Medela Nursing Stool

Medela Nursing Stool

Alleviate stress on your back, shoulders and neck while breastfeeding. The Medela Nursing Stool is gently angled to help you comfortably position your baby for breastfeeding, reducing the chance of soreness caused by poor positioning. The excellent ergonomic and orthopedic design allows you to elevate the feet, legs and lap to help prevent back aches, stiff necks and sore shoulders. Obstetricians and gynecologists also recommend the Nursing Stool for prenatal use in the last trimester of pregnancy. Constructed of fine-crafted wood in a natural oak finish, it blends attractively with most décor. Imported. 7Hx12-7/8Wx10-7/8D”.

Main features

  • Designed specifically to improve moms’ breastfeeding position
  • Helps eliminate stress on legs, back, shoulders and arms
  • High-quality construction with attractive oak or white finish

Verified reviews



I used this stool during my baby’s first month. It did make breastfeeding a little more comfortable. But after the first month, it became more of a hindrance. You don’t need it if you are using a nursing pillow, like "Boppy". Pricey. Better to borrow one from a friend.

Rosa Van Etten, NY

Good, but tips easily and is a safety hazard

I registered for this stool when pregnant, thinking it would be a nice position-helper while breast feeding, and it is, with one drawback: it tips easily if you put any weight on the edges (top edge or either side). So far, this hasn’t been a huge problem, except for making a loud THUMP every time I do it, which sometimes startles the baby. I would just suggest that you avoid ever using it as an actual stool and never step or stand on it, and keep any little kiddos away from it too.Other than the potentially dangerous tipping thing, it is a nice wood piece and went together very easily. As stated before, I would not use it in place of a safer flat stool, but it would be absolutely great under a desk to prop up your feet while working.

Lana Texarkana, TX

Must have for breastfeeding moms

This nursing stool drastically improved the usefulness of my old-fashioned rocking chair as a place to nurse my newborn. Prior to the stool my lap was slanted in a way that made it difficult to position baby and my back was leaned too far back to be useful. The stool converted my lap into a flat horizontal stretch that could support my baby and improved my posture so I didn’t end my sessions with a backache. However, I also found it useful while nursing on the couch or other armchairs (same benefits) and my husband loves to use it when he is getting baby dressed after a bath as it helps him keep his lap horizontal as well. An added bonus is that it is incredibly easy to put together (5-10 minutes tops) and comes with it’s own allen wrench tool.

Tara Saint James, MN

A must have for nursing

I loved this so much, I bought two. I had my baby by c-section so nursing was tricky at first. I used the stool in the hospital and loved it, so bought one for home, and then two. Perfect height to get those knees up so you’re not hunched while nursing. When baby weaned, I kept this for use under my desk in the office. My back problems are almost non-existent now.

Tameka Belgrade, ME

Life saver

Within a couple of weeks of breastfeeding, my back was shot. This stool provided so much relief. It also helps my husband, who has a bad back and chronic pain, sit more comfortably.

Deena Holbrook, NE

This is worth buying.

I so regret not buying this sooner. My back and feet felt SO much better after using this stool. Highly recommend.

Cortney Hannawa Falls, NY

Medela is the Best!

I nursed our son for about 7 weeks without this, like many mothers, slouching and what not was killing my already injured back, a friend of mine had one and i tried it…loved it! Ordered one for myself and cant do without. Even ordered an addiotional one for my grandparents house that we are going to in the next week in another state! Highly recommend and I will definantly be using this for our other babies to come!Thanks Medela for once again, making an outstanding product…also…If anyone is having problems with there child- reguardless of age– lactching on or nipple soreness or whatever……I recommend the medela nipple shield, I used it for latch on problems and immediately my son nurses just fine, its for temporary use but I have been using it non stop sense my son was born..keeps me from being sore! You can buy it at Target or anywhere Medela products are sold.I own the pump in style advanced… get this one, its worth every penny!

Susanne Scott, LA

Worth it!

Yes, it seems a bit ridiculous to buy a nursing stool, but I got one after I used it in a nursing supply store and it totally changed how comfortable I was! Love it!

Carolyn Clarks Hill, SC

Handy little stool and not just for nursing!!

The Medela Nursing stool has been a lifesaver. It comes in handy when trying to prop baby at the right angle. Which also means this is not just a handy item for nursing, but also for bottlefeeding too! I wish I had invested in this item with my first child, would have saved me from some aches and pains. I was lucky to get this item on clearance at another baby retail store for $9.90. Great bargain and money is well spent on a terrific and useful stool.

Ericka Wolflake, IN


This stool is great! It is the perfect height for me to nurse my baby comfortably. I use it with a boppy pillow. The only problem is I get so spoiled at home, its hard to feed my son while we’re out! My husband put it together easily in a few minutes. Slightly slante but I guess we can still use it later as a step stool. I also use it while pumping for comfort.

Jeanette Sycamore, KS

Seems silly but…

This seems like a silly purchase and pricey for a simple stool. But it was so necessary for trying to get a good latch with a newborn. I wish I would have had this at the beginning but only discovered it in a nursing room at a baby store. If you’re planning to breastfeeding or having trouble with latching, this is a must.

Brenda Lansing, KS

Really helpful

Can’t say enough good things about this stool. I used one at my lactation consultant’s office and found it really helpful. It gets your body in the right position and makes nursing so much more comfortable. It’s well made and easy to assemble. I am not too tall – 5’3″ with legs on the shorter side. Maybe if you have longer legs you don’t need a stool, but I would recommend it to any new mom planning to breast feed. In my experience, anything to make those first few weeks easier – while you and your baby are learning to breast feed – is worth it!

