Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela Harmony Breastpump Occasional use • single pump • manual The newest technology in an easy-to-use manual pump. Preferred by 9 out of 10 moms over other manual pumps. Lightweight and portable for on-the-go pumping. More milk in less time with 2-Phase Expression technology.* *When pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum in the expression phase. Includes: 1 – Harmony breastpump 1 – 24 mm (medium) PersonalFit breastshield 1 – 5 oz/150mL BPA-free breastmilk bottle with lid and stand 1 – valve 1 – membrane 2 – spare membranes Instructions

Main features

  • For occasional time away from baby
  • 2 phase expression technology
  • Lightweight design is portable and discreet

Verified reviews


Gentle and Effective

I was looking for a manual pump so that I could pump maybe one or two bottles a day. After reading the reviews, I tried the Avent Isis. I had terrible luck with it. I could never get consistent suction, and when I did, it was uncomfortable. I used the Avent for a week, and never pumped more than an ounce and a half at a time.So I tried the Medela Harmony, and I love it! The first time I used it, I pumped 2 ounces in a matter of minutes, and the suction is totally comfortable. Unlike the Avent, it’s easy to use with one hand, so I can nurse my daughter on one side and pump the other side. And there are fewer parts than the Isis, so it’s easy to clean. Another big plus: the Dr. Brown’s bottles fit this pump, so I can pump directly into the bottle, instead of transferring from one container to another. After using the Harmony for just 4 days, I can easily pump a 4 ounce bottle in less than 10 minutes.

Lenora Kathleen, GA

Great Pump But…. That darn o-ring

This pump works great unless the o-ring falls off or cracks. If that happens then it is useless and Medela will only sell you an o-ring with two other parts for almost the price of this pump. If that happens do yourself a favor and go to a hardware store. For $.23 I was able to get a replacement o-ring. They did not have them at HD but they had them at Ace. Just ask the person for an 1/8th inch ID o-ring. I spent less than $2 and bought 8 of them. I will keep them with me when ever I use the pump. My husband is a genius!

Lashonda Rural Retreat, VA

Easy to use hand pump!

I am a first time mom and I exclusively breastfeed my 3 month old. I have a Medela Pump in Style Advanced, which I love for work. However it isn’t that convenient for at home use and travel. For one, the Pump in Style has a lot of parts and tubing that need to be connected. You need to plug it in – or use a TON of batteries. It is heavy and it is loud. I first noticed that I needed a manual pump when my husband and I made two plane trips with the baby. I didn’t want to drag the pump along with all of the other baby equipment I needed so I left it home. I brought the bicycle pump style manual pump that Medela includes with the pump in style. I managed to get a full bottle fairly easily, but the pump really tired my arms out and it was loud. So I began shopping for an easy to use manual pump. I heard a lot about the Avent Isis, but not much about any other pump. While online, I came across this Medela Pump and decided to give it a try for a few reasons:(1) The Isis has a lot of parts and reviewers say it is a pain to clean. The Harmony has fewer parts making it easier to clean.(2) We don’t use Avent bottles, we use Dr. Browns. The Dr. Brown’s bottles we already have (narrow neck) fit right onto the Medela pumps.(3) The Harmony takes the same parts as the Pump in Style so no need to worry about keeping two sets of replacement parts.I have used the pump a few times so far and it has been great. I easily can fill one of the Medela bottles they include with the pump (they include 2) and it is so easy and quiet to use. I can use it anywhere. Since the handle swivels and you can pump one handed, it can also be used while you nurse your baby. I haven’t done that yet with this pump, but I tried it with the other manual I have and I can tell that it will be MUCH easier with the Harmony. Since there are so few parts to clean and I don’t need to plug in and play with tubing, pumping at home is less of a hassle. Plus, you can easily throw this pump into a purse, along with a small cooler pack to take with you. No need to look for a place to set up a huge electric pump!If you notice you don’t get much suction or you have lost suction, be sure to take the pump apart and make sure everything is aligned properly. Make sure the membrane is firmly pressed into the valve. Also in the handle, there is a silicone insert with a yellow oval valve inside. Make sure that the yellow oval is properly aligned with the silicone insert.In any case, I definitely recommend this pump for at home use and as a supplement to the Pump in Style. It is so easy to use, quiet, and compact for travel.EDITED TO ADD: I just had a problem with my harmony – the tiny white rubber ring, necessary to create suction, broke off from the handle. I called customer service and they are sending me four replacement rings at no charge. Medela was very nice about it and easy to deal with.ANOTHER UPDATE: I have now had my harmony for 4 months. At this point, I would lower my rating to 4 stars. It still is an effective pump, but I am not fully satisfied with the quality. Mid-use, the stem on the handle completely snapped off. However, Medela customer service was great – rather than simply replacing the faulty part, Medela sent me a brand new pump at no charge. They seem to have corrected some design flaws in the new pump – the stem on my new pump is now MUCH shorter, so I don’t think the stem will snap off like it did on the original pump I bought. Only time will tell if the redesigned Medela Harmony is of better quality.

