Medela New Pump in Style Original Breast Pump

Medela New Pump in Style Original Breast Pump

All Medela breast pumps are BRAND NEW and come in the manufacturer’s factory sealed box. Superior performance with outstanding comfort for today’s active mothers. Cools breastmilk, carries breast pump and accessories. The breast pump that set the new standard in the quality and performance available to breastfeeding moms in a purchased breastpump! Professional styling in a fashionable black shoulder bag. Portable convenience provides discreet pumping at the office, at home, in the car or while traveling. Built-in motor unit allows moms to have all pumping needs with them at all times. Roomy storage compartments and insulated compartment to cool and store 4 containers. Pump In Style Original Breastpump in a stylish black microfiber bag Removable cooler carrier Double pumping accessory kit Cooling element AC adapter Battery Pak #67553 4 collection containers and lids 2 container stands Breastfeeding Information Guide

Main features

  • microfiber
  • Made in USA
  • Doubleelectric personal use breasepump
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Customized pumping with adjustable speed and vacuum control
  • Stylish bag has extra storage pockets inside and out
  • Battery Pak for pumping anywhere, anytime

Verified reviews


Not satisfied!

I’m not satisfied with Madela pump in style! It’s very expensive but it doesn’t work well, you need to wait an hour before you can pump the amount of milk you want. I don’t like it at all… I called madela and offer no help. What a peace of junk!!!

Lauren Bodega Bay, CA

DEFINITELY Worth the Price!

Speed & QuantityAs one who expressed 30-ounces a day in order to keep up with my little guy I can attest to the speed, and efficiency of the Pump In Style. While on vacation, I misplaced the membranes to the Pump In Style, which are vital for operation. Considering my breasts were ready to burst, I purchased an Avent Isis hand pump. The Isis was great in a pinch, or for a weekend away; however, the Pump In Style was superior in speed and quantity. With the Pump in Style I expressed 16-ounces in 20 minutes, whereas it took me 30 to 40-minutes to express 10-ounces with the Isis.ComfortUsing a breast pump takes time and practice. It can also be painful especially if your nipples are cracked and bleeding. I used the PurLan breast cream after each session, so I never experienced discomfort. The Pump In Style accommodates small and large chests alike. Small breast shields are provided as well as large breast shields for optimum suction, and comfort. The suction is adjustable, and it’s recommended that one start with the lowest of speeds. I quickly graduated to the highest speed, which made for very effective pumping.Set-up & CleaningSetting up the Pump In Style is a breeze compared to the Isis pump. There are 5-simple steps in all, and it takes 2 to 3-minutes tops. Make sure the tubing is fitted securely, and that the membranes are dry, and laying flat. Start pumping. After each session, disassemble and wash. Most of the parts in the accessory kit are dishwasher safe, and can be used in a steam sterilizer as well. Although, the membranes and tubing should be hand washed only. If running through the dishwasher, store the valves in a basket for protection from the heating element.StoringThe Pump In Style includes a built-in insulated compartment with zipper enclosure. The compartment stores up to 20-ounces of breast milk. 3-rectangular cooling packs keep the breast milk cold for hours. Medela includes 20-CSF collection bags for storing, which I bought separately. They feature measurement indicators in both milliliters, and ounces. Labels are included as well, so the date can be recorded. I do not recommend storing full bags in the insulated compartment as it has the potential for making a huge mess. They should go right into the freezer, or refrigerator. I didn’t like the twist tie assembly, so I used them for stock piling frozen breast milk. The bags are durable, and they freeze well; although, I had a difficult time propping them up so they wouldn’t fall. Spilled breast milk is something to cry about.Breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator, or in the freezer. Freshly expressed milk may stand at room temperature for up to 4-hours; however, it should be refrigerated if temperatures exceed 77. Breast milk will remain fresh in the refrigerator for up to a week. One may store expressed milk in a self-contained freezer for up to 4-months, and up to 1-year in a deep freezer. Frozen breast milk can be defrosted in the refrigerator, in a bottle warmer, or at the tap. Never re-freeze thawed breast milk.PortableThe Pump In Style is a working moms dream. One can pump between meetings, and store in the refrigerator, or in the built-in insulator. If storing breast milk in the refrigerator at work, be sure to mark it, as others may be tempted to flavor their coffee unknowingly. The pump and all its parts weighs 7-lbs. This isn’t heavy, but when loaded with 3-frozen ice packs, and 4-full bottles it can weigh up to 12 pounds. The weight was rarely a problem for me, but it’s something to consider if carrying a fully loaded breast pump, a newborn, a diaper bag, and a purse. The battery pack is great for on-the-go pumping, but it eats batteries, so I didn’t use it much. Oh, and on the road pumping with the vehicle lighter adapter is available for an additional fee. I would have definitely invested in one had I known about it.In evaluating this breast pump, there are so many positives it’s actually difficult for me to find negatives. Therefore, I believe the benefits outweigh any objectionable points. If asked to present a con, I would suggest the following. Upon occasion, breast milk will leak into the tubing. This isn’t a huge issue. All you do is remove the tubing, and soak it in warm soapy water. Hang the tubing to dry. If dried breast milk is discovered in the tubes, then disinfect them by boiling in a pan of water. Hang the tubing to dry. Thus, I found it best to sit up straight when pumping. For me, this pump was a way for me to offer my son breastmilk, so I definitely recommmend it!

