Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack

Pump in style advanced is a daily use breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day. Includes tote bag with integrated motor unit, AC adaptor, battery pack, insulated cooler bag and ice pack, 5 ounce breast milk bottles, 24 mm breast shields, PersonalFit connectors, valves, tubing and instructions.

Main features

  • Double pumping kit with PersonalFit breast shields
  • Can be plugged in or run on AA batteries
  • 2-phase expression technology with one-touch let-down button

Verified reviews


Much better than the Original!

I am a stay-at-home-mom and am breastfeeding exclusively. I debated on which type of pump to get given that I wasn’t planning on pumping often, just to have some extra milk for occasional bottle feeding and to freeze milk for future use.I really didn’t want to spend this much on a pump, but there were a couple things that swayed me to purchase this:1. The Medela brand. I researched options over and over again and I kept coming back because of the positive reviews. Other pumps had good reviews, but a lot of bad ones also. This brand seemed to have the most consistent positive reviews.2. I plan to have more children. I figured better to invest in a good pump that I can use for several kids than a cheaper pump that I would have to keep replacing.3. I could either buy a cheaper single pump, or go with a more expensive double pump. The trade-off is time. I felt it was worth the time saving. If I was pumping a couple times a day for a year, imagine the time savings to be double-pumping. To me it was worth it.Thank goodness I bought this, I developed thrush about a week after my baby was born and was unable to breastfeed. However, I was able to express and bottle feed until the infection cleared up. In doing this, between pumping and feeding it was taking up an incredible amount of time each day. But, imagine how much time it would have taken if I only had a single pump!Get the advanced model–the two stage pumping process is really helpful. I have to go back and forth between the two stages several times in one pumping session. I’m not sure how well I could have pumped with another model without this feature.A couple negatives…Medela removed several features from the 2008 model that the 2007 model had, I guess so they could lower the price and make it more affordable. This included the manual pump (which is really needed in case you ever go on vacation and don’t want to take the full pump or are away from your pump for an extended period of time and need to relieve some pressure), the bottle stands, and the removable motor. If you can still get your hands on a 2007 model, I would suggest you do so because these features are good to have. I get really annoyed with not having the bottle stands, the top of the bottle with the horns is heavier than the bottle, so they tip over constantly unless they are really full of milk. Also, you have to press a button to go between the two phases of pumping, but when you are holding a bottle in each hand, unless you have a third arm and hand it is tricky. Eventually you get used to it, but I wish there were some way to make this easier.Overall I’m really happy with the purchase!

