Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Bustier, White, Small

Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Bustier, White, Small

Medela’s Easy Expression Bustier allows you to do other things while pumping. It’s easy to wear and use, and can be worn on its own or over a nursing bra or camisole. Compatible with most electric breast pumps: Including Pump in Style, Freestyle, Symphony, Swing and Lactina to hold the breast shields securely in place while you pump. The comfortable cotton/spandex blend is machine washable, and available in black and white with sizes available that fits most moms. Authentic Medela spare parts are engineered, tested and approved to work specifically with your Medela breast pump. Non Medela spare parts can vary significantly in design, materials, and workmanship. All of which may affect the performance of your Medela breast pump.

Main features

  • Gives you the freedom to do other things while pumping
  • Compatible with most electric breast pumps: Including Pump in Style, Freestyle, Symphony, Swing and Lactina
  • Machine wash, tumble dry
  • Cotton/spandex blend is comfortable on its own or over a nursing bra or camisole
  • Available in White and Black
  • Compatible with most electric breast pumps

Verified reviews


Nice idea, tricky to use

So this takes some forethought to use. You can’t just decide to pump and throw on the bustier. It’s tricky to use. The zipper doesn’t go all the way to the bottom. It stops about half an inch from the bottom, so you can’t just wrap it around yourself. You have to actually take off your clothes to pull it over your head, which is mildly inconvenient. Then you have to insert the pump shields from the inside of the bustier. I keep my pump ready to use, so having to disassemble it in order to get it to fit through the tiny holes was a pain. Also, I’m large chested so I didn’t line up exactly perfectly with the holes. That was annoying. When you are done pumping, be prepared to drip whatever is left in the shield all over yourself while you try to pull your pump apart to get it out. It’s really more of a hassle than a help. I think I only used this a couple of times before I opted to just pump one side at a time with my everyday nursing bra. It was slower, but less messy than using the bustier.

Nita Kingston, GA

Can’t Live Without It!

This item has literally made pumping bearable. I can now use both hands to do other stuff, making my pumping time more efficient. I find that it washes well, and fits nice and tight. This is not a bra! You do not wear it underyour clothes. I keep mine in my pumping bag and just pull the flaps of my nursing bra down and put this one over it. It works perfectly. When I’m done, it goes back in the bag. I find that it holds the bottles well enough while sitting, but if I want to get up to walk around, I have to hold the bottles steady, otherwise they just don’t fel secure, but I very rarely travel around while pumping!Overall, fabulous product!

Leslie Glen Lyon, PA

If you pump, get one of these….

I only have the Medela version of this, but I imagine that all of the different brands are equally as good (and there are some that are super cute).I pumped for about 2 1/2 weeks before I decided, on a whim, to buy this. My husband thought I was crazy. I figured maybe it would make the arduous task of pumping slightly better, and maybe I wouldn’t have to delicately balance both pumps in my arms and pray that when I got up I didn’t drop one of them and spill precious milk everywhere anymore. Well well well, this thing is amazing. It really makes life SOOOO much easier. My husband and mom think it’s kind of hysterical (we all think they really need to just go with it, and make a black pleather one with lace and ties and metal studs on it…), but I don’t care, it really serves it’s function, and now I can be on my iphone or read or just have use of my hands while I pump rather than sitting there bored out of my mind counting down the minutes until I’m done.If you pump, even once a day as I do, it’s worth it…

Haley Henderson, TX

works ok

I bought this at Target because I thought it would help pump since I exclusively pump right now. It works to an extent but not like they advertise!First of all the women in their ads are obviously NOT breastfeeding, you can tell by looking at their breasts so it’s a bit misleading. Second it does not hold the breast shields straight like advertised, they sag down so I still have to hold them to get the best milk supply. If i let them hang it doesn’t pump as well. I bought this so I could be hands free!The bra itself is a bit too tight and I got a medium based on the sizing chart. It holds the breast shields in place no problem but it’s a bit hard to get on.I will use this and see if there is a way I can fix the kinks in it. It does help some but not like I had expected and for the price it should have worked better.Ok after using this for over a week now I can’t stand it! It is too tight and hinders my pumping! If I got the other size it would have been too big. This thing needs a strap that goes around the neck otherwise it just hangs the bottles down and it pulls on your nipples! The women advertising this bra are NOT breastfeeding so the ads are VERY misleading. Why not use an actual breastfeeding woman? This thing does not fit right at all. The lady in the ads has no boobs at all! Sorry but if you just had a baby you will have way more than this chick has in the ads. This bra is a waste of money. I am going to sell it to the lowest bidder and be done with it. I will now come up with my own device to pump hands free that actually works for breastfeeding mothers.

