Medela PersonalFit Breastshields

Medela PersonalFit Breastshields

To accommodate the needs of more mothers, Medela has developed this customized system. Unique 2-piece system allows moms to choose breastshield size for maximum personal comfort while pumping. Works with all Medela® breastpumps except disposable kits. Attaches to all Medela standard breast pumps. Large 27mm (for reference, the 24mm is included in Medela’s breastpump kits). Pack of 2.Safe for baby – All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA/DEHP Free.

Main features

  • Allows you to personalize your breastshield size for maximum comfort while pumping
  • Adaptable to almost all Medela pumps, including Pump In Style
  • Contains 2 clear PersonalFit Breastshields

Verified reviews


They are called “Large…”

Don’t be fooled- I don’t know why Medela sends out the 24mm size shield with their pumps. As I have talked to many women and numerous lactation consultants, it turns out that 24mm is actually “small” and that most women will need the 27mm. I don’t have large nipples by any means, but pumping with the 24mm shields left me bleeding within days because I had no idea it was the shields that caused the problem. I noticed the difference immediately after using this larger size- pumping is much more comfortable, it’s faster, and I get a better yield. If you have any discomfort with your pump, try changing the shield size- you might be amazed! A lactation consultant told me to try them and at first I was hesitant- “large” for nipple shields? Think of the 27mm as standard or medium and realize that there are so many 24mm on store shelves because NO ONE BUYS THEM.

Claudine Oakwood, VA

Good for more milk

I did not believe myself to have large nipples, but I was frustrated at how little milk I was getting with the standard size breastshield, even with a hospital-grade pump (the Symphony). A lactation consultant suggested I try a larger breastshield. Indeed, these bring a little more breast into the cylinder which has resulted in slightly more milk being expressed. I also tried the SoftFit, which didn’t do a thing for me. These are worth a try even if you don’t think you have “large” nipples.

Deena Chehalis, WA

Much more comfortable than the standard ones

When I was using the standard size breastshields that came with the breast pump, my breasts were getting sore. I thought that was just how it was supposed to be. Then a nurse told me to try a larger size and I got these. Now my breasts no longer hurt at all when pumping and my nipples don’t get stuck inside. The only thing that is strange to me is that the shape of the cone part seems different that the standard, so it feels a bit large, even though the nipple part fits fine.

Iris Lafe, AR

Big breasts, small shields.

I have large breasts and a prominent protruding nipple. You’d think that large breasts mean large shields.Nope – in my case quite the opposite. The small is the right size for me. I discovered this after reading lots of medela literature to find out why pumping was so uncomfortable.If you looked at the illustrations and are thinking “Well, my areola is being pulled in a lot and they say that means I need a small size – but I have large breasts, how is that possible?” – well, it is possible. The size of these has a lot more to do with the shape of your breasts an nipples – and it’s not the case that large = large.Size 21 is much better for me than size 24. I get a lot more when I pump and it feels much more comfortable.And I’m wearing an F/G cup bra. So if the guidelines suggest you go smaller – do it. Don’t be confused! I’m not saying that big breasts actually does mean small shields – just that it CAN mean that. It seems like the shape around the nipple is really what’s at play here.

Brigitte Acme, WA

Went through 3 different size shields

I had major trouble breastfeeding. I bought all three sized shields, trying to figure out which one would work for me. I bought this before I saw the lactation consultant, after reading the Medela specifications on how the shield should fit. I showed this to the lactation consultant and she said that this would be too small for me. And it was. It did fit with room around my nipple, but I found that the large shield helped me pump more milk. I think that the medela diagram is a little misleading, because when you pump the nipple expands, so I would reconmend going up a size, not down.

Latonya Wadesboro, NC

Great to have different sizes

I found this much more comfortable that the regular shields. If you’re getting an extra set of shields consider upsizing.

Deborah Denison, TX

This helped my wife, couldn’t find these at stores locally.

They didn’t seem to sell this size at any local stores, so I ordered it online for my wife. This made pumping more comfortable for her since it fit better. She is happy with them. Not a whole lot else to say… we probably just needed one not 2, but I guess there is an extra in case one ever gets lost or damaged somehow.