Elisha Uniontown, WA

5-star pump, 2-star milk storage

The Pump-in-Style Advanced Backpack is an absolutely wonderful breast pump combined with a sub-par milk storage system.The pump gives you the option to pump either one breast at a time or both breasts at once. The pump starts off with a special two-minute “let down” cycle, which is supposed to mimic a baby’s natural sucking action when she first latches on (faster, shorter sucks). After two minutes, this automatically changes over to the “expression” cycle (longer, slower sucks), but if your milk lets down sooner, you can manually change the cycles with the push of a button. You can also control the strength of the pump using a knob – a very nice feature because you can really customize the sucking strength to your exact needs and you can adjust it with the turn of a knob at any time during your session. The design of the pump is very simple – it takes almost no time to set up and break down. The Pump in Style comes with an A/C adaptor and a battery pack (batteries not included) that takes *TEN* AA batteries. If you’re planning on using the pump in a car, you can purchase a car adaptor separately. One of the nicest features of the Advanced is that the pump is housed in its own little black case that comes completely out of the backpack (unlike the original Pump in Style, with a battery that couldn’t come out of the bag); this allows you to leave the pump wherever you’ll be using it (ex. at work) and only take the bottles or bags of expressed milk back and forth in the cooler. Since the majority of the weight of the Pump in Style is in the pump itself, this is a wonderful feature. Personally, I’ve found that I can empty both breasts (about 6-8oz combined) with the Pump in Style in about 20 minutes or less (double pumping) – setup and cleanup add about another 5 minutes each, so I’m done with pumping within a half hour. I use the micro-steam bags to sterilize all the parts, so that takes only 5 minutes in my very low-wattage microwave (it can take as little as 2 minutes in a high-powered microwave). All in all, I am completely satisfied with the pump portion of the Pump in Style.What I’m not satisfied with is the Pump in Style’s milk storage system. There’s a small cooler bag with a form-fitted ice-pack insert. You freeze the ice pack and the storage bottles fit around it in the bag. This part is fine. However, the bottles themselves are awful. Two of the bottles have solid caps (for storage only) and the other two have two-piece caps that can be used with nipples as nursing bottles. However, no nipples are included with the set, and none of the literature included with the Pump in Style even mentions that nipples are available. I had to call the company and ask about it, and I was told that nipples need to be bought separately for $1 each. For the money I paid for this system, the least they could have done was include 2 nipples for the 2 bottles! The bottles themselves are absolutely nothing special – there are no features to try to reduce the amount of air a baby gets when nursing, etc. With the advances in bottle design, I would think Medela would have a great bottle to go along with their great pump, but no such luck – this is about as basic a bottle design as it gets. So, as far as I’m concerned, the 4 bottles are only good for milk storage, which means the milk needs to be transferred into another bottle for feeding purposes. Medela does make disposable storage bags and even includes some with the Pump in Style. However, the bags don’t fit into a bottle as a drop-in; again, you have to transfer the milk from the bags into another bottle to feed. You’re supposed to be able to tear off a small tab at the bottom of the bag to open a hole for pouring out the milk, but I’ve never been able to do this. I always have to snip the edge of the bag with a scissors to get it open (which, I’m sure, compromises the sterility of the inside of the bag). Also, the bags close with twist-ties at the top, which causes the bags to freeze with all sorts of ruffles and folds at the top. This makes it nearly impossible to re-open a frozen bag at the top to add more milk. What Medela should come up with is a storage system that uses disposable drop-in bottle liners. Right now, I’m using the Playtex Drop-Ins with a pump converter that allows me to pump directly into the Playtex liners; I then just drop them into a bottle when I want to use them. This is the kind of convenience that I was looking for in the Medela storage system, which unfortunately, they don’t have.The backpack itself is stylish – you really can’t tell that it’s anything but a fairly sophisticated-looking backpack. It’s a bit crowded when carrying the pump, storage bag and all the parts – there’s no room for anything else inside. If you remove the pump, you can fit a few things inside, but it’s still not what I would call roomy. I guess this is the trade-off between function and style – a larger backpack would have been more practical for holding stuff other than the pump, but it would have looked clunky. So, if you need to carry more than a set of keys and a small wallet, plan on carrying a bag in addition to the backpack.Despite the small drawbacks of the backpack and the large inconvenience of their storage system, the Medela pump itself is absolutely fabulous and definitely deserves five stars.

Alice Hungerford, TX


When originally shopping for a breastpump, 6 months ago, I opted for the Ameda Purely Yours which worked fine up until last night when the motor died. For a full-time breastpumping mom…I needed a pump RIGHT AWAY. I went out and purchased the Medela and was satisfied from the very 1st moment I used it. I wish I would’ve stuck with my 1st choice and bought this one first. I am able to pump both breasts and get 8-9 oz in LESS THAN 10MINS., while with the Ameda it took about 20-25mins. I absolutely LOVE this pump! I plan on breastfeeding my son until he’s 1 and will definitely be using this pump for our next child. I’d recommend this pump to all breastfeeding moms. I don’t nurse my son at all…I pump 30-40 ounces per day…the Medela will make my job much easier and it’s definitely quick. I love the knapsack too.

Alisha Helena, AL

Pumped worked for a bf idiot!

I didn’t bf my son and really wanted to with my daughter. When daughter was born she had trouble latching on and we tried endlessly for the first week or so. Since we couldn’t get her to latch on I pumped for the first week or two and I was surprised at how well this pump worked. I thought for something so small and compact there was no way it work to pump both breast at the same time. Not only did it pump both but it helped my letdown which I never seem to get with my daughter.Unfortantely bf didn’t work out with my daughter but if it did this pump would have been a lifesaver during working hours! It’s fast, reliable and it works!!! All the other bf moms I know use this pump and have no trouble with it.