Becky Sylva, NC

Nice stool, but doesn’t work for me

I have been having horrible back problems since the third trimester of my pregnancy. And things got worse when my son was born. I simply could not get comfortable while breastfeeding, and was having trouble maintaining good posture, so my back was getting worse and worse. I ordered this stool thinking it would help me get comfortable and sit straight. Unfortunately, it has not helped me at all.I think one main problem is that I am very short: 5’1″ and change. When I sit on my couch, my feet don’t reach the stool. So it doesn’t help me there. While I sit on the miniature recliner in my baby’s room, my feet do reach, but the sticky pads on the feet of the stool are not sticky enough. So if I put any weight on the stool at all, it slides away from me in seconds.This is a nice product, and well made. I just wish it worked for me. 🙁

Edith Grayling, AK

Saved my lower back and knees

Icouldn’t have nrsed without it. Even my mother-in-law stated, “wow, this really works” as she was rocking her granddaughter to sleep. a bit of a pain when you are vacuuming, one more thing to move, but, otherwise, a great idea.

Jan Satsop, WA

Eases breastfeeding back pain

This is a wonderful, wonderful product. It is sturdy and easy to assemble. I use it in tandem with my Boppy and love the results. My two month old and I have had our trials and tribulations with breastfeeding, but this stool has eliminated all of our discomfort. No more back pain and fewer bad latches due to awkward positioning. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you need this stool!

Mitzi Saxe, VA

nursing time

I didn’t have it when I started, but I really appreciated it once I got it. A definate improvement. The only part that I don’t like, and this is an individual thing, is the ridges (tread). I am usually bare foot and they irritate my apparently sensative feet. I’ve put a dish towel over it to make it more comfortable for me.

Celina Decatur, TX

Nice, well-built stool

I didn’t think a stool could really make it more comfortable to nurse, but I was wrong! I used this with an old rocking chair and found that my legs were much more comfortable when propped up – especially during those long nights of rocking! The stool is well-built and comes ready to use in the box. The natural wood color is attractive and goes with nearly any decor (just so happens that my crib and baby armoire are also natural wood color). I imagine this would be a great stool to use if you were nursing on a chair or couch that was stationary as well.

Daphne Richland, MO

Top 10 must haves for a pregnant lady

Learned of this wonderful invention from a prenatal class. I recommend it to all my pregnant friends as it makes nursing for long periods of time comfortable and you can use any chair in the house, you don’t have to necessarily sit in a fancy glider once you have this versatile stool.

Alissa Newington, VA

No more back pain!

I was nursing without this stool for almost 2 months. I started developing lower back pain. I thought it was from picking up and carrying around my son until someone purchased this stool for me. In just 1 week, my lower back pain began to go away. I would definately recommend getting this stool if you plan to nurse.

Lina Picayune, MS

Wish I’d Had It When Pregnant

I wish I’d had this when I was pregnant. But I have it now and it has come in very handy. I don’t use it all the time but it’s very comfortable when I do. I use it a lot more with our glider when I’m pumping or just rocking the baby. I wouldn’t buy it until you see if you need it.

Rosie Newburg, WV

must have for nursing

this was a back saver for me while nursing. It was hard to nurse without support and something sturdy to put my feet on. This is well worth the money.

Sheila Melvin, KY

for more than just nursing

Once you have this stool, you will use it long after you stop nursing. It is wonderful for just propping your feet up while reading, watching TV, doing needlework, and much more. I have a rocker/glider that I use in my front room and the gliding ottoman is just awkward and bulky. I was using a regular child’s step stool but have had to tip it onto two legs and I’m starting to notice some wear on my carpet. It is also easier to pick up and move out of the way than the ottomans or switch to the couch.

Loraine Chapman Ranch, TX

Love this stool

The hospital that I gave birth in had this stool in all of its rooms. I was thrilled to find it on Amazon when searching for something to make nursing in our new rocker more comfortable – I am quite short, so I needed something for my feet to rest on. I use this stool every night in the middle of the night while nursing and rocking our baby.

Gladys Woburn, MA

A wonder for your legs

This stool is a miracle worker for tired legs and backs. I love to use it when nursing my son upstairs. The slanted top means your feet are positioned perfectly for holding a baby. It’s very sturdy and doesn’t slide around on the floor like my daughter’s plastic stools do.I did not get this until baby #2, and I wish I had had it with the first one! Believe me, there is no comparison between rocking/nursing/holding a baby with this stool, or just resting your feet on the floor.Definitely in my “top ten” list of must-haves for breastfeeding.

Marva Belvidere, IL

Good quality, good height. Could be wider.

I really like this stool. It’s sturdy and well-build. Only complaint is that it could be a little wider for me. I like to keep my feet apart somewhat when I nurse.Amusingly, my toddler thinks this is his “chair” and uses it when we read books before bed time.

Marie Paris, VA

Relieves back discomfort and makes nursing more comfortable!

I decided against a glider/rocker for nursing and went with a stationary chair. I went about a week of nursing with my feet flat on the ground when I realized my back being achey from the position. This stool was recommended to me at the hospital’s breastfeeding class and I used it at the hospital while nursing but thought it was just an extra thing to have. Boy was I wrong. The nursing stool angles your lap up drawing baby closer to you, which allows you to have your back straighter instead of hunching towards the baby. If you find yourself stuffing an extra pillow/blanket under your nursing pillow to fill in the gap between the pillow and your lap this stool will solve that problem, and won’t fall out of your lap onto the floor! The stool was easy to assemble and nice solid wood. I have been using mine for two months with no problems. The hospital had this exact nursing stool too and you could tell it was really worn in and old, but still held up perfectly. The nice thing is when you are done nursing the stool is still practical to use as a foot rest for chairs around the house- including a nice under the desk foot rest while you are on the computer.

Viola Verona, NJ