Medela One-Piece Breastshield w/ Valve and Membrane

Medela One-Piece Breastshield w/ Valve and Membrane

1 Breastshield, 1 Valve and 1 Membrane.

Main features

  • Medela Breastshield
  • One piece design

Verified reviews


IT’S ONLY ONE…if you need a pair of them, order TWO

OK I guess I should have figured it out but I didn’t think too hard about it…I wanted an extra SET of complete shields, the product description mentions keeping an extra SET at work, so my brain assumed this was a SET of shields. Nope, it’s ONE SHIELD assembly. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime so I get free shipping; doesn’t matter too much to me that I need to order another one, it will get here in 2 days with Prime. But BUYER BEWARE…this is just the listing for ONE SHIELD.Also…I found out when I tried to use them after I ordered a second one…this does not come with the little connecter that attaches the tubes to the shield, so if you need an extra set of everything, this won’t help you.

Courtney Greentown, PA

Didn’t work

This valve did not work on my medela breast pump (i have the dual pump). i didn’t return it because i was going to have to buy as much for the shipping as i did for the pump. don’t buy here. just go to a brick and mortar store (like target) to purchase. it’s not amazon’s fault… it’s the supplier’s issue.

Gertrude Belmond, IA

Wish the shield detached from the connector.

When I bought this, the product title was not so explicit that it was one solid piece (shield + connector). Therefore, you can’t customize your shield size and I find it more difficult to clean than two separate pieces, and bulkier to store as well. However, it does work with my pump; I just wish you could take the top apart.

Emilia Onalaska, WI

Does not work for Swing Breastpump either

This doesn’t work for Swing model either. I box says it works for all models except TWO…it doesn’t mention that it doesn’t work for the swing model, but it doesn’t. LUckily, I only needed the valve and membrane and was able to use part of the item (just paid too much)

Benita Stanaford, WV

very good part

these are much better than the 2 piece shields that came with my medela pump, they are easy to wash and very easy to use.

Angelique Temperanceville, VA

all-in-one pump shield

This is just like the shield that came with my breastpump, except it’s in one piece rather than two. The yellow membrane piece that connects at the bottom of the pump (that goes into the bottle) is still a separate piece.i preferred this to the one that came with the pump since it meant one less thing to wash.

Aida Sugarloaf, CA


I like these much better than the two piece design. Easier to clean and keep track of parts. Bought enough to last me two days so I can allow one set enough time to dry while I use the other set.

Helene Vaughan, NC

No milk in your tubes!

I am renting a Medela Symphony, and I also have the Freestyle. I love the latter because it’s a “closed” system, so milk doesn’t get in the tubes. My one gripe with the Symphony (before purchasing these) was that I had to constantly clean and dry the tubing because milk seemed to back up into the tubes nearly every time. I have two close friends who use the Pump In Style Advanced, and they had the same complaint. No more!The design of the one-piece breastshields is slightly different from the two-piece solution. The tubing connects higher up and behind a ridge of plastic, so the air still gets through, but the milk flows straight down, and well below the connector. The result is that, while I still get a bit of condensation, I do not get milk backing up into the tubing like it did with the two-piece kit. I’m so pleased! They do take slightly more effort to clean than the two-piece kit, but that is made up for in SPADES by not having to clean the tubing. I can just run the pump for a few minutes to dry out the tubing between pumping sessions and clean it less often. Definitely worth the trade! It’s a shame they don’t come in more sizes (yet).I am using the Simple Wishes hands-free bra, and it works fine with these. I know some models have small openings meant for the two-piece kits, but the Simple Wishes bra has one panel with a horizontal slit and another with a vertical slit, so you can get pretty much any size breastshield through it with a bit of effort, and it still holds really well once it’s on. Do check your local BRU before purchasing these online, as they had a better price at the time of this review.

Mavis Eclectic, AL

It really works.

I have the pump so I got extra and they are solid build and it is good quality.

Darcy Charlemont, MA

Better than the two-piece shields

The *best* part about these is that milk NEVER collects in the tubing when I use these with the Pump In Style Advanced. When I use the two-piece ones, I always end up cleaning the tubing, which is a total pain. Saving myself that headache makes these totally worth it. As long as you rinse them well, I don’t see how they are more difficult to clean than the two-piece ones.

Gabriela Pollocksville, NC

Easy, works well if your size is 24mm, slightly harder to clean

These are in some ways easier than the assembly that comes with most Medela pumps — instead of a separate breast shield and connector, this is just one piece that then connects to a standard valve and membrane. The set here is for one breast only — it’s the single piece that replaces the shield/connector assembly, plus the valve and the membrane — all you need is a pump, collection bottle, and tubing to go with it.The only slightly negative aspect is that these are a little more difficult to get fully clean, because you can’t remove the flange from the connector. But if you’re careful, they’re perfectly cleanable. I recommend rinsing them immediately after use if you’re not going to wash them fully right away! Then when you wash them later, you’re not fighting dried milk.Also note that the tubing connects near the top of the back of this assembly, whereas it connects near the bottom of the standard “usual” connector — this might impact you if you are, say, used to typing while pumping and you might wedge the connectors against the front of your desk to keep them positioned while your hands are typing!