Rosalie Pyote, TX

Died early

I have been using my pump 5 times a day every day for 4 months. I thought pumps were made for moms who couldn’t nurse, but apparently this pump cannot perform as often as I need it. We had a strong storm, so I will give the pump the benefit of the doubt and blame the storm for blowing it. However, my Medela from 1998 also endured being plugged in during power surges and did not blow out. This Medela model was my favorite. I loved the easy let down and gentler pumping. Too bad I WASTED my money on the new model. Four months of use and now nothing. It is not even coming on. AT ALL. I didn’t buy it off Amazon, but I figured I could at least review it here since this is such a trusted site. I had read that Medela no longer makes the cut as one of the best pumps. Now I know why. The machine that is 15 years old still works, and my brand new model doesn’t. I do not recommend this pump. If you do buy it, plug it into a storm strip and not directly in the wall. I hope your luck and $260 is better spent than mine.

Alexandria Holden, WV

Lots of room for improvement

I have a hard time picking a start rating for my breast pump because it does not have several features I would love to have in a breast pump, but based on reviews, none of the other ones do either. I’ll explain some of the pros and cons.Pros:1. Easy to put together-One of the best things about this pump is how easy it is to put together and take apart. I pump at work, at night, and occasionally in the car while traveling so I love that I don’t have to mess with a bunch of parts to get it to work. In the evening I can even get it ready and have it next to my bed so I don’t have to do anything.2. Easy to clean-Since the pump components come apart easily, it is pretty easy to clean. I have found that I need to initially with a bottle brush and then I run them through the dishwasher. If I don’t wash them first with the scrub brush I find after a few dish washing cycles there is something filmy on them. But there are only three main components and the bottles so it takes no time at all and I wash everything each evening.3. Easy to carry/travel-The back pack carrying case is extremely convenient. There is a big pocket at the top to store pump components and enough bottles for the entire day at work. There is also a small pocket on the front that I store the tubes and extra bottle lids in. Finally, there is a sleeve on the back of the bag where I can keep instructions or one of the microwave sanitizing bags.4. Power options-The pump comes with a power adapter or a battery pack. It takes 8 AA batteries. I use rechargeable batteries in it and was pleasantly surprised at just how long they last. The power adapter is one of the standard electronic plug ins so I had an extra one that I leave at work and then one I keep at home. I use the battery pack while traveling. This is one of the best features of the whole system.Cons1. Extremely loud-I’m not sure how my car manages to run quieter than my breast pump, but it does. I really hoped that I could use the pump at work and still be able to do some of my office work. However, the pump is so loud I most certainly cannot talk on the phone while pumping. It is the motor that is so loud so I zip the pouch to muffle the sound but that only helps a bit. It also makes it challenging to pump at night because I have to get out of bed or wake my husband up.2. Feels nothing like a baby-Using the pump feels nothing like a baby nursing. This is my biggest complaint. Pumping can be challenging and time consuming at work. I am lucky I have a flexible job and I am able to pump while working on email. Because the pump feels nothing like nursing, I have a really hard time having let down. To fix this problem I can only pump one side at a time so I can either massage my breast while pumping or hold a hot pad on it. I can’t turn the pump up any higher without it hurting so I have to have the hot pad ready when I start pumping. It only takes my baby 5-10 minutes to completely empty one of my breasts but it takes at least 15 minutes for me to pump on one side.3. Who designed the bag-This carry case was very obviously created by a person who valued simplicity over anything else. The bag is not comfortable to carry. The motor is at the bottom and falls uncomfortably against your back. And the bag is ugly. I understand that black is sleek and classy, but not in this material. While this is just a stylistic thing and completely unrelated to the performance of the pump, I am not sure why the company has not capitalized on the ability to sell different bags in a variety of patterns or even offer difference colors.These are my main issues with the pump. I have been using it for five months now and I use it daily. I can only hope that some point in the future some company is willing to put the money into developing a new pump instead of continuing with the status quo we have had for 50 years.

