Medela Medium Flow Wide Base Nipple for 4-12 months

Medela Medium Flow Wide Base Nipple for 4-12 months

Medela wide base silicone nipples natural feel and shape complements breastfeeding. Available in slow and medium flow for feeding newborns and infants. May be cleaned in the dishwasher, micro steamed, boiled or washed by hand. All Medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are and always have been made without BPA. .

Main features

  • Medium flow works best with infants 4-12 months
  • Compatible with all Medela breast milk bottles
  • May be cleaned in the dishwasher, micro steamed, boiled or washed by hand
  • Made without BPA
  • Slow and medium flow available
  • Slow and medium flow available
  • Compatible with all Medela breast milk bottles
  • May be cleaned in the dishwasher, micro steamed, boiled or washed by hand

Verified reviews


Game Changer

Once my wife stopped pumping, we stopped using the Medela bottles because they were just too much of a hassle; more struggle than actual feeding. Switching out the nipples (when my daughter turned four-months) changed everything. I may even recommend them a month earlier, but I recognize that each child is different.

Ingrid Cory, IN

Wide Nipples

I was recommended to use this brand through that of my hospital. I’ve honestly really liked these since the day I’ve been using them. I had previously used the skinnier nipple and my son did not like them very much. Then I switched to the wider nipple and my son is definitely happiest with this size. I’ve read a lot that their babies would chew the nipple or it would go inwards and I started realizing that it was doing the same thing to my son. Since I’m a new mother, I didn’t know that you had to change the flow of the nipple so that it’s faster for them to feed. Ever since I changed the nipple to the medium flow, none of those problems with the nipple were occurring. So, to those who are initially weary, make sure the nipple is a wider base and a medium flow…just out of experience, it’s worked best so far with all the other nipples I’ve used.

Sheena Oneida, WI

Perfect fit and flow!

I have battled an oversupply and fast let down issue with my son since just after he was born. His growth finally got up with my flow by around 4 months. At that point he was drinking from the slow flow nipples when I was at work and was inverting the nipple from sucking it so hard. After switching to the medium flow nipples, he drinks comfortably almost as quickly as he nurses. The wide base fit perfectly with the collars that came with my bottles and Freestyle pump and for those who couldn’t find the label identifying the flow level, it’s finely etched on the bottom rim. You do need to look closely, but it’s there.

Jackie Saint Marie, MT

Limits your dish-washing

Having the medela nipples that you can attach directly to your pumping bottles is a great help, and helps you to limit the number of bottles you have to wash. While it cuts down on your bottle washing, the down side is that the medela bottles and nipples do not have any venting features, so while your baby is feeding it is likely that the nipple will collapse inward and you will have to pull the bottle out of the baby’s mouth so that the bottle can re-fill with air in the absence of milk. I found that attaching the lid just tight enough to prevent a leak will allow more venting and make the nipples/bottles easier to use.

Elba Camp H M Smith, HI

They are what they are

What you see is what you get. They are medium flow nipples for Medela bottles. I gave them 4-stars because I like Avent bottles and nipples better. The problem is that these nipples do not have an indicator on them letting you know what stage nipple you are using. So when washing and storing these nipples if they get mixed up with stage 1 nipples you would never know the difference. That is a huge drawback.

Clare Tranquillity, CA

Haven’t used it much

I bought these to use with my 3 month old son, but he wasn’t old enough yet and the breast milk just spilled out of his mouth. I thought it would help because he was eating slow and fussing a lot. It didn’t so I’ll try again in a few months.

Jeanette Leon, IA

what to say

They are doing what they were designed to do.. the are dishwasher safe, ive even boiled them with them still holding their shape.

Dayna Stanfordville, NY

husband fell in love with these

apparently the slow flow nipples made my poor husband take 30 minutes to feed baby #1. when we had baby #2 someone recommended these, and after nursing was all settled and i went back to work i got some of these and the hubby kindof freaked out- now feedings reduced from 30 minutes to 3 minutes. could save your marriage.

Emilia Adrian, OH

Superior quality from Medela!

