Medela Power Adapter Transformer for Pump In Style breast pumps – models Original and Advanced #9207010

Medela Power Adapter Transformer for Pump In Style breast pumps – models Original and Advanced #9207010

Medela Power Adapter Transformer for Pump In Style breast pumps – models Original and Advanced #9207010 By Medela is; The replacement transformer for the Pump In Style Original and Traveler models is a 9V transformer, model 920.7010, Medela part 68030 (also known as part # 9007056 or part # 8007265). Input: 110V AC 60Hz 18W. Output: 9V DC 1000mA. If your Medela PIS pump was purchased in 2008 or 2009 or 2010 and says “Advanced”, check where you plug in the adapter to see if you need a 9V or 12V power adapter. More than likely, you need part # 9207010 (item # with retail packaging is 68030). This is a 9volt with 12vdc max.

Main features

  • Model #9207010
  • Input: 110V AC 60Hz 18W
  • Output: 9V DC 1000mA
  • For use with Pump in Style 2008 or newer models.
  • For 12 volt Medela Pump In Style Advanced models – see item #9207041

Verified reviews


CALL MEDELA to get a FREE replacement

Wow, thanks to another amazon reviewer on a different power adapter I just called Medela and they will send me a replacement power adapter for free. My pump is pretty old, almost 5 years now, bought in 2007 and I didn’t think calling Medela would be worth the time and effort. I am using it with my 3rd child now, 8 months into it and now the wires right at the power cord adapter have become partially loose (I can see the exposed copper) and today it wouldn’t work anymore. I just called Medela, was asked about when I bought it, the model number on the power adapter, number between the prongs and how often I used it and UPS will deliver my replacement adapter TOMORROW! THANKS, Medela!

Susana Tridell, UT

Works great!

This adapter worked great for me after the one I had just stopped working. I’m glad I was able to order another one and have it shipped to my house rather quickly.

Lorie Conway, AR

exactly as expected, perfect replacement

After having used my pump for many years, the plastic on the transformer cracked and pieces came off making it dangerous around the house. Now I just leave the old one at work (where little ones could never get to it), and I can use this one at home. It was a perfect replacement, and it works just as expected.

Hazel Willard, MO

Broke after 3 months of use

This one was my back up at work. After 3 months of use, it just stopped working. I will admit that I was using it with a DC to AC adapter in my car. However, I had been doing this for months (including with my original power cord) and never had this happen. I ended up getting it replaced by Medela with the same model. I don’t know if I just got a defective one or what, but I was pretty upset that it didn’t last long.

Kaitlin Gapland, MD

Does the job perfectly

So, I have checked the exact model number to substitute the adapter I have accidentally destroyed, and got this one.It works perfectly.Yep, it is not marked as Medela, but Medela makes pumps, not adapters. The original one was not marked as Medela either.And yes, you need to check the model number before getting the adapter, but what’s so new about that??!!To sum up- does exactly what it is supposed to do. Great purchase!

Shelly Beccaria, PA

bigger than the original medela adaptor for pump in style edition but worked

I had an original medela pump adaptor, this is way bigger than the original one, but worked. I have ordered one from another vendor before and it was getting hot after I used it then it stopped working. So I ordered directly from medela. $2 more but sure worked.

Hattie Upper Fairmount, MD


Needed to replace my Medela Adaptor after I lost mine. Worked perfect and had no issues with it. Don’t lose your adaptor lol

Sue Albany, GA

Just what I needed.

I find it quicker to leave a power adapter in my office and one in my home and just move my pump back and forth. This fit the bill perfectly for my 2011 Medela PISA. Take care because slightly older PISA use 12 V adaptors the newest ones use 9V max, that is what this is.

Sherry Ashland, MA

Good replacement charger

This works just like the one that originally came with my medela pump and was a great replacement when i lost my first one.

Gina Cicero, NY