Isabella Vernon Hill, VA

What a relief

This pump is awsome! After the first couple of days I was about to give up breast feeding but I’m glad I didn’t!The first two days you won’t even have breast milk, you only produce colestrum. The third day, your milk comes in and your so engorged that you’ll wonder why anyone breast feeds. Well, at least thats what happened to me!I tried pumping to bring relief but it only put me in more pain because the pumping was making my nipples totally swollen, I had ice packs in my bra! I then refused to pump hoping the milk would just go away or stop building up. When that didn’t happen I would try to force feed my three day old baby, needless to say, that didn’t work either!By the fourth day I thought my breasts would explode if I didn’t get the milk out, so I had no choice but to pump. I drained myself on the fourth day, a few times, but by the end of the day, the milk comes out much easier and my nipples were used to it.What does this have to do with this specific breast pump?! Very little but I thought this might help some frustrated new mother out there.However, this pump does get the job done in more than half the time of a manual pump. I’ve used the Avent manual with my first baby and it took forever! Also being able to adjust the suction and speed makes the job much more pleasant.

Latasha Railroad, PA

Great investment

If you are planning to pump on a regular basis, you will really appreciate this reliable, portable pump. Admittedly, it is not as strong as the hospital-quality Medela pump which I rented initially. However, once you get used to this pump you will find it very convenient.My biggest suggestion for new users is to experiment with the speed and intensity dials. I actually got more milk using a lower speed and intensity level than a higher one. So if you’re not getting that much milk at first, try making some adjustments and you may find an improvement.I know women who have used other pumps and found pumping a very frustrating experience. But with this pump, it will be about as convenient as pumping can be. My advice is to get a magazine or book, keep it with your pump and just relax – the pump will do the rest. (You’ll have to stop every minute or so to turn pages – you will risk spilling the milk otherwise).I agree with one of the reviewers that you do have to lean forward a little bit or the milk will spill, but I think that’s probably true with any pump.I think it’s a great investment, because the more things you do to make breastfeeding and pumping convenient and enjoyable the more likely you will continue with it. (My baby is nine months old and still exclusively breastfed). Good luck!

Dorothy La Crosse, KS

Great Pump! Very comfortable, but one problem.

I purchased this pump before I had my duaghter. It was great, expect you have to lean forward in order for the milk to collect in the bottles, otherwise is just flows down you chest. But I’m sure other pumps have this same problem. Otherwise it was very comfortable and easy to use. I purchased the soft cups off the website, which are more comfortable han the hard plastic dups that come with the machine.

Lacy Malone, KY

You get what you pay for

Once I got the hang of it, I found this pump to be lifechanging. It has great suction power and adjustable suction speeds, which makes all the difference. My milk supply was never huge so this was the only pump that allowed me to even get one bottle’s worth of milk.I bought a cheaper one first but ended up wasting my money because it took forever to even get one ounce. I wish I’d just gone straight to this one.I really agonized about whether to spend the money on this one or go with a cheaper one. In case anyone else is in that position, here are my two cents:GET THIS PUMP (OR ANOTHER HIGH-END ONE) IF…- You’re going back to work- Your milk supply is medium to low- You plan to pump more than two or three times per month- You are opposed to giving your baby any formula, ever (with this pump you could build up “reserve” breastmilk in case of an emergency)TRY A CHEAPER ONE IF…- You have a very abundant milk supply- You only plan to pump one or twice a month- You wouldn’t mind giving your baby formula if you had to be away from her for an extended period

Mellisa Villanueva, NM



Elisha Woodstock, MD


I am a stay-at-home mom who breastfeeds but this product is still worth its weight in gold! I borrowed my sister’s since I didn’t need it for regular pumping, but if I didn’t have that one I would have to spend the money anyhow. I have lots of breastfeeding problems like clogged ducts, regular engorgement, and milk blisters and this has saved me hours of pain many times when the baby wouldn’t nurse and a hand pump wouldn’t do the trick. It’s easy to use (I never even read the directions) and is great for building up a supply.

