Medela Nipple Shield Regular 24mm

Medela Nipple Shield Regular 24mm

The special design of Medela?s Nipple Shield, which is worn over the nipple and areola, permits the flow of breastmilk and provides a larger surface for baby to latch on to. However, because they may diminish the stimulation needed to sustain lactation, nipple shields should be used only under professional care. Weekly weight checks are recommended during use. Available in standard size only (24mm). One shield per pack. Personal care item – cannot be returned.

Main features

  • constructed of thin pure silicone
  • autoclavable
  • individual sterile packed
  • helps with latch-on difficulties
  • only one per package

Verified reviews


Lifesaver for my baby!

These were a lifesaver for my child (who had a weak suck from birth). We went 2 weeks without it but she was really struggling to latch & my ability to nurse was being compromised. A lactation consultant told me that it’s better to use one of these if absolutely necessary than to stop nursing from difficulties with latching.She saved us!! My baby used this for the next 3 weeks or so & then I slowly weaned her off of it with the help of a lactation nurse & MOPS group. We are still going strong & she’s 5 months old.I definitely think people should try their VERY best to go au naturale when it comes to nursing but if you’re doing everything you can & it still isn’t working, this could be your answer. Yes, carrying around a Nipple Shield is a pain but if you get help/advice from a nurse you can wean off of this in no time when your baby figures it out.Oh & some babies never develop a great latching ability. My baby is still a pain & doesn’t want to work for her meal….she’s just come to realize that her mommy is MUCH more stubborn than her =) Good luck!

Katina Madison, NY

trouble with latching??? get this!

breast feeding hurts. i don’t care what people say. the hospital said my baby had a short frenulum and may need surgery. i saw a lactation consultant and she suggested i try this to help my baby latch on properly. WOO HOO! what a god send! everyone’s happy now. i’m not in pain, and baby feeds normally and surgery is a thing of the past. i was told to alternate between using this shield and going bare, but i’ve been using it at every feeding and things seem to be going well. i have 4 floating around the house and 1 in the diaper bag. definitely recommend and give it a try!

Frieda Clinton, KY

Its okay

My right breast has a slightly smaller nipple which makes it harder for my son to latch on.The nipple shield helps but not so great.When he is latching and drinking milk it peels off my breast and sticks on his face and i need to keep adjusting it.As an alternate i have started to pump a while before feeding him which makes the nipple more easier for him to latch on my right side.However if you have sore nipples please go for this!!!

Isabella Glade Park, CO

Saved my life- just wish thy made a bigger size!!

HUGE help for breastfeeding both of my sons. One had a high palate and weak suck and the other had a retracted jaw. Not the best for long term use but a huge help in the beginning. Why there is not a 27mm & a 30mm I will never understand! This is the largest available and seems to do the trick.

Coleen Hargill, TX

Worked Wonderfully

The product helped just as it said it would for me. Helped my baby with better latching. I was not sure how it would work, but it did.

Maureen Lake Station, IN

Ok product

Product is as described. This one is made in the USA vs Switzerland.Shield is flimsy, but easy to use

Lily Mulberry Grove, IL

Great Product – cannot be without it

You gotta have this in the hospital in case your newborn doesn’t latch on right away – it may be due to your nipples not being long enough for the baby to feel it in her mouth. This thing serves the purpose and well!

Meghan Birmingham, OH

Clumsy life saver

The nipple shield was a life saver during the early weeks of breast feeding. It helped my little one find a latch. After several clumsy weeks of popping the nipple shield on and off, my little one had mastered his latch. I was just as happy to be done with the nipple shield as I was to find it.

Monika Bellvue, CO

You Will Not Ruin Your Breastfeeding Supply/Relationship If You Use This Long Term!!!!

This little doohicky helped me successfully breast feed my daughter for months until she was big enough and capable enough to latch on, on her own without my help and guidance. I have large flat nipples that don’t stay out much at all, no matter how much I tried to manipulate them too. Even a hospital grade Medela Symphony pump could only get them to stay out for about a minute after I stopped pumping. I made sure to keep a handful of these nipple shields around so I could breastfeed my daughter easily all the time. I even had a case for them (you can google them and find some) and used them when we were out and about. After about 3 months we were able to stop using them because our daughter was big enough and had the know how to latch on by herself. Don’t let anyone discourage you from using these if you need or want to. I didn’t suffer any low supply nor did I get any clogged ducts while using mine. They can be somewhat hard to come by. I found mine at a local resale shop (NOT USED! lol!) that was also the local LLL meeting place and they sold all sorts of Medela products and bras and even rented out pumps. All of the breastfeeding supplies were new in the package. They even did nursing bra measurements for you there. It was really nice. The were a bit stingy on these nipple shields though. They kept them behind the counter because they didn’t really want them to be used. It’s beyond me as to why some hard core breast feeders are so against these when they can really help women breastfeed their children for longer. I was discouraged from using them with my son and regret it because we didn’t successfully form and breastfeeding relationship. After I ignored the ‘experts’ the second time around with my daughter and used them long term anyway, we successfully breast fed until 9 months and would have gone longer had I not been back to work and pumping. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!!

Melody Tillman, SC

Can’t nurse without them!

I have twin girls, and had hopes of tandem nursing. As it turned out, both had latching issues and I was so frustrated. I decided to try these shields, and both girls were able to latch right on immediately. We have been able to tandem nurse and all!

Marianne Fernwood, MS

For my wife

My wife used this. At first the baby found it difficult but after a few times, it worked ok. It was hard to keep track of and it was misplaced often.

Ronda Gilmer, TX

very flimsey

Only comes with one so don’t drop it!! I ordered some from Tommie Tippee (I think that’s right) and they come in a pack of 2 and they are much better built.

Sandy Galion, OH

Good product but try the contact shield

Get one of each and see what you like. Less plastic with the contact and it stays on just a good.

Sue Essex, VT