Hannah Copeland, KS

Prefer the Simple Wishes bra

I got this as a gift – it works as promised, but I much prefer the Simple Wishes hands free bra that I purchased myself. This is not at all adjustable, so if it doesn’t quite fit you right, too bad. The Simple Wishes bra is adjustable both around the band and between the holes, so it’s much easier to get a good fit.

Deborah Zumbrota, MN

a must have

If you plan on pumping, buy this bra BEFORE your due date. I dreaded each time I had to pump b/c I had to hold the shields on each breast and just sit there. This bra allowed me to read, go on the computer, play/tend to a baby, etc. Buy several before you need them.

Brooke Madden, MS

A little tight

This does the job that I bought it for but like all madela clothing items it’s a tight fit. I even looked up the measurements for the sizing chart, but it’s still almost too tight for comfort.

Carlene Lukachukai, AZ

Don’t buy if you have a big chest

I’m a 38 DDD and this bra sucks! I used it for a month and a half and had to still hold both of them up because otherwise my milk would leak all over. I have the right size according to the size chart and guess what.. After 2 months of use.. The zipper is torn already.. Buy a simple wishes bra.. It has straps as an option and it is cheaper and holds the ladies up better when pumping. DON’T BUY THIS BRA! It is just a piece of fabric with 2 holes cut out and a zipper.. POS!

Penelope Oran, IA

Not the best

I found this product awkward to use. The cut outs for holding the pump could be better designed and so could the bra itself. I only use this if the other handless pumping bra (Simple wishes) is in the wash. I would not purchase this bra again or recommend it to anyone. Unlike the simple wishes bra, once you’ve finished pumping, you have to take the bra off bc it’s so uncomfortable and conspicuous under clothes.

Melanie Peoples, KY

Wife loves it

Fits well, works just like it should.We should’ve bought this weeks ago, finally she can have her hands free to do other things while pumping.Highly recommend.

Jannie New Lebanon, NY

Perfect for me!

I had to pump for the first 7 weeks of my daughters life because she was in the NICU. This product made my multitaking heart smile. My postpartum bra size was 40F, so I bought the large…kinda wished I had bought the medium. A snugger fit it better than a loose one.

Earline Dennis, KS

Can’t Imagine How I Would’ve Pumped Without It

Everyone needs one of these, if they are going to be pumping. I was able to have my hands free to play on my iPad – which helped keep my mind off of how lame pumping is.

Petra Gary, IN

Simple Wishes is Much Better

I got this because, well, I had all these Target gift cards and this is what they carried. It works alright, but I always had some leakage and that made it a little stinky by the end of the day. That meant I had to wash it everyday. I decided to get another to make it easier on myself and the Simple Wishes cost the same, so I decided to try it. WAY better. Fits better, more secure, no leaks so doesn’t need cleaned everyday, same price. I actually had to dial the suction on my pump back because it held the shields in so much better. The medela sits in my work locker in case I forget my beloved SImple Wishes. Haven’t used it in months.

Alicia Palo Pinto, TX

Why didn’t I buy one of these sooner!

Great for when you need your hands. I have a medela instyle pump… however this bustier has come in handy when i needed to work on a term paper and it was time to pump. I also use it when i want to read while pumping (i am an over-producer so I find myself pumping often). At first I felt super lazy, however it is easier to trasfer my milk from the bottles to the bags (I switched from medela bags to lansinoh due to ease of freezer storage). Great buy and now I recommend this too any woman that is pumping while nursing.

Gloria Henderson, CO

Works great, runs big but zipper broke

Love he hands free. The size is off though, order smaller than you think. I got a large and should have ordered a medium. (I wear 38E bras from Motherhood)Update 1/29/14 – I’ve only been using this for a few months now and the zipper already broke 🙁

Esmeralda Union, MS

Have to have.

If you are pumping regularly, you need this. It actually helps me pump more milk per pumping due to the fact that it holds the flanges tighter against me and prevents breaking suction as easily. Also, you can actually do something other than hold the pump while pumping. Such as read, play with your little one, or even (gasps) drive. Yup. when your desperate youre desperate. This is a handy thing to have around for pumping Mom’s.

Kenya Cleves, OH

works well

this works well, i bought a large and it’s actually very tight but it’s fine once it’s on. difficult to actually zip up but actually it’s fine. i got very large in this region when my daughter was born and i’m guessing i’m a double D right now, so i’d say it’s just me

Chasity Maitland, FL

Stuck between 3 and 4 stars

The idea of this product is genius! I had a hard time trying to hold both lines up while pumping, especially having twins, with my hands. Maybe it is just the size of my breasts right now, but I never really got a good, tight fit… enough so that I felt like my pumping was getting maximum results. I found I was always holding one of the bottles up as I pumped just to make sure I had the strongest suction. I tried the L and XL. I still think that it was worth the money to get this though. Especially if you have to double pump.