Britney Argonne, WI

Full-Figured Women May Need Some Maneuvering

Overall, I absolutely love my pump and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I don’t just use it at work, although it’s been a blessing there. It’s also great at home when I need to quickie feed (Baby plays more when nursing rather than bottle feeding)or pump because of engorgement.First, I recommend immediately buying a car adapter because I tried to use the battery pack and had it nearly die on me (my fault for not ensuring that all batteries were charged). According to the accompanying booklet, 10 AA batteries last 3 hours, not the most economical decision.Next, the backpack has been great for work because in the morning, I also have a purse and diaper bag on my shoulder. I didn’t need to add anything else. However, the storage space is a little tight. To make room, I’ve removed the battery pack, manual pump, etc. that I don’t need, but I still wish it wasn’t such a jigsaw puzzle trying to put everything in the bag.Lastly, I’m a big-busted woman, and I find that I need to use a hand to support my breast while pumping. I find it very difficult to pump both breasts at the same time, especially when trying to hold the cup on one breast, center the other cup on the other breast AND turn the pump on. Once it’s on, I can forget even attempting to press the let-down button early as I normally do. More often than not, I pump one breast at a time, unless I’m in a pinch and need to pump quickly because it’s so cumbersome.But still, I love this pump, and although I’ve only been using it so far for five weeks, I don’t regret a cent spent on it, and I honestly feel that without it, I would not be exclusively breastfeeding today.

Christine San Juan Pueblo, NM

Very efficient pump!

I did tons of research on pumps and settled on this one. In all honestly, pumps can be quite intimidating at first..all the parts and buttons. But after watching a quick demo video on Youtube, it was a breeze. Medela recognizes that no pump on the market can ever exactly mimic your baby’s sucking and feeding response, but this pump gets pretty close and is very efficient at pumping out maximum quantities in a short period of time. I also recommend buying extra bottles and/or accessories so that you’re not a slave to constant washing and sanitizing.

Annabelle Bowling Green, FL

Great, Even Better with Some Accessories

This pump does a great job of expressing my milk, but I’d recommend a few other things to go along with it:1. A bra to hold the assembly in place for double pumping so you can have hands free. I bought the (somewhat pricey) Medela one, but have also heard that you can cut holes in a regular sports bra.2. Extra set(s) of valve, etc. assemblies so you aren’t forced to wash after each pumping session, or can throw them in the dishwasher. My hospital uses the Medela Symphony pump so the valve assembly I used while pumping there was the same…I just took it home when I was discharged.3. You’ll need a cheaper storage option than the bottles if you plan to freeze the milk. I like bags, personally.4. A dishwasher basket for cleaning all those pump (and bottle) parts. The Munchkin brand fits the parts well (I hand wash the membranes and stick the cone-shaped parts on the wire pieces that stick up on the dishwasher’s top rack; the rest goes in the basket)Overall I’ve been pumping daily with this for two months and am very happy.

Jade Maricopa, CA

convenient and mobile

We bought this after our daughter was born. This is very handy and well disguised as a backpack, so can just pick it up and go. The suction is good and cleaning is easy. Highly recommend this item to people who are on the go.

Luisa Locust Fork, AL

Wonderful pump

I’ve been exclusively pumping and bottle feeding for 4 months and I love this pump. I have a the shoulder bag though, not the backpack. The suction is perfect, I’ve never had to turn it up all the way, but I do find that it’s more efficient if the suction is slightly uncomfortable.I love the battery pack, but I highly recommend buying rechargeable batteries because this pump really sucks them dry! A car charger would’ve also been nice…Another recommendation: a hands-free pumping bra!!! I love mine because I can pump and feed baby at the same time so I’m back in bed much sooner at night. Plus, during the day I can pump and do chores or drive. Sounds weird, I know, but it’s great.One final thing, make sure you keep extra membranes on hand because if one rips, that side won’t work properly. An extra set of bottles/flanges might be nice for night pumping so you’re not washing as frequently. I’ve also read that you can store the setup in the fridge between uses instead of washing but that needs some research.

Lora Ridott, IL

Great but bulky

I like the Medela backpack pump. My only complaint is that its a bit bulky for me. I wish I bought a pump that was a little smaller. I have to take my purse, my work bag, my lunch bag and now this medela pump to work. Maybe I should have bought the hand pump…the only thing is that it will take longer for me to pump at work. ANother thing that I was disappointed with is that it comes with 4 bottles bot only one collar and nipple. So what I have to do is pump and use another bottle (I use Avent) to feed my baby.

