Medela Freestyle Spare Parts Kit

Medela Freestyle Spare Parts Kit

An extra set of breast-shield connectors for use with the freestyle breast pump. Authentic Medela spare parts are engineered, tested and approved to work specifically with your Medela breast pump. Non Medela spare parts can vary significantly in design, materials, and workmanship, all of which may affect the performance of your Medela breast pump. Made without BPA safe for mom and baby. All Medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are and always have been made without BPA. 

Main features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Authentic Medela spare parts
  • For exclusive use with the Freestyle breast pump
  • Compatible with all Personal fit breast shields
  • Includes: 2 breastshield connectors, 2 membranes and back caps
  • Made without BPA

Verified reviews


Wrong parts but good service

I accidentally ordered the wrong spare parts kit. But, the return process was so easy, I had the whole thing packaged and ready to go in 10 min and in 24 hours, the wrong parts were gone. In 36 hours, the refund had been completed. No questions asked.

Edwina Sulligent, AL

Got an extra pair right away

All I do is pump. The spare parts make it so much easier! I don’t have to wait for them to dry or use a paper towel to dry the parts. These are identical to the ones that come with the freestyle Medela pump.Side note (the really cheap 99 cent BPA Free plastic “Reduces Colic Gerber” bottles found at Target hook up to the Freestyle pump perfectly and are a lot cheaper than purchasing Medela bottles– They come in 5 oz and 9 oz)

Cecile Hume, IL

take forever to dry

I have 5 sets of these because I hate washing every single day! (I pump 2x/day). I hate that these have so many parts and take so long to dry. Also. why the freaking high cost, Medela?! These from this seller were the least expensive I could find, but gee wiz-arm and a leg!

Freida Chambersville, PA

IMPORTANT! These are 2 SETS, not just one.

IMPORTANT! These are 2 SETS, not just one.Bought these for my wife so she isnt having to wash the old set over and over.This is 2 SETS, not one as the listing shows. Great value!

Cleo Elizabethville, PA

(almost) everything in one kit

It’s so great to have an extra set of parts. I bought this kit right away with an extra set of breastshields so I could have one set at work and one at home since I pump both places. This way I have less to remember and less stuff to cart around. With my first baby (& first pump) I caused a near catastrophe when I forgot to put my breastshields back into the pump bag to go to work with me… discovered at 11pm (I work at night). My husband AND the baby had to get into the car to bring them to me- fortunately baby slept through the whole thing. You already spent a wad of cash on the pump, go ahead and spend a few more dollars to avoid repeating the above scenario (although you still have to remember the pump :)). I also highly reccomend the microwave steam clean bags- a great way to keep your parts clean and all together.

Aisha Sand Creek, WI

No complaint

It dose the same thing that comes from original package. It contains two sets in the package. (I wasn’t sure when I ordered it)

Ora Waverly, IA

Everyone needs a 2nd pair of these to stay sane

After washing and drying and waiting and washing and drying and waiting, I decided to get this pack as a “back-up” so that I can always have another set handy–what a great idea! If you pump regularly at all, you really need to do yourself a favor and get a 2nd set. These work great with the Freestyle and I’ve never looked back. Totally recommend.

Holly Andalusia, IL

Great Product

I think have a total of 18 spare part sets. As a working mom, it’s easier to have enough to use throughout the week rather than worry about cleaning and washing them every night. This was the best price I could find at the time and you can’t beat Amazon Prime delivery.

Kathrine Amigo, WV

Wares out Quickly!

Unfortunately there is no other option when it comes to this product. I am still breastfeeding my 7 month old baby and pump no less than 10 times a week at work. In these 7 months I have had to buy this product a minimum of 3 times, maybe 4. If they go in the dishwasher they go faster.

Susanne Faber, VA

Works consistently for a few months, but then needs replacing

I am an exclusive pumper so I pump multiple times throughout the day. I’ve bought several spare parts before because this particular style is known for coming loose and jamming the pump. The middle yellow, rubber piece will come loose causing the pump to freeze up mid-pump. It doesn’t happen often, but I know that when it does I have to re-order a new set because the suction is never the same after. All in all these work great, but I’d recommend buying a back-up set. I go through about 4 sets per year.

Maryanne Loveville, MD

Product as stated.

Great item! It’s good to have extras.

Alana Schofield, WI

Just like the original

I have the Medela Freestyle pump, and all of the original parts that came with it. This Spare Parts Kit is exactly the same as what came with my pump. It works just as well, has held up through me exclusively pumping (7 months so far!) and is exactly as described. I would highly recommend.

Susanna Hoboken, GA

Great Product!

This product is exactly as advertised. It is efficient and does the job it is supposed too.

Elisha Windsor, NJ

Fewer washes with extra parts

Great to have extra parts. I had to take a class for a week and wouldn’t be able to rinse the parts in between every use so I ordered these. They are just like the original parts.