Shanna Emmons, MN

Much better than soft breastshields

I bough a free-style Medela breast pump that came with soft breastshields. The problem that i was having was that soft breastshield would warp and get out of shape after a few uses. I am pumping 8 times a day and would go through about 4 sets of soft breastshields in about a month. I did the math and realized that if i wanted to breastfeed for a year, i would spend about $500 on breastshields. Please, Medela, have a mercy for a breastfeeding woman! It probably costs a few cents to produce a breastshield anyway. This is twice as much as i paid for a pump itself! Anyway, i tried the hard shell breastshields and could not be happier. They are much easier on my breasts (soft ones will always stick on the skin) and are much more cost affective.

Amy Goodway, AL

Ahhh, so much better

Lactation consultant in the hospital said she’s never met anyone who didn’t just need the 24 mm, so that’s what I used the first 3 months and it HURT. About to give up, I read the sizing chart on the Medela website and discovered that I should be using these. Wish I’d figured it out sooner – these are SO MUCH NICER for me. They just fit better, and it doesn’t hurt to pump anymore.

Joni Billingsley, AL

Breast saver

I bought this product after using the standard sized Medela Shield and being refered by a nurse. If you have larger breasts/areolas, this is the product for you! I had to pump exclusively with my son, and if I hadn’t bought these shields, I wouldn’t have been able to do it due to pain and low supply. This not only increased my supply, the comfort it provided allowed me to pump for many weeks exclusively.

Virgie New Trenton, IN

Size of shield isn’t size of breaat

I went from a 36B to 40D during pregnancy. I used the M shields that came with pump and thought they were fine. I did notice my areola was being sucked in too. I decided to try the S. even though the M didn’t “hurt”, the S is more comfy and I’m getting more milk. I had a hard time buying the S bc u figured with my 40D boobs, a S was crazy. But it’s based on nipple size.

Leann Burlington, KS

Perfect fit!!!

I am so happy to have finally received these. I have had such painful problems while pumping and after reading the Medela site and looking at the breast shield diagrams I knew the ones that came with the pump were too big. I am pumping right now and OMG what a difference! I am so happy I could cry…probably due to hormones! No pain!I dreaded pumping due to the pain it caused and the soreness afterwards. Everything feels better and it isn’t rubbing or taking too much in. This is the perfect size!I wish Medela gave you options with the breast shields when you buy the pump. I mean for $300 bucks I shouldn’t have to pay an additional $15 to get the right size! They should really give options when getting these pumps so you don’t have problems with pain and discomfort.

Mara Ryan, IA

Perfect fit but a little annoyed I had to purchase them

I understand that Medela provides the medium and large sizes in the Freestyle pump kit so I am an outlier in needing a smaller size but after spending several hundred dollars to purchase the pump and then needing to make another purchase to properly use the pump you can see my frustration. It would be nice if you could send the large or medium size back to Medela and be sent the correct size in exchange. They could pack the medium and large sizes in separate packing so they are returned to them unopened. I tried the medium’s so I could have easily sent back an unopened pack of larges. That being said the smaller size is significantly more comfortable.

Heather Cumberland, MD

Great buy for smaller women

I was so happy that there were smaller size breastshields out there. I am on the smaller end (A cup before pregnancy), and the pictures in the Medela instruction booklet seemed to indicate that the included medium breastshields with my pump were too big for me. I was getting decent output, but thought it was worth the 12 bucks to try a smaller breastshield for comfort. Have used these smaller shields ever since I received them. They are very comfortable and I’ve had no problem with output either. No problem with fit with the connectors that came with my PISA. Just ordered another set as a spare. Concur with an earlier review that the shipping isn’t lightning fast, but it does arrive within the time window promised. Put in the order soon if you are in a time crunch with pumping – it’s worth a shot.

Eva Loring, MT

just like originals

I got these so I don’t have to wash them every time I use them. Now I can rotate. They look just like the ones that came with the pump and everything fits together perfectly.

Latoya Milton, WI

Work great!

Bought these after giving birth to my second child. Had trouble pumping/breastfeeding the first so I was looking for solutions. Not sure I needed the XL shields, might have been ok with L, but these work great. They are comfortable, wash up well & I feel they will last.

Debbie Dundee, NY

Stopped the pain!

Without going too much into why i had to pump in the first few weeks after my daughter was born, i was using the Medela severla times a day, but i found especially on one side (for some reason!) that most of my nipple and areola was being sucked into the pump, making the whole thing swell and enlarge painfully, and it looked… gross and obscene quite honestly! I was convinced i was doing damage to my nipples so i did some online research and found i could get these smaller shields for my pump. They are shorter as well as slightly (only very slightly) smaller in diameter, but they seem to do the trick – now not so much of my breast gets pulled into the pump, which is great.What i would say is, breast size has NOTHING to do with it. Its the size of your nipples and areolathat are cruical. I have pretty big bosoms 🙂 (size DD) but relatively small nipples.