Andrea Breckenridge, CO

It works, but…

Yes, this bra allows me to pump hands-free, but if I’d researched things a little better, I would have ordered a different bra instead. The Medela bra is not adjustable and I’ve lost 20 lbs of baby weight since I started pumping so it’s looser now. Also, some of the sewing is already coming apart; I’ve used it once or twice a day for about 3 months and washed it a few times. I haven’t tried it, but Simple Wishes makes a similar product which is adjustable and was recommended by a breastfeeding counselor in my area; I would consider that one instead.

Stella Datil, NM

Helpful, but bad sizing

I find this bustier to be very helpful, but the sizing is a bit odd. I bought the recommended size (Large), but it was too small for me, causing the pump flanges to dig into my breasts. Ouch. The XL works well enough, but it’s a tad loose. If I move around too much, the flange can break suction and milk leaks.

Bridget Gibson, PA

Not supportive enough for larger breasts

If you are like me and need to order the extra large size (yay for nursing boobs…), you will probably not find this bustier supportive enough. I like the idea of hands free nursing, but I really think this product would be better if it had straps–perhaps something that velcros so you could get it on and off easily.

Renee Meadowview, VA

best purchase ever for pumping

I gave this five stars since it allows you to have your hands free. I have the hands free pumping system, but the straps it came with do not work with every bra. This bustier allows me to be able to change my son because he is almost guaranteed to get a wet diaper while I am pumping. It is very easy to put on and folds small so it can easily go on trips.

Virginia New Palestine, IN

Much easier

This product does exactly what it states. it does run a little small though. I went with the other reviewers and orderd a med vs a small and it fits snuggly.

Kenya North Windham, CT

Worked for awhile…

This worked for awhile and then I lost some weight. I much prefer the kind that adjusts with you as your size changes.

Angela Broad Brook, CT

Not great heavy busted women…

I’m a 34DD and originally purchased the small (based on Medela’s sizing chart on their website) and it was a touch uncomfortable – so I went up a size to the medium and have come to the conclusion that this isn’t the best option for heavy busted women. By the time you’ve pumped a few ounces of milk it stretches to where you need to hold on to the bottles anyway.For me, it’s not really hands free after two ounces in each bottle (or bag, because I’ve tried it with those too).I continue to use it because it makes double pumping easier. But it’s a bit of a hassle to use because I still need to use both hands.

Julia Nicholson, GA

Great help

Makes it so much easier when you can pump both sides hands free. It fit great and was easy to take on and off.

Faye Middlefield, OH

GAME CHANGER for nursing moms!

I cannot express how much this has literally changed my life! I have 4 month old twins and have used this daily since they were born as I am pumping after the feedings to get every drop of milk I can. This bra has allowed me to be able to fold clothes, write bills, ipad, knit, and many other things while I am spending my precious time pumping.I wear it in the car as I pump and drive and I have never spilled yet. I have 3 of these bras and wash them 5-6 times a week and they are still in excellent condition after 4 months.Do YOURSELF a favor and get this… you will be able to multi-task while pumping.

Mindy Kennewick, WA

Genius product but not long lasting.

First of all, let me start of saying that this product is genius! You can pump hands-free which is amazing. I was holding the bottles the first few days that my son was born and boy did it hurt my back! My only complaint is that after a few months, the zipper is separated on the bottom and I don’t think this bustier is going to last a lot longer. I will buy this product again- just wish it has lasted a bit longer than a couple months. It is really a life saver for those of us that pump a lot.

Felicia Bakers Mills, NY

My zipper broke, so I made my own hands free bra that I liked better

I received this as a gift for my baby shower. I was so happy to find a product like this. I have a 9 year old and a baby. With my 9 year old I pumped exclusively and either they didn’t have products like this or I never saw them. The first time I saw this I knew it was a great idea. Unfortunately, this particular product didn’t work for me.It I ordered one size bigger than I usually would after reading reviews. It fit OK, but the top was too loose and felt like it was slipping. The bustier closes with a zipper. The zipper was just annoying in my opinion. Then after a week of use the zipper broke. It seems like they could’ve fashioned something a little better. A friend of mine gave me the advice to make my own. I took an old sports bra and put it on. I felt where I needed the holes to go and cut 2 small holes. This gives me more support since it goes over my shoulders, especially for heavier bottles. It also was virtually free (I didn’t wear the sports bra much anymore). I am MUCH happier with my homemade solution, rather than this rather expensive alternative. I do have to give them credit for coming up with such a fabulous idea. It could’ve saved me a ton of time 9 years ago and it makes pumping not so annoying since I can eat, respond to emails, play on my phone, write in my sons baby book, read a book, ect.

Elise Saint Jacob, IL

A must have for the working mom

Thank G-d for this vest! Frees up my hands at work so I can get stuff done while pumping. Could not make it through the day without it. Actually wearing it and pumping while I type this review right now 🙂

Juliana Bluffton, GA