Martha Vidal, CA

Discreet, gets the job done.

I got this because I have to pump at work/school, and I didn’t want the case to scream "I’m carrying a breast pump!" It’s small and works well, however while it still works, I feel like it sucks far more weakly than it did 3 months ago when my son was first born. If it lasts until 6 months I’ll be happy, since I’m exclusively pumping, but I feel like for the price it should be slightly better quality. You can definitely tell the difference in the strength of the suck when using the battery pack, which is nowhere near as efficient as the wall plug, even with new batteries. The great thing about Medela is that they always have the largest section in the pumping aisle of stores. You will always have lots of options for pumping accessories. For instance, I bought the pumping bra ($30) after I bought this pump. If you buy this pump, make sure you pick up one of those bras! It makes pumping hands-free which is invaluable.

Beverley Washingtonville, PA

A Dad’s Review

As a dad, I can’t comment on using this pump other than it always seemed to work for my wife and she really liked it. Instead, I write this review for the dads, or the moms convincing the dads this is the one to get.This is a high quality pump that is meant to last with a simple replacement of parts. I helped a friend fix an older pump in this model and took the thing apart. The front cover comes off easily and there is a simple diaphragm operated by a motor inside the box. Although it probably voids your warranty, it was simple to get inside the box and see what was wrong. Getting replacement parts is easy.As for my wife’s pump, it worked well for over a year. The pump is incredibly simple to maintain and, as I said, replacement parts are readily available. I always enjoy running across products that are well built and constructed in a way that makes it easy to maintain and fix without either destroying the case or having to send it to a repair center. When my wife was done nursing our twins, I cleaned it out and stored it away knowing that it will still work when the next baby comes along.

Lisa East Poultney, VT

Love it- Rented it from hospital

I love this pump. It is so easy to use and it does not hurt like some of the other ones out there. I rent it from my hospital for about $30 a month. I would only buy it if I you planned to use it more than 11 months. (if renting is an option)Also check if your insurance covers rental or purchas (some do) and if your hospital does not rent this check into your Dr. Office or Pharmacy.

Beatrice Maryland, NY

Best bet for working moms!

My little guy is about three and a half months old and I have just recently started back to work. Because I am in a job where I work 12 hour days, I have needed to use this pump quite a bit to keep my little guy fed. As a nurse, I cannot be away from the floor for too long and, therefore, needed a breast pump that was fast and efficient! Well, I have found it with the Advanced Medela Pump in Style. From start to finish (including set up, pumping, and clean up), it takes me about 15-20 minutes to empty my breasts (I get about 7-8 ounces total when I pump) while I’m at work. In addition to being efficient, the pump is not too loud and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well (everyone just thinks it’s my backpack). It comes with a storage cooler that fits four bottles (also included) and a molded ice pack that I just throw in the freezer when I get to work. If desired, 2 of the 4 bottles have caps that can fit nipples. The pump is also compatible with the bottles I use (Dr. Brown’s) if you want to pump right into the bottle. Clean-up is a snap–only a few parts to wash. The pump tubing does get a little condensation in it while you’re pumping, but I have not had any problems with this. It always dries before the next time I use it. I have had the face plate pop off only once (as I see other people have had happen as well), but it snapped back on very quickly and I have not had any problems with it since (this was 2 months ago this happened). I still give this pump 5 stars and am very happy I purchased it.

Maryellen Starkville, CO

Their “new” pumps are GARBAGE

I went along with all the recall hype and made a HUGE mistake of sending my old pump in for a replacement pump. Although my old one was making odd noise, the pumping was fine. But I figured why take a chance of something else going wrong? So I got the new pump and returned the old one right away – huge mistake. The new one has horrible suction – even at max setting it feels like nothing. Whereas with my old pump I would keep it at the middle and still feel plently of pressure. I called their customer service (which is being bombarded with the recall) and had to answer a series of question and they wanted to listen to the new pump at the max setting (which sounds like it is really struggling to function). She then asked me some other questions but because I’ve been pumping for 8 months I CLEARLY know what I’m doing so in the end she just said they will send me a new pump. It seems like they try to make it seem like it’s my fault – like I don’t have any milk or something when I KNOW it’s there. So I don’t know how pump #3 will function, but if it’s anything like #2 I will have to fork over more $$$ and go with a different brand.