Beulah Hillsboro, TX

Excellent fit

The shields that came with my Medea PISA were far too small. I noticed an immediate increase in the amount I pumped once I was using the correct size. Worth the money over and over.

Clara Fleetville, PA

Medela is the best!

Always good to have extra parts around. More parts = less trips to the sink. And you know how much time means to ya when you’re breast feeding a new baby!!!

Maggie Willow City, TX

Serves the purpose, no complaints

The seller is great, very fast shipping and great communication. The shields are what they are supposed to be, but I wish they made even smaller sizes, as even this small one irritated my nipples a little bit due to friction.

Kate Parrish, FL

Awesome fit and great price….

On the side of the box a fitting diagram is available on Medela’s breast shields… SHOOT! I wish I had seen it a few months ago! This 24 mm size is a perfect fit, and I have been getting sore using the 27 mm size. Very glad to find these at such a great price. Even w/ discount coupons for BRU – this beats them hands down. They arrived quickly and I highly recommend getting an extra set or two. (especially if you have mischievous doggies around!)

Myrna Albuquerque, NM

Hard to find my size

Still doesn’t fit!!!!!!:( I need an xxL. I guess ill be ordering a new one. This doesn’t seem bigger than the 27 to be honest. They’re the same size when I put them side by side

Kathy Sterling Heights, MI


The Amazon seller sold me an opened box. this is unsanitary as these are factory sealed for sanitary reasons and now I’m stuck repackaging and shipping it back. Ridiculous! Please don’t buy from them! I have already reported them.The product itself I already owned and I can tell you that I’m finding them quite uncomfortable. I’ve tried the 24mm, 27mm and the 30mm and all have caused me problems with nipple damage. I’m now trying the Pumpinpals shields and while it takes me a couple minutes longer to letdown with them, they are far more comfortable. I recommend buying all sizes. I thought I might use the largest, but I used the middle. Cheers,

Bobbi Eastman, WI

27 mm Should be Standard Size

The Medela Breast Pumps come with the 24 mm as standard size. These are actually very small. I would say the 27 mm should work for most women. My nipples are a little smaller than quarter size and this size was perfect for me. I purchased the breastshields on Amazon thinking it would be the best price but actually found that Babies R Us had them for a little cheaper and they carry all of the sizes as well as other accessories.

Noemi Rotan, TX

Great milk output with these

These are great – I am so glad I found them. I even own the pumpin’ pals large and xtra large and I still will reach for these sheilds instead. I get a great output of milk with these vs pumpin’ pals decreased my output (I have read that it takes a week to notice an increase though?). Anyways, these work great – no pain and are easy to use.

Heidi Luzerne, IA

Waste of money in my opinion…

I got a medela pump at my baby shower and when I used it I was having problems with my nipples hurting, not being able to produce much milk and from what little bit I did get, it leaked everywhere. This was all with the regular 24mm breastshiled that came with the pump. That was when I noticed a picture in my manual stating that I needed a small size breastshield. Well honestly, I don’t see a difference between the small and the medium. If there is any difference it is VERY minimal and it hasn’t helped me one bit. I’m extremely disappointed since Medela is suppose to be such a good brand.

Sylvia Unicoi, TN

As described…

Purchased these breastshields for use with my pump in style medela breast pump. The box contained two, hard plastic, breastshields which attach to connectors (sold separately). You will also need valves and membrames. I purchased because the shields that come with the pump in style were size M (24mm), which didn’t fit. Good purchase and good price compared to other online and in-store products.

Alfreda Lumberton, MS

Not what I was expecting

I expected these to be just like the attachments that came with my pump but smaller in diameter. These were almost the same diameter and the attachment part of the cone was much shorter. I really noticed no improvement in using these over the regular size.

Clare Mekinock, ND

These work well

Since I am an extended breast feeder and like to keep a certain amount of frozen milk on hand I got these because my supply had gone down slightly at around 6 months. These really help get every last drop and were a better fit to my “new” size. 🙂 I recommend them!

Lakesha Louise, TX

Good protection

Bought these for my wife so she could protect her breasts against magic spells and other forms of weapons. They fit for her quite well as the medium’s were too big.The shields are also slightly opaque so there is some mystery behind what the shield is actually protecting.

Patrica Quincy, PA