Mae Auburn, WY

NOT BPA-free! And lost suction.

This pump is NOT BPA-free. Note the fine print: only “parts that come into contact with breastmilk” are BPA-free, which means the handle, the part YOU touch the most, has BPA, as I discovered from the little #7 plastic sign on the back.This brings me to another point: I only uncovered the #7 sign when I was poking around wondering why my pump had lost suction after only a few months of occasional use (several other reviews here noted the same thing). I found a little tear in the clear plastic underside of the handle. Very disappointed in the quality.

Estella Auburn, CA

rent from the hospital first

this is like the one the hospital gave me. i wish i had started out by renting the hospital grade pump. that way it is less time consuming, you empty your breast completely and pain free.

Emilie Plains, KS


I love this pump. I was told by my doctor to pump to stimulate my milk supply and this totally helped. It is worth the money it costs. Think of it as an investment in your baby. Plus if you have more than 1 child you can use it again.

Fanny Agate, CO

ok product

doesn’t pump out as much as i had expected…used once and then gave it away…too much work cleaning it…

Christi West Point, TX

Save your money for a better pump

I bought this pump because I was planning on exclusively breastfeeding and thinking I wouldnt need an electric pump since I would only be doing the occasional pumping. Well there is a reason the product comes with a 30 day warranty… because on the 31st day it isnt going to work anymore. At first it worked amazing, but after using it only a handful of times, it started to lose suction. I tried contacting Medela about it but they sent me an email reminding me of the 30 day warranty. So I finally caved and bought an electric pump… a Lansinoh.

Minnie Elsah, IL

Great for travel

Unlike many of the reviewers, I exclusively pump–that is, my son only gets breast milk, but I do not nurse him. I have the hospital grade Medela pump, which is fantastic–I get plenty of milk without nursing, and am even able to pump extra to store.I bought this pump because I’ve run into trouble a couple times when I was away from the house for longer than expected. My regular pump has to be plugged in (it does not run on batteries) so it’s hard to carry around. I bought this pump because it is easy to throw into the diaper bag in case of 1) engorgement or 2) needing a bottle while I’m out.Although I’m not a fan of handpumping and have not used other manual pumps, I’ve found this one easy to use. Basically it works just like like the hospital grade–and I get just as much milk, just as quickly, with this pump! The design is so comfortable that I have even pumped while driving home one day when I got stuck in major rush-hour traffic. Being able to use it left-handed or right-handed is a huge plus.I give it only four stars because the silicon part on the handle has a tendency to get loose and I lose suction in the middle of pumping.Note for Avent bottle users: You can buy, for about $10.00, a set of adaptors (I bought mine at Buy Buy Baby) that allow you to attach the wide Avent bottles right to this or any of the other similarly styled Medela pumps.