Verna Crowder, MS

Well worth the extra money!

I have tried cheaper pumps, and I own both the Medela Pump in Style and the Ameda Purely Yours. I love them both, equally, and for different reasons.The medela is a very quiet pump, and I love that it comes with the picture holder for your baby–gazing at baby really helps with the let-down. I agree with the other moms about how quiet it is, also–I would go in a quiet office, would put the pump on the floor by the desk, and was even able to make phone calls without people hearing the pump (not with my cell phone). I also agree with the other moms about the speed of milk expression, key when you’re pumping for your little one every 3 hours (as much as 6X/day!)I kept one at home and one at work so all I had to carry was the chiller case with milk.I’d go ahead and invest in the “hands free” bra contraption–very helpful. I’d also replace the bottles–I wasn’t keen on the quality of the plastic and was worried about leaching, but we replaced all of our daughter’s bottles with glass for this very reason. I think the glass keeps the milk fresher, as well.I know the pricetag feels hefty, but believe me, the investment is well worth it–if you buy a cheaper pump you’ll probably be unhappy and will end up buying one of these. The motors last and last, so you’ll be able to put it in the closet and save it for babies 2 and 3, or even lend it to a girlfriend who has a baby.And, in the end, you end up saving the price of the pump on what you would spend on formula… Not to mention that breastfeeding helps you get slim again! I lost all of the 70 (!!!) pounds I gained during pregnancy at five months, and I credit breastfeeding with most of that weight loss.

Christie Lehigh Valley, PA

Good Pump for the price

My son is just about 8 months old now and I figured I would jump online and start reviewing some of the products I have used. When I was pregnant, I found the reviews helpful, so I thought I would add to the feedback….Although I have not tried the more up-to-date pumps, I bought this one because it was more affordable and it has worked just fine for me. I have not had to replace any of the attachments, they have all held up just fine and at 8 months…. its still doing just fine. I’m hoping it will last me for my 2nd baby, seems like it will make it!! Good quality for the price.

Gertrude Fernwood, MS

Love it, worth the money to get a good one like this

I rented the hospital (medela) pump for the first month until I was sure I could get my supply up and breastfeed (registering for it was too much pressure!). This pump is great, my baby girl is 7 months old and I’m still pumping away for milk in her cereal. I have the backpack, good to travel with but I think I would have gotten the carry bag had I seen it first. I’ve heard also that the Original is better than the Advanced. Glad I went with Original. Definitely recommend.

Therese Estherwood, LA

Great breast pump…even a second-hand one!

I read a lot about the breast pumps and I knew that the medela was the best on the market, but it was so expensive! We didn’t have all the extra money to spend on a breast pump, so I started looking on Craigslist to buy one second hand. I found a woman selling this exact model, for $65, and she had used it for about 4 years. I bought it, as well as new tubing, bottles, shields, pretty much just got the AC adapter and the unit from her for the $65 and everything else, brand new, ran me about $45. So, after waiting till everything new can in, I tested out the pump and it worked great! I was able to sit, pump, and be done in about 20-30 minutes! I was so stoked that this wonderful pump was working so well after so long, and only cost me about $110!! I love this pump!

Rae Jefferson City, MO

Loved this breastpump!

At first, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to breastfeed, but due to pregnancy complications, I was guaranteed to have a premature baby. I knew that breastmilk is especially important for preemies, so I decided to give breastfeeding a try. I kept hearing how great the Medela Pump In Style was, and that it was worth the hefty price tag. I am REALLY cheap, so I figured I would definitely use Pump In Style after spending $250 for it! I couldn’t believe how easy this pump was to use! I love that you can pump both breasts at once – what a time saver!Unfortunately, I was only able to use the Pump In Style for about two weeks, as my son became lactose-intolerant and needed to be put on soy formula. So, my advice would be that if you’re putting out your own money for this pump, then you might want to wait a few weeks to see if your newborn becomes lactose-intolerant or develops a milk protein allergy…especially if your newborn is premature, as preemies are at a higher risk for becoming lactose intolerant, or if milk allergies run in your family. That way, you won’t be out the $250 for a pump that you can’t use!

