Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Shoulder Bag

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Shoulder Bag

Pump with shoulder bag. -Improved 2-Phase Expression Technology allows moms to toggle back and forth from stimulation to expression phase. -All parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA-free. -Top selling personal-use pumps with new design. -Includes AC adapter and battery pack or use with 9-volt vehicle lighter adapter (sold separately). -PersonalFit breastshields. -New bottle design. -Integrated motor. -Single user item. -Use by more than one user may pose a health risk, performance questions and voids the warranty.

Main features

  • Daily use breast pump with electric, battery, or manual operation
  • “Natural Expression two-stage system that simulates baby’s actual nursing patterns
  • Double or single pumping
  • Stylish black microfiber shoulder bag
  • Adjustable suction/vacuum

Verified reviews


10 months and counting

I have had a love/hate relationship with my breast pump. When I was a new mom and VERY post-partum, my milk was slow coming and and so I had to pump extra to stimulate my milk. I HATED it then–I felt like a Borg (for any Trekkers our there) and I swear I could hear the pump talking to me, but it did the trick. I’ve been successfully nursing at home and pumping at work for the 10 months. My son in healthy and I feel very good about our progress. In fact, I’ve saved up enough milk, that I will be stopping soon and using the frozen breastmilk to get him up to a year.My one complaint is that after all my use and transporting of the pump, the cord came loose from the power converter and started to spark! Now, this doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of the pump, but it’s sort of a fire hazard! I’ve had another friend have the same problem when she used the pump with her second child. I emailed Medela to alert them to the problem and bought a second power cord.Finally, before you purchase this from Amazon, check to see if breastpumps are covered by your health insurance. My insurance covered it if it was purchased from a medical supplier, so I got mine at the hospital.**Addition: Medela has since returned my email with this comment, “We apologize that you encountered a problem with the power cord. Sometimes, if the cord is wrapped around the plug during storage, this causes the cord to twist and can cause it to fray. We suggest no wrapping the cord around the plug, but storing it as it was when the cord was removed from the box.”

Jan Mount Pulaski, IL

Ok product…

With my first two children (now 12 and 8) I used a Playtex brand breast pump and was very successful. However, the models have changed over the years and I was hesitant to purchase a Playtex model after reading the reviews. Anyhow, I wound up purchasing this Medela breast however, there are a few draw backs to the unit:1 – This breast pump is rather expensive.2 – Bag is a bit heavy and bulky to move around or travel with.3 – It is quite noisy.4 – I feel like I am pumping the same amounts as I did with the more affordable Playtex model.All-in-all I am pleased with the pump. It does the job. I do think that it is overpriced and in today’s economy, that is a big issue. I wonder if I would have been just as successful with a Playtex model or a more affordable model.

Kristin Davey, NE

Almost perfect pump

I bought this breast pump after a mother of 3 recommended buying a medela pump and after buying the manual medela harmony pump. I did my research and decided this was the pump that would suit my needs. I decided to quit nursing but wanted to give my daughter breastmilk. I was also going to be returning to work and needed to pump for when I am gone.Pros:After figuring out how to pump properly, I started getting more milk. It has a suction control which helps when I am sore and need a lower setting. It also has a 2 minute letdown which automatically switches to regular pumping. You can also push the button to go back and forth between regular and letdown mode. I like that I can pump one breast at a time or double pump. I liked all the accessories the package came with such as sample nipple cream, breast pads, and bottles. The pump also fits standard bottles. It’s easy to clean after each session and has less pieces per breast than the Harmony.Cons:It’s quite heavy and sometimes a pain to move from the regular spot that I keep it. The bottles did not come with rings so I have to use the rings from other bottles to use the bottle to feed my daughter. The nipple shields were not the correct size and I had to buy a different size.

Luella Tangerine, FL

Cups to big

The hard plastic cups that attach to the breast leak if not held on tightly. On more than one occassion I have had milk streaming down my stomach (messy). I have never used another pump so I can’t compare it but I would say the suction is fine. The suction is not as strong when used with batteries but I was able to express enough milk on the road to keep my milk supply up.