Dina Paradis, LA

Great While it Lasted

The lactation specialist at my hospital was really endorsing this pump. And though some people think electric pumps should be used by working moms I wanted a small and quiet hand pump to express milk at work. This pump worked wonderfully for about 3 months. Then it suddonly lost suction. I think it must have developed an air leak, but I couldn’t locate the problem. I had to rush out to the store that evening to buy a new pump, and I decided against the Medela brand. Also, my daughter refused to take the weird-shaped nipples, and I ended up using a different brand nipple that fit these bottles. On the upside, this pump is very easy to take apart, clean, and put back together.

Deena Cherry Fork, OH

Lost Suction Fast!

I bought this on Tueday. It’s Saturday and mysteriously doesn’t work anymore. I followed the manual and took this thing apart 3x already and it still doesn’t work. When I bought it I was originally really pleased with it. I also have the Avent Via manual pump and I liked the Harmony better because:Rotating handle for max comfortFits standard bottles so I can pump, screw on a nipple and feed the baby. The Avent only fits their bottles and my babies hate the wide nipples.Plus it is quieter than the Avent. The Avent handle makes a click noise every time you squeeze the handle to achieve the max suction.I just emailed Medela complaining so we’ll see what they say. I’ll be REALLY mad if they expect me to pay for parts or a whole new pump. I like this pump but I need it to last more than 4 days. Ridiculous.UPDATE: Medela responded to my email within 10 minutes on a Saturday! I was quite surprised. The Customer Service Rep didn’t give me any trouble, just apologized for the problems and told me she would ship out some new replacement parts 1st day so I should receive them on Tuesday. She did everything as said and they basically gave me a new pump! The only piece they didn’t replace is the horn/breast shield thing that surrounds the breast. Unfortunately I think there lies the problem because the new components don’t work either. The new stuff wouldn’t work at all. I am disappointed. Looking at that piece though it seems to have been distorted somewhat in the dishwasher, so maybe that has something to do with it?? The manual says all the pieces are dishwasher safe but I’m not so sure. I’m going to write again to ask for a replacement for that piece because this is getting really frustrating for me.

Lucinda Greendell, NJ

Have switched away from my electric pump

I got one of those double electric pumps through my insurance company, and used it most of the time I needed to pump for the first 5-6 months or so (went back to work when the baby was 6 weeks old, so that’s a fair amount of pumping). I ordered this initially because sometimes I needed to travel somewhere for work that meant I was in a car for quite a while and unable to get back to a place I could be alone with a power outlet by the time I needed to pump again. I used it only on occasion, and exclusively for that purpose, for the first few months I had it. Lately, though, I noticed my ability to pump enough milk had been dropping quite a bit. I took one of those trips out of town and saw that I was able to get more with this pump. I have now simply put the electric pump away, as using this pump is not only quieter and less uncomfortable, but I actually end up with more milk for the baby than I did with the electric one.Sorry, can’t do 5 stars for a breast pump. Pumping is no fun.

Rosalinda Pocono Manor, PA

A great pump!

I have to say anything Medela is great. Always high quality stuff! Anyway this manual breast pump works great for on the go. I have an electric pump that I use at home (the Medela Freetime) but I needed a pump I could take on vacation with me. It works great. It does not work great when your not full. I don’t feel it has enough sucking power to get the deep down milk (if that makes sense) but i works great when your full. My hand gets SO TIRED though! So be prepared for that. But otherwise it works great and is a great price. Def worth the money and gets an A+ in my book.

Sharon Williamsburg, NM

great manual pump

i received this pump at the hospital where my son was born. i also have an electric pump, but this one is very handy, is easy to pump and works really well. it is also easy to clean.

Delia Barnardsville, NC

alright i guess

its a good pump but it didn’t work to good for me, it gets a little frustrating pumping sometimes .

Melisa Big Creek, CA

Does a pretty good job.