Hilda Oldhams, VA


This is a good breast pump. My lactation consultant actually recommended it to me. It comes with a lot of stuff. I like that there is a cooler, ice pack, and bottles for keeping milk good on the go. I also like that you can wear the backpack and pump at the same time, so that you can walk around your house and do things and pump at the same time. There is a bra you can buy that holds the cups on your breasts, and I recommend buying it with this pump if you’d like to be hands-free. It makes the pump so much more useful, and everyone knows you need lots of time when you have a baby, and this helps provide that extra time that you’d normally spend sitting on a chair pumping. The bag is quite small, so it’s easy to find a place for it to be stored when you’re not using it, and it’s not heavy, so you won’t have a hard time traveling with it on your back. It’s also very easy to use.

Tanisha Fate, TX

This saved my milk supply

I would’ve lost my milk supply had I not bought a medela, my daughter hated nursing and the pump I was using (spectra 9) was not keeping up at all. After using the Spectra, I could not believe how quickly the Medela pumped my milk, and there was 33% more every time. Definitely worth the extra money, especially when you figure in not buying formula.

Jodie Sterling, PA


Absolutely love this pump. It is very easy to use and takes about 10-15 minutes to pump both breasts. I didn’t pay extra to get the same pump in a more ‘special’ bag and I am glad I didn’t. The backpack has more than enough room. Running the pump for 2 minutes after removing the bottles took care of any condensation in the tubes, if there was any to begin with. Tip: Buy the "simple wishes hands-free breast pump bra", it is much better than holding the cups up for 10 minutes.

Monique Egg Harbor City, NJ


This is the best thing for traveling without your kiddo. It’s hard to notice and very compact with all of the power needed. I haven’t tried the battery pack because I always have access but I bring batteries as a backup at all times.

Penelope Ute, IA

Great pump for price!

I looked high and low and I’m fairly certain at every electric double pump in existence and this pump is definitely one of the best for the price. So far pumping anywhere from two to five times a day for an average of fifteen minutes for the last two months and my pump is still going strong (off to knock on wood now!). It is a little bit noisy for some work environments though, which can be a major con for some but doesn’t hinder me that much.

Gwen Halifax, VA

Think before you buy

This pump is fine, I have no complaints about it. But you might have trouble maintaining supply or it might take too long which is a pain if you are trying to pump at work. It is just not as strong as a hospital grade pump. So before you buy this pump from Amazon:1) Ask your insurance company if they will pay for or supply a pump.2) Consider buying a used Medela Lactina from eBay. Currently they’re around $300 shipped and then you need to buy a NEW kit which is around $50 on Amazon and at Buy Buy Baby or $25-30 new on eBay.When I was on maternity leave and was nursing and pumping this pump was excellent. When I went to work I wished I had bought a used hospital grade pump.

Stacie Angela, MT

Great breastpump!

This is the only breastpump I’ve used since I’ve had my son so I can’t really compare it to anything, but it’s definitely discreet. No one even knows it’s a breastpump which I love. Plus it’s big enough to keep handy stuff in like, a wallet or make-up. This is the only thing I carry around at school and everyone just assumes it’s a backpack! I usually only have to pump for about 10 minutes and I’m done, which is great since I don’t have all the time in the world. 🙂

Rosalinda Dalton, MA

great double pump

I purchased this a couple months ago. I cringed at spending this much on any breast pump, but needed to protect my supply. The double pumping is great and the backpack style is really nice. Everything works well so far.Things I particularly like are: backpack style; zippered closure for pump body to quiet the sound a little; icepack container; bottles and lids; can use in vehicle with a car adapter (not included) making travel-pumping possible and easy.Things that could use improvement: hoses often get condensation in them during pumping; top compartment needs to be larger to hold the icepack storage bag AND the pumping parts AND bottles all together (I have to squeeze everything in and try to fit bottles in side pouches instead); wish the pump was quieter, and had a one-touch button to go BACK to stimulation mode without having to turn the dial off and then on again. I also wish the icepack container were slightly bigger to hold pump parts between pumpings when they can’t be washed right away.I have not used the battery pack or the manual pumper and don’t plan to, but I guess they’re nice to have just in case. I much prefer the Harmony manual pump if I’m going to go manual though.