Clara Lawton, MI

best pump on the market

this is worth the investment. don’t be fooled by other brands of breast pumps because of cost. bought this item and it works wonders.

Silvia Sharptown, MD

Love this!

This was a life saver! My daughter had lost 1 lb after being born. We freaked out. This saved us as she was not able to latch on to my breast. We pumped the milk and fed her by bottle. She regained all her weight within 2 days!

Elda Cedar Hill, MO

Hospital Quality Pump

I also was given use of a Medela Symphony in the hospital after having my baby. The parts that they gave me, the horns, tubes, bottles, etc. all fit perfectly with my Pump in Style. It is exactly the same at the Symphony, except made portable for home use. I love it. It has great variation of speed and a button for returning to let-down mode. After having issues with jaundice and latching, this pump has made it possible for me to continue to breast feed my baby, as well as produce enough to have lots of extra in the freezer. It is quick, convenient, and comes with a car charger and battery pack for extra mobility. I can pump on long drives, or at my parent’s house when visiting. I love it!

Trudy Lovelady, TX

The “Breast” Pump Ever!!

I knew I wanted to breastfeed from the moment I got pregnant. But I also knew that I would be working and I would need a breast pump to express milk when Willow was unable to nurse because I was at work. But, since Willow never latched on, I was glad that I had spent the money and bought what I feel is the best breast pump out there, the Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump.The great thing about this breast pump is that it has two nozzles so you can express from both breasts at once, if you care to. It has a variable control so you can decide how much suction you would like to have. When I first started, I went with what it felt like when Willow tried to nurse and then as I used it, I was able to up the suction until I had it maxed out. And let me tell you. I know everyone is different, but when I really got into the pumping groove, I pumped an ounce a minute.I just can’t say enough good things about this pump. It’s easy to use and has a handy shoulder bag to carry it in and comes with a freezer pack to store the milk. Everything a pumping mom needs!

Alexandria Lacona, NY

Expensive but necessary

I’m a stay at home mom so 99% of the time I breastfeed but I needed a pump to go back to work for a week and for the occasional night or weekend away. I tried to get by with the manual pump and after several tries I just could not get it to work. My hand would get tired and the suction was just not strong enough to get much out. I was AMAZED when I started using this. It did not hurt at all – I use the suction at a little over halfway. It is a but loud but they all are.I have very small breasts (even while breastfeeding I’m still an A) and the shields that came with the pump work fine for me. Smaller ones might work better but I don’t have any problems with these.The bag is nothing special. I wish it had a little more space in it for some personal belongings so that I didn’t have to bring a purse in addition to this bag. It didn’t even have room for a wallet, cell phone and keys.The suction/speed is only one knob that controls both. It would be nice to have them separate if you want stronger stronger suction and slower speed.Overall this is a great pump. I don’t know if it’s worth the price but in my opinion it’s a necessity.

Deirdre Huntington Woods, MI

Better than the Medela Freestyle in my opinion

This was the first pump I bought when my baby was a newborn. Breastfeeding was difficult for me and so I went with the pumping route, pumping on regularly and giving the baby milk via a bottle. This pump helped me ‘establish’ my milk supply and I used it from the time he was 3 weeks until about 13 weeks. I then splurged and bought the Freestyle for its portability but I’m disappointed with its suction issues (see my review of the Freestyle). The PISA: Pros: suction is consistent and powerful. I have to use to lower suction and its still effective. The flanges and accessories are easier to clean than the Freestyle. Cons: those darn tubings tangle and come out so easily and get condensation easily too. Pump is heavy relative to the freestyle and its bulky too. It won’t fit into my work locker (but then again, nothing fits into it anyway).