This is nice to have, but it doesn’t get out nearly as much milk as an electric pump. But it is good to use at night, quite and not much too it. It is nice to use while breast feeding baby. The handle moves 180 degrees so you can do it from any angel. Would also be good for pumping on the go in a car, etc. You want to have it, but not as your only pump.

Dolly Babylon, NY

Good for Sensitive Breastpumpers!

I loved this. I was told an electric pump would work better for breastfeeding, but honestly, this was just the fit for me because it didn’t hurt my breasts nearly as much and got just as much milk out. I highly recommend this to those of you who wish to pump and have some sensitivity issues.

Carla Vineburg, CA

good- not GREAT

after suffering from engorgement on two occasions i decided to get a breast pump to keep handy, needless to say i dint want to spend a ton for occasional usage (i exclusively breast feed).sadly the first thing i was set back with was the breast shield-nowhere in the product description did they say it was a 24mm neither did they give the option to choose the size u wanted. but it is mentioned in one of the booklets that comes in the package that most of the pumps come with a 24mm breastshield. c’mon!!(i learned from using the contact nipple shield i am a 20mm) so setup n use is tedious with me trying to center my nipple before i start pumping. failure to get the right position results in bruising once u start pumping. that said- i should also mention that the breast shield is very hard! i was of the impression that it would be soft- esp when they say “The Harmony also comes with a SoftFit breast shield to softly massage the breast while you pump.”those facts aside, everything else is as advertised: easy to set up and use; convenient etc…so if you are considering getting one of these be sure to get additional accessories-if available-to better suit your comfort. (Annie-first time mom)

Darlene Redford, TX

Excellent Manual Pump!

I purchased this pump as a supplement to my double electric pump to help relieve engorgement prior to feeding. Having not used my electric pump yet and being somewhat intimidated by the whole process, I was relieved at how comfortable, easy and quick it was to use and how much milk I was able to pump in such a short amount of time. I also like that everything was easy to clean and the bottles and flanges are compatible with my electric pump (I have the Medela Freestyle), so that I don’t ever have to worry about what accessories go with which pump. I wouldn’t recommend this as a primary pump for going back to work, but works great as a supplement.

Summer Mc Dade, TX

Not for full-time use

I bought this pump because, as a stay-at-home mom, I expected to pump very little (just to relieve engorgement, etc). Unfortunately, my daughter had difficulty transferring the milk from my breast, and in order for her to get enough milk, I had to pump and bottle-feed her eight times a day. Since I already owned this pump (and didn’t want to spend a ton on an electric pump), I tried to make this one work. It lasted less than three days before the gasket that helps create the suction gave out. I’m sure Medela would have replaced it (later experience with the company left me extremely impressed with their customer service), however I had come to the conclusion that manual pumping eight times a day was not going to work for me. The muscles in my hand and forearm were exhausted from the work, and I found the suction created by this device (before the gasket gave out) hurt my nipples too much. I was able to return the pump and bought a Medela Swing to replace it. The Swing worked much better for me. If you have to pump often, it is much more convenient to have the pump do the work itself, it is quicker than manually pumping (at least in my experience) and the adjustable suction on the Swing made it much more comfortable to use. Overall, if you expect to need to pump more than once or twice a day, you may want to consider the investment in an electric pump.

Mona Tolovana Park, OR

Only good if you havent tried anything else

I bought it. I used it for several times but i didnt like it.the edge of shield is firm. it doesnt fit the breast. and milk leaks out, so you have to hold it with hand with a tissue. after a month shield began to loose its shape.then it sucks really hard. my poor nipples were purple even after few minutes of pumping.Then i bought electrical one. MiPump by First years. It costs twice the price of this pump, but it sucks really gentle but strong enough (you can adjust the strength of pumping) with a sort of vibration. and it feels about the same way as a baby sucking. it is electrical and works both from batteries and electricity. and pumps 2 breasts at one time.shields are very soft. and i just enjoy pumping now.Medela is a cool brand, i liked the cream for nipples by Medela and some other products but i am ready to throw this pump away in a dumpster.