Ana North Uxbridge, MA

Great replacement/spare parts

These are great if you need to replace the parts or just need a spare pare. They came quickly and in great condition.

Florence Waltham, MN

great to avoid washing parts everyday

convenient to have to avoid washing parts in the dishwasher. another person recommended not combining parts with your original so i have done the same.

Tommie Monument, OR

Great for busy moms

Great to have if you don’t have time to always wash and dry the parts of just 1 set. I am considering having a third set haha. I only wish there was an option to order breast shields with this kit. It makes sense, right? I end up having to wash my one set of shields over and over. I guess I will have to order spare shields as well.

Suzette Center Sandwich, NH

If you pump at work or exclusively pump you need these!

I exclusively pump and I had to purchase several of these to save my sanity. Having spares allows you to only wash everything once a day instead of after every pumping. Also having back ups allows you to still pump if your set breaks or gets a hole.

Victoria Perth, ND

Must Have for Freestyle

Unless you only pump occasionally (which you probably don’t if you have the Freestyle), cleaning parts and waiting for them to dry every time you pump gets old, really fast. I wish I would have purchased a 3rd set of parts even.

Natalia Bethlehem, CT

extra parts

Same parts that come with the freestyle, always helpful to have extra parts in case something happens to the originals.

Genevieve Wapello, IA

Nice to have a spare!

I bought my first set to make it easier to pump – I don’t have to dry the parts after each pump, I can just let them air dry, and I will still have the extra set ready to use! I did chip the plastic part that attaches to the flange on one of them when I dropped it onto our hardwood floor. It still worked (the chip wasn’t that deep), but I ordered another set so I wouldn’t have to risk problems in the future.

Edith Townsville, NC

It was broken

I needed an extra spare kit to keep in the office for pumping. I was very disappointed to see cracks on both parts when I opened the box. The box was in good shape so the cracks couldn’t have occurred during shipping.

Freida Langston, AL

These fit with ANY medela breast shield! GREAT!

So I have these for my freestyle pump I am waitting to use with my 2nd baby. My 1st son, I had a Pump in Style Advanced backback style. Those have totally different connectors. However, I like these a little better. I wanted extra so I wouldnt have to constantly clean them when in a rush at work. They connect to the hardshelled breast shields. I DO NOT like the ones that come with the freestyle. I DO NOT suggest them, and I think they’re the reason for the loss of suction. Good news, you can just disassemble them from the older PIS and connect on to these. I think they’re much easier to clean. They are neat and less parts too! Awesome find, for sure you should buy a few sets so you’re not overwhelmed with cleaning constantly!

Adrienne Fouke, AR

Conveinent through amazon

I recieved a freestyle pump and needed all the parts. Everything fit perfectly and it was nice not having to go to the store to buy the kit. I’d recommend buying two kits.It’s nice to have one set ready to go at all times…especially at 4 am!

Deana New Berlin, IL

Just like the original

It’s really handy having a spare set because they’re a pain to dry out in between pumpings. These are the exact same replacement parts. If you’re pumping alot, I would highly recommend having a second set so you’re not constantly trying to dry out the crevices before pumping again. I also like that it was inexpensive for such an expensive pump (mine fit theMedela Freestyle Breast Pump

Eva Glasgow, KY

Wonderful spare parts

I bought these extra parts when I went back to work. I EBF and pump a bottle a day when I am not working. These are nice to have when you use your pump daily so you can rotate your parts to avoid exessive wear. I have noticed small cracks in the plastic but it has not affected suction. I boil the large piece that actually touches the milk and hand wash the yellow rubber and small plastic backing. I love my freestyle pump and would recommended getting extra parts if you plan on pumping for an extended period of time!

Angelia Demarest, NJ

Must have

For a working mom like me, having a spare set of pump parts is a necessity. Need to also have an extra set of breast shields to have to complete set but maybe you can get away with using both the large and medium ones that come with the freestyle pump.

Queen Midway, KY

so much better now

I would recommend this spare parts kit to any and every working mom with a medela freestyle. I got so tired of constantly washing the parts after each nursing session. now I’ve got this extra set to get me through two pumping sessions. I was so confused when I was ordering because the description does not tell you that it comes with a total of 6 pieces (2 bottle attachment assemblies) and the picture looks like it only comes with 3 pieces. Rest assured this is a complete set; however, it is worth mentioning that this does not have the breast shields included.

Isabelle Neelyville, MO

lifesaver for a working mom

I bought extra sets of these so i wouldn’t have to wash and wait for them to dry at work. These have been a lifesaver!

Lesley Brier Hill, NY

Buy this if you pump at least 3 times a day so you won’t need to dry the parts with paper towels

Got so tire washing it day and night and waiting for it to dry. So got a 2nd set just before returning to work. It fits the free style model and comes with a pair so just need to buy one item.

Kathrine Lonsdale, MN