Carmela Brighton, MO

Works just like the ones in hospitals

This has been a great pump. I’m on child #4 and it’s still going strong. I’ve had no issues with the pump, but I’m not a fan of the bottles. They leak and I never feel like they’re clean because they’re plastic and end up getting scratched on the inside from scrubbing. I buy the most basic glass bottles and the pump attachment fits fine on them. No complaints otherwise.

Delores Tabor City, NC

Check with your insurance before buying!

I just got mine today through Apria, whose full price is a little less ($250). My insurance covered 50% of the cost under my Durable Medical Equipment (DME) coverage with a prescription from my OB so I only paid $125. Some insurance companies will only cover pumps under certain circumstances but it’s worth checking before paying full price.

Janell Washington, TX

The best

I received this pump from my sister in law after she used it for her two children. She used it full time for a year for each of her kids and I have been using it I’ve days a week for the last 5 months. It is the best. Still runs great. I use glass evenflo bottles and they fit the pump perfectly. It’s easy to replace parts for this pump too. If you are pumping full time you have to purge on a Medela.

Luann Reidville, SC

Great Pump but not Perfect!

Love how fast it pumps and LOVE that the pieces are dishwasher safe! I also like that most bottles (besides just medela’s) work with this pump. I do not like, however, that this is definitely not a hands-free pump and you have to sit there and hold the bottles on each boob the whole time! Also, my pump does not let me do one side only- the suction doesn’t work right unless both are being pumped at the same time. I don’t know if this is a fault with mine or if it is like this for all the Medelas..?

Morgan Burney, CA

This nursing mom’s best friend

When my first daughter was born, I had a lot of problems getting her to latch properly. It was a painful first eight weeks and that is when I fell in love with this pump – I could pump during this time and it didn’t hurt like it did when I nursed.I was eventually able to nurse without pain but I continued to use the pump on a regular basis to allow me some flexibility and the ability to be away from my daughter for more than a few hours at a time, but to still give her breast milk and keep my supply up. I don’t know what I would have done without this pump!Although this cost more than a lot of other pumps, I highly recommend it if you think that you will pump with any sort of regularity. The double pump because it cuts pumping time in half of a single pump. The carrying case is nice and discreet. I really did not have any problems with it.

Susie Herndon, KY

Truly a life-saver

I was actually considering a different pump before reading some reviews and then decided to spend the extra money and actually purchase this pump. Honestly, I couldn’t have wished for a better product! Since it can take upto 4-5 days for a new mom to lactate, I actually started using the pump right in the hospital to help with that and sure enough, after 2 days I was able to feed my baby. To be truly honest, pumping at first felt like torture so I only did it for 4-5 minutes at a time, but it was very well worth the efforts and this pump helped significantly.

Marina Elk Mound, WI

Well worth the expense and is a superb product

I was fortunate to receive mine as a gift, and it is invaluable. I was especially surprised at how much suction it had on batter power, and how long it would last on batteries. It was so efficient, I forgot I didn’t have it plugged in until the batteries died out. I like how the tote looks generic and doesn’t scream “breast pump”. The little cooler is the perfect size. I wouldn’t mind an extra section in the tote so I could carry my wallet and a book/magazine, but no complaints otherwise.

Tracey Cross City, FL

Great product with small kinks

This product has really helped me as a working mom and has kept my milk supply up. All the good things others say in their reviews about the product are absolutely true. Some minor inconveniences for me were as follows:1) The breast shields weren’t perfect for me – I would have to press them in at different angles to completely empty my breast. To overcome this problem I bought a hands free pumping bra (which are snug due to the purpose) and that helped with the problem and my breast started emptying out without manipulation.2) I think the connect of the tubes to the pump look flimsy. I was super careful with them because of this so nothing went wrong for me but i can imagine someone less careful having problems with this

Graciela Kenilworth, UT

My Wife says: Great pump.. worth the money

My wife has had this Medela Pump for 6 months and loves it. She pumps bottles for our son to receive while she is at work. She uses it every night and finds it to be very powerful. The pump is heavy but the shoulder bag contains it perfectly. It is also convenient that it can run on battery, as she had to use it once discretely in the back seat of our crew cab truck (with tinted windows, of course) on a long trip. She called it a “lifesaver.”Based on how much she likes this model, it seems safe to say that this pump is worth every penny!