Millicent Downing, MO

Five Stars

useful peace

Reyna Oakdale, PA

It’s original and works perfectly fine

I couldn’t find one in the store so this was perfect. It’s original. It’s just a breast shield? what else can i say? I have to keep saying something because it’s asking me for more words. Finally.

Mercedes Winnabow, NC

I wish all breastshields came in one piece like this.

It makes cleaning so much easier. It’s also smaller so it takes up less room, which is important to me since I store all my pump parts in my Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack. I love these breastshields and will continue to buy them since they are such a good price.

Ellen Elkton, SD

So easy to clean!

So easy to clean, it makes my life SO much easier especially since I do not have access to soap and water for cleaning while pumping at work.

Lucy Reddell, LA

great for mothers that pump at work

For three months, i was using the 2-piece personal fit breast shields that came with the pump and just washed & sterilize them with the medela steam bag after every use. When I went back to work, I purchased 4 of these and my only regret is that I didnt purchase them sooner! I work 12 hr shifts and pump every 4-6hrs. I’ve been using them for 3 months now and it is so helpful to have spare parts when I’m on the go. They hold great suction (better than the 2-piece personal fit ones) and are easy to clean. I’m thinking of buying a few more and I would definately recommend these to anyone who pumps regularly.

Lilian Childwold, NY

new design, works just as well as the older design

I purchased this to replace the older one that I had which was no longer functioning. The design has changed recently because my older one was purchased 9 months prior to this one. I like the design of the new one better, but in function it works the same as the old one. It is a little wider than the old one, which doesn’t bother me. They have changed the way that it drains to the bottle. Works great, I love my medela pump.

Pat Arvada, WY

I really like this!

This shield is easier to clean than the ones I got with pump machine. I also love the idea of having extras to keep rotation of cleaning them easier for me!

Terra Ashaway, RI

Very helpful to have 2nd set!

Find these very useful and helpful, I really like that it’s all one piece, much easier to see the milk flowing through the plastic. As others have noted, the shields are 24mm.

Evelyn Georgetown, OH


I like this complete valve assembly. I bought two so that I could have two sets of shields. One set is with me at work, and then at night that set goes home for the nanny to wash the next day. I didn’t notice any suction difference between this one-piece design and the valves I have with a removable shield though.

Kristin East Enterprise, IN

One piece

I really like the one-piece breastshield because it’s easier to rinse off while I’m at work. I keep the multi-piece breast shields for home use.

Judi Eagle Bend, MN

Better than the ones the pump comes with!

I wish the pumps came with this shield! Its so much easier to clean and use. When I pump at work these are easier to use since I don’t have to put anything together.

Tonia Mount Gay, WV

Works well

This breast shield does its job. I just wish they still made the soft shields as those were so much more comfortable for me.

Milagros Gainesville, FL

Great product

I am a first time mom and went back to work needing to pump to keep my supply up and provide bottles to my daycare provider for my little guy. I was taking my breastshields with me from home to work and then home again to wash and then all over again. Well, of course there were dayw when I would leave them at home and then have to go back home to get them. I ordered these to keep at work in my desk- lifesaver! They are one piece- and very easy to clean. I would definitely recommend these and some sterilizer bags for any working mommy who needs to pump for their little one. LOVE Medela products and their customer service is top-notch!!

Tricia Anaconda, MT

Perfect replacement

Fits everything and works wonderfully! I was so excited to find OEM replacement parts to swap out and extend the life of my pump!

Esther Redfield, SD

Love this product

Just ordered 2 of these one-piece breastshields so I could have extras when I return to work. I love that they are one piece unlike the “puzzle-pieces” that come with the P.I.S. So much easier to clean. Plus the suction is far greater with the one piece and the price is great. Items arrived in 4 days from the shipper instead of the 2-day “amazon norm”

Adelaide Moravia, NY

Good replacement part

These are a 1 for 1 replacement of the parts that came with the pump. The valves get slippery when washing so I’d recommend a extra set of those as we’ve lost one down the disposal…

Karin Hayti, MO

Convenient Pump Part

This is great as I don’t have to clean 2 parts. Shipping was slow, but thats what I expected.Target has them for the same price, but never had my size. Also, make sure to note there is only one in the box.

Brittany Springville, IA

Easier to clean than the multipiece ones

I bought two sets of these (since I pump 8 times a day) — they are much easier than the multipiece shields. In my experience, they are easier to clean if you have a good brush and you can see the milk stream better. Whatever you use, even if you are groggy at 3 am, rinse these out with hot water. What makes for difficult cleaning is allowing milk to dry on these. The stuff is like glue!

Frieda Warba, MN

All One Piece

I needed a few extra shields, valves and membranes. This came as an all on one set. I love that it doesnt breakdown in 3 pieces and it is simple to use. Perfect.

Young Cummings, KS