Blanca Covington, IN

geat pump

I am really starting to like my pump. In the beginning I only trusted my hospital rented pump & when I tried this for the 1st time I hardly got any milk. I literally cried because I thought I just wasted $300 & was so worried because my rental contract was almost done! The medela help line was awesome at reassuring me that I just needed to get used to using another pump & that everything will be alright and really provided me with some awesome advice on breastfeeding & how to maximize the usage of the pump. The very next time I pumped I got all the milk I was used to getting with my hospital grade rental! Yay! I’m only giving it 4 stars because I think if the pump was removable from the bag it would be perfect! It’s just a little bit inconvenient to have to have it built into the backpack at all times, especially when you are at home still and don’t want to clutter your coffee table with a big ol bag.

Laurie Blue Hill, NE

Worth every penny!

The PISA is an amazing pump and the cost is equal to a few months of formula, so my pump has already paid for itself (used for 6 months and still going strong)! I’ve tried generic immitations and they just don’t compare. Invest your money in the real thing, it’s worth it!

Nicole Pringle, SD

Great pump in practical backpack

I use this multiple times a day, EVERY day. The dual pump is efficient and I like that you can use it for single pumping as needed. The insulated bag works great and the back pack is well designed, with side pockets that are handy to hold the funnel/containers and have them ‘at the ready’. I’m using this in conjunction with the Lansinoh freezer bags. Luckily, my baby hasn’t been too picky about nipples so I haven’t been restricted to particular brands. For day to day use, I use the Medela 80mL bottles (freeze and store pack) which has more accurate gradations.

Elise Oakland City, IN

Pump and Medela customer service is great, some parts are a pain

This pump is great – I haven’t gone back to work yet but I have been able to create a nice extra milk supply using this equipment. The backpack is stylish and very functional – when you are running out the door to a babysitter with so much baby gear and stuff for a night out, having a backpack really comes in handy. I also have to say that Medela’s customer service is great. One of the knobs on the backpack was broken when I purchased my pump. I called them and they said they couldn’t send me a new knob, they could only send me a new backpack. I received a whole new backpack (so now I have 2, one with just a little flaw) two days later without any hassle.My complaints with this product have to do the washable parts and the tubing. If you are going to be pumping a lot you really need two sets of valves and shields, and they are expensive. One of my valves causes the pump not to work, and so I have to buy another one. Also my tubing is so stretched out where it is attached to the pump that it doesn’t stay on that easily. I wonder if I’m going to have to buy more tubing too. Overall, while this pump is great but maintaining all the parts is a bit of a pain and expensive.

Kathy Lake Fork, ID

Makes my life easier!

I have been using a Medela Symphony hospital grade pump for my baby who is in NICU. I found this In Style pump to be just as efficient and certainly easier to carry around.PROS:-The backpack is awesome! I love that it is large enough to carry all of my pumping paraphernalia, but not so big I feel like I’m carrying a piece of luggage. It is smaller than say a school backpack, but a bit larger than a fashion backpack.-The cooler works great for the little 2 oz bottles I get from the NICU. I really have no need to use bigger bottles for now, and I can fit 9 of them in the cooler and stick the ice pack on top. Still closes fine. Also very discreet… I am the only female where I work and this pack keeps others from commenting on the new contents of the fridge.-Has the same 2 phase system as the Symphony, and on a pretty low setting, I still was expressing.CONS:-The noise the pump makes it pretty annoying. It isn’t so loud that it would cause others to be disturbed, but it was very distracting to me. If possible, ear plugs or headphones with an iPod would help. They say relaxing and thinking about your baby helps with pumping, but the noise was a hindrance.-The cord could be a little longer, but honestly it hasn’t proven to be a problem.I am overall very happy with my purchase and hope that it doesn’t burn out on me!

Tina Hinsdale, MT