Juliette Atmore, AL

The best!

I bought this after using an Avent Isis hand pump and taking 45 minutes to get 1 1/2 oz.Pump In Style works great! It only takes me 8-10 minutes to pump 3-4 oz on each breast. I am a stay at home mom, so I do not need to pump quite as much as if I was working. But if you don’t mind spending the money, I highly recommend this. Pumping allowed me to go out even when my baby was only a few months old and still breast feeding every 2-3 hrs. I could have a bottle with me and not have to worry about finding a place to breastfeed. (I don’t feel comfortable nursing in plain view of the public if I didn’t need to).Also I went out with my husband to a 5-6 hr company party and brought this pump with me. I went to a public rest room and used the battery pack. It worked great!! It was not loud at all!

Lorie Kingsland, AR

Works and works well.

If you plan to breastfeed, having a pump can assist in helping your milk come in and in helping you build up an adequate supply. If you plan on ever leaving your baby with another person for more than a few hours or if you plan to ever go back to work you will need a good quality pump. The freedom it will afford you is well worth the price. If you plan on having more than one baby you will more than get your money’s worth out of the Pump in Style, which is a real workhorse and can take repeated daily use in stride. It has excellent features, power to spare and travels well.I used mine for almost 2 years. Loaned it to a close friend (the milk never touches the pump mechanism in this design — you just get a new, totally sterile tubing and horn set) then took it back for my next baby. Money well spent.

Kris Guymon, OK


While in the hospital, they brought me the a hospital grade Medela breast pump to use until my husband brought mine up. Mine worked just as well. Being a first time mom, I didn’t know what to look for but this one was always recommended. If your going to spend the money – go with this one. It works great, it is comfortable and you can adjust the speed and the vacume levels to fit your comfort level.

Desiree Mahwah, NJ

Almost worth its weight in gold (although Medela COULD lower the price a bit)

I started using this the day my milk came in and have used it every day since. One minor complaint–the breastshields were not one-piece items (sold individually, they are one-piece), which makes it somewhat more difficult to clean, as you need to break the pieces down, and it’s harder to see how your milk flow is going, since the “seam” blocks your view a bit (plus, the breastshields are more translucent than clear).

Meagan Waldo, WI

The BEST pump, its worth the 1 time purchase price. Dr Brown Bottles screw right onto it too!

This pump helped me in breastfeeding a lot. At first i thought I would use it “once in a while” but a couple of weeks into it I used it every day to store extra breastmilk and this way my husband or mother can enjoy feeding the baby too. My son would still get precious breastmilk, and I would be able to rest. Also, Dr. Brown’s Bottles screw on right onto the pump!

Antonia Willernie, MN


I hate to say it, but I did not actually purchase this breast pump. I thought breast feeding was going to be a cinch. Then I actaully did it. I was not very good at getting used to the pain. When I came home from the hospital, a friend of mine had this pump in her attic from her child. So I borrowed it and purchased my own accessories. It was amazing. I could pump and watch TV, balance the checkbook or read a book. Then, I could still give my daughter breast milk. Anytime my breasts began to swell, I would just turn the pump on. Since it is electric, it is a little noisey, but not that bad at all. I could pump while my daughter slept and it wouldn’t wake her. If my husband and I decide to have another baby, I am definitely buying this product for myself. Compared to the pain from latching on, the price is nothing.

Suzanne Mount Vernon, GA

Must have for working moms

This breastpump is a must have if you plan to return to work. I couldn’t have done it without it. Other brands just don’t compare. It may seem costly, but if you figured out how much formula you would go through if you weren’t pumping there is no comparison. Not to mention the benefits to your child to continue breastfeeding. Great gift idea for anyone who is expecting. Machine works well and is easy to use.

Hazel Little Lake, CA

This Is The Best

All I can say is buy it, it works better than anything else out there. It’s worth the price! you won’t be disappointed.

Janie Danforth, IL

wish i knew then what i know now!

firstly, i bought the medela electric single pump. after my baby was born, my lactation consultant suggested renting a hospital grade pump (she couldn’t believe i was using the single pump-it took forever to pump each breast!). so, i rented the pump (and bought extra large flanges to avoid infection-which was successful). on a weekend trip, we forgot part of the pump and had to buy one. we bought the manual avent. this pump worked great but if i thought the single breast pump took a long time…this really took forever. because i was pumping so often, my husband and i decided to invest in a medela double breast pump. i researched online and heard all about the motor trouble for the $300+ so i decided to go with this one. what a great buy. i would have saved a lot of time, money and agonoy if i just bought this pump first thing.

