads because they are thin and don’t show through, but I don’t have any issues with leakage. I only wear them just in case. I only wish that the wrappers opened like the Lansinoh ones.

Staci Nahant, MA

Not good for overnight protection

These pads work fine for minimal leaking during the day, but are pretty worthless for heavy leaking. Once my baby started sleeping through the night, I would wake up with these saturated and my shirt drenched. Buy the lansinoh pads, they are much better for heavy leaks.

Judy Migrate, KY

Wicks moisture but doesn’t stick worth a darn

Bottom line, I love the “wicking” feel but hate the adhesive. Almost worth it to put up with the bad adhesive if they were cheaper than the Lansinoh.I went with the Lansinoh pads for the first three months because they were cheaper. I bought some Medela disposable nursing pads when they were on sale at Babies R Us. I bought a month’s supply. ARGH. They drove me crazy the first two weeks b/c every time I went to pump, they were displaced. Thankfully dropping my bra to pump displaced it so I wasn’t leaking all over my clothes, but it gets to be annoying. As some others have mentioned, there is only one adhesive and it’s adhesive quality is a bit … lacking. I almost threw them all out but decided to stick with it BECAUSE they actually FEEL better than the Lansinoh ones. These have a thin cottony layer across the top that almost feels like muslin and it’s like your leaks go through it, soaks into the gel part but you don’t feel it against your nipple. When you pull it away, you don’t feel the gelled bit surrounding your nipple as much either. I really like feeling dry so I’ve put up with the crappy adhesive. Last positive, I like how easy open the plastic is for each pad. In the end, if I were going to pump for much longer, I’d probably go to the Medela brand…as it stands I think I’ve got only a month or two left in me…and since the Lansinoh is cheaper, I’ll probaby just do that…ps…maybe it just feels drier b/c I’m not leaking as much? 🙂

Delia Wauchula, FL

One of the better pads on the market

I like these pads because they are very absorant and do not show through my clothes. They also leave my skin very dry which is very important for keeping healthy nipples. However, during breastfeeding I have to be careful in folding them in my bra in order to reuse them once I am done, if I don’t I have to use new ones because they become all wrinkled and useless. For that reason I use these only during the day. At night I use Lansinoh pads, they are bigger and more absorbant than these and I can still reuse them even when I mistreat them during feeding.

Lilly Bosque, NM

Great breast pads.

I had purchased these 4 years before and had great results and these are of the same quality and absorbency. I do not have large breasts so I didn’t have any issues as some of the other mothers with it not holding up. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Bertie Frenchville, ME

Not very good

I had heard so much about Medela, they were great for nursing supplies. When I ordered these breast pads, I thought they would be a great deal. Unfortunately these pads are not good for mothers who produce a lot of milk. I ended up changing my nursing pads three times a day, and had to get up in the middle of the night to change them again. I had high hopes that fell dreadfully low. I would not suggest this for friends.

Estelle Byfield, MA

Not a bad pad but not the best either

I like Medela in general, but unfortunately these pads aren’t the best in the market. I noticed that after a few hours of use they started to stink pretty badly… (3-4 hours, particularly at night when my baby started sleeping for longer stretches). I then tried lansinoh and they are superior. The shape is slightly better, they are more absorbent and I never smell!

Kasey Glenwood, NY

Second to none (well only one)…

Two words: Get them!Plain and simple. These pads can hold up to three ounces of breastmilk and provide great coverage. I don’t have to worry about them shifting or leaking on me at night and I leak a LOT.I have tried most of the nursing pads on the market and these are second only to the Lansinoh brand. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who battles those embarassing leaks.

Clarissa Teeds Grove, IA

The only pads I will use

They are perfect for my usage. I have tried others and these pads are my favorite. Gerber pads end up with beads of white stuff after a while, I have no idea what they were but I threw them out. I have no problems with these pads and would reccommend them to any nursing mother.

Kaitlyn Mouth Of Wilson, VA

These actually hurt me!

I have C-cup and I found that the fit was terrible. You could also see them under my clothes. But worst of all – it actually dried onto my nipple and tore some skin off when I tried to remove them!!! I threw the rest of the box away. Then I tried Lansanoh pads, both super absorbant & ultra thin, and loved them both. No problems with sticking. I don’t recommend the Medela nursing pads at all.

Elaine Carthage, AR

Great nursing pads, work as advertised.

The medela nursing pads worked just fine for me, especially for overnight use. I also used them as a backup during the day with the lilz pads.

Olivia Costilla, NM