I purchased the Medium-Flow Wide Base nipples from and have no complaints about the quality. It’s as good as that of the first Medela accessory my wife used and I am extremely satisfied and even delighted that the company stands behind their products. It also helps that our son has become used to the medela nipples and bottles and so buying this was even more easier.For our son, using these nipples cut the time he took to finish a bottle down in half. He is older now and drinks more and can drink faster, so these seem to be the right size or flow nipples for the lad.

Nelly Cocoa Beach, FL

They are great..

as I have stated in other reviews, I only use Medela products. Be sure that you buy the appropriate nipples for your child’s age, and make sure to upgrade as your child gets older.

Cecelia Poseyville, IN

Works great

We moved up tithe higher flow nipple with our three month old. I know it says 4+ months but she was getting frustrated because the slow nipple was not letting enough out. She had to get use to more milk with each suck so we had to be careful for about a week, but now she is a happy eater. And she seems tosspot up less.

Jimmie New Carlisle, OH

Nice to be able to buy just the nipples

When I first started using Medela bottles with my daughter and bought extra slow-flow nipples, I didn’t understand why I needed to buy the nipples and the wide base rings separately. But, duh, now I get it! She has moved on to medium-flow nipples, and now we just need to buy the nipples and use the same collars we already have. These are the only nipples my daughter will use on a bottle. Never had any problems with them. Work with all Medela bottles (at least that I have)!

Christi Berryton, KS


I love Medela products. My daughter still uses the slow flow at 9 months, but she is mostly feed off the breast. I purchased these because she is starting to get ready to transition over, and so far they are good! She uses them unless she is tired, then we still go with the slow flow.

Camilla Topsham, ME

yeah, it’s ok…

I bought these because you cannot get them in New Zealand. We used them for pumped milk from age 3 months to about 6 and a half. The problem is that they collapse when baby sucks really good on them. Our little guy would get frustrated because of this. They also require a new Medela plastic collar. Overall it got the job done for three months, but they are quite expensive. Also don’t clean well in the dishwasher. Looks cloudy after a long wash.

Violet Carney, OK

Works great, few tears and cracks

These have worked great and are our preferred bottle system. Had one failed nipple that tore at the edge under the collar ring. One recently developed a crack along the edge of the nipple itself. Since these get used pretty frequently I do not feel this is a high enough failure rate to get frustrated about.

Andrea Washington, AR

collapse when baby eats

these medela nipples (regardless of which size) always collapse when then baby eats from them. granted, it’s handy that they fit right onto the bottles. but that’s it.

Susanne Hanalei, HI

Good fit, comfortable, but break easily

The fit Medela bottles well, obviously, but in comparison to other brands, they are rather weak. My 1 year old bites right through them after a few days…

Amber Roebling, NJ

Only nipples we use!

They’re properly shaped, hold up well, and are soft. We love these. Bonus that they come in a 3 pack!

Cassandra Elk Park, NC

They collapse!

I bought these to upgrade for my 3.5 month old. She collapses these nipples immediately and it is a constant in and out of mouth because I have to pop the nipple back out. We have the faster flow dr browns and they do NOT do this, so I’m assuming it’s the nipples itself. I’ll stick to the Dr. browns!

Selina Benton, TN

They work fine

These work fine. No complaints. However I don’t recommend these for an older child. Around ten months old, my son started pushing these nipples into the bottle and dumping all his milk out. Best for infants.

Kimberlee Beaumont, KY


I purchased this w/ the 9 oz madela pump and feed bottles since I’m producing a lot more milk these days. These fit the lids perfectly.

Beulah Le Roy, MN

Clog with some formula

We had to buy these to match the collars we had, they work ok. They do clog sometimes with Infamil A/R formula b/c of the thickness. Can be a pain sometimes but not too bad.

Mara Tamaqua, PA

Ok for adding rice cereal

We’ve started adding rice cereal to my little ones bottle and with the slow flow nipples the rice was constantly clogging the nipple. We gave these a try and although the rice cereal doesn’t get clogged, the formula comes out too fast. I feel like there should be a happy medium between the slow and medium flow.

Dena Leeds, NY

Next best thing to the real thing

Got these for my boy and he seems to enjoy drinking his milk using them. I would get more than just 3 cause you are going to end up using them a lot.

Eleanor Grygla, MN