Lakeisha Sutter Creek, CA

Working mom, so happy with this choice

This is my second PIS. I used my first six years ago, with my son, and bought another when I had my daughter and went back to work. It’s great–I have never had a problem with the pump. Initially, we had used a hospital pump when my son came home. I found the PIS to work just as well. I can’t imagine trying to do without it as a working mom–I recommend it to all my friends.

Glenna Livonia, LA


I pumped 247 for one year this pump was amazing! No problems at all. Battery pack worked great in car and bag was fabulous as well. This is a must if you want to pump fast and mimic breeding

Edwina Wilburton, PA

Worth the money!

I love this pump… obviously I haven’t bought any others (I do have a hand pump, yuck!). But I have also heard from many friends that this product is totally worth the money. Parts are well made and pump is fairly quiet (considering what it is). I would however recommend buying the bottle gift set, as you don’t get enough bottles to be able to pump and store.

Earline Cooter, MO

Great Pump!

I have to say i miss Breastfeeding put not pumping. This pump made it alot more comfortable than most other pumps and also really kept the flow nice and steady for pumping was over faster. Highly reccommend this pump, esp if youre a new mommy & planning on having more in the future you can save the pump for years, no need to get a new model, its the best its gonna get. save the money on all the baby junk and invest in your baby’s health! 🙂 GOOD BUY Good investment!

Kaitlin Morrisonville, IL

A bit expensive, but a quality product

I started with a Medela Symphony rental from the hospital when our son was in the NICU. I bought this not long afterward and toted it what felt like everywhere for the first 6 months. The pump itself works well, though I have no point of comparison other than the Symphony, and definitely not with a less expensive brand. Pumps are not exactly products you can test out and return:)The bag, while discreet, isn’t terribly fashionable. For the price, I would have loved a hands-free attachment. I definitely think that for what you are doing, you want something that will quickly and effectively do the job. The Pump In Style does just that (though I never felt remotely stylish while using it).One suggestion would be to be able to zip out the pump part (perhaps in a cosmetic bag size)for travel. I ended up leaving this at home on a vacation because it was just too much gear to take along for a weekend trip along with all of the bottles, etc. not to mention the baby himself.I am hopeful that is is a durable product so I can justify the purchase of it spread across a few kids. But, in terms of pumps, I hear it is the best and I have no major complaints.

Emily Bethel Springs, TN

Must Have for any New Mom

I purchased this pump when I realized my single electric pump just wasn’t cutting it. After only a few days of using this pump, I don’t know how I lived without it. I have been using it for quite some time now, and I love it more than ever. I did have to buy a different size of breast-shields but that’s okay! Must have for all working mothers!Pros:Very easy to useComes with almost everything you needVery attractive bag (doesn’t even look like a pump)Cooler/Ice pack are very usefulWorks as a single or double pumpComes with a battery pack that can be used when an outlet is not availableEasy to cleanBuilt wellCons:Pricey (Worth every penny if you can afford it)The bag is slightly small if you are trying to use it to contain all the pump supplies and also use as a purse.You must use the bag as it is basically attached to the pump.Additional breast-shields may be necessaryBattery pack takes 8 AA batteries and eats through them quicklyNote: You can purchase additional supplies (such as the breast-shields) so that you don’t have to wash them before each use…this was very helpful to me.

Guadalupe Sebastian, TX

Love it but…

I wish Medela made a quieter breast pump!I love this breast pump, its quick and comfortable. But when I sit down to pump, I like to multi task, and things like returning phone calls are impossible to do with the noise the pump generates. I read that the Avent breast pump is a lot less noisier, but I’m not sure what are the other pros of Avent. I do love the pump in style otherwise.

Olive Smackover, AR