Vera Higginson, AR

A lifesaver

The pump, while a bit nerve-wracking to first aseemble all the pieces, hoses and containers, was very easy to use. I was amazed at how much milk I got at the first sitting! This is an investment, but well worth it. When I was purchasing it, a woman at the store said she had bought the newer ‘delux’ model that Madela just came out with, and it made her nipples bleed. Ack. She ended up with this one, too, and highly reco’d it. This is a must-have for working mothers. I only work part-time, but this is a lifesaver for having enough milk to work, go out, or even milk with cereal.

Brianna Lone Tree, IA

Freedom & Convenience

I was hesitant about spending so much money for a pump, but it was certainly one of my best investments yet! It gets the job done in as little as 10 minutes and is easy to set up and dismantle. I love the bag, which doesn’t make it obvious to the world what you are carrying. I can honestly say, if it weren’t for this pump I probably would have quit nursing after 3 weeks. I tried a cheap hand pump prior to this and was totally unsatisfied. This is one product where you really get what you pay for!

Regina Gray Court, SC

Best pump

I love this pump, I just started to use this regularly when I went back to work.It’s fast, easy to set up and keeps the milk nice and cold for when I get home. It is bulky, but it needs to be to have all those things included. I purchased the cleaning wipes so I can wipe down the sheilds and let them dry, it’s perfect. It’s hard for me to get to water so the wipes work great. I would definitly reccommend this pump to ANYONE, even though it’s really expensive. Defintly get this pump if you are a working mom and want to give your children the gift of breastmilk. I also purchased the car adapter to make it even easier to pump when I am away from the baby, and it makes it more sanitary to express milk. Great product!

Luella La Jose, PA

Such a luxury, but very necessary!

I purchased a Isis manual pump, but gave it up after borrowing this pump from a friend. How nice it was to be able to pump this quickly. I am purchasing this pump or it’s newer model with my next child!!

Martina Osceola, AR


I have a week old newborn and I decided to pump after having a hard time breatfeeding. I used the heafty-duty-industrial pump that while I was at the hospital and this pump is just as durable and easy to use as the one in the hospital. I had a hard time spending so much money on a pump, but after reading many reviews I decided to go with this one. Now, I couldn’t live without it. It’s so light and portable, I can’t imagine not having this product.

Vickie Clinchfield, GA

Love this pump!!!

My son was born at 32 weeks and 4 days gestation, so I had to pump while he was in NICU… First I rented a Medela Lactina from the hospital and had great results, but renting was so expnsive in the long run, so we bought this pump. We looked at this one and the advanced and I liked that you can change speed on this one when YOU want, which you can’t on the advanced… I love the clear plastic bottles and that it comes with a cooler so I can easily take the bottles up to the hospital and not worry about them getting warm… and it has enough room for a few of the sterile bottles from the NICU. I have had a lot of success with this pump and have very good production. I would recommend this highly to anyone, especially mom’s with NICU babies…

Virgie New Freeport, PA

Quick and Painless

Although it isn’t nearly as quiet as I thought it would be, I love this pump. It’s very quick and doesn’t hurt at all. And I throw all the parts in the dishwasher so it’s easy to keep clean. Holding both sides on at once can be a challenge if you’re trying to say, read a magazine as well. But I’ve gotten pretty good at that and I’ve even seen hands-free kits for sale if you really need it.

Juliet La Vista, NE

One word : wonderful !

This is a very nice product and for more than one raison :1. It’s performance. When I started pumping it was because my milk supply was too low and my baby wasn’t getting enough just by nursing. I saw a result in 3 days.2. Parts available almost everywhere. When I was looking to buy a breast pump I really didn’t knew which one to buy. I must say that I really guessed when I bought this one. (I had a manual pump from Medela that I loved too but I needed more performance). I think I made a really nice choice because you can find replacement parts almost everywhere. I had to change the breastshield because I have a large breast and I found it at Babies’R’us and Target and a Woman’s work. That is really nice to know that you don’t have to ask a compagny to send you parts because while you are waiting you still have to pump !!!3. Kept my lactation ! Even when I stopped nursing, I continued pumping. I did it for 2 mounts and I kept my milk supply.I can’t say bad things about other pumps because I don’t have a horror story to tell but I can assure you that you won’t be decived with this one.

Dona Hummels Wharf, PA