Medela PersonalFit Breastshields

Medela PersonalFit Breastshields

The Medela PersonalFitTM Breastshield 2-Pack allows mothers to choose the breastshield that is the right size for them, to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency while using a breast pump. This correctly sized breastshield provides comfort while you pump and is proven to maximize milk flow.

Main features

  • 36mm PersonalFitTM Breastshields – 2 Pack
  • Attaches to PersonalFitTM Connectors (not included)

Verified reviews


Perfect fit!

I am a double D size and the medium that were included with my pump just wasn’t cutting it. I loathed going in to pump at work and it hurt so bad I almost gave up. Then I found out they come in larger sizes. After trial and error with both the large and extra large, I found these. These give my nipples just the right amount of room I need so it doesn’t hurt or chafe. Pumping is now a much more pleasant experience! If you have any pain with the other sizes, give this one a try.

Nola Caputa, SD

Breast Pumping Made Comfortable

I was determined to pump breast milk for my baby after I went back to work. But the standard Medela breast shields almost made me quit. They were very uncomfortable, and they hurt nipples to the point where I thought they would start bleeding. My daughter made my nipples feel worn, but those breast shields absolutely destroyed them.Then my husband did some research and found out that there are different-sized breast shields available! The only downside is that the standard breast shields are all 1-piece, and the alternate sizes are all 2-piece. That means buying the breast shields AND the connector ends, which doubles the overall cost. You can’t buy just these breast shield cups, you have to buy the connector ends too: got the XX-Large breast shields (36mm), and now pumping is MUCH more comfortable. I feel like I could keep doing this for a year without any problems. I wish Medela made all their breast shields 2-piece, so women could have an easier time choosing the size that best meets their needs without unnecessary extra expense.

Earlene Stollings, WV

Good Product

Well made quality, however, the shields are a tight fit for my Pump in Style set up, but it does still work.

Christy Alvin, IL

Great purchase!

Wish I would have known about these sooner! They’re great. And come, on, pump manufacturer’s, who is really a medium?!?!

Marsha Beacon, IA


Appropriately fitted breast shields made pumping and breastfeeding significantly more comfortable. Eliminated the need for lanolin while pumping, eliminated the discomfort and chaffing too. Only thing to consider is that when you get these shields, you have to have the connectors that are separate from the shield, which aren’t the ones that come with the medela pumps. The hospital I delivered at gave me a bag of breastfeeding stuff and it had the connectors that will accept the personal fit shields, but if you dont have them, you’ll need to buy them along with the little yellow valves that go inside the connectors. In my opinion, it’s WELL worth it.

Alejandra Laurel, FL


These worked so well that I wound up ordering several sets. This works great for anyone who wears a C cup or larger.

Marla Whiting, IN

Worth trying if the 30 mm shields don’t work

I bought these because the 30mm breastshields were a tad snug while pumping, but these were too big and pulled my areola in too much. I wish they made a size 33mm-it’s strange that they make 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, and 36mm but no 33mm! I don’t have particularly large nipples but the size 30’s worked well for me. These do not fit in to the connectors nearly as well as the other sizes do, which is why I knocked off a star. Otherwise, they’re a great product and I’m glad Medela makes a variety of breastshield sizes.

Jillian Light, AR

Perfect size

I’ve been upgrading the size till got this one. the 30 mm fits but the 36 mm is more comfy

Dee Blacksburg, VA

Didn’t work for me, but the product is solid

I bought these because I was having trouble with my supply. After reading a lot of online tips and reviews here on Amazon about using the right size shield, I decided to try a larger size. I didn’t help with my supply. I ended up going down a size from what I was using, from 30mm to 27mm, and it has stabilized my supply.A lot of people in the reviews complained about the shied not fitting the connectors. I didn’t have this problem. They are much tighter fitting then any of the other size shields I have, but they do fit and do not pop out of the connectors.Even though they didn’t help me, the product is solid and well made just like all the other shields from Medela. If these fit me, I would buy it again.

Selina Chester, UT