Medela Pump in Style and New Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Tubing – Pack of 2

Medela Pump in Style and New Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Tubing – Pack of 2

Retail pack of two new tubings for Medela Pump in Style Breastpump released after July, 2006, replacement for Medela’s tubing part number: #8007212, #8007071, #8007156

Main features

  • Safe for baby & mom – BPA free

Verified reviews


Medela rocks!

All Medela items are great! Want a quality product for the VERY important task of breastfeeding? Buy MEDELA. I have a couple of extra tubing hoses. One to keep IN the pump and another just in the case of damage to the other I keep at home or to use while cleaning/drying a set.

Susan The Dalles, OR

Replacement tubing can save you so much money

When my previous tubing for my $300+ breast pump got dirty and I needed to replace it so I could use with my second son, instead of having to replace the entire pump I was so thankful for the option to just replace the tubing. Has worked great! Be sure to boil for 10 minutes before you use. Also after pumping let the pump run through the tubing to get out any moisture to insure their longevity and keep them clean.

Tanisha Burnside, LA


I got a hand-me-down medela pump and wanted to replace all the parts as not to contaminate, so I got these new tubes. I didn’t really know how the pump worked and looked really complicated, but once I put it together and figured it out I realized that the milk doesn’t even go through the tubes, and looking back seems silly that I though they did, so didn’t really need to replace the tubes. I wouldn’t have replaced the tubes unless there was a hole or not working, but I did and they work great.

Rosalinda Avoca, IN

Tubes are not free at 8004358316

not sure if i got an unhelpful customer service rep of if their policies changed, but they did not give me free tube so i bought it from them for $10+shipping+tax. they said only replace if cracked.

Rochelle Trenton, NJ

Does the job!

These work as they are supposed to! The only trick is if you get moisture in them it’s a little tricky to get out – just have to leave it on the pump running and it eventually works it all out.

Georgina Mohnton, PA


the end of the tubing came loose only after 3 months of use but it still works and the condensation doesn’t seem to come out of the tubing very well even though I run the machine a few minutes after pumping

Sallie Masontown, WV

Just what I needed!

I wanted to start off with fresh tubes after using my Medela pump for one year with my first child. I don’t know if that is necessary, but the pump had sat idle for almost a year, so I thought I’d play it safe.These tubes are exactly the same as the original tubes that came with my pump. They work perfectly and I’ll probably order another pair when my third child arrives! If you can’t get them for free from Medela (apparently many have had success with that), then this is the place!

Germaine Exeter, MO

Works perfectly fine

I had no issues with these working with an older Pump In Style. Tubes were flexible and connected just fine.

Dina Oxford, NC

Just what I needed!

It’s hard to find these replacement tubes. They were just what I needed, a good price, and arrived quickly.

Lina Donnelly, MN


So I was hopeful after reading these reviews, that if I called Medela I could get the tubing for free. I spoke with Lisa at customer service who was polite. I told her the tubing connector part came off the tube, which it did, and I need to order replacements. She took all my info, then told me it would be $10 plus the cost of s&h!! I told her that it was cheaper on so I would just buy it there. She was stunned. I said, so, no need to process the order then. Goodbye. I can’t believe some people got these for free!! GOOD LUCK!

Cara Plymouth, IA

These are the real thing

These are the same tubes as from medela. I melted my tubes in the microwave sterilizer bag and I had mastitis at the time…I needed my tubes to pump after every feeding. After frantically going to every store that sells the medela pumps I found out you can’t get tubes in the stores. You can order them on medelas site or amazon. Amazon is cheaper for the exact same thing.

Sonja Andersonville, GA

ok product

this item was definitely better quality then the last set i bought for a lost pair. hope they last a lot longer and don’t get lost.

Krista Hardwick, MN

Works great

I needed another tube since I lost one and works fine. I recommend Medela to everyone. None of the parts in my pump ever broke in the 3 months I pumped. I had to replace one membrane and that was it.

Cecilia Womelsdorf, PA


what else to say, the tubing works as advertised. pretty expensive for set of plastic tubes, but a must have purchase.

Jenny Durham, ME

Product is great, but not the price

I wasn’t sure how to rate this because while the product is great, the fact that people are selling it on Amazon is really cruddy.THE PRODUCTWorks great and lasts long. Only con is that it gets spotty from water sucked in, but that can be cleaned (run rubbing alcohol through it or leave the pump running to get out most of the moisture).THE PRICEI’m SO GLAD I read the reviews. I called Medela and got new tubing for free (shipping too), no questions asked. Well, except for what year I bought it and whether it was the Pump and Style original or advanced. My replacement tubing arrived yesterday.

Alissa Shabbona, IL

Medela is the best

Against Medela’s recommendations, I use a second hand pump from my sister in law. I replaced all the parts, but especially the tubing so that I could ensure good suction. The tubing is exactly what it needs to be and what it’s described to be.

Gayla Saxon, WI

Got Free From Medela

I just called, Aug 10 2010, and Medela is sending them to me for free. I just told them I accidently melted them in the microwave, which is true. I must say, thank you Amazon for leaving these posts and letting me find out about getting them for free. I may not have spent my money at Amazon today, but this is why Amazon is my go to place for almost everything I buy.

Goldie Marion, LA


Great reviews! Thank you for letting me know I could call Medela and get it for free. Just did without hassle! June 17, 2010

Andrea Taunton, MA

Wow if I would have read the Reviews..

I just read some of the other reviews that Medela customer service will give them to you for free!! Wow…. No more buying them! I am going to tell you some tips about this tubing though…Make sure you use the correct tubing for your pumps b/c they will not work correctly if you use other Medela tubes made for other pumps. It makes sense but I just thought it wouldn’t matter. Well it kept stopping up my milk ducts so dont do it!Also, for people who have not used these breastpumps yet…These tubings are VERY cheaply made..Reminds me on how some cars spark plugs are meant to crap out on you after 30,000 miles…. These tubes do not seal well. The plastic applicator that goes into the tube on one end always seems to come loose on me after about 11 times using it and once it comes out just throw it away b/c you dont get good enough suction. If you’re anything like me you’ll end up getting stopped milk ducts all the time! Lots of things I was never told…But I know everyone’s boobs are different.

Millicent Thaxton, VA