Bessie Big Bear City, CA

Disappointed in this pump

Given the fact that this pump was made by Medela and the most expensive of all the hand pumps, I figured it would be an outstanding product. That was totally not the case. It was awkward to use, took forever to pump my milk out and the suction part was very uncomfortable. I gave this pump a full week of using it before I sent it back. I then bought the Evenflo manual pump (for $20) and it worked soooooooooo much better. Don’t waste your money on this item.

Catherine Andalusia, IL

why would i need this?

if you’re like me and…you were uncomfortable with breastfeeding in public at first because you were a first-time momyou were bursting at the seams because you were bottle feeding in public since the thought of public breastfeeding gave you anxiety because it seemed overwhelming (nursing cape, nipple shield, bib, burp cloth, wrestle with nursing bra and positioning baby)get it and stick it in your diaper bag to pump while your spouse or BD (or whomever) is driving to make up for the missed nursing sessions.but then i finally got over it and became a pro at breastfeeding a few months in. and now it is abandoned and unused. so was it worth it? probably not. but if you’re struggling a ton in the beginning, it might be worth it to you.

Blanca Maugansville, MD

Super fast shipping!

I thought this pump was great, but I still prefer my electric. This is good for on the run, but it’s definitely not good for everyday use.

Johnnie Barton, NY

Love the swivel handle

I love the swivel handle feature to this pump. This allows you to pump at an angle that’s comfortable for you and is a tad easier on the hands than other brands.

Belinda Fort Rucker, AL

Would have to say its the best (few complaints)

I used several other breast pumps manual and electric in the past. This on is hands down the best I’ve used in the manual category. It has two phase pumping that other breast pumps from other brands do not have.One thing I would change is the breast shield size. According to its website “Many women appear to benefit from a size other than the standard 24 mm breastshield. In one study, many moms were fitted with either a Large or Extra Large breastshield within the first days after birth, and even more moms eventually used these larger sizes in order to pump comfortably and effectively.” Most of Medela’s breast pump kits (manual and electric) come with a size 24mm breastshield. They’ve mentioned most moms need a bigger size then why include such a small size with each pump if most moms need a bigger size?The freestyle is the only pump that includes 2 size breast shields with each pump 24mm and 27mm. I also noticed other pumps by other brands have larger shields to begin with instead of the smaller one.So after spending $40 and $300 on my electric pump I still have to go to a store and buy bigger shields in order to use them properly. Unfortunately a store that would carry spare shields is quite far away.

Leta Rio, WI

This is great

I’m using it when I don’t have access to the electric breast pump. It works great. I would recommend it.

Ida Bethel, VT

fell apart

this pump is very flimsy. i managed to get only 1-2 good pumping sessions out of it before it broke.

Lily Norphlet, AR

I don’t get it…

I have the medela double electric pump and it works wonderfully. From first use it gets about 10 oz out within 6 minutes. I tend to have an over supply so my 2 month old kept getting full before getting to the hind milk or only does one boob and the other is left full resulting in painful plugged ducts. So I researched manual pumps since my double electric wont do just one boob. Since it works so well, I decided to go with the same brand for manual pump. I was really excited, thought it would solve all my problems. Went to use it for the first time with a VERY VERY full breast and it took 10 minutes of vigorous hand pumping to get 1 measly ounce. I leak more than that in a shorter time. I thought maybe the first time was a fluke, made sure everything was connected properly, had an already leaking breast, tried got 1 drop. Somehow, it stopped my milk. So confused by the good reviews, is it just me?

Nell Deweyville, UT


It does its job but stopped breastfeedon so I no linger use it anymore…. which sucks. But its good. Looses suction power after a while though

Margret Glen Arbor, MI